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Aims and Scope
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  3. Aims and Scope

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Read this Journal on Springerlink. For authors and editors. Aims and Scope Close. Ma, P. The design of pin shaping device for IC chips based on recycling Y. Wang, H. Zhang, X. Emergency treatment process research of tailings reservoir failure and pollution accident Y. Cao, J. Existence of equilibrium point for impulsive stochastic neural networks with mixed delays X. Li, J. Design of video indoor phone of Android building intercom system W. Zhou, Y. Wu, Q. Guo, R.

Lu, L. Experimental study on surrounding rock deformation characteristics of gateway driving along next goaf with different thickness limestone roof S. Zhong, C. Experimental study and theoretical analysis on flame characteristic of blast burner combustion with oxygen-enriched L. Zhang, Y. Liu, D. The whole process of risk management research on EPC project L. Zhao, H. Research and application of large section pillar reduction technology in thick coal seam Z. A comprehensive review of photovoltaic envelopes in China L.

Chen, Y. Zhang, L. Interrelation of pollutants in roads runoff of Zhenjiang urban area J. Sheng, Y. Jia, Y. Jianshan, L. Jianming, Q. Zhengqiu, Z. Improved particle swarm optimization for power economic dispatch considering emission C. Hydropower project investment and decision making based on improved fuzzy probability method L.

Liu, Y. Distribution, enrichment, and accumulation of copper in sediments of Canon River estuary, Taiwan C. Dong, C. Chen, C. Characteristics and CO2 sequestration efficiency of mafic tailings distributed in five regions of China L. Yuan, X. Wang, L. UASB reactor bio-hydrogen production characteristics of stable operation Y. Li, C. Research on characteristic and mechanism of shaft rupture with the seepage sedimentation in mining L.

Zhao, L. Ye, J. Research on the thick very loose coal bed driven along the bottom of roadway supporting J. Li, L. Jing, Z. Tao, Y. Ni, C. The study on performance of desulfuration bacteria degradation hydrogen sulfide and resistance toxicity of phosphine S. Chen, B. Zhao, X. Zhu, J. Effects of mass flow rate and the throat diameter of diffuser on vapor absorption into aqueous LiBr solution for a liquid-gas ejector using convergent nozzle H. Sun, W. Research on evaluation model of MME relationship in aviation maintenance Y.

Spatial expansion of development zone in Changchun city and its impact on urban space R. Pang, Y. The investigation of establishing assessment index system in water environment sudden pollution emergency X. Ma, B. Hu, J. Research about applying the incubator to the transformation and development of national characteristic industries in minority areas L.

Study on vertical flow filter in dealing with rural domestic sewage Q. Ma, Y. Modeling and optimization for the hydrothermal gasification process of olive mill wastewater as a biomass source in supercritical water D. Liu, G. Wu, B. Analysis on the development strategy China regional new energy industry J. The feasibility study of new energy technology used for military vehicles Y.

Jin, H. Xu, T. Yang, C. The study on membrane fouling mechanism of model EPS in different cations L. Wu, F. Effect of detachment on nitrification process in biofilm system J. Yin, H.

Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering | Taylor & Francis Group

Zhu, M. Jin, Y. Liao, J. Analysis on the upgrade processes of urban wastewater treatment plant and the aeration energy-saving technologies Z. Zhu, C. Zhang, H. The application of industry comprehensive water quota in water-saving management J. Fu, H. Research on traffic operation of Fekai expressway and surrounding road network K. The analysis of energy-saving technology and efficiency in operational period of highway C.

Discrete element simulation of flow pattern of burden in CDQ shaft A. Feng, J. Liu, X. Zhang, E. The analysis of concrete intensity based on waste scallop shell aggregate J. The research on accelerator drive systems deal with nuclear waste Z. Hou, T. Zhou, F. Luo, J. Study of natural ventilation numerical simulation on the effect of energy conservation in typical building J.

1st Edition

Ma, T. Zhao, B. Analysis of energy demand and CO2 emissions of Guangdong electricity sector until P. Wang, B. Cheng, L. Wang, Q. Qi, Y. Du, Y. Zuo, Y. Xu, Z. Immobilization of alkali protease with magnetic nanoparticles modified by amino-silane S. Jiang, Y. Enzymological properties of magnetic chitosan microspere-immobilized alkaline protease Y. Rural small hydropower management system in Jiangxi, China W. Cai, Y. Guo, Y. Xin, Y. Characterization and source identification of PMbound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban air of Daqing, China X.

Study on nitrogen removal in A2O reactor with fluidized carriers B. Statistic of the energy output and collectable by city car G. Zhu, Y. Yu, S. The study on course construction of environmental engineering principles C. Liang, Y. An analysis of building long-term safeguard mechanism on ideological and political education of college students Z. Development of risk-based management strategies at a Brownfield site W. Chiu, Z. Yang, P. Lien, C.

Simulation design of field kitchen kits based on principles of material mechanics X. Yang, X. Research on U-shape arm length range for directly buried heating supply pipeline P. Zhang, F. Numerical analysis of the directly buried heating supply horizontal elbow stress under different angles G. Du, F. Distribution and source identification of PMbound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban air of Anshan, China L. Pu, X. Han, J. Research on control strategies in solar aided coal-fired power plant R. Zhai, Y. Zhu, K. Tan, D. Experimental study on the relationship between shear strength of red strata sandstones undergoing different times of dry-wet-cycle procedures and their quality Z.

