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Background: Female genital mutilation FGM as a procedure can have serious physical and psychological health consequences in girls and women. Objectives: To determine the prevalence of FGM and the socio-demographic factors which influence the practice among women in Lagos State. Methods: This was a The analysis, which examines the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases ICD 9: in Lagos State of Nigeria, was based on records obtained from the register of deaths in four Local Government Areas of the State. The result shows that there is general increase in death rates due to cardiovascular diseases over the This research is an attempt to investigate the incidence of violence among university students using University of Lagos as a case study.

A questionnaire on different kinds of violence was administered to students of the university. In addition, four focus group discussion sessions were conducted to assess the types of A subsurface sequence delineation and saline water mapping of Lagos State was carried out. Ten 10 deep boreholes with average depth of m were drilled within the sedimentary basin. The boreholes were lithologically and geophysically logged.

The driller's lithological logs aided by gamma and resistivity logs, This submission also contains an assessment of the town planning regulation, level of compliance to building regulation and technical skills of personals monitoring compliance to space standards as specified by Urban and Regional Planning Law Decree 88 of , the Lagos Planning Law of and under the Urban Genetic diversity of Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus in the Lagos lagoon Nov 13, Fish resources of Lagos State coastal wetlands Ayodele African Fishing is the major occupation of the people found along the coastal wetland of Lagos State.

Fishing is carried out all the year round. This study examines the fishing Activities, Gear composition and fishing methods in order to obtain the fish species and harvest composition of the study area. This paper is based on the Using pretested questionnaire instrument, a cross sectional survey of clinicians working in the Lagos University Teaching Hospital to obtain their attitudes and perception towards autopsy practice.

Evaluation of measles vaccine cold chain in Lagos State, Nigeria The National level 1 , State L2 , and Local government vaccine cold stores L3 as well as some vaccination centres L4 were physically inspected in Lagos State, Nigeria and the potency of the live-attenuated measles vaccine was tested. Both the L1 and L2 storage facilities were formally adequately equipped and Background: Perinatal mortality rate is reported to be higher in twins than in singletons. More than two decades ago, Abudu and Agarin reported a twinning rate of Objective: To determine the current perinatal mortality rate and risk factors Geophysical study of saline water intrusion in Lagos municipality.

N 00'. E '. N 15'. E 30' Prevalence and trends in breast cancer in Lagos state, Nigeria The study examined the trends in the prevalence of breast cancer in Lagos State, Nigeria. A sample of subjects was taken from a population consisting of women between the ages of 15 and 60 years spread across the 20 Local Government Areas LGAs of the State. Fifty questionnaires were distributed in each LGA. Radiographic diagnosis of skeletal diseases among dogs in Lagos Data recorded included breed, sex and age of the dogs, Oct 17, Lagos had for long been in the fore-front of the development of social work in Nigeria We set out to determine the socio-demographic factors,pattern of presentation and management of ectopic pregnancy in a University Teaching Hospital in Lagos , Nigeria.

A retrospective descriptive analysis of all cases of ectopic pregnancy over a 2-year period was carried out. The case notes were retrieved from the Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. The infection control program of the Lagos Universityteaching hospital was started in with an Infection Control team reporting to an Infection Control Committee. There is currently no functioning The prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus Also, drug utilization studies are primary in establishing mechanisms to promote the use of this vitamin.

Hence, we investigated the use of Vitamin A in 4 referral paediatric units in Lagos , Nigeria. The study was prospective with the use of questionnaires administered to those patients placed on Vitamin A therapy among Tuberculosis TB is a global health challenge. Currently it is the 7th leading cause of death worldwide, and Nigeria ranks fourth amongst 22 high-burden countries for the disease.

This study sought to appraise the direct and indirect costs borne by TB patients attending the Chest Clinics at the Lagos State University Ambient air particulate matter in Lagos , Nigeria: A study using Mn is a marker element for steel industry and can also be attributed to The high enrichment of Br and Pb at the three sites in Lagos is believed to be due to the heavy.

This study was carried out to highlight the probable correlates of mortality among patients managed for abortion related complications at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. All patients managed for abortion related complications between 1st January and 31st December were studied. Purpose: To determine the compliance of patent medicine vendors PMVs in rural areas of Lagos State, Nigeria with set guidelines to regulate their practice and its implications for malaria control. Methods: A baseline cross-sectional study was conducted as part of an intervention study in two rural local government areas Most of the patients presented with abdominal mass with a unilaterally enlarged kidney, abdominal pain, haematuria and weight loss.

All of them had nephrectomy as initial treatment followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Nigerian Quarterly Journal Cytomegalovirus antibodies among healthy blood donors at Lagos Cytomegalovirus CMV is found worldwide in all geographical locations and socio-economic groups and is the virus most frequently transmitted to a developing child before birth. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors for CMV antibodies among healthy blood donors at Lagos University Temporal variation in the ecology of Kuramo water, Lagos Nigeria Temporal variation in the ecology of Kuramo water was studied in the Lagos lagoon complex.

