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Poetry is art so the translation can never be literal. Overall it keeps the same intention and idea.

Product description

Kendro - I loved it! I rehearse it every second of my life! Saadia - A beautiful poem about one's closeness to Nature. Of course the Spanish version is of course more musical and more beautiful. Ladybug - Beautifully sad and sweet. How tender is your heart. Dido90 - The author of this poem died long ago my dear. However the translation was wonderful.

Professor Andrew Beresford - all publications

Jeremiah Cox - "Of she" should be "Of her. Rathnashikamani - Lovely poem. Jette - I love this whole poem!

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  5. Anon2 - Eso es! Habian poetas en aquella epoca. Bien cheverito! In Cuba el monte means el campo. Out in the country or the country side. So could we translate En los montes, monte soy. As among simple country folk I'm a country boy too? God help to Cuban people again. Jose Marti sould be honor for a long time for his sacrifice for Cuba.

    ISBN 13: 9789681653385

    The poem itsself is just fabulous. I-Like-Rhymes - Your question is incomplete as you do not say who the "him" you mention is! November , June 13th, University of Kentucky. April , Foreign Language Association of Virginia, April University of Kentucky, April , Wake Forest University, April , Zamora Spain.

    July 19, June 23, May I.

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    S de Pinos Puente. May International Poetry Celebration. October 20, Workshop on Creative Writing. June University of Kentucky Lexington, KY.

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    April October Agree Read more. Visegrad Literature. Magyarul Babelben.

    La poética del asunto (Spanish Edition) eBook: Federico Merea: Kindle Store

    Borges, Jorge Luis. Uploaded by P. To know we stray like a river and our faces vanish like water. To feel that waking is another dream that dreams of not dreaming and that the death we fear in our bones is the death that every night we call a dream. To see in every day and year a symbol of all the days of man and his years, and convert the outrage of the years into a music, a sound, and a symbol.

    To see in death a dream, in the sunset a golden sadnesssuch is poetry, humble and immortal, poetry, returning, like dawn and the sunset.