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  1. The Young Slave (marble, height 256 cm, circa 1530-34)
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  3. Michelangelo's Prisoners or Slaves at the Accademia Gallery
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Mr Ahmed, a year-old British citizen of Somali heritage, was sacked from the Embassy in Mr Al-Ansari and the Qatari Embassy deny all the allegations.

The Young Slave (marble, height 256 cm, circa 1530-34)

The case continues. We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Hungarians have taken to the streets to protest against labor law changes that would allow employers to demand up to hours overtime per year. The government says it needs greater worker flexibility.

Thousands of workers demonstrated in Budapest on Saturday, objecting to a change in the labor code proposed by Prime Minister Victor Orban's right-wing Fidesz party.

The story behind the slave bracelets

A draft bill proposed by Fidesz would see a rise in the amount of overtime that employers can demand from workers, along with an extended time period for settling compensation. Union leaders claim that the so-called "slave law" proposals underline the intention of Orban's government to increase corporate profits at the expense of workers. Several thousand people protested in front of the Hungarian parliament building to show their opposition. The new rules mean workers could accrue up to hours of overtime instead of the current hour maximum.

Employers would also have three years to compensate employees with either payment or time off work, instead of the current one year. Although employers would need workers to agree to the additional hours, unions say employers would use low wages to pressure employees into accepting. The government says greater labor flexibility is needed to satisfy investors — such as German car companies whose factories have helped drive economic growth.

Michelangelo's Prisoners or Slaves at the Accademia Gallery

Critics have speculated that German auto giants have lobbied Budapest to loosen overtime restrictions. However, the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has denied that German firms have called for the changes.

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Central European University has said it will move abroad unless a government legal dispute is resolved. After being given command of the Imperial -class Star Destroyer Chimaera , Commodore Thrawn discovered that the Empire was trafficking Wookiee slaves after responding to a distress call from the troop transport Sempre. The slaves had been liberated by an attack force consisting of the frigate Castilus and two squadrons of V Torrent starfighters.

The insurgents then launched an attack on Baklek Base.

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Thrawn led a successful military operation to neutralize the insurgents, forcing their surrender. When Lieutenant Commander Eli Vanto expressed his unease about slavery, Thrawn tried to rationalize the Empire's actions.

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The tentacle-headed Twi'lek , mostly their females, were often captured and sold into slavery as they were considered beautiful. Many females of other races, not just the Twi'lek, were often forced to wear revealing outfits and to dance for their owners. In many other cases, those that were not actually slaves in name nevertheless worked in near slave-like existences, forced to endure grueling jobs to eke out a meager living while also often having to contend with corrupt Imperial officials.

Following the Battle of Endor , the New Republic 's provisional Galactic Senate in Chandrila diverted substantial resources to compensating alien species that had been enslaved by the Galactic Empire. One of Tolruck's subordinates, Commandant Theodane Sardo , toyed with the idea of farming enslaved Wookiees for their meat.

As part of the plan, the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus disabled the inhibitor chips controlling the Wookiee slaves with a hyperspace transceiver spike.

Following a battle on the ground and space above Kashyyyk, the planet was liberated by New Republic forces led by Admiral Ackbar and Princess Leia Organa. Despite the New Republic's ban on slavery, slaves were still known to be exported from seedy places like Chrome Citadel to Nal Hutta under the classification of "live cargo. During an undercover mission to Sibensko , Senator Leia Organa assumed the identity of a recently-freed indentured servant. He justified his behavior on the grounds that each of these aliens served a particular use and that the Empire practiced slavery, citing the enslavement of the Wookiees as one example.

Captain Phasma disapproved of his ownership of slaves and regarded the First Order as purer and stronger than the Empire.