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New details will be emailed to you. All day long those about you would see something strange in you; they would say, 'He has some secret; I wonder what it is.

Here is the secret to carry with you into your daily life, behind the wash-tub or in your kitchen. Here is the secret of the Lord with them that fear Him. Had he been expected to give what is called an address he was not sure that he would not have lost himself on the way, for he had no address to give. He was a busy man speaking to busy people, although he doubted whether many of them were as busy as he was just then, for recently he had been unable to get rid of his work until close on midnight.

He had many similar meetings, but there were also often opportunities of speaking to students. In my own Cambridge days and afterwards he was one of those several times invited to the Sunday evening meetings of the C. At Trinity College, Dublin, his alma mater, meetings were arranged for him by Mr. Everard Digges la Touche, whilst the diaries record visits to most of the Student Christian Unions at the London hospitals and colleges.

And many other openings for witness amongst the more educated classes came his way. But no invitation was refused if it was possible to accept, although it frequently meant long train journeys across London at night in all weathers, even when he was getting old and was a victim to chronic catarrh and not infrequent attacks of influenza.

The pages at the end of his diaries sometimes give a list of places visited for meetings during the year. To detail these would partake too much of a geography lesson.

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In addition to those already mentioned one finds Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bedford, Bournemouth, Glasgow and very many other centres. Addresses were often given for the Bible League and at Protestant Congresses. Meetings of a different kind include for example one of about working-class men belonging to a Hoxton Brotherhood, and a Kensington Workhouse gathering where there was "a large attendance of old men and women," to whom he,spoke on John iii. At the beginning of this memoir I suggested that the term unique might be applied to my father's life-story. May not the word be used to describe an occasion in Belfast in March ?

Two lectures were delivered on the same day to "large and interested audiences" according to the Belfast News Letter. Professor Leech, D. The Lord Mayor explained that Sir Robert was paying a visit to the city in order to give a helping-hand to the Shankhill Road Mission amongst the non-church-going classes of the community. I do not think there is a man in England who would receive a better reception than you if you went to Australia and New Zealand.

Your books have a wide circulation and are greatly appreciated. In Dr. Dixon himself a Baptist wrote: "Yesterday I was requested by five pastors - one Methodist, one Congregational, one Presbyterian and two Episcopalian - to write you and learn whether it would be possible for you to visit Boston and give a series of lectures on the Bible and Modern Criticism. The successive superintendents who resided in the Garden House were all friends of my parents - Mr.

James E.

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Mathieson, Captain Francis L. Tottenham, Captain the Hon. Reynolds Moreton, R. Mathieson evidently felt that his countrymen in what used to be called North Britain were in need of enlightenment, as witness a letter to my father dated 6th April "I have taken the Free Assembly Hall in Edinburgh for October 9th, 10th, and 11th, for a Conference on our Lord's Second Coming, with the full concurrence of Horatius and Andrew Bonar , John Riddell of Glasgow, Prof.

Alec Simpson, Dr. Elder Cumming and others. We propose a very simple programme, and for speakers Presbyterian ministers chiefly, so as to gain the ear of Scottish Christians. I would much like you to take some part, being as you are a kind of Presbyterian broke loose, rather like myself! I was in Edinburgh assisting at the ministerial Jubilee of Horatius Bonar. Mathieson suggested, my father was somewhat of a free lance.

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Speaking on the platform of the Evangelical Alliance on one occasion he remarked, "I say honestly that, while I would go hundreds of miles to bring a sinner to Christ or to bring a Christian nearer to Christ, I would not cross the street on a snowy day to bring a man into my Church. Oh, if we could but get nearer to the Lord Jesus Christ, and if we could but realise the meaning of the words that He loved the Church and gave Himself for it, and that all real Christians are in the Church He then went on: "I think Sunday morning is the right time to ask guests in your house where they want to go and worship.

But with regard to all ordinary intercourse with Christians just leave this question aside. There are two ways to promote unity. One is by outward organisations; that is the sheep-dog method. The other is by having One Shepherd. And if only we would think more about the Lord and less about our 'isms' and our Churches, we should find ourselves without realising it at one with our brethren. And what a power it would be! I do feel this very solemnly that, while in the evil influences which prevail around us there is a tremendous power of unity, it is sadly lacking in vital Christianity.

God's purpose is not to exalt the Church, whether the Brethren or the Church of England or the Baptists or you or me. God's purpose is to exalt Christ.

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And the more you have Christ in your heart and life the more you will fall in with this great purpose. And this will be, as far as you are concerned, the realisation of the Lord's solemn prayer that we all might be one. Habershon, who compiled a valuable concordance of The New Testament Names and Titles of the Lord of Glory, for which my father wrote a preface, and whose help in various ways was of great value to him, or even with some beginner, learned or unlearned, no less than in more formal Bible Readings.

The latter were often held in private houses and were a very interesting feature of those days. Those invited either came to dinner first or joined the party afterwards. Denny and Lady Hope, and our own. The friends taking part in the discussions or attending as listeners included the Revs. Coles, and Dr. Bullinger; also Mr. Richard Mahony, Mr.

Mathieson, Col. Sir Robert Phayre, Col. Schofield, who had Readings of a slightly different character in his own house also. Another type of Bible Readings sometimes addressed by my father used to be held for the staffs of London business houses, such as Derry and Toms, Peter Robinson, Lewis and Co. Amongst his many other interests were the Lawyers' Prayer Union, the Victoria Institute, the Prophecy Investigation Society; and he was a strong supporter of the different Protestant societies.

He was a vice-president of the Alliance of Honour which for over forty years, including both world wars, has done a great work for personal and national purity. His interest in Mr. Fegan's Boys' Homes and in Mr. Wheatley's work is mentioned elsewhere. Barnardo in asking him to join the Council of his Homes wrote: "So now, my dear friend and brother, whom I have known almost all my Christian life, don't refuse this request if you think it possible to accede to it.

A kind letter to myself from Pastor D. His address was clear as a bell and cold as an icicle to a certain point. Then he told a thrilling story about going home with a poor girl to her garret off Holborn and spending the night wrestling with her soul, which he won before the morning. Then he sent her off to her parents' home in Yorkshire; and later, if my memory is right, she went to - , where she became a happy wife and mother. The story in its detail was one which no young man would have dared to tell; but it was told so tenderly that it completely broke the audience down.

My wife and I entertained - and still entertain - a warm love for the grand old man, and Heaven is richer because he is there. In his diary there is a note of a meeting at Shepherd's Bush in which he says: "I told the story of B.

Sir Robert Anderson The Thinking Man's Guide to the Bible by Gerald Shugart | Waterstones

She became a Christian worker in -. Brought up a Presbyterian, he became closely associated with the Brethren in early Dublin days, as did his elder brother and sisters and many of their friends. For a wlile after coming to London he attended a little mission hall Walham Green, often preaching at the Gospel services there in St.