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I fell in love with Killian. He is now my favorite of all the Fighting boys. And Axelle is a fantastic heroine, she makes bad choices, is far from perfect but picks herself up and moves on and makes a better life for herself. This book was perfect in every way. The boy and girl secretly in love with each other, the years spent apart, the incredible sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine, and the beautiful and strong families who support them both unconditionally.

I adored how the author allowed Axelle to overcome her insecurities and become her own woman. ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review. Mar 05, Judy rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-or-beta , family , sad , sweet , tear-jerker , mma-fighters , young-love. This was a great read! There was a certain point where I was trudging along, enjoying the story but about to update my status and call it a night. I happened to see a couple of reviews that said they cried like crazy! I thought Why am I not feeling it like them? Why am I not crying?? I don't get it. Well, Judy OMG, did I cry!

I may have cried the last half of the book! Killian and Axelle! I've been waiting for their story and I was so not disappoint This was a great read! I've been waiting for their story and I was so not disappointed. Axelle, we all know her story.

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She's had it rough in the trust and abandonment department. Her insecurities are endless. Is she worthy enough? Will this one stick around? Will he love her? He's everything you want in a friend and lover. He's kind, considerate and thoughtful. He's gorgeous and talented, but not boastful. He's protective and he'll do absolutely everything he has to for those he loves. He's the ultimate book boyfriend. JB knows how to write big, tough men with a heart of gold, and that is exactly what Killian is! This story was sweet, tender, and loving. It was funny and sexy! At the same time it kept me on my toes.

There was angst, drama and the unknown. Will he? Won't he? As with all the books in the Fighting Series these characters are a family. All for one and one for all! I know, wrong tag line, but still, I love the camaraderie and friendship that is ever present. KO for sure!! Sep 04, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: steamy , sports-star , series-standalone , audio , angstfest , friends-to-lovers , romantic. We knew it was coming, the anticipation has been building, and the scene has been set for an epic friends-to-lovers story, and whoa, this one was a rollercoaster!

Introduced a 4 angsty, emotional stars The long-anticipated book for Killian and Axelle! Introduced as teenagers in book 2 of the series Fighting to Forgive , Killian and Axelle have been best friends from the moment they met - Killian, the sweet, shy, nerdy boy with dreams of a career in the UFC, and Axelle, the damaged yet feisty daughter of Layla. Killian is still the sweet, nerdy boy however he is on the verge of achieving the success in the UFC he has only dreamed about, and Axelle is troubled and emotionally vulnerable and makes up for it by partying, hanging with the bad boys and searching for something to help heal her damaged heart.

And behind all of that, they are desperately and completely in love with each other, but neither of them have acted on it. He has waited for her, ignoring all other women and instead has stood by her while she dates boys who are all wrong for her and treat her badly. I get that he wanted to wait for the right time, knowing that he would have one chance and not wanting to blow it.

Chapter One

But still… a little bit more alpha would have been welcome. But given her low self esteem and personal issues, I sort of got it. And it just makes their coming together all the more epic when they finally open up and lay it all out. Axelle loves me. The words strike my chest and knock the air from my lungs. I whisper words of gratitude against her skin, silent praises to God… She loves me. And OMG, the feels!

I was bouncing up and down as it all unfolded. Beautifully romantic, heartfelt and swoony, I felt it all and the sweetness, honesty and passion between them was just gorgeous!

But then… it all goes to hell. Oh, it hurt! But again, it sets the scene for Killian and Axelle to both have some much-needed time to figure themselves out. To sort themselves out, find the strength to move forward with their lives without having each other there, and figure out what it is they truly want. And only time will tell if their love for each other is strong enough to survive. But having said that, I had some issues with some of the things that went down in this story… view spoiler [ I was surprised and disappointed at how quickly Killian turned his back on Axelle.

And all it took was a few words from her and suddenly he is giving up and walking away? It just seemed a really strange thing for him to do, and SO not necessary! But despite all that, I still loved the story. Mar 26, EliseSReads rated it it was ok Shelves: disappointing-read. I thought J. Salsbury was a safe author after 5 almost safe books almost bc the small other-w drama in book-3 which I forgave bc the rest of the book was fantastic well, I was wrong. It wasn't that there was so much of it, no, not really.

I tried to love the book but the characters and their decisions made it very hard for me to. Although, I do agree that Axelle needed to get her shit right and do things on her own, I was already disappointed with the story by that time and as things progressed further I just didn't appreciate the story anymore.

The characters spoke alot about "how much they love each other", but, in my opinion, it felt like it was just verbal, I didn't feel it in their actions nor in their decisions. I wouldn't rule it out for you guys to not read the book, I'm sure alot of you guys will love it and will probably tell me "bish what were you talking about? I tried I guess. Mar 22, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: may , I just can't Axelle is just He deserved to move on when he was basically kicked to the curb.