Physicochemical parameters and heavy metals concentration were analyzed. Eight sites were marked using the geographical positioning system GPS model Water chemistry was determined for 8 months and sampling was The major objective of this research is to examine the variation patterns of road traffic accident in Lagos State. The study used mostly secondary data; accident records and vehicular situation were obtained from the Nigeria police force and Federal Road Safety Commission.

The data were obtained for a period of thirty two Urban Renewal and Associated Problems in Lagos , — The coordination of these infrastructure networks and services, Scintigraphic analysis of thyroid diseases at the Lagos University Out of the patients scanned for various thyroid abnormalities, The incidence of teenage pregnancy in the study population was 1.

The pattern and challenges of infertility management in Lagos , Nigeria. Background: Infertility remains a threat to successful reproduction by couples desirous of pregnancy. Objective: To determine the pattern of infertility cases amongst infertile couples seeking care in Lagos University Teaching Hospital as well as challenges in their management. Methods: A review of the management of Sickle cell disease has remained a public health problem in Nigeria. This study was carried out to determine the knowledge and attitudes of unmarried NYSC members in Lagos State to sickle cell disease and screening.

This study was a cross sectional study. Multistage sampling technique was used to select the Objective: To determine the pattern of infertility cases amongst infertile couples seeking care in Lagos University Teaching. Hospital as well as challenges in their management. Methods: A review of the Pattern of juvenile periodontitis in Lagos University Teaching Objective: The aim of the survey was to study the pattern of juvenile periodontitis patients that presented at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Dental Centre from November to March Methods: Through review of case files of patients, twenty six juvenile periodontitis patients, within the age range of 18 and This article is a historical excursion into the musical activities in Lagos from around Human papillomavirus HPV infection and vaccines: Knowledge, attitude and perception among female students at the University of Lagos , Lagos , Nigeria.

Conclusion: The knowledge of and the perceived susceptibility to HPV infection and HPV-related diseases among female students in the University of Lagos were generally low. The need for a well-designed HPV-educational program to bridge the knowledge gap cannot be overemphasized. Lezioni di analisi matematica. Este comportamiento muestra la fragilidad del lago frente a un aprovechamiento consuntivo excesivo. The studied regressions of the level changes in the Lake Titicaca versus the rainfall and the runoff in the basin, even being relatively low, show an effect of persistence in the proximity of the lake which decreases as we go away from it.

This makes evident that the lake inertia manifests itself the following period lag one in the lake tributaries and obviously in the lake itself, phenomenon which seems to confirm the presence of a feedback mechanism boomerang effect. This behaviour shows the fragility of the lake against the excessive consumptive uses of the waters in its basin.

Introduction Injuries are the third most important cause of overall deaths globally with one-quarter resulting from road traffic crashes. Majority of these deaths occur before arrival in the hospital and can be reduced with prompt and efficient prehospital care. Parameters extracted from the Institution Trauma Registry included bio-data, date and time of injury, date and time of arrival in SER, host status, type of vehicle involved, and region s injured. Information on how patients came to the hospital and outcome in SER also were recorded.

A total of 23, patients were seen during the study period. Among them, 16, Road traffic crashes were responsible in 5, Passengers constituted Four wheelers were the most frequent vehicle type involved Regions mainly affected were head and neck Less than one-quarter Relatives brought Only 2.

They also had significantly shorter arrival time.

lago di bracciano: Topics by

One hundred and nine patients. Atmospheric turbidity and the diffuse irradiance in Lagos , Nigeria. Using simple piecewise linear regression relationships between the atmospheric turbidity using Angstrom turbidity coefficients and the diffuse components of solar radiation are presented. Nigerian medical libraries in a digital age Ibegwam Lagos Journal Background: Use of ionising radiation in diagnostic radiography could lead to hazards such as somatic and genetic damages. Materials and Methods: The study was a prospective cross sectional survey. Convenience sampling technique was used to select four x-ray diagnostic centres in four te Behavioral pattern of commercial public transport passengers in Lagos metropolis.

Full Text Available This study examined the travel behavior of commercial public transport passengers in Lagos State, Nigeria. The descriptive research survey was used in order to assess the opinions of the respondents using the questionnaire. A total of 84 samples were used as representative population, while two null hypotheses were formulated and tested using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient at 0. Secondary data was also sourced to serve as complement to the primary data, thus allowing for a robust research. Descriptive statistical tools such as percentages were also adopted to present the socio-economic characteristics in the area.

