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Living a Life of Faith and Hope with a Rare Disease

  1. Recovery is a Journey
  2. Brittany’s ACL Injury
  3. 10 Inspiring Song Lyrics That Will Help You Through Your Recovery
  4. YOUR JOURNEY – Miskawaan Health Group

Recovery is a Journey

Friends came by a few times to see me, and in those moments I could feel almost like myself for a while, even if I was contorted around my stitching and too terrified to laugh. I never knew before that it could be painful to be seen, but sometimes those pitying glances made me feel slightly monstrous, especially by people who were able to move on. My friends had all grown up without me, going to university and getting jobs whilst I was being pinned in place by my illness. I was weak and pale.

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So I stopped calling. I stopped texting. I allowed myself to fall neatly into the isolation I was already slipping into, the way intermittent depression through my illness had taught me so well. Slowly, but perceptibly, people stopped dropping by.

Brittany’s ACL Injury

The messages slowed as the clocks seemed to and I withdrew into my body. But then, I found somewhere I could be comfortable with discomfort. I was awash with wells. With my small but loyal internet audience, there were no scheduling conflicts, no contact only on the condition that I made it to dinner.

I gleefully threw my pain out into the world and gulped down the attention it gave me. My phone became my constant companion, my laptop rarely switched off. The irony was, the more I exposed of my pain and suffering, the stronger I was becoming in reality — my internet persona was my decomposing portrait and my healing body like a youthful Dorian Gray.

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  6. But having depression can mean that there is a fine line between sharing your trauma and auto-cannibalism. Even though it was getting easier to walk and the pain was lessening, I had been in such extreme agony for so long that it was where I was comfortable.

    10 Inspiring Song Lyrics That Will Help You Through Your Recovery

    It was all I knew. Not long after surgery, when I could walk mostly unaided, I went to therapy. With the support of my therapist, I started to talk through and unpack where I was mentally and physically.

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    Eventually, after so much self-hatred I could finally start to genuinely enjoy my healing process. But where did that leave me socially? My closest friends, the very few who had seen me hooked up to feeding tubes and curled up in agony time and time again welcomed me back with open arms, apologies on both sides for each of us letting the other drift apart.

    This song of redemption holds a lot of positive energy, both in the vibrations of the music and the optimistic lyrics. Though the title and lyrics are in reference to a biblical passage, the song is not religious and instead focuses on the idea that, even in your darkest hour, the sun still rises and gives you a new day to recover. Then came the morning It was bright, like the light that you kept from your smile Then came the morning Like a flood from the storm that you kept from my heart.

    Drug use and addiction are often glorified in music, especially in the rock and hip-hop scene.

    YOUR JOURNEY – Miskawaan Health Group

    In this song, the singer is not proud of his cocaine and heroin addiction and reflects on what he lost because of it to help remind the listener that the road to recovery will be worth it. Under the bridge downtown Is where I drew some blood Under the bridge downtown I could not get enough Under the bridge downtown Forgot about my love Under the bridge downtown I gave my life away.

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    I find this song to be helpful for re-centering during recovery, especially if your mind tends to drift in many chaotic directions. It can make you feel less alone knowing that others have felt these same anxieties. This is the pump up song we all need to hear every now and again. The artist uses this song to discuss his personal road to recovery. Through calming music and hopeful lyrics, he highlights the silver lining during the darkest hours of recovery.

    The artist, Grace, uses the song to talk about anxiety and her resilience. The bright, pop beat of the song helps illuminate the lyrics to encourage the listener to focus on the positive aspects of life. The lyrics in this song are what make it so therapeutic. Natasha Bedingfield really paints a picture of recovery for her listeners and uses the music to help inspire anyone who relates to also seek the path of recovery. We will recover The worst is over, now. We will recover The worst is behind And it hurts, but in time, I know that we will recover.