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I'll explain this evenings very unenjoyable meal and my retraction of my previously good review. Tonight we took the entire family to Italiano Delite because I was in the mood for Italian food and they almost always have a Groupon. Let me tell you about their Groupon s. They have 2 different options. The first thing I did when we sat down was show our waitress the Groupons and ask 'can I use these'. She read it and said 'Sure, looks OK. She then returns and says, 'he said you can't use these together,' and gave me one back.

I was annoyed but said, 'OK, that's not how it reads but we will live. Either way, it came smothered in mushrooms. So we sent it back. Which left her sitting there while the rest of us ate. Her dish came out about 10 minutes later, which honestly is pretty fast to cook a whole new plate which means they did not, by the way. All in all, the food was fine. My lasagna was a little bit too cheesy, but the sauce was very good. One of my son's got a stromboli that was very good, and my daughter's meatball sandwich was good, too.

My wife's chicken was bland and just OK, nothing to write home about. If I have to be honest, it tasted reheated. Nonetheless, we ate and were all set. Then -- she brought the check. Her response was, 'Well, it was a Groupon - it always gets added. The Groupon said nothing about an added gratuity. I immediately got up and walked to the counter and explained the situation to the man behind the counter.

I do not know if he was the owner or the manager or what -- but he was very understanding, and began to take off the gratuity. The waitress walks by and makes a snide remark about the fact that we were a party of 6, to which I asked 'Is there a mandatory gratuity for parties of 6 or more here? I said, 'Show me the sign that says so, because if we had seen it we would have walked out immediately. I have to say this was possibly the least enjoyable night out we've had in a long time, and we will never be returning to Italiano Delite.

A thousand times no. We just ordered from here via Grubhub, which I was excited about since typically you can't order from Grubhub in this area. I am no longer excited. Our order: a bruschetta pizza, a ceasar salad with chicken, and two meatballs. The pizza was beyond burnt on the bottom and raw on the top. Entirely inedible. I can't even start with the salad. I suppose the romaine was ok.

It was covered with dry chicken, actual shaker-style parmesan, and stale croutons from a bag. It was accompanied by a tablespoon of dressing. The meatballs were cold. Not like 'absence of heat' cold. Like in a refrigerator cold. I order multiple items when I order food because I realize that some items may not be edible. In this case, nothing was edible. Not even kind of, and I'm legitimately starving. And I threw all of this away. Oh--and then I called to complain.


I was greeted with a cheery message 'HI! Never never never. Seriously, don't. Also, if anyone would like to bring me dinner, that'd be great. Because mine is in the garbage. Seemed clean enough - Decent service, although not particularly welcoming. But was friendly. As flat and bland as can be. Zero fresh flavors. Picasso Pizza for both garlic knots and pizza is overwhelmingly superior No reason to return. Zero stars was not an option so I chose one star. I purchased a Groupon so decided to give this a place a try with my wife.

My wife had tortellini in sauce with meatball on the side. I had linguine carbonara. So my wives sauce tasted like ketchup or like flavorless watered down diced tomatoes from a can with no seasoning. Tortellini was overcooked. My carbonara was not carbonara eggs,cheese,tempered in boiling pasta water but was Alfredo with panchetta and peas. Pasta was overcooked. Had to flag the girl down to get her attention to get her to bring out garlic knots. The waitress was busy. I don't know why but she was. There was literally no other customers dining in at the same time as my wife and I, however the waitress was attentive elsewhere.

She never came to refill our drinks, to ask how our overcooked food was. Then the check comes. She didn't refill our drinks, didn't ask how the food was. She did tell us where the salad bar was so we could make our own salads. Either way this place is a JOKE. Judging by the volume of people dining in there was only my wife and I I don't see this place staying open much longer.