It was established that lack of transport infrastructure coupled with poor road maintenance were seen as the leading causes of inaccessibility of the area. Halitosis amongst students in tertiary institutions in Lagos state. Halitosis is defined as a noticeable unpleasant odor from the mouth. It is a medico-social problem that affects a significant number of people around the world. To determine level of awareness of halitosis and prevalence of the condition amongst students in tertiary institutions as a baseline survey. Most of the respondents were single and Christian.

Level of awareness of halitosis was high. There is high level of awareness of halitosis among the respondents. The prevalence of the disorder is low, however, it is recommended that enlightenment campaigns be mounted in schools to improve level of awareness and treatment seeking. Responsabilidad Social Empresarial. Caso Centro Comercial Lago Mall.

C Lago Mall, a quince 15 miembros de la comunidad interna, y a noventa 90 miembros de la comunidad externa del mismo. Los instrumentos fueron validados por cinco 5 expertos en gerencia social, obteniendo una confiabilidad de 0, Lago Mall como socialmente responsable. Lo scambio epistolare avviene nella stessa terra: Pareto a Celigny, sul lago di Ginevra , e Michels a Basilea , lungo le rive del Reno.

Full Text Available Since medical tourism attract patient from various origin to seek medical services at different destinations it is paramount to consider the factors that motivate patrons decision on medical tourism. Metropolitan Lagos is a statistical division and not an administrative unit it extends over 16 of the 20 LGAs of Lagos State it contains 88 of the population of Lagos State and includes semi-rural areas.

Data were collected from primary source. Primary data collection was carried out through the use of structured questionnaire. Systematic sampling technique was employed to select 15 specialized private hospitals and 14 Public hospitals in the study area resulting to a sample size of 29 hospitals.

Ten 10 patrons were contacted in each of the selected hospitals consequently patrons were sampled. The study revealed three factors influencing patronage of medical tourism in the study area to be service related economic and facilities. These were further established by factor analysis result which combine service related economic factor as factor one with The relevant authority in charge of health facilities in the study area would have to employ adequate manpower in-terms of doctors and other healthcare personnel across the public hospital while also regulating the scale of charges of the registered private hospitals in the study area.

There is need to improve upon the. This research investigated total quality management practices and quality teacher education in public tertiary institutions in Lagos State. The study was therefore designed to analyse management practices in Lagos state tertiary institutions through total quality management structural framework. The selected public tertiary institutions in Lagos…. The lagoon serves as a catalyst for economic development in the transformation of Lagos , most especially the eastern district. Fishing is central to the economy of Epe and the entire eastern section of Lagos. However, the fishing industry benefitted immensely from the migrating pattern and economic practices of the Mahin Tubal disease constitutes a major factor in infertility especially in developing countries.

This study was undertaken to assess the hysterosalpingographic patterns seen in infertile patients in an urban centre in Lagos. Two hundred and twenty patients who reported from the gynaecology clinic to the radiology department of Lagos State University…. Lezioni di fisica teorica. Lago La Plata dam is located between the municipalities of Naranjito and Toa Alta in north central Puerto Rico, about 5 kilometers south of the town of Toa Alta and about 5 kilometers north of the town of Naranjito. The reservoir has a drainage area of about square kilometers.

The dam was constructed in and is a concrete gravity structure with a normal pool elevation of During October , the U. Between July 17 and 20, , the USGS and the PRASA conducted an additional bathymetric survey of Lago La Plata to update the reservoir storage capacity and determine the reservoir sedimentation rate by comparing the survey data with the survey data..

The purpose of this report is to update the reservoir storage capacity, sedimentation rates, and areas of substantial sediment accumulation since Historical data are referenced as needed to account for long-term storage capacity loss trends Presenza di Istrice Hystrix cristata negli argini fluviali: problematiche ed esperienze in provincia di Perugia. Full Text Available A seguito di danneggiamento di argini fluviali da parte dell? Ambiente il necessario parere alla cattura e traslocazione della specie da tutti i reticoli fluviali in cui si sono avute segnalazioni. Inizialmente sono state adoperate trappole-galleria per Nutria N, poi integrate o sostituite con modelli appositamente realizzati per Istrice Is.

A danno: otto sistemi di cunicoli in m di argine a ridosso di coltivazioni; periodo d? Catturando ind.

Edizioni dellUniversit degli Studi di Pavia

I risultati migliori sito B si sono ottenuti con l. Phylogeny of Lagos bat virus: challenges for lyssavirus taxonomy. Lagos bat virus LBV belongs to genotype 2 of the Lyssavirus genus. The complete nucleoprotein N , phosphoprotein P , matrixprotein M and glycoprotein G genes of 13 LBV isolates were sequenced and phylogenetically compared with other lyssavirus representatives.

