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South Africa : English. Canada : English French. United States : English. Culture Une culture d'entreprise unique. Vous voulez en savoir plus? Qui sommes-nous? Envie d'en savoir plus? Outperformers Notre programme global de formation au top management. Vous souhaitez en savoir plus?

Partager cette page. En savoir plus. Hilti dans le monde. Archei I has been damaged along three sections of the main shelter wall by writings made with synthetic paints, in white, pink and red, apparently because of three different vandalism acts. The Archei Guelta itself did not escaped vandalism; the names of a bunch of visitors were painted in large capitals, in blue and white, on the right wall of the gorge, just above the main pond of water.

Ce titre sensationnel n'est pas de son fait. Arles et Fontvieille. Acteurs culturels et politiques au Sahara. Voyages de paysages mais aussi de visages. En librairie. Cliquer sur l'image pour l'agrandir. Sur cette plate-forme, vous trouverez aussi des carnets de terrain de Marceau Gast. Actes du colloque international sur "L'art rupestre d'Afrique".

Paris, 15,16,17 janvier A voir Charles de Foucauld au Sahara. Il propose :. Descendons-nous des singes? Qui fut le premier Homme? Due to the enormous amount of images, the system of their cataloguing has still to be determined. A possible solution is the Please note that new data is no longer being added to the Bancroft Library web site, and we are currently looking for a new online home for the updated database project. Additions and corrections to the database material are appreciated and can be emailed to mleighm aol.

Il fallait travailler, peinture par peinture, pendant des jours pour restituer formes et couleurs…. A la librairie Barbe Rousse. Informations pratiques. Campus Villejean. Place du Recteur Henri Le Moal. I posted a working paper on my academia. Hameau de Rochefort. Tel : 04 71 23 14 Mobile: 06 81 41 38 The measuring of these holes at one of the sites brought to light quite standard data of the holes as to their width, inclination, and depth.

In this and other respect s , the holes differ from holes used by birds as nests. We tend to interpret these holes as evidence of light architecture shelters created of branches inserted into these holes. So far, we know of no such occurrences from the Sudan this was confirmed also by Sudanese archaeologists , which makes it difficult to interpret the findings as well as to date them. I am ready to provide a selection of photographs illustrating the finds.

I will greatly appreciate your help in this respect. Son point fort? Ne manquez pas le rendez-vous en ! Toulouse : What pasts for Africa? On the occasion of the 23rd congress of the SAfA organized in Toulouse France from June 26th till July 2nd, , you are invited to take part in a session dedicated to the study of the African rock art.

To this purpose, you will be willing to pass on, before October 30th, , the title and the abstract 20 lines the most of your proposal by email to: barbaza univ-tlse2. Abstract in file attachment. Dans quels domaines innove-t-elle? The book summarises the Cenozoic evolution of the major deserts of the Americas, Eurasia, Africa and Australia and the causes of historic floods and droughts. The book then considers the causes and consequences of desertification and proposes four key conditions for achieving ecologically sustainable use of natural resources in arid and semi-arid areas.

Climate Change in Deserts is an invaluable reference for researchers and advanced students interested in the climate and geomorphology of deserts: geographers, geologists, ecologists, archaeologists, soil scientists, hydrologists, climatologists and natural resource managers. For more information on Cambridge titles, please visit our website: www.

Mai , Allevard — Arvillard, 19 p. Le mardi 14 avril Contact : aeean. Sous la direction de. Bordes et A. Cheire-1 est l'un des abris peints les plus importants de l'Ennedi. A Bergame, en , il n'y avait pas assez de temps It is getting harder and harder to send out the new version. If you get this message but not the original one with the plugin and want the new version please email me.

Jon This email is sent to those on the DStretch update list. Version 7. New in 7. I think I have fixed it, but it occurs randomly and so I can't be sure. Please let me know if you see this problem. Browse is a new menu item. Use it to browse through a directory. It will open the images in turn, skipping images that look like DStretch enhancements, i. Close the window to move to the next image. Hit esc to exit browse mode. Watch is improved to work on Windows 8.

If you use it, or want to use it with wifi transfer of images from camera to PC contact me to learn more. A display problem that sometimes would open images in a small size has been fixed.


You may need to edit it to reflect the installation of ImageJ on your PC. I am also including a startup macro file, updated from 7. The book size 30 by 21cm has pages and displays about colour plates, most of them additionally drawn also and also treated by DStretch; the text is in German. The authors are Ulrich W. Hallier; the book is titled:. Les auteurs sont Ulrich W. Hallier et Brigitte C. Le prix du livre est Barich edited by , Giulio Lucarini edited by , Mohamed A. Hamdan and Fekri A. Save Libyan archaeology Until violence eases and fieldwork can resume, fund research in labs, museums and on computers, urges Savino di Lernia.

Please enjoy Virtual Reality panoramic photos of large and well accomplished frescos of Tassili n'Ajjer and Gilf Kebir.

Axure ou la mort de l’UX ?

These photos are high-definition except for degree panoramas. So, it is possible to zoom to see the full details. Any comment will be appreciated. Des racines et des hommes. Au village. You can see it on:. Saisons sahariennes. Gli enigmatici archi di Ihetsen. Un esempio sahariano. Analisi del comportamento spaziale, percezione e rapporto tra individuo e territorio desertico. Fiche Technique scorpions du monde :.

ISBN 10 : ISBN 13 : Stockmann :. Dear All. If you would like to link the dama page from your website then even better! If you have files or references that you think should be listed then please send them my way. The library is still a work in progress and it would be great to have as many hard-to-get and out of copyright documents up there as possible. Helen Senn. Research Scientist. WildGenes Laboratory. Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

Edinburgh EH12 6TS. Skype: helen. Vahala Author ; P. Cervicek Author. Chers amis Sahariens,. Inscriptions avant le 13 mai au 06 88 96 99 The book size 30 by 21cm has pages and displays about colour plates; the text is in German.


The Djado plateau in northeastern Rep. Le livre format 30 par 21 cm compte pages et affiche environ planches en couleurs, le texte est en allemand. Ethnographie du Sahara : Les armes traditionnelles des peuples nomades. Piazzale S. Le film d'Axel Salvatori-Sinz. Les Chebabs de Yarmouk.

Contes touareg. Robert Vernet. The nb 36 of my Information Letter has just been published on line.

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Si vous avez des commentaires ou des question, veuillez contacter hana52 osaka. I am an amateur photographer and passionate of rock arts of Sahara. I have just finished my photographic reportage at Iheren, Tadjerahine. My objective was to realize one complete photo of the grand fresco. If you have any comments or questions, please contact hana52 osaka. Inscriptions avant le 19 novembre au 06 88 96 99 Au programme:. Animations culturelles, artisanat, bijoux et objets touareg, exposition de photos, musique.

A partir de 18h : Atri N'Assouf en concert. Bonne lecture. DStretch Nous avons le plaisir de vous signaler la sortie de la version 8. T he source in the sahara. Il est possible d'envoyer vos propositions aux adresses suivantes:. JLLQ arobase rupestre. Faysal Lemjidi. Echanger, questionner, proposer, discuter au sujet de vos photos d'arts rupestres, c'est le but de ce Forum. You can access the Congress website via the link:.

A new blog, in french, is now devoted to it:. It will evoke both palaeoenvironments and prehistory. Rock Art Studies Bibliographic Database. Inscription de l'Ennedi sur la liste du patrimoine mondial. Voir ici. Cours d'arabe marocain et de tamasheq? In volo su Zerzura. Michel Pierre.