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  1. Gálvez en la frontera por Jorge M. Reverte
  2. Soccer coach José Mourinho accepts one-year jail sentence for tax fraud in Spain
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Gálvez en la frontera por Jorge M. Reverte

There was a positive association between the service sector and dyslipidemia Table The present study has shown that there is a high prevalence of CRF in the Spanish working population. One of the study's strong points is the large sample size. The large sample size in the present study subjects included for analysis helps to provide more precise estimations of the prevalence of CRFs, as well as permitting the exploration of weak associations.

A further advantage of the present study is that it covers all types of employment as well as all of the different Spanish autonomous regions, thereby enhancing the representativity of the current sample with respect to the Spanish working population as a whole. The large number of investigators participating in the study could have produced systematic classification errors, but these were avoided as far as possible by standardizing measurement techniques.

The sample studied is clearly a selected population the Spanish working population , and the results cannot be extrapolated to the general population; nevertheless, the results do provide an accurate estimate of the prevalence of CRFs in a large, predominantly young sector of the population, in which intervention is possible.. When comparing our data to that from studies in the Spanish working population aged and populations with similar risk thresholds, 5,10,11 we found higher rates of high BP in males than those observed in 2 studies, 10,11 although our prevalence figures were similar to those observed in another study.

In the great majority of the workers included in the study, none of the CRFs observed had been p reviously diagnosed or treated. These findings therefore indicate the importance of routine medical check-ups for the detection and control of modifiable CRFs.. As would be expected in a working population, the proportion of subjects with a history of clinical cardiovascular disease was low, which may be due in part to the fact that this is frequently a cause of permanent disability.

Likewise, in comparison with the Spanish general population, we observed a higher prevalence of smokers, 1 lower rates of high BP, 20,21 and a lower rate of blood glucose values in the diabetes range.

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The prevalence of dyslipidemia in the workers studied was similar to that reported previously in the Spanish general population 24 and the higher rates of altered HDL cholesterol values in women had also been described previously. In female workers, however, the prevalence of overweight and obesity was lower than in the general population, 15 which is likely attributable to the lower mean age of subjects in the current study..

The data show a slightly higher prevalence of some CRFs smoking, high BP, overweight-obesity, and altered carbohydrate metabolism in geographic areas with greater cardiovascular mortality, 1 indicating a need to intensify preventive efforts in those regions. This may appear paradoxical, but it should be remembered that analyses of this type, in which data for one variable in this case, cardiovascular mortality are collected in an aggregated fashion, are susceptible to specific biases such as the ecological fallacy.. An original finding of the present study is that of a significant association between certain types of employment and the presence of CRFs.

More specifically, and taking the service sector as the reference sector, workers in manufacturing had higher rates of high blood pressure and smoking. This was particularly true of workers in the construction industry. The association with smoking was also seen in the agricultural sector. The service sector, on the other hand, showed a positive association with dyslipidemia. These associations were maintained after adjusting for potential confounding variables such as age, sex, and BMI. Other confounding variables, such as socio-economic level, may not have been controlled for and would warrant investigation in future studies.

Nevertheless, from a predictive point of view, the associations observed are relevant regardless of whether other uncontrolled confounding factors exist, and indicate that measures to intervene against modifiable CRFs could be prioritized by type of employment. We cannot forget that the primary objective of the Plan described here is the reduction of cardiovascular risk in the study population, in accordance with current guidelines.

Soccer coach José Mourinho accepts one-year jail sentence for tax fraud in Spain

The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in the working population is high, and workers are generally unaware of the presence of these risk factors. Their detection will allow cardiovascular risk to be stratified, thereby providing a basis for intervention, whilst the observation of an association between risk factors and certain types of employment may help in establishing priorities for prevention. A clearer understanding of the geographic distribution of CRFs may also help to orient preventive strategies in the future..

Scientific Advisory Committee: L. Ayesta Ayesta, JR. Banegas Banegas, V. Brotons Cuixart, R. Castro Beiras, V. Ruilope Urioste, J. Valdivielso Felices. Executive Committee: J. Calvo Bonacho, T. Cabrera Sierra, A. Rueda Vicente, A. Occupational Medicine Work Teams. Andalusia: G. Bueno Armijo, P. Campos Navarro, C. Godoy Alba, R. Meseguer Bidegoni, M. F Quevedo Carmona, R. Hernando Ruiz, F. Requena Santos, J. Villareal Rivas; Sevilla: A.

Cobreros Vime, A. Legazpi Iglesias, S. Echeverri, J. M Fouce Delgado, A. Hierro Aguera, E. Llorente Aresti, J. Ortiz Llanes, M. Pellejero Ortega, J. Ucha Llanes; Balearic Islands: B. Amengual Rotger, A. Ayuso Raya, A. Burgos Ferrero, M. Carvajal Camino, MC. Leal Mostaza, P. Arauzo Esteban; Burgos: F. Rad Moradillo, B. Marcos Mesa, C. Miguel Bascones, J.

Vega Villalba; Salamanca: J. San Juan Jorge, M.


Rosat Velasco, R. Boada Gil, M. Coromines Balletbo, O. Ferrat Zaldo, S. Karnaoukhov, J. Montesinos Cots, M. Pujalte Gil, M. Rojo Alonso; Alicante: Y. Alborch Llacer, E.

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Domich Ojeda, L. Da Madre Deus Soare, J. Foncubierta Benavides, I. Genis Giner, E. Herrero Basilio, J. Mateo Tella, M. Mediero Maroto, E. Miralles Veza, J. Navarro Ripoll, M. Portoles Torregrosa, C. Company Aracil, F. Monsonis Artero, E. Navarro Bisquert, M. Siguero Contreras; Extremadura, Badajoz: A. Alba Linares, A. Mosquera Becerra, J.

Yglesias Postigo; Orense: S. Castro Hurtado; Pontevedra: B. Aparicio Nistal, E. Castro Lage, F.

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Palacios Olmos; Madrid: Y. Armesto Prada, M. Aguilar Lorenzo, G. Alba Linares, H. Allain Alfaro, O. Amado Leey, A. Arranz Holguin, Y. Asha Yasin, C. Ayuso Raya, J. Azcona Manteca, I. Benito Escobero, I. Berenguer, V. Cancino Caro, J. Carbajal Balaguera, R. Carvajal Camino, V. Castellano Gil, E. Castillo Lozano, M. Cerceda Paradas, M. De La Orden Guijas, C. De Las Heras Boja, D. Garrido Larruga, M. Genis Giner, C. Godoy Alba, I. Gonzalo Cabellos, C. Granda Barrena, J. Granja Reguera, S. Herrero Aguinaga, N. Ibrahim, J.

Leal Hernanz, D. Lozano Soto, C. Manteca Valiente, D. Mediero Maroto, M. Menor Bravo, D. Moreno Doval, M.

A Leading Sustainable Energy Company

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Gálvez y el cambio del cambio - AbeBooks - Jorge Martínez Reverte:

LOG IN. Additional Information. Table of Contents. View Online Version. Chandler pp. Advances in the Analysis of Spanish Exclamatives ed. Innovative Strategies for Heritage Language Teaching ed. Beaudrie review Francisco Salgado-Robles pp.

Hildebrandt, and Peter B. Swanson review Krista S. Chambless pp.