The results identified three different lineages of LBV. One of these lineages demonstrated sufficient sequence diversity to be considered a new lyssavirus genotype Dakar bat lyssavirus. The suggested quantitative separation of lyssavirus genotypes using the N, P, M and G genes was also investigated using P-distances matrixes. Results indicated that the current criteria should be revised since overlaps between intergenotypic and intragenotypic variation occur.

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Storie di genere, storie di partito. Full Text Available Lo studio delle narrazioni di genere all'interno di questo tipo di organizzazione desta inoltre un particolare interesse anche in ragione della sottorappresentazione delle donne nella sfera della politica.

Sulla base di tale vuoto di ricerca e riflessione, il presente articolo si propone di mettere in luce le pratiche e le culture di genere che emergono dai racconti di uomini e donne all'interno di due organizzazioni partitiche, una di destra e una di sinistra, situate nel contesto territoriale della provincia di Trento.

Un'ulteriore dimensione analitica. Fondamenti di fisica dei plasmi. Introduzione ; collisioni del plasma ; equazioni cinetiche per particelle cariche ; plasmi in equilibrio termodinamico ; funzione di distribuzione di particelle cariche in un campo elettrico ; equazioni dei momenti della funzione di distribuzione ; processi di trasporto nel plasma in assenza di campi magnetici ; moto di particelle cariche nel plasma in presenza di campi magnetici ; processi di trasporto in campo magnetico ; confinamento del plasma mediante campi magnetici.

Iron stores in regular blood donors in Lagos , Nigeria. This study was carried out to assess body iron stores in regular blood donors. Methods: A total of 52 regular study and 30 first-time control volunteer blood donors were studied prospectively. Twenty milliliters of venous blood was drawn from each subject, 5 mL of which was put into sodium ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid specimen bottles for a full blood count, including red blood cell indices. The remaining sample was allowed to clot in a plain container, and the serum was then retrieved for serum ferritin, serum iron, and serum transferrin receptor measurement by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Results: Mean hemoglobin and packed cell volume in the study group Mean serum ferritin was Mean serum ferritin for women in the study group Similarly, men in the study group had a lower.

Music facing up to Silence writing on Toru Takemitsu

Lo studio individua linee guida per la generalizzazione della metodologia nei processi di valorizzazione di un patrimonio culturale periferico. The article aims to explore the potential of participative methods to enhance the value of peripheral cultural wealth. The rural area is characterised by the presence of peripheral cultural heritage comparing tourist and cultural proposals in Piedmont, but a cultural plan has been developed to animate the local context and to overcome the condition of isolation. The results identify best practices to generalize the methodology in order to enhance the value of peripheral cultural wealth.

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

En los lagos de la Amazonia Central, Eichhornia crassipes Mart. Durante este estudio, se capturaron un total de ejemplares adultos y ninfas. Healthcare waste management status in Lagos State, Nigeria: a case study from selected healthcare facilities in Ikorodu and Lagos metropolis.

A survey of healthcare waste management practices and their implications for health and the environment was carried out. The study assessed waste management practices in 20 healthcare facilities ranging in capacity from 40 to beds in Ikorodu and metropolitan Lagos , Lagos State, Nigeria.

The prevailing healthcare waste management status was analysed. Management issues on quantities and proportion of different constituents of waste, segregation, collection, handling, transportation, treatment and disposal methods were assessed. The waste generation averaged 0. The waste stream from the healthcare facilities consisted of general waste In general, the waste materials were collected in a mixed form, transported and disposed of along with municipal solid waste with attendant risks to health and safety.

Most facilities lacked appropriate treatment systems for a variety of reasons that included inadequate funding and little or no priority for healthcare waste management as well as a lack of professionally competent waste managers among healthcare providers. Hazards associated with healthcare waste management and shortcomings in the existing system were identified. Department of the Interior — The U. This implies a wide gap in prices between wholesalers and retailers. Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to analise the point of view and the varitions of the speech in Lanzarote del Lago BNE ms to observe how the compilator worked the French source, Lancelot en prose.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The bathymetry data provided represent a continuous surface of interpolated point measurements of depth values of Lago Curuai, an Amazon River floodplain lake, Lezioni di Cosmologia Teorica. Contiene gli elementi di base della cosmologia relativistica, del modello cosmologico standard e del suo completamento inflazionario. Non mancano infine alcuni accenni ad argomenti di inter Sintesi stereoselettiva di piridilammine.

Tra i possibili approcci alla sintesi di questi composti noi abbiamo investigato la riduzione diastereoselettiva di N-sostituite p-totil e tert-butil piridil chetimmine con una serie di agenti riducenti NaBH4, L-Selectride, DIBAL, 9-BBN in diverse condizioni di reazione. Principi di Marketing. Principi di marketing propone un quadro dei processi di gestione del marketing relativamente innovativo, ispirato a un modello rigoroso e semplice al tempo stesso: il valore, dei clienti, per i clienti e delle relazioni con i clienti.