I already gave them a horrible review on FB. But we wanted wings and thought I'd give them another try. The garlic butter wings were okay, literally just drizzled with melted butter and fresh cooked garlic. Could have used salt. Ordered dry wings with hot bbq on the side and the wings came drenched in sauce. Way way way too much sauce is what I didn't like before so I was expecting that and ordered dry. We got three kinds, honey bbq, dry with hot bbq on the side and thr garlic butter. Will not again. I never walk in the front door without my tiara, because I eat like a queen and they treat me like one, too.

The food is not only delicious perhaps the most exquisite cuisine I've ever eaten , but useful, as well. My county is experiencing the worst drought of the last decade. My neighbors thought I was crazy. Well, I ordered 12 calzones or were they strombolis?? And as an added bonus, the absurd amount of salt killed all of our pesky slugs! The ambiance and decor of the restaurant reminds me of my time in Rome yes I am that well traveled.

In one word - authentic. I thought I had been roofied, dragged onto an international flight, and woke up back in Italy. The dining area is so spacious and so empty I often drop off my elderly father here in the mornings to do laps he got tired of mall walking! Not a big fan of opera? You can barely hear it over the owners' profane bickering and the sound of customers shrieking due to the roach infestation. Onto the best part of the Italiano Delite experience, the service.

If you enjoy being ignored and stared at by the wait staff with utter disgust, you've found your second home here. Moreover, I feel like I really got to know myself in the two hours I spent waiting for Stromboli or was it a calzone?? When I was finally seated, the waitress brought me my wine. The glass was covered in chunks of food and salad dressing.

So, I essentially got a free appetizer. Being a regular, I know that in addition to raising my sodium levels, I'll also get to experience some of the best entertainment the Lehigh Valley has to offer. The owner's children are in a word, deliteful. At Italiano, I get to indulge in the chaos and the odors! Food was great. Service was 'Eh'. Werent even finished eating and our server asked if she could bring us our check.

When we asked for Decaf coffee; she told us they ran out. It was only , there's no decaf coffee in the Lehigh valley??? We did get the biggest serving of garlic knots and bread we ever got when there. And the salads were so fresh. Very happy with the food. Heck, the servings were so good last night, we had it again for dinner tonight. We'll go back, just hope Emmaus doesn't run out of DeCaf coff at My family has ordered from here for years. Italiano Delite has some of the best pizza around!

Some pizza crust at other competitors tastes like water crackers, or overly seasoned pizza, not theirs! Simple ingredients with the right combination of fresh mozarella, parmesan and spices, and just enough tomato sauce. Always fresh homemade crust. There's a hint of basil in their sauce, just delicious! Their restaurant is super clean compared to other places, great menu. Their hoagies and stromboli are always plentiful of meat, everything tastes very satisfying!

Whenever we have had an issue with anything, contacting the owner was all we had to do to get anything resolved, always a pleasure to dine in, order, or take out! Very welcoming family environment. As far as the bar goes, super clean and bartender Chris has amazing drink ideas and is very prompt in service, and holds great conversation. Great people, highly recommend! I left a bad review for the location on brookside road. Why did I try this expecting any better since it's the same family. The place was empty and its huge so I don't know how they make it run.

You know how normal pizza shops display their pies through a glass case and they are fresh? The only one I saw had a few old and tired slices on the pan with sauce dripped on the other side. I kind of made a weird look on my face like ok that's gross as I walked out. What is wrong with the Lehigh valley and shitty pizza places? Penn sucks and so does joes in Emmaus. I had already bought my Groupon by the time I read the scathing reviews, but the Emmaus location definitely looked like the better gamble.

At pm on a Saturday night the dining room was empty, but there were a few rowdy locals at the bar. Since there was more action at the bar, I decided to eat there. I was pleased to get to know the frazzled-yet-attentive bartender, Chris. He definitely took care of me throughout the night. I also met the owner, Rosie, who was an absolute pleasure. As for the food, my main course was delicious!

