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But her accomplishments in her field are impressive, gender aside. Ride was dedicated to encouraging young people, particularly girls, to learn science.

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Her company, Sally Ride Science, publishes books, runs science festivals and organizes professional development classes for teachers among other programs. She was an extremely private person and the fact that she was willing to start a company such as this shows her dedication to the cause. Sally Ride Science has become a leading resource for science teachers, particularly middle grade science teachers. She chose to target this age because that is where most girls lose interest in science. Giving teachers the resources to keep girls engaged is invaluable.

While reading through the many articles posted about Dr. Ride today, this quote from the New York Times stood out as one of my favorites. I feel like it sums up why I have always looked up to her and seen her as such a hero. She wanted to do what she wanted to do and she wanted to do it well. Matching purse and shoes be damned. Ride told interviewers that what drove her was not the desire to become famous or to make history as the first woman in space.

All she wanted to do was fly, she said, to soar into space, float around weightless inside the shuttle, look out at the heavens and gaze back at Earth. In photographs of her afloat in the spaceship, she was grinning, as if she had at long last reached the place she was meant to be. Post a Comment. September 10, The answer is "a bad week for the casino"—but you'd never guess why. Read more. This volume contains 96 carefully s. Everyone will be astonished by the immediate effect of the simple techniques Berglas has devise.

John's column was for the majority of magicians who tend to do a lot of pocket and parlor tricks for small audiences and few shows.

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He knew that most magic shows are in. In a Class By Himself by Don Alan - Book "With this book, whole new generations of magicians will not only discover who originated so much of what they take for granted, but also will have the opportunity to study some of the most influential and important and wonderful presentations and routines in all of close-up magic. Final Four Magic Menu Book After ten years and 60 issues, The Magic Menu ceased being "the international journal for professional restaurant and bar magicians" and became-for one brief, shining volume-"the professional journal for working close-up magicians.

But until now, learning it has never been easy-that's all about to change with Magic, a book t. This handling and presentation of the "The Gypsy Curse" is so clean and sharp, there's no warning of the sudden and startling outcome! Learn several techniques of powerful direction and misdirection that completely c. Versatile Card Magic Revisited BY Simon - Book In , with little fanfare, a brand new publishing company released a book on card magic by an unknown author.

Those lucky enough to own a copy of the first and only edition know that Frank's method. Look No Hands Vol.

Aadams Family

Secretly intermingling technologies with traditional trickery, he performed miracles of magic that were unlike those of any other magician. Throughout his life, he passionately guarded the secrets of both his professional and p. Expertly written by John Lovick and filled with photographs, we have brought this highly sought-after b. Some you will be performing these almost instantly, others may require easily obtainable props or props you may already have or can create.

Some of the non-card items previously appeared in Paul's. These are the routines that I have found to be the very best routines from within 13 steps - each one carefully handpicked after years of re-visiting this work of art. I've taken each of these routines and ran w. That's right! One of the world's finest card magicians, Jon Racherbaumer, dedicated to the "Triumph" premise. This book contains history of the Triumph created by Dai Vernon.

Hartman, Michael Ammar, Larr. Hey Mr. Music is a big part of the entertainment at weddings, bar mitzvahs and graduations. If a mentalist can incorporate the DJ in his program of mind reading, he's a rare commodity and worth more money. Sankey Panky book Sankey Panky contains the kind of close-up magic that'll knock your socks off. It's ingenious, it's startling, it's innovative and it's all the creation of Jay Sankey. Written and illustrated with pictures that seem to move in the style for which he is world famous, Richard Kaufman once again brings. He has also released a number of marketed effects through Louis Tannen, Inc.

This book is a compilation of many of h. The Secrets Of Dr. From the Secret Books of Dr. Tao come three original tricks of the mind. In this tome the mysterious doctor also reveals three of his innermost ancient secrets to effective mentalism. Each lesson is more than mere. When Derek Dingle performed for laymen, he relied on five classic effects -- reworked with his trademark cleverness, and executed with remarkable skil. This book includes 6 highly original routines. These are detailed in 56 pages with 36 custom illustrations. The foreword is written by Singapore's Harapan Ong.