After putting up with years of drama, a little happiness was good for him. Apr 12, Tamicka rated it it was ok. First let me say that I was in love with this series until book 5. I have justified reasons why I do not like these last two books, this one more so than the other. Now this is not to say that if you love this book and disagree with me that I think your wrong. You can absolutely love this book and I will not judge one bit. Also this review may contain spoilers. This book started with a prologue that takes us to the past back on th Okay. This book started with a prologue that takes us to the past back on that fateful valentines day four years ago.

It was a nice refresher since I haven't reread that book in awhile.


Fighting Fate

Fast forward to current times and you have Kill who completely loves Axelle but feels hes nothing but friend zoned so he's there for her in anyway that he can be. Now I loved Kill. I thought he was level headed he had a plan that he wanted to follow. Then you've got Axelle. Shes struggling within herself to overcome all the stuff that happened with her step father and in turn her fathers place in her life.

Now there's only one way to label Axelle. She made every possible wrong choice imaginable. And then when she attempts to make the "right" choice and finally start to take care of things herself, it's one of the worst choices she could make! I mean I wanted to feel for this girl but I could not muster up sympathy when I see her having so many tools, and friends at her disposal and to watch her just mess it up over and over again.

It just got to the point where i was annoyed with her and I was willing to just let her wallow in her own misery. The worst though was how she loved Kill since they met and she literally slept with the worse guys imaginable. She talks about how she dropped big hints and he only saw her as a friend, then a few chapters later she's talking about how she was never good enough for him so she never showed how she felt.

Well which one is it?! This was probably one of my most despised female leads ever. She jumped to conclusions constantly,never wanted to talk things out to even remotely get to the bottom of the situation and she was continually pushing away the man that loved her down to his core. I mean at the end of the day I guess I'm happy that Kill is happy, because that guy I totally love. What this book boiled down to for me was nothing but a big book of teen angst and drama.

It also bothered me that I felt like there were loose ends or things that were mentioned that kind of felt like a big deal but were never explored further such as Kill's mother and Axelle's biological father. I struggled so hard not to DNF this book. I love JB salsbury though so I pressed on. I will definitely be reading the synopsis for the next book more closely and wait for more reviews before I even consider reading the next book.

And I think that's a shame because Fighting for Flight was one of my top picks of But I can't allow him to pass up on a chance at happiness with someone else either. The author continues doing a great job with each book she releases. I don't even have to read the blurb to know I will love it. We already met both characters in the previous books. I was very excited when I when I found out that they would get their own book. I just love reading about friends turned to lovers. That's the face I fell in love with, the face I'm still in love with.

Killian is not your usual bad boy, but he is a book nerd and very protective of his best friend. Who he secretly loves since the moment he met her. Axelle is very insecure because of her past and has abandonment issues. All she wants to do is please everyone and be accepted. She doesn't think she is good enough and that is why everyone leaves her. Killian has been friend-zones and he doesn't know how to get out of it. Both characters were great, I loved seeing Killian so protective of her. He is the type of friend who will drop anything to be there for his best friend.

He is shy and doesn't have many friends besides Ax and the guys he trains with. Killian may be shy and a bit of a book nerd but he is training to become the next MMA legend. I felt so bad for Killian for not being able to come out and tell Ax that he loves her. However I was glad that it didn't take too long before the cat was out of the bag. Now she's jus a girl who broke my heart. She doesn't want to depend on him for everything, she finally wants to stand on her own feet and breaks it off with Killian. It was so heartbreaking to read this part from Killian's POV, he just can't get a break.

Do I agree with what she did? I don't know. It did allow them to both grow as individuals. But it could've been done in another way as well. This all sounds really mysterious, but I don't want to spoil it! If I had to gouge out my own and rip out my beating heart. I would've done it gladly if only to make her understand. I loved seeing what all the other characters from previous books were up to.

I really miss those guys! I hoping there will be more books in this series or maybe a spin-off. The writing was really good like always and I very much enjoyed the dual POV. May 03, Red Cheeks Reads rated it it was amazing. OK, JB Salsbury! I am calling you out! You have been keeping a secret from all of us. And that secret is your ability to write the absolute heck out of some seriously angsty and sexy New Adult!

This book is right up there with my favorites in this series and I absolutely loved it! Oh, I know you guys have been waiting on Axelle and Killian's story. I mean we met them back in Blake's book in this series and we watched them grow and fell in love with them as kids. And now they are all grown up and man they got so much New Adult drama and I just ate it up. Ahh, so we start the book with these two in college and they are still the very best of friends so this is a true friends to lover's romance and I freaking love these types of stories.