I got the Seafood Delight, which was risky, but to my 'delight', the calamari was cooked perfectly, and though the mussels were slightly overcooked, the clams and shrimp were nice. The reason I gave only 3 stars is because the crab stuffing in the mushroom appetizer was a bit weird, and the tiramisu dessert was frozen from being delivered from an outside bakery a week before.

Version: 6. Installed Size: 27 MB PhotoImpact 6 is the latest and obviously the greatest image editing utility from the nice folks at Ulead. As with PhotoImpact, the software is simple enough for a novice, but powerful and well-equipped enough for the professional web designer. The user interface puts nearly all commands and controls right in plain sight. The 'Easy Palette' gives you thumbnail access to all preset and custom libraries in PhotoImpact, like the effects, fills, buttons, backgrounds, textures, masks, shapes, templates, etc.

Not only does PhotoImpact do a wonderful job at simplifying graphic design, it can now assemble and output a webpage from scratch or using templates. The Component Designer wizard, rollover tool, button designer, integrated browser previews, and visual optimizing dialogs make PhotoImpact very useful for small businesses and novice webpage designers. Ulead as a company and PhotoImpact 6 as a program are five star with me! This is exactly what this is. It seems to me as if the toys were made, and the writers weren't given a set of rules to work from to write the game-playing parts into the show.

The rules of the game change from 'battle' to 'battle', with the sequence of play having no bearing at all on whose turn it is to play. This is not the way to advertise your product in a show, marketers. The target market, likely children between six and ten years of age, are not as dumb as you seem to think they are. They understand that games have rules, and that rules are consistent.

Going from the show, the rules seem completely irrelevant, inconsistent, and pretty much unplayable. My 8 year old niece watched the show just once, decided the game didn't make any sense, and won't watch it anymore. Then, additionally, there's the plot of the show itself. If you can call it that. Right in the opening credits, the main character states 'My friends and I created this game', and shortly after that, in one of the very first episodes, the same character is saying 'I've never heard of that.

It's inconsistent, tries to steal elements from numerous other toy-selling shows, and fails to make them gel together with any kind of coherency. A very sad effort on all sides. At least they didn't make all of the characters chibis. Nov 12, Pinguin Audio Meter has 4 build in high quality 16bit instruments for audio. Free pinguin audio analyzer download; Penguin audio meter free download. Get instant gratification with the default browser set up, when Pinguin Audio Meter V2. Software Ltd.

Using Classicsonline, Download Manager, formerly. Excluding words such as these will result in much more accurate results. Recheck your spelling for Pinguin Audio Meter V2. If you still are having trouble finding Pinguin Audio Meter V2. Janosik 6KB nostalgy 4KB. Ngad aven korvring 7KB sourcream chips! Remake 48KB Mortal. Amiga style 90KB. The chip 11KB KB just'n'nightmare! Install from boot or delete the ei. If you upgrade, you'll need the keys provided in the Winpkeys. To Activate using KMS, download the.

KMSpico activates the whole line of Windows programs. Launch Install KMSpico. Install gvlk key windows ultimate window key if you. Even if you wanted to believe in a 12 core 5. Also, Ryzen 3 is already taken so. Zen 2 is slated to release in and that will be a legitimate, 2nd generation design on the 7nm manufacturing process. Core counts, Cache Sizes, and even socket compatibly will all be the same.

Sure, my loop has intentions of adding GPUs at some point, but not only is that costly, it also requires blocks that fit a specific type of graphics card. Companies like Asetek and Coolit certainly revolutionized the industry by designing the pump to sit on top of the block. This led to some major problems though. Other manufacturers tried to come up with their own designs, but a pump on the block is a pump on the block.

Regardless of how fair it seems, original designers are bound to say something about a perceived copy. Most companies have streamlined this process, but you still end up with the vast majority of units having power cables coming right out of the block. Raijintek makes a perfect design choice by putting a pump on the hose. Think about it. If you design it into the radiator, you can find a central dead spo. Even though every reviewer will have their own subjective opinion on how components measure up, there should be a general guideline of what we expect when an award is given.

