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Shiu Jane You Leon S. Law Fenza D. Fumo V. Lona S. Senators Full Description This book consists of various contributions in conjunction with the keywords "reasoning" and "intelligent systems", which widely covers theoretical to practical aspects of intelligent systems. A Twitter List by Kinokuniya. This book prompts readers to look at these problems from a non-traditional angle. It takes a step by step approach, supported by case studies, to explore the issues that have arisen in the process. The Handbook of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies is intended as an authoritative reference for students, practitioners and researchers, serving as a roadmap for the variety of metadata schemas and ontologies available in a number of key domain areas, including culture, biology, education, healthcare, engineering and library science.

This book is a compilation of the collaboration between the researchers and practitioners in the security field; and provides a comprehensive literature on current and future e-security needs across applications, implementation, testing or investigative techniques, judicial processes and criminal intelligence.

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The intended audience includes members in academia, the public and private sectors, students and those who are interested in and will benefit from this handbook. This valuable handbook is a comprehensive compilation of state-of-art advances on security in computer networks. Each self-contained chapter covers one essential research topic on security in computer networks. Engberg and L. Dahl and P. Wadler eds. LNCS , pp. Pereira and A. Andreasen , A. Motro , H.

LNAI , pp. Alferes , P. Pereira, A Compilation of Updates plus Preferences. Selected Papers from the 14th Int. Omicini , P. Petta and R.

The Handbook on Reasoning-Based Intelligent Systems

Tolksdorf eds. Progress in Artificial Intelligence, 10th Portuguese Int. Brazdil and A. Jorge eds. Dell'Acqua , J. Leite and L. Dell'Acqua , F. Sadri and F. Logics in Artificial Intelligence, J. Dix, F. Del Cerro and U. Furbach eds.

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Logic Programming - Proc. Lloyd ed. MIT Press. Lanzarone , SLD-resolution with Reflection. Bruynooghe ed.