Contents Include: Patet Pondus - A utility conc. Methods for one person or thousands, impromptu or prepared, with cards or withou. The card magician's precious effects! Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue sifted through piles of material for their famous book, "Exp. Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards - Book Finally, here's how to do all those showy tricks and flourishes that card players are dying to know: how to send a deck cascading from one hand to the other.

How to snap open two flawless fans. How to cut a deck with one hand. Choose four aces seemingly at random. Flick a card accurately across the. Magic Menu Spring - Book For more than ten years, from through , The Magic Menu was a continuing and trusted source of practical information for close-up magicians, particularly those who performed in restaurants, bars and night spots.

Each issue brought real-world advice, information, reviews of the latest magic a. Published during to and to with time ou. This effect is constructed from remarkably economical combination of the ambitious card, oil and water, and triumph, each one fine-tuned to strengthen the other. First, show that you can get " jacks or better" whether or not you're the dealer. Then, demonstrating an imperceptible "new move", you deal all four jacks to anyone you choose in a four-handed game.

Finally, you garne. Marked 4 Life by Wayne Dobson - Book If you already use a marked deck, all of the routines described in this book are workers and if you don't already use a marked deck? You Should! Wayneman: If you like the idea of a spectator shuffling a deck of cards and thinking of any number between one and 52 and you instantly name the card at the. The Solution by Atlas Brookings - Book There are some pretty cool things that you can do with a memorized deck.

The only trouble is that you have to memorize 52 cards in 52 positions. Not only can that prove challenging, but it is incredibly time consuming -- it requires constant work to move that information from your short term to your. Professional routines that Mr. Kam has used for many years in his own professional gigs, and now they can be yours. This first volume features: "Dislocation" by Ryan Matney, a quick, and amazing, single Card Across type thingy that is perfect entertai. Pick a Card - Any Card? Crossroads by Ben Harris- Book A spectator is handed a cased deck with the promise that the performer will not touch it!

The performer also places his wallet on the table, "This is my money trick Two spectators are asked to assist. Together, they decide upon what appears to be a "freely chosen card.

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Roger Klause In Concert - Book This book present the routines and concepts of Roger Klause, noted performer and teacher, with clarity and detail. With special attention paid to the construction and principles of magic, Roger can show you how to raise your level of performance and further your craft. Within these pages are symphon. Arcade Dreams book Ed Marlo While Ed Marlo was famous for his ingenious creations with cards, he also devoted a great deal of creativity to magic with other objects including coins, bills, cups and balls, silks, mentalism, dice, linking pins, sponge balls, chop cup, and various small tricks usually sold to kids such as the bal.

Best of Friends 1 book Lorayne These pages are crammed full of good to great to terrific magic. By great people.

Penn and Teller Fool Us // Shin Lim

Just think of the power you would have if you could find any face-down card in a shuffled deck in three or four seconds. What would you do? Yes, miracles! All of the most amazing effects that Boris Wild has ever created. Nine Uneasy Pieces by Robert E. An instant classic, Time Off may sound like it came from the early-'70s, but is one of the best of After some enjoyable yet fairly straightforward techno 12"s, Brooklyn's Huerco S switched gears and created one of the most interesting and engaging full-length electronic records of The vibe is hazy and psychedelic, and though this is certainly rhythmic music by a producer clearly capable of producing solid cuts aimed at the dance floor, he instead took a more refreshing, cerebral approach for his debut album.

There is a constant sense of motion, with clanky beats that recall prime-era Warp Records blended with deep, dubby workouts, but these tracks never sound like simple pastiche; they instead somehow possess a more human touch, with a masterful hand at work here, and the composition has not suffered for the sake of being "outsider. The album is a beautiful slice of modern-day, quiet storm, mid-tempo jams that take a cue from the best of the s and s, as the duo inject their own slow-burning, sensual blend of Maxwell and Aaliyah, peppered with subtle rhythmic references to footwork, trap rap and dubby electronica throughout.

This NYC rapper has taken many by surprise with a series of excellent self-released albums, and this year's The Night's Gambit may just be his best platter yet. Ka's third full-length is a stellar entry point into his universe, with a sturdy balance between haunting, noire-ish production and a hushed, hypnotic flow that puts as much weight and emphasis on his dark, detailed lyrics as it does his beats. During an era that has seen many of the biggest and most hyped rap records fall flat thanks to an overemphasis upon overcooked production and flaccid rhymes, The Night's Gambit is a refreshing breath of crisp evening air.

