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And, as we realize that "Everyday Is A Good Day", we become able to appreciate all of it, thoroughly.

Zen proverb | Zen Wisdom | Quotes | Zen quotes, Zen proverbs, Quotes

Kindle and Paperback editions. Read a free sample chapter on Amazon.

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Subscribe to Newsletter. Welcome to The Podcast Each week l take a new look at daily issues and problems we encounter. Newest Book by Dr. I love the sharing option! It doesnt even navigate me away from the app. This is perfect for a quick read to center yourself. I have used this app every morning for the past couple of years and it never disappoints.

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Excellent selection of quotes from Zen masters past and present, as well as non-Buddhists with decidedly "zen" perspectives on the world. I find the last of these categories particularly illuminating and engaging. Unfortunately, I do have one complaint, which has caused me to lower my rating from 5 stars to 3: Virtually every quote attributed to "Buddha" is very obviously not a genuine Buddha quote and many of the fake Buddha quotes are actually contrary to basic Buddhist practice.

Most of these fake quotes were added in the last update or two; the developers would do well to remove them or attribute them to the correct authors. I use this app everyday to set the tone for a meditative moment. I highly recommend it Recommended to friends. Requires iOS 6.

25 Pieces Of Zen Wisdom You Never Knew You Needed

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Conscious breathing is my anchor. Much has been written about Zen, but there are 3 essentials that are especially important. The first is the awakening of wisdom, what Buddha called right view. The second is ethical conduct and compassion, valuing love and life more than material things, power or wealth. Supporting others, seeking to reduce violence and suffering, cultivating greater kindness and equality in society.

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Prioritizing peace, love and compassion is at the core of what many wise beings have shared with the world down through history. They taught that to truly transform our world, all important decisions- at all levels of society- need to be guided by the wisdom of our hearts.

Newest Book by Dr. Shoshanna

Being aware of what we are doing right here, right now, where ever we are. The practice of seated meditation is meant to assist with efforts to concentrate and calm the mind, but it is moment-to-moment mindfulness in all situations that Buddha most strongly emphasized.

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Meditation and mindfulness are at the core of Zen practice, but are also an essential part of many other systems. Tai chi, yoga, painting, prayer, cooking, piano playing and many forms of exercise can help us to calm our minds and connect with the present moment, when done mindfully. These three essentials taught by the Buddha- wisdom, compassion and mindfulness- are linked together synergistically and interdependently. When we successfully prioritize all three each serves to strengthen the development of the others.

Thank you for all the work sharing wisdom on FB and your website.

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I understand it and write about wisdom and common sense and it is not easy to live this simple way. It is very difficult for me to be still and calm, no matter how much I read and listen.

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