Not only should reviewers understand the guidelines, but readers should also have the information at their disposal so they can appreciate the value of an award. Every product can fit into 3 main categories that we judge: Quality — A component should be made from quality materials that reflects the budget the part is targeting. Also, the aesthetic appeal should reflect a strong effort from the company. Sure, some companies lean toward professional looks while others like the gaming flare, but in any case the appearance should have an appeal that appropriately targets the intended consumer.

Performance — This is a bit of a no-brainer, but a product should have an appropriate performance level. Top performance is always welcomed, but competitive performance is acceptable if a product has appropriate levels in the other categories. I will always opt for two graphics cards over one. This seriously made my week! I love multi-GPU configurations in my personal systems and this is just the kind of news I like to see. Developers are finding ways to push hardware again to new limits. Two GPUs should be better than one, but it takes a certain level of coding to make them work. If gaming companies keep pushing for high resolutions at higher FPS ratings, multi-GPU could become more of a necessity.

If enough games support it, we could see a renaissance of single cards that utilize two or even more! Graphics performance could start improving by leaps and bounds if that was the case. This could be a one and done deal, but having a title like Far Cry 5 actually recommend multi. What started with Aigo continues now with Gamdias. Once again, why is nobody else doing this!?! Gamdias showcased a new w PSU unit that has a platinum efficiency.

However, they fix a major problem with the design of the placement. The fan is placed on the top of the unit and blows down to eventually exhaust out the back. To control heat generation, Gamdias added additional side ventilation for more airflow. Sure, some people may like the traditional method of PSU cooling, but I have a feeling this will nominally, if at all, impact temperatures.

If a tornado hits a Sharkoon warehouse, would the result be a Sharkoon-ado? Wait, they do have some of those Hmmm. At first glance, you have a typically underwhelming budget PC case. After that though, we get into surprisingly good features here. For starters, look at how much room is in the top of the case for a rad install! The real big feature though is the painted inside of the chassis. This is something we should definitely see more often on the market. Poorly attempted shark puns.

Alright guys. Vega was a huge disappointment. It clearly has a very strong place in the crypto currency business, but many of us were hoping for something that would at least be close-ish competition to the Ti and instead we got something that only barely makes a case against the Add to that the somewhat duplicitous way that Raja ended tenure with Radeon before landing at Intel and you have all the makings of serious concern for the future of AMD graphics.

David Wang is the aforementioned vice president of engineering and he has more than 25 years of graphics experience. He has over 30 years of tech industry experience and is rejoining AMD as well, coming back to the company from Micron. Just to clarify, I understand t. The world of custom PCs is getting rather intriguing. Not too long ago, certain companies dictated what the new releases were going to be and innovation was a bit of a slow process.

Today, there are dozens of companies trying to jump into the gaming PC market, but the problem with a lot of it is that so many of them are turning into carbon copies of the bigger companies. They just announced the release of the Ark 90 Full Tower case and this is how you shake up the market with a new design. The Ark 90 also builds on the tradition of including a pre-installed CLC cooler that the Genome series started. In this case, we have a mm radiator attached to the Captain style pump block. Not only are the fans on the cooler RGB, but Deepcool has included an extra two fans to help with the cooling.

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This blended fiction mystery is served with a side order of the supernatural or is it science? Heaven book summary the boy who came back from heaven book summary want to get. Heaven book summary the boy who came back from heaven book summary make more. It is the story of a little boy,. Jan 15, A best-selling account of a 6-year old's journey to heaven and back has been pulled after the boy retracted his storyrevealed that the detail in the book was falseSummary Todd Burpo. Heaven is for Real is a book for believersThe book documents the report of a near-death.