Taratura di un 'apparecchiatura per misura di piccole percentuali di uranio in soluzione acida di acqua distillata. Al variaredella diluizione si registra il numero di particelle che il Geiger conta, e quindisi riporta in grafico.

Table of contents

Testimonianze di vittime degli anni di piombo. Full Text Available Los grandes lagos de Nicaragua, son comparables con el sistema de grandes lagos africanos. Este promedio fue de 0. Problemi di Fisica. Il Cratilo di Platone. Previous studies on estate marketing identified that there are challenges affecting estate marketing and the resultant effect on these challenges affects the credibility of the profession of Estate Surveying and Valuation in Nigeria.

This necessitates the need to examine the practice of estate marketing in Nigeria. This study examined estate marketing practice among estate surveyors and valuers in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. The sample size for the study is the 64 registered Estate Surveying and Valuation firms in the study area. Data gathered were analyzed using descriptive statistics and 5-point likert ordinal scale. Findings from the study revealed that the use of brochure or bulletin is the most common estate marketing method in the study area.

Also, it was revealed from the study that the use of press is the most cost effective method of estate marketing in the study area. The study identified the various challenges of estate marketing. However, collection of double professional fees is the most prevalent challenge of estate marketing in the study area. Finally, aggressive marketing which leads to unethical practices is the most prevalent mitigating measures adopted by Estate Surveyors and Valuers in the study area. Recommendations were made on how to review the ethical regulations guiding the practice of Estate Surveying and Valuation which will consequently improve marketing in the study area.

Congenital club foot in a teaching hospital in Lagos , Nigeria. Congenital club foot has been sparsely reported in literature in Nigeria, although it has been reported as the commonest congenital musculoskeletal abnormality. This study enumerates the point prevalence of this disease in a university teaching hospital in Lagos. Better understanding of the epidemiology in our community should improve awareness, and influence management. Between June and July , 72 consecutive patients with congenital club feet were seen in the orthopaedic clinic of our Hospital.

Demographic data, birth weight, family history, birth facility, maternal age and associated congenital anomalies were recorded and analysed using Statistical Programme for Social Sciences SPSS version A total of 72 patients were seen, 28 of whom had bilateral club feet resulting in a total of feet. There were 38 males and 34 females. Maternal ages ranged between 19 and 38 years and no family history of congenital club foot was given,. The commonest associated congenital anomalies were tibia hemimelia, hydrocephalus, inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia.

Congenital club foot may not be uncommon in Nigeria. Late presentation and high default rate before correction of the deformity were observed. Establishment of special club foot clinics should reduce the default rate. Training of healthcare workers in maternity units as well as Public awareness should encourage early referral to specialists. Equazione di Dirac. Relativamente poco noto al gran pubblico, il premio Nobel Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac appartiene a quel gruppo di uomini di ingegno che nei primi decenni del secolo contribuirono a dare alla nostra concezione del mondo fisico la sua impronta attuale.

Using satellite images to monitor glacial-lake outburst floods: Lago Cachet Dos drainage, Chile.

Friesen, Beverly A. The U. A GLOF is a type of flood that occurs when water impounded by a glacier or a glacial moraine is released catastrophically. Data on the utilization of the available oral health facilities by university undergraduates is scarce in Nigeria. To determine the level of utilization of oral health care services and to identify the barriers to seeking treatment among University of Lagos students. A cross-sectional survey was carried out among University of Lagos undergraduates. Systematic sampling was used to select participants after randomly selecting a male and female hostel.

Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to participants and collected immediately. The data was analyzed using Epi info version 6. Statistical significance was evaluated with chi square test and p-value facilities. Lagos bat virus transmission in an Eidolon helvum bat colony, Ghana. A brain sample of a straw-coloured fruit bat Eidolon helvum from Ghana without evident signs of disease tested positive by generic Lyssavirus RT-PCR and direct antigen staining.

Sequence analysis confirmed the presence of a Lagos bat virus belonging to phylogenetic lineage A. No cross-neutralization was observed against a different Lagos bat virus lineage B. ABR Lagos S. Para el logro del objeti Design e valutazione di una esperienza di mobile learning. Full Text Available Analisi dello sviluppo scientifico e tecnologico nel campo di mobile learning, con particolare riferimento ai problemi di progettazione e valutazione nelle esperienze.

Vengono analizzate le caratteristiche di metodologia didattica innovativa insieme a delle proposte per strumenti operativi concreti che consentano di progettare interventi didattici di mobile learning. Fixed drug eruption at a dermatology clinic in Lagos , Nigeria. Full Text Available Background: Fixed drug eruption FDE is common cutaneous drug eruption characterized by the development of one or more annular, oval, erythematous, and hyperpigmented patches as a result of systemic exposure to a drug.

