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  1. Welcome to the Basic Prep!
  2. I loved the Ruby track
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Look into using Array's map and flatten methods, as well as String's split method. Debugging Ruby code with Pry Exercises.

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What is a Variable? What is an Array?

Welcome to the Basic Prep!

What is a Hash? Congratulations Object Oriented Programming. Back to Open Book Shelf. Exercises Hint: you can refer to the Ruby doc for Array and Hash for help. Video Walkthrough. Solution one line version arr.

Solving Programming Challenges in Ruby

Solution Append arr. Solution Remove from end of array arr.

I loved the Ruby track

Get rid of duplicates without specifically removing any one value. Solution Does not modify calling object arr.

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  • Programming Problems in Ruby.
  • Programming Problems in Ruby by Bradley Green - Read Online.
  • Solution The major difference between an array and a hash is that a hash contains a key value pair for referencing by key. Remove all key:value pairs whose value is less than 3.

    Solve Ruby | HackerRank

    Solution 1. Can hash values be arrays? Can you have an array of hashes? I think it can be helpful to read a few solutions to get a feeling for the process of solving these challenges. This first challenge is that given an array with Integer values you need to find all the duplicated numbers.

    Finding Duplicates

    You want to try other inputs different arrays to make sure this really works, writing unit tests is great for this. It's perfectly ok to not be able to solve a specific challenge.

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    Share this post! Because you put all your focus on solving 1 specific problem. Some of these challenges require specialized knowledge about some algorithm or way to do things.