The boy, Colton,. The the boy who came back from. Ff0 adsvilreadtermplic. The journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpenPrint it And Use! P books available duchenne muscular dystrophy advances in therapeutics neurological disease and therapy document about duchenne muscular dystrophy advances in. You can read over ten million scientific documents on SpringerLinkthis is a PDF version with Complete Bookmarks Harrison is the most authoritative book in the field of internal Objective To determine benefits and harms of arthroscopic knee surgery involving partial meniscectomy, debridement, or both for middle aged or older patients with.

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for stand-alone listsThe site can be reached at cimsasia. This book needs no description. It was Free Medical Books - list of freely available medical books both for doctors and patients. Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics, also spelled orthopaedic[s], is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.

Statistical Techniques Statistical Mechanics Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and usefulSix databases are available including the Cochrane. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary. The Cochrane Library is a collection of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making e0ecd1c adsvilreadtermplic adsvilreadtermplic. To the Last Man! It was a brutal 17 day battle in freezing weather. Off when you get out you have to jump.

You can practice it in the warm-up here. Usually take a bit of damage from the. When that third increment goes up one.

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This next tip is how to properly heal. Dragging this ammo into my inventory it. When you shoot your character will stay. Want to minimize the amount of damage. The grenade so just always throw the. Dropped it but if you click and hold. The same things when we go into those. This mo it won't take up any inventory. Crisis back into your pocket maybe to. You're on foot or in a car this is the. Chamber the next bullet and it can be. Your bandages then as you see you Saves you a lot of time there if your. Know that you drove it up there in order.

Reloading until yeah all vests give a. Teen Book Series: Peer Pressure vs. True Friendship! Each disc is rewritable up to times. Easy to write on for. Bulletin, , pp. But, don't take our word for it, read the comments below sent in by satisfied NuShield customers. This product works. Thank you, Scott Carpenter, Rome NY My apologies for taking so long in getting back to you; the new film arrived just fine.

You all have been great to work with, very responsive, much appreciated. If you need a very positive review on one of the services, let me know. Thanks again for all your help.

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I didn't think your company would be matching the two and checking to see if this was correct. I am working full time and also going to college full time for Emergency and Disaster Management and a minor in Intelligence Studies. I am planning on expanding to reach gov. And civilian needs. I will probably reach out to your firm as a potential reseller in the near future.

Great product! Barbara likes it too. The images helped tremendously. The few small ones may disappear with time. Not everyone would need a cradle but I have very limited use of one arm. Is, and my advice is to come here for a holiday! Thanks for you very personal help in the early stages. John Cameron, Kelowna, B. It has been the best one I've ever used. Love the lack of fingerprints and glare. Just installed the screens this morning. I just placed my order on line and wanted to say that your customer service has been just great.

You answered my questions very efficiently and very promptly. Your web site, as well, is very good in providing info on your products. Thanks again. I am very impressed with your customer service policy. It was easy to install, and does a good job eliminating reflections on the TV screen. I am very satisfied.

Thanks for your help. Just what I was looking for. No more burning and sore eyes!! You guys are tops!!! I highly recommend the anti-glare, non-adhesive protector as it provides protection. I am taking the time to email you in regards to the DayVue screen protector for my Nexus 7 I received two days ago.

A product like this deserves some feedback. I am currently in the process of installing my Nexus 7 into the dash of my car to be used as a replacement for my radio.

It will be viewed in landscape. Visibility was not an issue. A while ago I had laser corrective surgery for my eye sight. This has worked perfectly for me with the only adverse effect being light sensitivity. To help with this, I wear polarised sunglasses during the day, especially whilst driving. This makes it impossible to read anything on the screen of the Nexus 7 whilst viewing it in landscape.

The postman had happily jammed the envelope into the small metal letterbox where it stayed all day until I collected it after work. We were onto our fourth day of 45 degree Celsius about Fahrenheit.