Drugs causing FDE vary with prevailing diseases and prescription pattern in different parts of the world. This study is aimed at reviewing cases of FDE seen at the dermatology outpatient clinic of Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH over a 9-year period, highlighting the spectrum of drugs implicated and the clinical characteristics. Materials and Methods: Data were obtained from the clinic records and patients' case notes. These included the demographic details, duration of presentation, drugs implicated, and clinical characteristics.

Results: FDE was diagnosed in 1. There was a slight female preponderance. Antimalarials were the commonest group of medications implicated Sulfonamides were the commonest group of drugs found in 78 patients Conclusion: Concerted efforts are needed to discourage over-the-counter sales and purchase of nonprescription sulfonamide-based medications. Patients should inform their caregivers at any point of care about their reaction to drugs. It is advised that they have a list of common implicating drugs and they wear a medic alert or carry an ID card bearing this information.

Herbal medicine use among urban residents in Lagos , Nigeria. Background Over three-quarter of the world's population is using herbal medicines with an increasing trend globally. Herbal medicines may be beneficial but are not completely harmless. This study aimed to assess the extent of use and the general knowledge of the benefits and safety of herbal medicines among urban residents in Lagos , Nigeria. Methods The study involved participants recruited by cluster and random sampling techniques. Participants were interviewed with a structured open- and close-ended questionnaire.

The information obtained comprises the demography and types of herbal medicines used by the respondents; indications for their use; the sources, benefits and adverse effects of the herbal medicines they used. Results A total of 12 herbal medicines crude or refined were used by the respondents, either alone or in combination with other herbal medicines.

Herbal medicines were reportedly used by Family and friends had a marked influence on Herbal medicines were considered safe by half of the respondents despite Conclusions Herbal medicine is popular among the respondents but they appear to be ignorant of its potential toxicities. It may be necessary to evaluate the safety, efficacy and quality of herbal medicines and their products through randomised clinical trial studies.

Public enlightenment programme about safe use of herbal medicines may be necessary as a means of minimizing the potential adverse effects. Self-medication for infants with colic in Lagos , Nigeria. Full Text Available Abstract Background Infantile colic is a self-limiting condition that is distributed worldwide. It is often misdiagnosed as an organic disease for which an infant is admitted to the hospital. Many studies have described the aetiopathogenesis, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management of colic but none has evaluated self-medication for infants with colic.

The aim of this study was therefore to determine the knowledge of Nigerian mothers about colic, their home-based management, extent of self-medication for the infants with colic and the types of medicines involved.

Table of contents

Methods It is a prospective study conducted at the vaccination clinics of 20 primary health care centres, each from different Local Government Areas in Lagos , Nigeria. Eight hundred mothers that brought their infants for vaccination between April and September, were interviewed with open-and close-ended questionnaire. Results Six hundred and eighty three Incessant and excessive cry was the main clinical feature of colic identified by Three hundred and seventy eight Herbal medicines constituted Conclusion Nigerian mothers are deficient in their knowledge of colic.

Self-medication was the most frequently used home-based intervention. Health education would appear necessary to improve parental management of this self-limiting condition. Esercizi scelti di algebra. Gli argomenti di questo primo volume sono: principio d'induzione, combinatoria, congruenze, gruppi abeliani, anelli commutativi, polinomi, estensioni di campi, campi finiti. Una serie di esercizi preliminari introduce le tecniche principali da usare per confrontarsi con i testi d'esame proposti. Autobiografia di un fisico. Introduzione alle teorie di gauge. Anche se collegato ai volumi precedenti, il libro si presta ad una lettura indipendente, che presume solo conoscenze generali di relativita speciale, della seconda quantizzazione e della fenomenologia delle interazioni elettrodeboli.

L'esposizione segue un percorso pedagogico, che parte dal caso semplice dell'ampiezza di transizione in meccanica quantistic Occorre riconoscere che tale atteggiamento era almeno in parte frutto di un preconcetto errato sul significato della statistica, ma che d'altra parte la natura dei lavori di tal genere che venivano alla luce sembrava a volte confermare la giustezza del preconcetto. Programmazione del Network di 'Virologia Ambientale': Stato di avanzamento. Nell'intervento si presenta lo stato di avanzamento dei lavori riguardo la realizzazione dell'infrastruttura telematica del 'Network di Virologia Ambientale' promosso dal 'Dipartimento di Patologia Sperimentale, Biotecnologie Mediche, Infettivologia ed Epidemiologia' dell'Universit?

This study examined the day caring methods among the civil servants of reproductive age with children between three months to four years in Lagos State Nigeria. The research design employed for this study was a descriptive research design. A total number of teachers and ministry workers making a total of reproductive age mothers were….