After a series of engrossing and tantalizing singles, EPs, and guest appearances, youthful UK songwriter King Krule finally delivered his eagerly anticipated debut full-length. One of the year's most unique and satisfying releases, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon is a beautiful, odd, and wholly endearing album of surprising intimacy. It's a record that sees a young man coming to terms with the realities of the human condition, waxing lyrically on the struggles of social interaction, the dramas of failing relationships, and the joys of the simple pleasures of being in the company of loved ones, but delivered via a streetwise perspective that lets sensitivity shine brightly behind his deceptive vocal style.

Filled with stark yet lush soundscapes often carried by little more than Marshall's signature guitar work, a minimal, skittering beat, a deep, soft bass or warm, liquid synth cloud, and pillows of cavernous reverb, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon was seemingly tailor-made for dark, late-night lamentations, social sessions of bottomless imbibing and conversing, and stolen glances toward a loved one between the lines, be they reciprocated or unrequited.

Co-written and produced by Jeremy "Junior Boys" Greenspan, the power of Pull My Hair Back could best be attributed to the less-is-more formula; similar to peers like the xx or inc. It makes for a wonderfully engulfing listen, where fond memories of the past inform and update the present with a fresh use of restraint without sacrificing groove. While My Bloody Valentine thrilled many fans this year with their long-promised follow-up to 's Loveless , the more subdued Mazzy Star made a less-heralded yet completely captivating return that eked past m b v to find a rightful place on our Best of list.

Seasons of Your Day picks right up from where 's Among My Swan left us, with tangles of silky pedal steel, the childlike pulse of a tambourine, wafts of acoustic guitar strummed from a coffeehouse stool, the sonorous sound of a distant glockenspiel, and above all, the oft-imitated-never-replicated languorous, drawling croon of Hope Sandoval.

As much as this group's cosmically twangy folk-rock sound has been strip-mined in recent years, Seasons offered continued proof that David Roback and Sandoval still reign supreme. Dripping with heartache, passion and longing, slide guitar is everywhere, floating gorgeously through the lovely "Angel Blood" and "Sooner Cheat Death Than Fool Love.

Brimming with emotion, this is a stellar set from start to finish. Though initially self-released in the fall of , What's Your Rupture? While this Brooklyn band of Texas ex-pats may tread similar territory as groups like Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, and Goo -era Sonic Youth, they managed to put a totally fresh spin on the recent '90s-worship vibe.

Light Up Gold is filled with hooks and catchy guitar lines and that just-right half-spoken-sung vocal drawl; throw in some steady Feelies-esque rhythm grooves, Wire-y guitar lines and an overall Jonathan Richmond care-less vibe and you've got a record that's hard not to love. If you missed out earlier, you know which version grab. Of all the new talent that we were introduced over the past year, this young San Francisco singer-songwriter delivered one of the most timeless albums that we had heard in a while. A phenomenal album, this is a new talent that we're sure to be hearing more from in the coming years.

No one today makes music like the alto saxophonist and composer Matana Roberts.

A Girl in the Sky

Her records are not only rich and immensely enjoyable, they are powerful reminders that there are still musicians with uncompromising vision and ambition. The New York-based Chicago native is working through a album project weaving her personal ancestry with broader themes of African-American history, culture and identity. While the first installment, 's terrific Gens de Couleur Libre , had a big, brash sound, this year's Mississippi Moonchile strips things down with a smaller ensemble that often moves in a more experimental, free-jazz direction.

There's still plenty of gospel, blues and folk though, and featuring 18 songs in just under 50 minutes with no interruptions, Mississippi Moonchile plays out like a bit of musical theater while combining the sweep and grandeur of Mingus with the adventure of Chicago's AACM scene and the genre-bending Black Jazz label. This is jazz on an epic scale, something the music world sorely needs now. We can't wait for the third chapter. The second full-length from Shifted found the UK producer pulling from both the noisy, ambient sound design of his Covered in Sand project and the murky industrial "S-M Techno" that he creates as Alexander Lewis, making for one of the most gripping electronic albums of this past year.