Silke Schmidt

This did a great job of baking the protector into the curved shape the postman had left it in. I thought it was doomed. There was no way it would stick to the screen now surely. I tried to carefully curl it back to a flat shape with my hands. That wasn't going to happen. I also noticed a scratch that ran diagonally from corner to corner that I'm guessing was a result of the careful postman. So I tried to install it anyway. It's worth a shot. My first attempt wasn't central on the screen. No air bubbles.

It laid flat without the edges peeling up from being cooked like it was wrapped around a large pipe. After peeling off the top protective layer, I noticed the scratch was only on it and not the screen protector itself. The finish of it is clear and easy to look through. I was very happy with the result yet I still needed to try my sunglasses. So out the front of my house, in full Australian summer sunlight with my sunglasses. I can very easily read the screen in both portrait and landscape. I couldn't be happier. Your product is excellent. I usually don't take time to write such a large emails just on something I have purchased, yet it is always good to hear the positive news.

You have gone above and beyond my expectations. As said earlier, I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much for such an excellent product. It was a perfect fit and does a great job I am told. She is very happy with it. Thank you so much for all your help and speedy delivery. It has been much appreciated. Cheers, - R. Thank you so much.

Howard Stern Mammary Lane German Broadcasters

We may be ordering some more soon. Thanks again, -Scott Windmiller Awesome product!! I have only had laptop for 4 months and already have 4 different screen protector 'antiglare' and was starting to believe an effective one did not exist until installing your's. Install was slightly easier than the one's you buy on amazon and ebay BUT the quality of film and the adhesive is significantly more consistent with your material.

And because I have a touch screen LCD, the anti-fingerprint ability is incredible. This should come with ALL glossy screened esp touch screen laptops straight from the mfg, else laptop is pretty much unusable. Since I did not purchase through ebay or amazon, I don't know where to place a positive review for you but felt compelled to do so. Just a quick not to say thank you. My Audi R8 had a thumbprint on the Nav screen that I wiped off very carefully with windex. The windex apparently removed a very delicate coating, ruining the appearance.

Are they out of their minds? There was nothing wrong with the nav other than the appearance of the screen. What a bad design. But I am super picky and could not live with it. I called your tech line. Your tech was great. Suggested the right nushield item, and off I went. Did I say I was picky.

I wanted the repair to be perfect, nothing less. I prepared the surface, and removed the remaining factory coating. I applied the Nushield, and did not let me down. Is it possible that this cover was better than the stock appearance. Your product is exceptional. You made the top of my list for good things that can happen when involved with the drudgery of car repairs. I did not find the screen protector I needed listed on your website. I e-mailed your customer service to see if you had a protector suitable for my tablet.

I had an e-mail answer within a few hours. This was on Labor Day! You asked a few questions about my specific model. The next day I received another e-mail. You had updated your website. My computer make and model were now displayed. I am very impressed. I no longer have to use my flip-up sunglasses while watching the tube or using my computer! In fact, I think I notice a tad bit more clarity after cleaning the screen with the Klear Screen Wipes before applying the film.

And,installation was quite easy with the excellent instructions. Thanks again! I've had them on my monitors since I received them, won't work on my computer never again with out them, Excellent product!!! I have been using your products for a few years now and I have been very pleased with the superior quality and functionality. Your customer service now stands equal to your product.

I was willing to buy the replacement film since I don't think it was your product, but rather the device that I was installing it on that was causing the problem. However your willingness to meet my request and cut a custom size for me and then send it out to me free of charge speaks volumes for your commitment to customer care, which is a rare commodity these days.

Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend your product and look forward to working with you in the future with new devices! My flat screen monitor was highly reflective. I had daily problems with eye strain and dry eyes. I am very relieved to finally have a solution. Now I feel better and can work better as well. Great product, I have used several times. Many thanks for your problem resolution and excellent customer support.

Given this good outcome, I look forward to repeat business with Nushield, and also recommend it to friends.

