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  1. Greek Tea - Tear of Chios - Grande Bretagne Store
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  3. Mastic (plant resin)
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The resin keeps its hard texture indefinitely and this is precisely why it is recommended for gum health and amazingly clean teeth! Keep chewing the gum for a half hour in order to gain all the therapeutic benefits. The rarity of mastiha and the difficulty of its production make it expensive.

History : Mastic has been used as a medicine since antiquity and is still used in traditional folk medicine of the Middle East.

Greek Tea - Tear of Chios - Grande Bretagne Store

The first-century Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides mentions the healing properties of mastiha in his book De Materia Medica. Hippocrates wrote that the mastiha is good for prevention of digestive problems and colds , and Galenus suggested that mastiha was useful for bronchitis and for improving the condition of the blood.

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In medieval times, mastic was highly valued by sultans' harems as a breath freshener and a tooth whitener. This distincion recognizes the name of a specific region or country where a specific agricultural product originates exclusively due to the geographical environment.

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This includes the natural and human factors and production, alteration and processes which take place in the delineated geographical area. Read more about health benefits of Mastiha in our Blog. Cart: 0 items.

Home Collections Supplements Mastiha Tears, 50gr. Mastiha Tears, 50gr. The trees are pruned and fertilized every winter. They begin producing mastic when they are about five years old. Then the villagers clear the ground beneath the trees and cover it with white clay. The Mastic is contained in the bark, not in the wood. So, during the summer, they make multiple incisions in the branches of the three on specific spots and the resin starts to flow. The resin speedily exudes and hardens into oval drops and after two weeks it is ready to be collected. The mastic drops are manually washed, cleaned and sorted, piece by piece.

Mastic (plant resin)

After that, mastic is put onto the wooden boxes and dried in cold places. The mastic drops are transparent, with a glassy fracture, in the form of roundish teardrops about the size of peas. In ancient times Mastiha was used because of its properties that are beneficial to human health. Hippocrates used it for the prevention of digestive problems, colds and as a breath freshener.

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Roman emperors used mastic along with honey, pepper, and egg in the spiced wine. Digestive liqueurs made with grapes were known as Greek elixirs. It was even used in cosmetology and as a spice during the Ottoman rule as well. The entire production and cleaning process of Chios Mastiha is free of all chemicals and additives.

And this process has remained unchanged over the centuries. Mastic is used in the production of a wide range of products and exported throughout the world. It is also used as an ingredient for preparing various kinds of drinks, tea, coffee, liquor, ouzo, and wine. Additionally, Mastic is an ingredient of dietary supplements, oral hygiene products, surgical sutures, compresses burns, dental floss, soap, cosmetics.

Then, why it is unique, how it is cultivated, how it is incorporated in other products and how it is used in so many ways. You can see the video-series here.

The aim of this project is to make people from the bar industry aware of natural mastic. So, if you visit Chios and if you like the cocktails, come and enjoy what OZ cocktail bartenders prepare for you in the center of Chios town.

Try some of the cocktails with Mastic. Or, you can taste these cocktails in OZ Salad basket. It is a modern mobile cocktail bar which is now ready to travel all over Greece! OZ Salad basket is also a major means of promoting the Mastiha project.