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  2. How to Live an Inspired Life
  3. How to Live an Inspired Life | HuffPost Life

Love is Like a Rainbow. Dawn Colclasure. Noetic Lore: Poetry. Bobbi Jo Davis. Rehaan Rashed. Jaideep Dayal. Abdul Ghani M V. A Day Without You. Manish Kapoor. Love Wins All. Conscious Mass. Rachel Ford. Bryce Wellington Rhymer. Lizza Paulson.

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Edward Hunter. Reflections of Life and Love, Part One. Tim Rawlings. Relationships: Insecurities of a Woman. Caryl Fenton. When You Close Your Eyes:. Marvis Pharr. Scribbles of the Desolate Mind. Ayush Ashish. Love Is the Remedy. Mary Morgan Brown. Reflections Through an Hourglass. The Metamorphosis of Patricia Aylward. Patricia Aylward. Saqib Hussain. A Moment in Time.


How to Live an Inspired Life

Laverne Frazier Moss. The Book of Autumn. Vasile Munteanu. Marques Vickers. A Tour Of The Abyss. James Hirt. Ali Al-Arithy. Memoirs of My Scars. De'Jon Simons. A Little Piece of Mind. Evelyn Y. Poetry for Inspiration, Faith, Truth and Healing. Sharon Cully. Christy Sampson-Kelly. The Book Of Shadows. Dances in the Theater of the Mind. Robert C Saunders. The Wisdom of Our Hearts. Laila Brown. Winter's End. Terry Jr. The Moment I Am Gone. Christos Daskalakis.

How to Live an Inspired Life | HuffPost Life

Ed Rhymer. Deborah Simpson. A Boy Named Medusa.

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Johnny Tsokos. Reclaiming Myself. Lynndel Schuurman. Tales of Life in Light and Shadow. Yi Pang. The World of Deceit. Mathew Owens. Wendy Brooks.

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  4. How to Live an Inspired Life | HuffPost Life.
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Castles of Reverie. Varuna Mehta. Don P. Return to Innocence. Craig A. A View from the Quiet Corner. And how you could get there too? Take Scott Harrison for example. He went from nightclub promoter to solving the world's water sanitation crisis with charity:water. Sometimes, I'll sit around just trying to figure out what problem I can solve. What can I do to make a difference?

Can I really have that kind of an impact? Even if I help one person, I'm still helping someone. But you know what? We're not going to change the world if we have no passion, and that's just not something you can fake. I read an article this week by Live in the Grey , a movement I think is just pure genius. They are all about blending passion and profession and have the most incredible manifesto that is now hanging on my wall:. Source: Live in the Grey. While the article is chock-full of some pretty kick-butt advice, one thing she said really hit home with me:.

Take a look back at Scott Harrison. He didn't dream of starting a world-renown non-profit when he was a little kid. To be quite frank, he wasn't even aware of how serious the water crisis is until he was hit right in the face with it. But after his service trip, he was changed forever.

He couldn't not do something. All of the steps he had taken and decisions he had made led him there, and now he had to take that next step. In her interview, Tama elaborates, "Most people never take that first step towards a dream because it sounds illogical. But if you take that first step, it morphs into something else.

Taking on the challenge of bringing clean water to the million that currently live without it is no small feat. Scott started small. It's just taking that first step that makes all the difference. We stop ourselves from accomplishing incredible things before we even give ourselves a real chance.

We think of a million different reasons why we can't or shouldn't do something. We're too young.

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We can't possibly help million people. We don't have the right experience.