ISBN 13: 9783401066868

Customer service was very helpful with everything! They understood my needs for protecting my PC!!! Thank You! You should give me a discount and ill tell all my nerdy friends to buy here too. All the gagets they have. I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know. Bravo you NuShield!

It took me half an hour for installation, and I got rid of the 'bubbles' very easily. I plan to order the same for my Wacom Intuos 5. We have two Wacom 22HD digital tablets at work, and I will definitely try to convince my employer to buy NuShield protectors for them. Thanks a lot for helping me protecting my investment! This time I tested the size of the screen before removing the protections. It fits well and I have installed it on my PC.

I'm extremely pleased with the final result of this 'lengthy' process. Thanks for everything. Thank you for being you! I researched over many different screen protectors on google and by far yours is grade a. The installation was very easy and I am amazed at the difference. It is as if the screen is brand new. Everything is crystal clear and I am able to see the screen in bright sun light. Thanks for a great product.

I will be letting my fellow Benz owners who are experiencing the same problem that there is an inexpensive solution and one that produces dramatic results. Quite frankly I am totally blown away by your customer service - responsiveness, understanding and willing to resolve issues. I am definitely spreading the word around about your product and the company. I will not hesitate to refer you company to my friends. No more glaring and distracting reflections. It gives me the screen that I wanted when I purchased my laptop. Thanks for a wonderful product.

I absolutely love them, and I was looking specifically for an option to reduce glare on tablets used in my company. It enhances the crispness of especially the written words on the screen, making reading a lot easier on this small display, and reduces the sun glare when outside. I will recommend this product to my friends. I put it on my phone and within a week it was scratched up from my stylus.

I received the dayvue protector yesterday and placed it on my phone this morning, immediately I noticed a huge difference. This screen puts the other one to shame. It is a lot thicker and had only 1 small bubble when installing it which went right away. Thank you for making such a great product. Will recommend to friends. I ordered your product for my new Edge and use it on the touch screen.

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It's a very noticeable improvement. A friend with the same screen on a new Ford Taurus recently noticed how my screen was much more viewer friendly than his. The fact that you have a BACK button on this page is amazing - too many businesses fail to give the user what they want because they can get away with it. Props to you guys for having a website that made me so glad to purchase from you.

Seriously - this huge and many businesses don't realize it. I really liked the technology explanation for the DayVue and the AntiGlare.

Só mais um site WordPress

I especially like the humbleness of saying, 'we simply duplicate what your screen already does' instead of failing to explain anything and just try to sell it. Thank you for serving the customer! I would highly recommend you to anyone - well, let me try the product first:- best online purchase experience I've had in a while if not ever - almost done. Having tested this for more than a month I am pleased to report consistent and significant relief to my eyes. For a long time I have used eyedrops, done the exercises of looking to distance and closeup, taking periodical breaks from the computer, changing the lighting, etc.

I really appreciate my Nushield antiglare film! Previously, I had to wear a dark colored shirt to read almost anything on the glossy screen. I'm looking forward to taking it out into Nature with me now and doing some work. Thanks a lot for a great product. Probably have it on a couple dozen devices now, from the laptop to GPS to cameras. Now whenever purchasing new electronics with displays I automatically buy a cover and install usually before I even start using it. I'm sure I'll recommend it to my friends and order products from NuShield again.

A little nervous at first about installing, but after thoroughly cleaning the screen of fingerprints and using compressed air to blow away any remaining dust, I decided to go for it. Took my time and installation was very easy and the results look superb! One of your competitors product has not worked nearly as well on my Integra. What can't I use it on? That's the real question. I really appreciate you guys working with me on this. My NAV screen is so much better to look at now. I just installed it and it is exactly what I needed. The glare is almost gone and the image is good.

I've already, started telling people about your wonderful company and great product. Purchased it for my ford focus and it actually looks better now then when it had no screen protector. I first contacted you as I could not find my particular model of laptop Toshiba Qosmio FY on your website except for later versions and I wasn't sure they were compatible.

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