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  3. Boomers. Kill or Help? : Fallout: New Vegas

The NCR promptly restored the flow. In the months that followed that experiment, no one has tried to approach the Boomers, which is just how they like it.

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A Boomer guard with a missile launcher. Having left Vault 34 and finding the Nellis Air Force Base, the Boomers had to find new clothes that reflected their independence. They found old military jackets in the base and used them over their vault jumpsuits. Each jacket sports several military medals for decoration, and embroidered on the back is the number "34," as to never forget where they came from. They are a self-sufficient society, producing food, weaponry, and power all inside their base.

As a result, they need no relations with the outside world. They believe that self-armament is the key to a peaceful society, meaning that each Boomer carries a weapon and will not hesitate to use it when the time calls for it.

Fallout New Vegas: No Kill Run - Part 10 - The Boomers

The Boomers are attached to their history, whether past or present. A large fresco in their museum tells of their great epic:. The left part represents the Boomers emerging from the vault, exterminating the "savages" they encountered with frag mines and grenades. The middle section, which represents the current state of the Boomers, show their discovery of the air force base. There, they prospered, multiplied, and kept the "savages" from distance with the artillery they have. The bubble above the small pods next to the artillery is them flying flight simulators to train to fly the bomber. The right-most section represents the Boomers' future where they hope to unleash "high-explosive ordnance upon ignorant savages" with the bomber they hope to restore.

Their structure is very basic; there is a leader, a doctor, a teacher, guards, mechanical technicians, and a keeper of the story to keep their history. Only the leader can give orders to the others and has absolute power over everything.

The Boomers have an extremely small but efficient military hierarchy, consisting of basic guards, mortar teams, the acting Master at Arms, and the Elder. A combination of guards armed with man-portable explosive launchers and howitzer teams will bomb the area south of Nellis when somebody enters targeting range, with the exception of the intruder making it close enough to the fence, in which case they will either detain the intruder or kill them. The commanding officer, called the Master of Arms, coordinates the guards in both defensive and offensive mainly diversionary operations, and the Elder of the Boomers has the ability to issue new orders and alter or override existing orders with all forms of military and security procedures without contest.

They are hostile towards anyone who tries to approach their base and refuse to trade with anyone. However, due to the powerful weapons they control, the main factions surrounding the area have expressed their interest with them. The NCR hopes to establish diplomatic and trade relations with the Boomers, while Caesar's Legion seeks to absorb them into their ranks.

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House wants their weapons aimed at his enemies. A howitzer salvaged from Area 2.

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Coming from one of the most heavily-armed Vaults in existence, Boomers are extremely well-equipped. They each have a Pip-Boy and are well versed in the use of explosives. If you want to do it like a boss and you have Mad Bomber then craft a few mfc clusters, high yield time bombs and fat mines. Otherwise just zip them up with a If you can take out the one with the fat man, and assuming you brought repair kits and big kid ammo, you're in a good position to unleash equal parts hell and irony. More topics from this board I want to roleplay as an ncr trooper..

Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Those guys are pretty tough. User Info: Ps2Hydra Ps2Hydra 3 years ago 2 There's a unique grenade launcher called Thump Thump inside the array, although I don't think there's much ammo for it in there. User Info: IanArcad IanArcad 3 years ago 5 If you want to do it like a boss and you have Mad Bomber then craft a few mfc clusters, high yield time bombs and fat mines. Is it progress?

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Boomers. Kill or Help? : Fallout: New Vegas

Please get that checked], you may mail questions and feedback to campus mailbox We welcome all responses. These people were born right after World War 2, and the majority have honestly not matured even at They got all of what they wanted after the war including smoking, unsafe sex, drugs, drinking, and sugary beverages and food. The baby boomers ruined their health due to their own selfish attitude at the time, and it lead them to their terribly pompous, egotistical, selfish attitudes.

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Us of the Millennial generation will be victorious, and we will save the world from what the boomers brought onto us: we can lower college costs, help the environment, stop the human population from growing any more than is already has, help social security and medicare. Baby boomer, you are to blame. We Millennials are going to have to clean up your filth. Remember there are 2 generations in front of us — the W W 2 and Elvis generations.

All this anger toward one generation is a sick delusion and not justified. So if you want to get mad get mad at yourself for being so stupid. Smut journalism, no sources and spreading false fear.

Shame on you. Do us all a favor and find another job. Oh and hah hah baby boomers want a pacifer or a bottle you stupid little shit boomers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Combat Zone Millennials are killing baby boomers.