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Prep Now, Enjoy Later

  1. This Is the Easiest Way to Freeze Your Casseroles
  2. How to Properly Freeze Foods - Cooking Light
  3. What to Eat This Week
  4. Here's How to Properly Freeze Foods

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Add a bit of broth or water if it gets too thick. Smoothies can serve as breakfast, lunch or even dinner in a pinch. These recipes are a good place to start. Here are some of the dishes our editors have had success making and freezing ahead when they were expecting:. Meatballs , meatloaf , salmon burgers , veggie burgers , crab cakes or cod cakes.

This Is the Easiest Way to Freeze Your Casseroles

Pizza dough. Stuff you can eat with one hand: spiced nuts , granola , granola bars and calzones. Raw chicken, pork or beef in marinade or dry-rubbed. Thaw it overnight in the refrigerator, then sprinkle additional breadcrumbs over the top before reheating for that crunchy goodness. Freeze these vegetarian stuffed pasta shells and sauce in a casserole covered with sauce or individually for a quick solo lunch or dinner. Simply prepare the shells and cover with sauce and cheese, then refrigerate until cold.

Just assemble, wrap tightly in foil, then defrost completely in the refrigerator before baking. It also lends itself well to experimentation: Switch up the breadcrumbs for French fried onions, cheese crackers, or potato chips; use cream of celery instead of cream of mushroom soup.

You can also make your own sauce, add sliced mushrooms, mixed vegetables, or chopped pimentos. Quiches are perfect for making ahead of time. They keep well in the freezer and are easy to reheat either in the oven or even the microwave. Use any type of cheese you have on hand, add veggies like broccoli or asparagus, and mix up the type of meat or even leave it out for a vegetarian breakfast-for-dinner.

Assemble the casserole and wrap before baking, then thaw in the refrigerator overnight before you stick it in the oven. It will take about 60 to 75 minutes uncovered to get nice and golden brown. Whip up this simple, hearty pork and noodle casserole ahead of time for an easy weeknight meal.

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  • If making from the refrigerator, take it out half an hour ahead of time and then bake as directed. You can also bake and freeze it, but sprinkle extra breadcrumbs over before reheating, for crispy topping. Feel free to sleep in with this simple breakfast sausage and egg bake.

    How to Properly Freeze Foods - Cooking Light

    Let it thaw completely before baking until it's browned around the edges. For a stick-to-your-ribs meal, this chicken and potato casserole checks all the boxes. It also makes a great post-Thanksgiving meal—just use cubed leftover turkey instead. Bake it completely, freeze, and thaw in the fridge overnight for a comforting weeknight dinner.

    51 Recipes to Cook and Freeze Ahead When You’re Expecting

    Enjoy the flavor of stuffed peppers in half the time with this delicious "unstuffed" pepper casserole. Make it ahead and let it cool before freezing, tightly wrapped. Find our picks for the best freezable recipes. To keep food safe, cool freshly cooked dishes quickly before freezing.

    What to Eat This Week

    Putting foods that are still warm in the freezer can raise the temperature, causing surrounding frozen items to partially thaw and refreeze, which can alter the taste and texture of some foods. To chill soup or stew even faster, pour it into a metal or heat-resistant glass bowl and set in an ice bath a larger bowl filled halfway with ice water.

    Stir occasionally. For stews, braises, or other semiliquid dishes with some fat content, chill completely, and then skim the fat from the top before freezing.

    Here's How to Properly Freeze Foods

    Avoid freezer burn by using moisture-proof zip-top plastic bags and wrap. Remove the air from bags before sealing. Store soups and stews in gallon or quart freezer bags, which can be placed flat and freeze quickly. The quicker food freezes, the better its quality once thawed. Do not crowd the freezer—arrange containers in a single layer in the freezer to allow enough room for air to circulate around them so food will freeze rapidly.

    Slowly frozen food forms large ice crystals that may turn the food mushy. Most cooked dishes will keep for two to three months in the freezer.