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2. Following the flavor path from hut to hut

  1. Val di Funes: Address, Val di Funes Reviews: 5/5
  2. Holiday in Funes / Villnöss in Italy
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He could quote passages in Spanish, English, German and other languages.

Jo! Funes dabing Filipovský

Borges purposely enriched his memory from an early age, knowing that he had a congenital disease that would eventually leave him blind and unable to read. Ironically, he lost his sight in , the year he was appointed director of the Argentinean national library, but he retained his interest by asking others to read to him.

Kodama recalled that, in one of her first meetings with the writer, he asked her to recite a specific passage in a book. To her surprise, he quickly guided her to the exact page, even though he had been blind for many years. Characteristically modest, Borges considered himself more of an extraordinary reader than an accomplished writer.

Kodama kindly showed me his private library, hosted by the Jorge Luis Borges International Foundation in Buenos Aires, which she directs.

Val di Funes: Address, Val di Funes Reviews: 5/5

From the many annotations that adorn his personal copies of books, it is clear that his prolific reading had a great impact on his works. He also states how much time it would take to recall these memories. For example, one does not remember every detail of a long trip, but instead certain landmark points — perhaps the moment of departure and arrival, or some stop in between.

In the story of Funes, Borges described very precisely the problems of distorted memory capacities well before neuroscience caught up. We now know that memory function is linked to a particular brain area, the hippocampus, which lies at the end of the neural pathway that processes sensory information. Much of this knowledge came from the study of Patient H. Although he initially seemed to be normal after the surgery, it soon became apparent that he had developed anterograde amnesia: he could recall people and facts from before the surgery, but not recent events.

Holiday in Funes / Villnöss in Italy

Evidence from Patient H. In a study using electrodes to probe this brain region in epileptic patients for clinical reasons, we identified a type of neuron that fires in response to particular abstract concepts R. Quian Quiroga et al. Nature , —; For example, one neuron in a patient fired only in recognition of different pictures of the actress Jennifer Aniston; another responded only to images of another celebrity, Halle Berry.

Olivier de Funès - Wikipedia

It is thus possible that these neurons link perception and memory by creating the abstract encoding we use to store memories — especially considering that we tend to remember concepts and forget irrelevant details. If these neurons are lacking, the ability to generate abstractions may be limited, leading to pathologies such as autism or characters like Funes.

His own face in the mirror, his own hands, surprised him every time he saw them To think is to ignore or forget differences, to generalize, to abstract. In the teeming world of Ireneo Funes there was nothing but particulars. To obtain permission to re-use content from this article visit RightsLink.


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December 22, November 15, Great beer selection made on site, the imperial IPA was amazing. They also had a single malt scotch A must stop if in Buenos Aires!

  • A special highlight: the South Tyrolean bacon festival.
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  • Closer to the Dolomites than hardly anywhere else.
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