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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. In actuality, you are a miraculously present infinite field of transcendental being presenting itself to itself as subtle radiant energy of pure intelligence. This truth is consonant with the view of Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta, Kundalini Yoga, primal Buddhism, and with all radical spiritual traditions. Since this is already and eternally the sole condition, the spiritual challenge is merely to recognize that this is the case, with no special conditions or abilities needing to be cultivated, nothing in one's life needing to be changed or improved in the slightest.

With the simple recognition of the nature of your actual condition, you are freed from the confused implications of any misinterpretations of what your condition is, that you may have been laboring under. This recognition is available since it is clearly displayed by every aspect of your experience, and will be discovered by direct investigation without preconceptions.

In actuality the only "spiritual" problem possible is misinterpretation, which can give rise to beliefs in separate existence, dependency, vulnerability, inadequacy, failure, death, etc. The apparent "imperfection" that you may believe your life to be, is in fact already and inherently an entirely transcendental, miraculous eternal perfection, and it can be easy to discover this fact with self-verifying certainty.

Peter Brown presents this understanding from several perspectives, as direct description, meditative aphorisms, and question-and-answer discussion, with a personal retelling of his own path of discovery. In the clarity I attained at that time I realized that my entire life had led up to that event, my character and obsessive nature regarding exploring Reality conspiring to the inevitability of the ongoing unfoldment that was quickened at that time, finally to bear fruit in more recent years. After that quickening I redoubled my spiritual explorations, driven to strive to make some sense of what had happened, was happening, to me, what this exceedingly strange circumstance of my experience was, in the context of both my own inspirations and various more traditional approaches to these matters, including Raja, Jnana, and Bhakti Yogas and being dragged kicking, screaming, and bleeding through Karma Yoga , Quabalah, Western occultism, Tarot, Shamanism, Dzogchen, Taoism, Tantra, Buddhism, and Kashmir Shaivism, among other spiritual traditions; and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Bhagavan Nityananda, Nisargadatta, Longchen Rabjam, Lao Tzu, Hui Neng, Aliester Crowley, Jesus Christ, Neem Karoli Baba, and Austin Spare, among many others.

The accumulation of perspectives that were acquired over the course of all that unnecessary? See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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Criminals are not the only ones killing; the murders committed by the heroes, who are supposed to prevent crime, may be even crueler. Rorschach, a main character in the comic book, embraces this surrounding cruelty in every moment of every day. The progeny of an abusive prostitute, his psychopathic personality is the focus of an entire chapter. He has an idea of right and wrong; it is just not the same idea of right and wrong as everybody else.

However, what makes him truly terrifying is that he is the judge, jury, and executioner of his own morality. He wholly relies on his own judgment to determine who lives and who dies. Rorschach sees the world as a blank slate, without an inherent set of moral standards, just the set of morals each individual places upon themselves. His existence is for the sole purpose of punishing the guilty in ways he sees fit, discarding the laws that society has already put in place in favor of his own distinct moral code.

The narration in the comic book switches between several characters. Along with the foreboding words is a map of the United States burning up in flames, as if to say that even greatest country in the world cannot escape its eventual destruction. He chooses to die before giving up what he believes.

Rorschach has turned the meaningless blackness that he was given, his blank moral slate, into the only thing that means anything. No character showcases this idea of meaninglessness more than Dr. Born of a nuclear accident, Manhattan exhibits a variety of abilities, from replication to telekinesis to disintegration.

He is essentially a god, save a single debilitating flaw, his indeterminate moral compass.

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Despite having the capability of changing the world for the better with a single thought, he works mindlessly for the U. Manhattan pushes the idea of fate being set in stone. Since he experiences the past, present, and future all at the same time, he cannot see the world as anything except immutable, unyielding to any outside forces. Manhattan is given godlike power but, at the same time, sees himself as powerless against the flow of time. As a result, Manhattan, much like Rorschach, sees life as a morally blank slate. However, where they differ is their views of this blank ethical slate.

That is to say, Manhattan does not make moral decisions based simply on an uncompromising set of guidelines like Rorschach. There is no one rule in his mind that dictates when killing is justified and when it is not. This is shown throughout the story when he does not stop countless murders, something he is very capable of doing, yet he kills off a fellow hero, Rorschach, in order to stop exactly that, the countless murders that would ensue if the world returned to its former tumultuous state.

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While Rorschach is single-minded in pursuing his form of justice, Manhattan sees a more complicated world, without a fixed right and wrong, where a single decision can ripple far beyond current circumstances. Nevertheless, even though he does not have a singular idea of morality, he is not, as Schneider puts, a nihilist who views life as meaningless; rather, he just does not conceive of a fixed right or wrong. He knows what the future holds, so there is no moral deterrent from killing. More plainly, Manhattan acts upon an obligation to preserve human life. Instead of making moral decisions based on a right or wrong, he weighs his options according to whether the outcome of the event is important or trivial, ignoring simple homicides while keeping the world from nuclear apocalypse.