Ecological health status of the Lagos wetland ecosystems: Implications for coastal risk reduction. Agboola, Julius I. Lagos , a major urban agglomeration in the world is characterized by wetlands and basin for upstream rivers such as Ogun, Oshun and Yewa Rivers. Ongoing environmental pressures exerted by large-scale land reclamation for residential quarters, refuse and sewage dumping, and other uses, however, are suspected to have had a substantial impact on ecological health of the Lagos wetland ecosystems over the last few decades.

There are indications of steady rise in greenhouse gas levels in Lagos since air CO2 value at BL have reached global threshold of ppm with OO and FI closely approaching. We conclude that the Lagos wetland ecosystems, especially OO and FI still have some semblance of natural habitat. However, further destruction and unwise use of the resources could cause damage to physical, chemical, geological and biological processes in nature, which could result to grave socio-economic and cultural consequences to the local communities whose livelihood and lifestyle depend on these valued wetlands.

Reprint of Ecological health status of the Lagos wetland ecosystems: Implications for coastal risk reduction. Background: The exact burden of childhood renal disease among Nigerians, particularly in the Lagos environment is not known. Local literature by focusing on the nephortic syndrome seemingly gives the impression that it constitutes the most important and perhaps the most common of these diseases. In practices however Until very recently poor attention has been given to the management of wetlands in Nigeria despite their significance in the global food and water supply, energy needs and disaster management.

Due to the rapid development of the Lagos coastal areas for commerce and industrial purposes, the natural coastal vegetation The review of literature points to the fact that exploitation of the factory workers in the long run leads to strained relationships between management and staff. The situation becomes conflictual to the extent that both Decision scenario analysis for addressing sediment accumulation in Lago Lucchetti, Puerto Rico.

A Bayesian belief network BBN was used to characterize the effects of sediment accumulation on water storage capacity of a reservoir Lago Lucchetti in southwest Puerto Rico and the potential of different management options to increase reservoir life expectancy. Water and sedi The purpose of this paper was to examine the relationship between job satisfaction levels of sports officers and sports performance of secondary schools in Lagos State.

Data were collected from subjects across 10 Local Education Districts. Job Descriptive Index was used to determine job satisfaction while performance in the Principals' Soccer…. Investigation into ivory trade in selected markets and hotels in Lagos The market growth for wildlife trophy collection is gradually leading to a decline in animal population. Thus, trade in ivory constitutes a potential threat to biodiversity conservation. The extent of this treat was therefore investigated via a 3-month survey of trade in ivory in selected markets and hotels in Lagos , Nigeria.

The study examined issues surrounding tenure security of land for urban crop farming and identified constraints that must be dealt with in order to facilitate land accessibility and productivity of urban crop farmers in the Lagos metropolis. To investigate the prevalence of maternal selenium deficiency and its effects on pregnancy outcomes in pregnant women with HIV in Lagos , Nigeria. Participants were selected by consecutive sampling and baseline data were collected through interviews. Venous blood samples were obtained to measure selenium concentrations, and associations between low maternal selenium concentrations defined as Lagos was relatively high.

The significant associations observed between maternal selenium deficiency and adverse pregnancy outcomes could have implications for the future management of HIV in pregnancy. A twelve-period. Markov model has been developed for the monthly rainfall data for Lagos , along the coast of Seccional del Lago Lleu Lleu extracto del resumen ejecutivo del estudio. This article examines the perceptions of inclusive education in Lagos , Nigeria, based upon in-depth interviews conducted with students with visual impairments during the month of July The results and discussions are situated within critical disability theory.

Despite decades of inclusive education policies, the findings of the study show…. The aim of this paper is to establish the influence of time on accessibility in Lagos Island, Nigeria. It was observed that generally, average driving speed was observed to be lower over short than over long distance routes. High speeds tend to be concentrated within a distance band of over 2.

Work-Life Balance among academic staff of the University of Lagos Work-Life Balance among academic staff of the University of Lagos. Work-life balance is associated with the maintenance of stability in both one's professional and personal life. It is key to the welfare and, subsequently, job satisfaction and productivity of employees. It is against this understanding that this study Trust in government and the politics of fuel subsidy removal in Lagos. It covered the three senatorial districts in Lagos using data obtained from Within salvation: girl hawkers and the colonial state in development era Lagos.

For almost two decades between the close of the Second World War and Nigerian independence in , the British colonial state which faced a crisis of legitimacy in Lagos upheld city ordinances that made itinerant trading by young children in Lagos a punishable status offense. Although anti-trading regulations were gender-neutral in their language, girls were disproportionately sanctioned for engaging in street trading and related activities. In defending their concentration on girl sellers over boy sellers, colonial welfare officials painted a picture of the urban context as an inherently dangerous context and of girls as being particularly at risk of violent assault in the city, making them particularly in need of protection from town life.