Released on Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions offshoot Bed of Nails, there's a foreboding, apocalyptic undertone hovering amidst the stark, granular-textured atmosphere of Under a Single Banner , the propulsive, rolling rhythms as much a clarion call to a dark and dank dance floor as they are an ominous tension-builder.

While veteran UK producer and DJ Paul Woolford has been on the scene for quite some time, his recent reboot as Special Request indeed proved to be special. Released in October, Soul Music is a lengthy and relentless exploration of jungle, breakbeat, and 'ardcore, inspired by the UK pirate radio sound system culture of the '90s.

Every few years it seems like a record appears that updates jungle and nails it, and this project's sole mission is about bringing that often forgotten and tossed aside genre into the modern conversation. As jungle continues to stick its head back into the mainstream, many UK artists have re-embraced the cut-n-paste, rave-tastic atmosphere that bass and breaks, time-stretching, distortion, and vocal samples can create.

However, Special Request differs by not presenting his productions in a heady, clinical version -- first and foremost, this is jungle to dance to. Having made his mark in the house arena, Woolford is well aware of what it takes to move a crowd, and every track here could be a primetime highlight. Special Request captures the sound system vibe, as well as the overall energetic fever that made that music so magnetic. It had been five years since Leyland Kirby had issued anything under his alias the Stranger, but the wait was worth it.

Released on the always-stellar Modern Love imprint, Watching Dead Empires in Decay features Kirby's trademark clouds of unsettled spectral ambience anchored by a more kinetic pulse; nearly every track here pushes forward via layers of slowly creeping, pulsating tribal pulsations crafted on what seems like funeral drums and abandoned scrap metal.

It is one of the most simultaneously visceral and eerie records of Kirby's career, and provides a lovely counterpoint to the more romantic explorations of melancholy undertaken via his Caretaker albums. There's little to no remorse to be found on Watching Dead Empires ; instead, the listener is left fending for themselves in a desolate, treacherous landscape that seems as though it has taken on a life or afterlife of its own, devouring any and all who dare to enter it; as such, this album fully delivers, arguably making it one of Kirby's best under any of his many pseudonyms.

Formed in the mids, These New Puritans have been one of the more interesting contemporary bands in the UK, and after a three-year wait they returned with Field of Reeds , a mature and passionate record that also marked quite a departure for this somewhat underrated group.

Abandoning their unique fusions of youthful DIY post-punk, Brit-pop, and dubstep, we were thrilled to hear the band taking chamber music and avant-classical aspirations to new heights. Playing more like movements within an opera than a simple suite of songs, TNP employs space, drama, and a more ambitious and diverse instrumental palette to set the scene, augmenting their rock-trio lineup with emotive brass and string arrangements, orchestral percussion, and even the sounds of broken glass and rustling leaves. Like the music of late-period Talk Talk, Arthur Russell, or Current 93, this record is an exploration of moody orchestral pop with touches of stern British folk, filled with deep ambiance and broad landscapes that create a stark yet rich tapestry of floating passion, sparse melody, open atmosphere, and tightly arranged restraint.

Paring away some of the hiss that was slathered across earlier releases, Tim Presley delivered Cyclops Reap , his most immediate and finest White Fence album to date. Here, verses barrel into hooks that tumble into bridges that collapse into the next song.

Magic Tricks

Riffs sometimes reference the past, like a nice vamp in "New Edinburgh Man" that is a dead ringer for the riff from the Byrds' "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better," or a fingerpicked flutter on "Only Man Alive" that sounds like it could have sprung from Nick Drake's fingers. Presley's voice is strongest, though, when he falls into a hazy country shuffle on "To the Boy I Jumped in the Hemlock Alley" and "Live On Genevieve," and with the help of a wiry lap steel, he comes across like a Mayo Thompson or Syd Barrett with a slight West Coast drawl.

Presley is a songwriter whose rock songs often feel more like beat poetry than anything else, but the freewheeling spirit never lessens the power and presence of these tracks. With more than a dozen full-lengths under their belt, Yo La Tengo again surprised us with a concise and laser-focused pop album that explored some heavy themes, but never failed to sweeten our day. At this point, the band draws on a deep and varied skill set, with complex multi-part percussion, emotional orchestration, great piano and thrilling guitar leads, and Fade was produced by Tortoise's John McEntire in Chicago, a first-time collaboration that is such a perfect fit you might wonder why these old friends have never tried it before.

