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Because lets face it, if Lifetime was interested in your true story, it wasn't just violent or salacious. It was weird. Super weird, with some twists that make you shudder, and some that make you call your friend just to describe how unbelievable the situation is. It's unclear whether these films were "authorized" or not. But what's really surprising is how little Lifetime had to mess with the facts.

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Related Stories. For the past year, Marvel fans. Does a vagina really feel like warm apple pie, Oz? Does it? Because you can thrust two fingers in the air with the misguided pride of a Labrador who. Cult leader Charles Manson will forever be known as one of America's most notorious serial killers. For better or worse, the murderer is also somewhat of.

It's easy to escape into a movie for two hours at a time. Some movies, however, inspire a real-world escape from the mundane. Lifetime also adopted a new tagline. Meanwhile, the channel's original programming was aimed not just at women aged 24—44, but these women's spouses, who research showed watched the network in the evenings with their wives. This was done by making the male characters in Lifetime's original programming — such as the film series Spencer for Hire — more appealing to men by making them more masculine.

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These roles were more stereotypical than previous Lifetime movies, which usually featured women protagonists on their own. This helped Lifetime take advantage of a known bias in the Nielsen ranking system that favored "upscale" couples who shared a television set.

By January , Lifetime was the sixth most-highly rated subscription network by Nielsen. In , TCI , one of the United States' largest subscription providers, announced that it would no longer carry Lifetime in certain markets to make room for the soon-to-be-launched Fox News Channel , in which TCI held a financial stake. Still, women's groups and politicians rallied behind Lifetime. Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank said that the decision showed that Fox "might have an agenda of its own that is anti-woman.

TCI's vice president of programming was quoted in The New York Times as saying, "I resent the implication that they are the women's network. Other networks come in to us and say Lifetime is not telling the truth. Lifetime is a women's channel only in name and advertising. TCI executives chalked the politicians' reactions up to lobbying by Lifetime and it being an election year, and suggested to the Times that in retaliation, Disney one of Lifetime's parent companies , may have trouble launching a new network on TCI.

In July , Lifetime ordered 75 original films, an increase from the previous year, with three film series for next year: the " Robin Roberts Presents" series of paired telefilms-documentaries produced by Lincoln Square Productions ; the Seven Deadly Sins anthology movie series based on the Victoria Christopher Murray book series, produced by T.

Jakes with the first three greenlit; and the books of V. Andrews in a five-movie series with V. Andrews' Heaven up first in The network states that it "is committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families.

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Lifetime also produced one original game show Who Knows You Best? John , with a format based on The Newlywed Game ; it was canceled after one season. Lifetime has also purchased the rights to programs that originally aired on broadcast networks and produced new episodes. In , it bought the rights to the existing 26 episodes of The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd from its original broadcaster NBC , and produced 13 additional episodes of the series.

Lifetime did not renew the show reportedly because of low ratings and the high cost to produce the program. Lifetime aired more than 40 new episodes of the program before cancelling it in Lifetime airs many movies targeted to women — made-for-television films produced for the channel as well as those previously broadcast on other networks, and some feature films, both on the main network largely airing on weekends and on Lifetime Movies a spin-off pay television channel that was launched in ; formerly Lifetime Movie Network.

The channel also produces its own television films as Lifetime Pictures.

In its early years, Lifetime occasionally broadcast coverage of women's professional sports. In , Lifetime phased out its live broadcasts and replaced them with an original series documenting the lives of WNBA players. The network stated that it wanted to focus on "stories" rather than event coverage; Lifetime transferred its package of games to ESPN2. Lifetime announced the launch of a Latin American version of the network, which launched on 1 July except Mexico in association with Sony Pictures Television Latin America.

In Brazil , its programming is fully dubbed in Portuguese. Its programming primarily consists of Korean dramas, talk shows, and entertainment programs. However, the network in Australia will be a joint venture with Foxtel network. LRW Lifetime Real Women is an American pay television channel which is intended as a complementary service to the main Lifetime network.

It was launched in August , mainly as a response to Lifetime's challenges from the then-launching WE tv and Oxygen networks for the women's network market.

50 Most Ridiculous Lifetime Movies

The network has a mixture of comedies, dramas, how-to, game shows and reality programming that had once aired or is currently airing on the main Lifetime network, and formerly imported series with rights held by Lifetime but no carriage due to the main network's current format. LRW also features no original series or films, deferring from Lifetime and LMN, though it did burn off the Lifetime reality series Love Handles: Couples in Crisis , which only aired twice on the main network.

The network is unavailable via satellite; DirecTV carried the network until July Cable carriage has declined as providers choose instead to carry high definition networks rather than standard definition-only channels such as LRW without original programming.

On July 2, it was announced Lifetime had launched a streaming service titled Lifetime Movie Club. The service will also feature no commercials, and it is available through Lifetime's website and through the App Store. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Twisted Stories. Lifetime Movies LRW. Main article: List of programs broadcast by Lifetime.

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