Guide Credit Reports in a Pre-Employment Investigation...Why We May Lose Them...and A Real Solution

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Before you file for bankruptcy make sure you thoroughly investigate exactly what assets are protected and those which are not. Some assets are protected under bankruptcy and those, which you can generally keep, are listed above.

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However there are other assets which your trustees can recover. Examples of these assets include:. Your trustee has to deal with any equity or interest you have in a property for the benefit of your creditors. This may mean that the property has to be sold. If the property is jointly owned the trustee may consider selling his interest in your property to a non-bankrupt joint owner. Alternatively the joint owner provided they are not bankrupt may make an offer to purchase the trustees interest in the property.

Once you become bankrupt, a vehicle which is used primarily as a means of transport eg. Where the interest in vehicle is valued at more than the prescribed amount the trustee is required to sell, and give back to you the value of the prescribed amount and retain the balance for your creditors. Generally, yes. They will still have a liability for the total amount outstanding on all debts incurred in joint names.

Bankruptcy does not affect the rights of a creditor to claim under a guarantee. The creditor is entitled to recover payment from the guarantor. Once payment has been made, the guarantor steps in the shoes of the creditor and is able to lodge a claim in your bankruptcy for the debt paid. If you are already insolvent, that is you cannot pay your debts, you should not incur further credit because if you become bankrupt it may be an offence under the Bankruptcy Act, and you may be prosecuted. If you forgot about a debt and remember it later, you should contact your trustee as soon as possible so that it may be added to your list of creditors.

Failure to disclose debts could extend your bankruptcy to 5 years. The Bankruptcy Act prevents creditors from recovering money from you. An exception is a secured creditor with whom you have made arrangements to retain secured property. If other creditors attempt to recover money from you, you should advise them of your bankruptcy, and if they continue to insist you should notify your trustee. It is a matter for the issuing bank or finance company as to whether they are prepared to continue to extend credit to you.

All creditors at the date of bankruptcy should be listed on your Statement of Affairs and they will be notified of your bankruptcy. It is an offence for you to incur credit over a set limit without disclosing to the person you are dealing with that you are an undischarged bankrupt. Your bankruptcy may prevent you from undertaking employment in certain occupations or holding various licences.

We advise that you contact any professional bodies that you are registered with to ensure that there are no restrictions in continuing your employment in the event that you become bankrupt. HireRight, they are owned by Kroll and Altegrity. Kroll's had a whole bunch of problems reported in the press. I just got a formal job offer today from a great co.

Im a little concerned after all the negative posts I have read all over the internet! Initiated the online background check process today! I will post more as the process moves forword. We will see if the 2. I was offered employment and then the offer was rescinded based on informatio provided by HireRight. I have been made another offer by an employer and they also use HireRight. My plan is to inform them of my history with HireRight and go from there.

What can you expect from a company who forced it's African American Employees to remove any pictures of President Barack Obama from their work areas. As it relates to background checks do you really expect ill-trained people in Oklahoma, in the Phillipines and India to do accurate background checks. Check Hireright's background - processing a background check based on one's last name, first name and date of birth and expecting accuracy is comical.

A Philosophy of Work

I was not ill-trained. Why do you assume that being from Oklahoma makes someone stupid or unfit for a position? Because lemme tell ya, you had to be smart, cunning, and able to think straight while doing three other things if you wanted to last a single week at that job. You need to straighten up. I am sick to death of being called a yokel and a moron because of where I was born--because of where my family was forced to resettle after enduring the Trail of Tears. Every single time you dismiss Oklahoma as nothing but a cesspit of idiots and yokels, you show your bigotry.

Grow up. By the way, we were never allowed to keep potentially polarizing materials at our workspaces, including pictures of or materials about political figures. Get your facts right. I was offered a job with the understanding I would have a criminal background check.

I have never been arrested - so no problem. Wrong, HireRight only uses your name and date of birth to verify this information I was told that via my phone call with them. If you are John Smith, be prepared to have a ton of so called convictions. I also paid for a search for my name in the state database that came back without any matches. Now I am waiting for them to do the same thing. Actually, the hiring company provides the guidelines they want the investigation company to follow.

It can be as little as FNM full name and DOB, or it can be as much as a full credit report, fingerprinting, and photo identification. The more criteria searched, though, the more expensive the process is. At least when HireRight was still USIS, the search method used for crims was significantly more in-depth than a database search.

Some companies also request history of civil actions, though it's pretty rare, and usually isolated to company officers. In short, the reason all that stuff came back is because the company you applied with is a cheapskate. I think it is worse than any of you can imagine. HireRight claims to own the data they collect from you.

This is your personal identity and work history. They may share it with their partners. If the company is acquired, your data is part of the sale. Ask yourself if you really understood or wanted them to be custodians of this data - or why it is necessary for them to store it after the background check is complete. This data is valuable, and will eventually be targeted by criminals and hackers.

