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This story had me captivated from beginning to end. What a feat to cycle on recumbent bikes in all seasons through such wilderness. Kudos to them. A similar trip across similar countryside but travel experiences and ways of telling them are unique and so this is a different account that inspires me. Travels in Siberia , by Ian Frazier. Was it better during the Soviet Union, or is it today? Svetlana Alexijevitsj, author and investigative journalist, won the Nobel Prize for literature in and her books have been recommended to us by various people.

I read Secondhand Time in one go and next on my list are:. The Gates of November , by Chaim Potok. The focus of his story is the Sepak Family, the father a fervent Bolshevik while the son and his wife became the center of the movement to help Jews emigrate to Israel. A fascinating read. Russia, what everyone needs to know , by Timothy J. Colton has written several books about Russia , so other titles may follow on my list. You can describe a smell as acrid, sour, sharp, cloying, or you can evoke a feeling with it, like flowery, comforting, or repulsive.

The subway air was damp with the scent of humans, which neither their stringent deodorants or perfumed shampoos could hide. They would observe it, smell it, touch it, listen to it as they shook it in their hand. They would share what they experienced through each of these senses. Then they put the raisin in their mouth, feeling it first before biting into it.

Popular destinations to visit in Israel | Karin Kloosterman | The Blogs

I would ask them if they tasted anything? Where on the tongue do they taste it? Is it sweet? Do they chew it one side or both sides? How long is it chewy for?

Does the taste linger? You get the point.

NERVOSA (my journey through anorexia nervosa) by Harry Reavley

Originally published on thewingedpen. We always talk about genres in novels, but what about in picture books? Are there any? Are they the same as for novels? Is it even helpful categorizing picture books into genres?


Instead, we think of them falling into either character-driven or concept picture books. Min dful Concept Picture Books are similar to wonder books but written for slightly older children. The text is sparse but the feelings are deep and sensory. Often readers are pulled into the action with the use of second person and even asked to physically interact with the book like in Press Here and Tap the Magic Tree.

This has been the breakthrough picture book category of the past few years.

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Plus, they are usually packed with a big splat of humor. I hope this has been helpful. Let me know your thoughts on picture book genres!

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Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed. After all, monster picture books feature so many hideously fantastic monsters! There are ghosts, werewolves, dragons, gremlins, vampires, sea monsters, yetis, aliens, furry creatures, Frankenstein, and even zombies!

The Wilds of Montana Might Be the Scariest Character of All

Children love monster stories and have for thousands of years because children love to be scared within the safety of a storyteller or a book. Not only that, but reading scary books is good for children. It allows them to imagine themselves in the story, where they can confront and triumph over the monsters, thereby confronting and triumphing over their fears. Our monster picture books today are not nearly as scary as our passed down fairy tales.

Have you read the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella where one stepsister cuts off her toes to fit in the glass slipper and the other her heel? But we love these stories and their tamer monster picture books of today because ultimately stories show us how to live. At Wilderness Travel we never rent or sell our mailing list.

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