But in many ways, the timing just felt right here, and 30 years into their career, the band scored their highest charting album to date and continued to draw new fans into the every-expanding Yo La Tengo family. This past summer, Zomby returned with what would be his most wide-reaching and expansive outing to date. Miniatures of frenetic and soul-drenched rhythms sit next to more spacious movements of stark beauty, minimalist compositions, and intergalactic digital constellations.

Across 33 tracks, every aspect of his discography thus far is touched upon, as Zomby time-travels from party to party, with every moment, emotion, and sonic nuance detailed and re-imagined in the warm glow of high-definition darkness. New reissue label to watch Machu Picchu an arm of OM fave M'Lady's Records did a really beautiful job in resurrecting a record that deserves every bit of its "lost treasure" status.

Pulling the electric string tone and close vocal harmonies of the Byrds and the grand pop gestures of the Mac into refined psychedelic landscape, every song on the album is a mindblower, thanks in no small part to Marsha Rollings, whose vocals can evoke the woolliness of Grace Slick on songs like ""J. Rider" and "Sweet Lilac," or the sweet and soulful interplay of Stevie and Christie at their prime. The band was made up of two sets of art school couples who created songs with a perfect sense of economy, full of scrappy, melodic bass lines and angular, scratchy, metallic guitars, all which sounded like instant DIY classics to our ears.

It looks like we've included a Gene Clark reissue on our , , , and now, year-end list. It's pretty obvious that we love the man, and this is possibly one of the best archival releases we've heard from him yet, featuring sparse and intimate acoustic demo recordings dated from right around the time of what is arguably his greatest solo album, White Light. Clark possessed one of the most tender and heartbreaking voices in all of folk and rock music, and this collection captures him near his absolute peak as a songwriter and performer, with a handful of never-before-released tracks and stripped-back versions of classics that have honestly never sounded finer.

Accompanied by informative liners and some lovely photos, Born Bad's stellar collection includes both of her extended play records as well as her one Italian single, and the recording quality sounds great. Clothilde possessed a true talent as a performer, her releases often instilled with more maturity, more rhythm, and more psychedelic undertones combined than many of her contemporaries.

Yet for all we know of Cowley as a disco producer and DJ, it wasn't until recent that his experimental leanings really began to emerge. The always reliable Dark Entries imprint teamed up with the Honey Soundsystem party collective to shed a little more light on a lesser-known side of the man, via this 2LP collection of his gorgeous, game-changing soundtracks for gay porn films made between and Deep, sensual, and bubbling with a languid dreaminess, this is Cowley's disco music stripped to its core: warm, skeletal beats, percolating synths, and a keen sense of melody that must have worked perfectly in their original erotic context.

One of the strongest archival finds of the year, those with even a passing interest in cosmic music, disco, proto-techno, or fans of cosmic disco of a more recent vintage Chromatics, Glass Candy, the Drive soundtrack, et al. Deux Filles were an alleged duo of French females who recorded two albums of breathtaking, dreamy ambient pop etudes before disappearing in the mid s, never to be seen or heard from again.

These records turned out to be the work of former UK child star and noted experimentalist Simon Fisher Turner and ex-The The member Colin Lloyd Tucker, who blend a droning classical majesty of Eno's early ambient works with a more sensual and gently brooding atmospheric palette of post-punk experimentation. Languid piano, hushed, spectral voices, and heavily processed washes of gauzy guitar and synthesizer are anchored by deep, slow moving bass lines; the whole thing makes for some of the most haunting and wholly intimate ambient music ever recorded.

Digable Planets' second and final album has become a much-loved cult record within the elder hip-hop community since its original release back in , and this past year Blowout Comb received a special double-vinyl reissue through Light in the Attic's Modern Classics offshoot. Coming off their top hit "Cool Like That" and a Grammy, Doodlebug Craig Irving , Ladybug Mecca Mary Ann Vieria , and Butterfly Ishmael Butler, who resurfaced almost two decades later with the excellent Shabazz Palaces project were facing a backlash from haters who branded their jazz-rap formula as mere novelty.


With Blowout Comb , Digable Planets set out to show they were deeper and more valuable to the genre that anyone could have predicted.