Ya know, ones where they are scared to ruin the friendship or they both don't realize the extent of one another feelings for each other. It really does make for the most delicious story. And I loved Axelle but let's be honest here, Killian was just too sweet and he completely stole the show this book. Le Sigh!

Fighting Fate

So Ms. Salsbury, this is definitely one of my very favorites in the series. It is just filled with so many amazing New Adult themes. So I plead with you, go forth, and write me all of the NA, right this minute. And if you haven't picked up this book, then do so right now. You will not regret it! Aug 12, Shanda rated it really liked it. I struggled with Axelle. I understood her daddy issues but she was so self-destructive and she had such good people surrounding her that I wanted to strangle her.

Fighting Fate (feat. Oktvia) | iMeiden

Killian was so wonderful. I loved that we got a male virgin and he saved himself for his true love. I hated that these two clearly were i 3. I hated that these two clearly were in love with each other but neither one of them could find the balls to tell the other. By the time they declare it you are so excited for them and boom….. Now I do believe that they did need the time apart because Axelle needed to find herself and grow. Feb 17, Hms rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-by-my-favorite-authors , boxers-mma , sports-of-some-sort.

Killian and Axle's book was just lovely. All the love, angst, drama and incredible story expected from such a talented writer. In my humble opinion, nothing is over the top, no eyeball rolling necessary, just a wonderful story without the saccharine sweetness found in other books of this genre. I was sad to read that the next book will be the last in this series but I also love that she won't write this series into the ground.

Have you seen our mates? Do you really think any of the six of us consider our mates weak? Get your head out of your ass, Cailin, and fix this.

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Find a way to deal with Logan. Either mate with him or let him down. Chastened, she took a step back, her heels digging into the ground underneath her. Jamenson-free air. Maddox pulled her into a hug then kissed the top of her head. She had the same oppressive feeling as Maddox and the rest of her family. He was a full half foot taller than her, but in heels she could rest her forehead on his scarred cheek. I promise. She pulled away with a small smile at his lie, then turned toward the line of trees, needing space. Her brothers were all around seventy years older than she was and had practically helped raised her along with their parents.

One by one, year by year, Cailin had watched her brothers not only fall in love but fight for their lives against the cruelty that was the Centrals. The Centrals had lost two Alphas in those four years, Hector and his son, Corbin. Now Caym ruled them with an iron fist. His own dose of dark magic prevented the Redwoods from being on the offense, forever on the defense and trying to scramble the protection needed to survive. She took long strides toward the tree line, nodding at other Pack members who stared at her as if they knew what her innermost thoughts were.

Her innermost fear and insecurity. No one called out to her, telling her to come to their side and join them in the celebration. The deep timbre went straight to her core, her body shaking at just those words alone. Cailin stopped moving, her hand pressed against a tree as she prayed for composure. She turned to face Logan and tried not to swallow her tongue. No matter how hard she fought her attraction to him, her wolf ached for the man in front of her.

Within those eyes she could see the man and the wolf, two halves of a whole. Two distinct ideas and desires. One wanted her submission, the other wanted her by his side. That was the difference between him and the other wolves who might have laid claim to her. She needed to be strong, not weak—not how she felt around him. Logan pinched her chin, forcing her gaze to his. No, the annoying canine wanted to rub up all along the man and make sure all those women eyeing him at the ceremony kept their paws off of him. No, but she had felt their gazes digging into her back and on the tall drink of water in front of her.

If her mind had been making any sense at all, she should have been happy other women wanted to lay claim—if only for an evening. Instead, she battled within herself so much her head ached. Damn it, she did not want to get into a conversation with this man. Not when she needed to breathe, to feel like she had a choice in the matter. Logan rubbed her chin with his thumb before pulling back. Cailin immediately wanted his touch back, the loss almost overwhelming. She blinked up at him, surprised at his insight.

Her wolf wanted that bond, badly. His gaze raked over her body, and she fought the urge to wrap her arms around him and never let him go. She stormed off, knowing the wolf prowled right on her heels. Damn him. Damn fate. Damn everything. Someone stepped on a fallen branch in front of her. A deliberate action alerting her to his presence.

Her wolf stood at attention, ready to run toward the sound. Toward the comfort. The daughter, though, needed her father, and the feeling grated. People milled around them and she could feel their looks, but ignored them. She pulled back so she could look up at him but kept her arms around his waist.

Her father cupped her face, and she leaned into him. And she no longer needs him to hold her together. Sweet Hope.

Fighting fate: a seventy percent unemployment rate.

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