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Volume I. (pages 1~34)

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  2. Cui Cui by Rinko Kawauchi and Fondation Cartier (2005, Book, Illustrated)
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I suspect the deluxe edition sets were double to triple the regular edition price. Francis Brinkley - Tokyo , an Englishman and Japanophile originally came to Japan in as gunnery instructor.

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He later went into English education and journalism. Each volume begins with a full-page classic color collotype plate of a flower by the famous Japanese photographer Kazumasa Ogawa. Example of Ogawa Flower Photograph Covers are decorated colored brocade cloth with beveled edges and tied with thick cord stitching which firmly binds the contents in traditional Japanese manner. The introduction states the covers were printed in Tokyo by the Xylograph process under the supervision of K.

The silk tassels and cords were provided by S. Iida of Kyoto. Complete Title Page here. At the back of each volume is the essay by Kakuzo aka Tenshin Okakura and a color reproduction of a famous Japanese painting. The introduction in Volume 1 states: The Xylograph prints illustrating the lecture on Japanese art by K.

Kakuzo aka Tenshin Okakura was also associated with the Kokka and I believe that is the same company that is referred to as the Kokkwa Publishing Company.

This is an example from Volume VII. Composite Listing Flower Collotypes and Albumen Photos Table of contents of each volume, plus a listing of the photographs. Legend: These plates are in both the standard and deluxe set editions. These plates are only in the deluxe set editions. A web page with only the plates found in deluxe and standard editions is here. Volume I. Volume III. Volume IV. Volume VI. Volume IX. Volume X. The Early Japanese and Their History.


Cui Cui by Rinko Kawauchi and Fondation Cartier (, Book, Illustrated) for sale online | eBay

The Story of the Forty-seven Ronins. Yoshitsune, Genghis and the Mongol Invasion. Yoshitsune, Genghis and the Mongol Invasion Concluded. Creed and Castes. Religion and Rites. Superstitions and Divination. Observances and Pastimes. Observances and Pastimes Concluded. Japanese Finance. Japanese Finance Concluded.

Cui Cui by Rinko Kawauchi and Fondation Cartier (2005, Book, Illustrated)

Modern Japan in Brief. Matting of Full Page Plates. The collotype plates are printed on the plate. Towards the end of the book, we observe Araki undergoing treatment for his own fight with cancer, before finally ending on two images taken on the day of the earthquake—the negatives distressed and scratched as a traumatic reaction. With reference to the first atomic disaster near the beginning, and the second at the end TO THE PAST is an edition defined by uncertainty and remains open-ended both back and forth.

Each book is linen bound, debossed and foil stamped, then housed within a printed and silkscreened foil casing and wrapped in a removable obi-band. Nobuyoshi Araki. Japanese edition. Out of Print.

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Beggars Banquet SACD Japanese Edition

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