Research on the characteristics of exhaust gas energy flow for piston engine F. Ji, F. Kinetic modelling of the hydrolysis of carbon disulfide catalyzed by titania based CT R. Chang, J. He, C. Control of deice robot for its straight transmission line followed navigation based on electromagnetic transducer G. Wu, Y. Yan, Z. Preparation and photocatalytic activity of continuous Ag-TiO2 fibers S. Zhang, D. Analysis on the energy consumption and usage characteristics of convenience stores P. Kuo, J. Performance evaluation of solar aided coal fired power plant using structural theory of thermoeconomic R.

Zhai, P. Peng, Y. Research on slightly polluted river water treatment of Xinkai river in Changchun city Z. Zhao, Y. Hu, S. A study on evaluation of environmental impacts of shore protection facilities at Toban Coast Q. Jiang, C. Research on treating the secondary clarifier effluent with BAF K. You, J. Fu, J. Research of landfill structure impact on percolate water quality D. Li, W.

Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering

Dai, J. Research of fermentation, separation and purification in production of extracellular glucan from Sclerotium rolfsii B. Study on soil infiltration law of unsaturated soil slope P. Jiang, Z.

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  5. Yan, L. Catalysts pore structure and their performance in low-temperature Claus tail gas treating processes J. Huang, J. Experimental study of titanium-bearing slag load activated carbon fiber adsorption of formaldehyde X. Ma, C. Xu, J. Hao, Y. Zhang, Z. Yu, F. Zhang, A. Research on the mode of the development and marketing approaches of cultural products in universities L.

    Zhu, S. Xie, C. Chemical methods to improve the foam stability for foam flooding G. Jian, S. Chen, S. Gao, Y. The full cost analysis of reclaimed water reuse: Qingdao city as an example S. The comparison of the Wedge and Hotspot radioactive aerosol diffusion mechanisms F.

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    Cheng, R. Niu, X. The theoretical prediction and simulation of radioactive aerosol diffusion based on the revised Gaussian plume model F. Liu, R. Optimization and simulation of groups discussing based on immune genetic algorithm S. Lou, H. Discussion and analysis of landscape design for land art style commercial plaza in the city N. Study on operation parameters of capacitive deionization to reclaimed water treatment Z.

    Guo, Q. Research on preservation performance adjustment of Changbai Mountain Abies X. Niu, J. Study on the regularity of fault water inrush in Yuzhou mine area C. Study on hydrodynamics of the vertical-axis turbine with variable radius X. Su, X. Gao, H. Fundamental model of hazard prevention system with remote monitoring and health diagnosis for aged dam structure H. Lin, Y. Hong, W. Evaluation on the efficiency of regional carbon emissions based on non-radial DEA model Y. Investigation on surface related multiple suppression by predictive deconvolution in linear Radon domain Y.

    Shi, Y. Relational study on the public library alliance based on the public cultural services system L. Characteristics of global cruise tourism consumption and their inspirations to Shanghai G. Yan, J. Kang, G.

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    Evaluation of trihalomethanes risk in water system: A case study C. Chien, Y. Tu, H. Chiu, C.

    Aims and Scope

    Kao, C. Application of multivariate statistical analysis to evaluate the effects of natural treatment system on water quality improvement C. Wu, H. Chiu, T. Tu, C. Kao, T. Theoretical study of measuring oil pump efficiency through thermodynamic method J. Most VitalSource eBooks are available in a reflowable EPUB format which allows you to resize text to suit you and enables other accessibility features.

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    Preview this Book. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents. Summary Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering brings together peer-reviewed papers presented at the International Conference on Frontiers of Energy and Environment Engineering, held in Hong Kong, December , Yi Application of quasi-heat-moisture-ratio line approximation on the design of freezing dehumidification-based radiant air-conditioning system C.

    Liu System research on directional cracking control blasting design in rock drift tunneling Y. Zhang The amount estimation of interception in the thorny bamboo plantation C. Sung The research and development of steady and continuously wave power generating D. Liu Study on the environmental pressure assessment of water resources consumption in the life-cycle of buildings based on the method of ecological economics H.

    Song Study on the resource-environmental pressure caused by solid waste discharge from civil building life-cycle: A case study of Shenyang Library H. Song On the internalization of ecological costs in the energy exploitation in China B. Chen Numerical simulation on heat transfer of a rotating jet impinging on a protruding pedestal L. Zhou Microcalorimetric characterization of a marine bioflocculant-producing bacterium Halomonas sp.

    Qiu Using diatom assemblage to assess the water quality in Heilongjiang river Heihe part Y. Fan Governance mechanisms to enhance the knowledge service ability of industrial cluster Z. Li Application status and potential of new energy resources in China X. Wang Decolorization of C. Hu Study on the movable workstation of verification on biological treatment technologies of water pollution control W. Dai Correlation analysis on inducements of algal blooms in western Chaohu Lake D. Zhu Influence of polycarboxylate on thermal properties of cementitious solar thermal storage materials H.

    Li Processing methods of heavy metal ions in beneficiation wastewater: A review Q. Liu Research on reasonable flow pressure of beam pumped wells based on the highest system efficiency S. Wang Calculation method of off-design power program for extraction and heating of turbine Z.

    Zhao Study of boo-ay in coastal city planning directed by ecological security concept: A case study of Nanling district in Zhangzhou, Fujian Q. Chen Study on river ecosystems restoration in Yanshan Reservoir Y. Song Water quality monitoring and intelligent prediction system of water-bloom in lakes L. Dong Effects of environmental factors on phytoplankton assemblage in the Plateau lakes J. Duan Research on effect of prior probability for maximum likelihood classification accuracy in remote sensing image analysis X.

    Guo Feasibility analysis on the phase change thermal storage heating system of solar energy L. Pan Air pollutants concentrations prediction model based on adaptive artificial neural network L.