The numerous instances where he does not prevent what society would deem a crime can be justified by these crimes having no overall effect on the survival of humanity. They will not change the course of the human race, so Manhattan does not care about them. His unique perspective that bears the burden of countless deaths is based on the fundamental premise that the future is circular and unchangeable. Moore also displays the concept of time as an inflexible construct. When the story begins, the art opens to a peculiar image of a blood splattered smiley face lying on the sidewalk.

Although it may not hold any significance at the moment, as with all reappearing imagery in the revolutionary comic book, it is there for a reason. The blood splatter on the face bears a striking resemblance to an arrow, one that appears on the cover page of Chapter 1 pointing to 12 minutes before midnight. However, as the clock strikes midnight and humanity is seemingly saved from the nuclear apocalypse, the smiley face reappears in the last panels of the comic, once again stained with an arrow pointing to 12 until midnight, counting down to the next catastrophic disaster.

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Moore displays the future as relentless and recursive. What is destined to happen will happen: the only variable is when. By displaying the future as immutable, along with the endlessly violent and gloomy backdrop in which the story takes place, Moore emphasizes the single variable: the distinct morals of the unique characters. Despite this, Manhattan decides to base his morals on preserving human life, which always seems to find a way to reset itself after great tragedy or a period of peace.

Since he also sees that time is fixed and enduring, he determines that the laws society enacts to protect life are both necessary in the short term and useless in the long term. Similarly, Adrian Veidt, or Ozymandias, holds a consequentialist view of morality, basing his actions solely on their final results, choosing to ignore short-term harm in service of long-term benefit.

Albeit he has taken it to the extreme in his decision to kill millions of New Yorkers and blame it on aliens in order to bring about world peace. Moore thus seems to provide three distinct views of morality to show the extremes of all variations. Ozymandias represents the epitome of long-term, consequentialist thought, Rorschach, the simple self-righteous mentality, while Manhattan displays deontological ethics, basing his judgment on what is better, worse, or insignificant for humanity.

However, despite how it may seem like his morality is based on the good of others, it is ultimately derived from a selfish need for fulfillment, a need to feel like he is making a difference. Her exploration provides an interesting insight into the mind of Ozymandias. Though they built great kingdoms, their impressive empires were no exception to the ravages of time. Additionally, Moore seems to use Ozymandias as a foil for Rorschach, a point of comparison to highlight the distinguishing features of both characters. While Ozymandias is wealthy, powerful, and handsome, Rorschach is filthy, despised, and unattractive.

Ozymandias struggles to justify his actions, even to himself, and is left wondering how long his newly created peace will last, with Dr. No matter what the circumstances are, they can always change, hopefully for the better. Perhaps the point is not that superheroes can be human, but that humans can be superheroes. Using the essay topics below in conjunction with the list of important quotes from Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury, you should have no trouble connecting with the text and writing an excellent essay.

Yet Guy undergoes a major transformation as a character, and ultimately attempts to revive lost pieces of civilization. Write a persuasive essay in which you attempt to convince your reader that Guy Montag should or should not be considered a heroic figure, and substantiate your claim with evidence-based reasons. Digging a bit deeper than Granger himself, consider what Bradbury wanted to convey with the symbol of the phoenix, and suggest what aspects of humanity and society it might be referencing.

Looking beyond the more simple conclusions one could make by paralleling the story of the legendary phoenix, dig deeper and discover themes both stories have in common. Write an essay in which you compare and contrast social conditions in and contemporary conditions and consider how the novel can both reflect those conditions and be applied as a way of understanding them. We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests.

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Ozymandias Analysis - Term Paper

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Dirty Enlightenment: The Inherent Perfection of Imperfection

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Dirty Enlightenment (Peter Brown)

My Essay Search wanted to become the go-to-place to find resources related to essay writing contests and essay writing events. We will try to make our website as update and as informative as possible. Check out our list of essay writing contests and events now. Peter Brown presents this understanding from several perspectives, as direct description, meditative aphorisms, and question-and-answer discussion, with a personal retelling of his own path of discovery.

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Showing Rating details. Sort order. Sep 13, John Rogers rated it it was amazing. It's interesting that stripped-down is used in the description, as stripped-down and unembellished nonduality is how I describe my preferences for this kind of stuff. This is without a doubt the best book I've read on the subject. This is a lean read, free of fluff, and highly worthy of repeat readings.

Mar 22, Tancha rated it it was amazing. Read and reread This is a book that can be read again and again until understanding blossoms.