Does HireRight encrypt the database where your data is stored? No, their website does not confirm this. Individuals should have the right to have their identity data deleted from HireRight after the process of verification is completed. Why doesn't the FTC give us remedy for this? Please FTC step in here. It is also wrong of your employer to force you to directly work with this 3rd party company, who's management and custody of your identity you may not trust.

By forcing you to enter data into HireRight, your company is washing their hands clean of the custodial risk of that data. Yet, your company will make you sign a confidentiality agreement contract where they have recourse directly with you under defined terms. But, they do not grant you this same courtesy with your private identity data. What's the answer here?

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Do we start demanding our companies sign a confidentiality agreement with our personal data? Should we demand FTC offer protection and remedy here? I share the same idea as you. I agree, FTC should give us a way in here to remove our info before we hear it in the news some hacker stole all the info. Dude, trust me, there are easier ways to get that information.

Where HireRight Solutions went wrong

The reason they kept it, IIRC, was for a new system launched in Anyway, it was everything they'd ever found, and other companies could pay to search it. Also, people usually look for jobs more than once. I've seen people cleared of felony returns--stuff like murder, or battery and rape one of a minor--by their previous searches. I mean, I'm sure you could speak with an attorney about it, but all the info they have, save credit reports, is from public sources per the Freedom of Information Act. The same act that gives you the right to demand information about yourself gives outside parties the right to access it, too.

Basically, information is a commodity, and that's the commodity HireRight deals in, namely public information. HireRight is doing enormous damage to people's lives. To the employers: I do wonder why being unable to pay a medical bill for an emergency room visit means that I will never be able to earn a living again in my life. I'd love to pay the bills, but how?

credit reports in a pre employment investigation why we may lose them and a real solution Manual

This is a total 'Catch 22' I never dreamed this would happen when I went back to school and earned a degree so I could find work. There isn't a more trustworthy person, but I've lost two job offers because of this. In three or so years, I picked up a lot of shady information from both sides of the field, and the problem with credit reports specifically has to do with potential employers. There are two kinds of credit reports: a full, and a partial. Partials just show addresses, aliases associated with SSN, etc. We used them to verify information--it's actually a really good way to find unreported crimes.

The banking industry especially is big on them due to FDIA regulations. Sounds like you're falling prey to full reports. However, some white-collar businesses have somehow got it into their fool heads that a high credit score is THE mark of an upstanding citizen. Never mind that I've seen applicants with high credit AND violent felony convictions, but high-and-mighty HR people are too good to listen to an indentured cubicle servant with a stutter and a lisp.

Anyway, I've got stories that would make your head fall off. Corporate America.

If it doesn't shaft you one way, it'll find another. Its a good idea to be aware of what is contained in these reports, prior to starting your job search. The article is in that respect, very helpful. To find a career path that is fulfilling and in balance with your full range of values; from how you want to be spending your work time and the legacy you want to leave, to how much money you want to be making.

I believe the most sad yet entertaining thing about this is that companies that continue to use this company are using someone with a "criminal" record Second Largest Fine from the FTC to do a criminal background check. It's a civil penalty, not a criminal record in the least. That said, they're still a shady business. Apart from credit information, which requires special permissions and a vetting process of the hiring company, all the information retrieved is public record.

It is, however, a royal pain in the tuchus to get. Hence, the background search industry, which is a subset of the private security industry. The process should be transparent, but it's been made convoluted by necessary securities, and, well, even back when they were USIS, we kinda worked with a skeleton crew. Up until , it wasn't so bad. It was actually pretty efficient. I guess once merger talks started, everything other than money took a back seat. I was a contractor for a financial firm for 3 years. They performed a CBC check and everything was fine.

They were eager to bring me into a full-time position. Their HR department used HireRight which supplied them some inaccurate information. They rescinded on the offer and terminated my contract. I have gone through HireRight and appealed the information. I went to the courts and also verified the information was wrong. All I get from HireRight is that it takes them 10 plus days to review the appeal. Fortunate for me I am in a area that actively hiring and I already have had several interviews and looks like I will be able to land another position else where. I feel victimized because I worked hard for 3 years and had all my management on my side for the position.

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  4. They were understaffed years ago, and I have no doubt they're even worse now. However, they perform searches based on criteria given by the companies who contract them. If you have a problem with only your name and birthdate being used to perform your search, speak with the company with whom you are applying. Suggested action items are as follows:. Information contained in this publication is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or opinion, nor is it a substitute for the professional judgment of an attorney.

    Why HR Needs Data Governance: 5 Steps for Leadership

    Subscribe RSS Updates. Skip to main content. Littler Mendelson P. Insight In-Depth Discussion. Download PDF. Exemptions The ban-the-box requirement does not apply if the employment sought or being considered is for a position: 1. Suggested action items are as follows: Review impacted job advertisements for impermissible language regarding criminal records.