Sources which show that parents generally resisted or ignored the street trading regulations and continued permitting their daughters to sell despite entreaties, warnings, or fines from colonial officials, suggest that African parents and British colonial officials may have had conflicting views on the inherent danger of the city, on what constituted child endangerment, and on the gendered nature of childhood.

This article argues that the girl saving campaigns of development era Lagos were as much about the legitimization of a colonial state facing a crisis of legitimacy as they were about debates between African parents and colonial welfare officials in Lagos concerning ideas of children and childhood and the dangers of street trading by African girls. Coastal Dump Sites in the Lagos lagoon and toxicity of their An assessment of the coastal dumpsites and their impacts on shrimp mortality in the Lagos lagoon was investigated.

The study involved a census of dumpsites in the major sections of the coastline associated with anthropogenic activities, followed by specific bioassay to determine the acute toxicity of leachates from one of This royal largesse Ocular findings seen among the staff of an institution in Lagos , Nigeria. Background:The degree to which ocular morbidity affects workers productivity in the developing countries has not been studied adequately.

A federal government research institute based in Lagos introduced an annual health screen for all its workers, which included eye tests. This provided an opportunity to study the It examines how. Long stay patients in a psychiatric hospital in Lagos , Nigeria Taiwo Objective: In the face of recently introduced government health reform and the dwindling number of available beds for acutely ill patients, a cross sectional study was carried out on long-stay patients at the years old psychiatric hospital Yaba, Lagos , Nigeria with a view to discharging most of them.

Method: Necessary Dai bisogni di salute al consumo di risorse sanitarie in provincia di Bergamo: profilo degli indicatori di bisogno, domanda, offerta. Obiettivi : istituzione di un sistema di monitoraggio sanitario community-based; definizione di indicatori sanitari comparabili tramite un esame critico dei dati esistenti; sviluppo di metodologie per la raccolta e la validazione dei dati; supporto alla creazione di un sistema efficace e affidabile di trasferimento e scambio dei dati e degli indicatori stessi con uso spinto della tecnologia telematica; elaborazione di metodi e di strumenti necessari alla produzione di analisi e relazioni.

A clinicopathological study of dyspeptic subjects in Lagos , Nigeria. Full Text Available The clinicopathological and endoscopic features of dyspepsia have not been well studied in Nigeria due to the high cost of gastroscopes and lack of the relevant expertise. This study was designed to highlight these features and possible risk factors. This prospective study was conducted on adult dyspeptic patients who fulfilled the study criteria from November to December at a University hospital in Lagos , Nigeria.

Demographic and clinical presentation including possible risk factors were obtained through a questionnaire administered by an interviewer followed by an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and gastric biopsy. Of the subjects who took part in the study, gave their consent to an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and biopsy. The male:female ratio was , mean age was Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug NSAID use as a risk factor had a significant association with positive endoscopic findings; relative risk for development of positive endoscopic findings was 1.

The most common type of gastritis was the non-specific form Pylori-associated gastritis The topography of gastritis was mainly pangastritis The prevalence of H. The presence of H. Alarm symptoms were found to be important markers of. Diverticular disease at colonoscopy in Lagos State, Nigeria. The upsurge in the reported cases of diverticular disease DD has led to a re-appraisal of the earlier held views that it was a rare entity in Nigeria.

The advent of colonoscopy has contributed in no small way to this change. We sought to determine the clinical characteristics, indications for colonoscopy, and intra-procedural findings among these patients. A retrospective cross-sectional study was carried out on the colonoscopy records from four private endoscopy units based in Lagos State, Nigeria. The records were drawn from a 5-year period August to July The endoscopy logs and reports were reviewed, and the bio data, indications, and colonoscopy findings were gleaned.

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A total of colonoscopies were carried out in the stated period. Of these, 28 Of the patients with DD, 5 Regional disease involved the right side alone in only one case 3. Five cases DD should no longer be regarded as a rare problem in the Nigerian patient. The study findings support the notion of higher prevalence among the elderly, in males, and of sigmoid colon involvement. Stakeholders views on why child overweight and obesity is rising in Lagos , Nigeria: A qualitative study.

Full Text Available Background and Objective: According to the World Health Organization, the number of obese children would increase to 70 million by if no intervention is made. An increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among school children in Lagos State, Nigeria has been established, but specific factors promoting its prevalence are unknown. The aim of this study was to elicit the views of stakeholders on the perceived causes for the rise in child overweight and obesity.

Methods: Five focus group discussions were conducted with different groups of stakeholders involved in child care, namely: Parents, teachers, and healthcare givers. Participants were recruited using a purposive sampling method; a structured question guide was employed for the discussion sessions. The discussions were recorded, collated, and analyzed using grounded theory to extract themes.

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