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So true — it all comes down to common sense in the end and taking the same precautions you would at home, plus maybe a few more dependant on where you are travelling too — a little research goes a long way. So true, Katie! I always make sure to look up the important things before I travel — common scams, how women are expected to dress, etc. I love traveling alone.

I do what I want when I want. Traveling alone opens us up to a different sort of experience. Every woman should try it at least once. I love the freedom I have when traveling alone, and I DO definitely think you have a completely different experience than if you were traveling with friends or a significant other.

I, too, think every woman should try it at least once! Great article — and so true! I have consistently travelled solo, and it really annoys me how the media portrays certain places. As ane spat now living in Athens, Greece — I am especially angered at how the foreign media portrays my adopted country, hence why I started my blog. I am always being spoken to by old ladies on the bus…who usually want to know where I get my lovely clothes from and struggle with the concept of ebay ;0.

I definitely agree. And, like you mentioned, people were really helpful! I had an old man tell me I had a nice smile, and then helped me navigate a metro stop and find the exit I needed to get to my hotel. I completely agree that there is unnecessary fear surrounding solo female travel.

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When I was little, it was my dream to travel the world by myself, but EVERY single person in my life has always told me it would be too dangerous and therefore not possible. Mexico, Brazil, India, etc. I totally know what you mean! I actually prefer to travel alone because I meet more people this way. And yes, the media totally overhypes dangers in other countries. You just have to be aware of your surroundings and read up on what to watch out for in the places you are visiting, and replace fear with an appetite for adventure which you do well!

Solo travel is just amazing and sometimes I thought I was safer while I travel that when I come back home in Paris. You just need to be careful and not put yourself in danger.


If I were scared, I would not be going? I never really gave much thought to the female part. I always felt that any woman traveling solo would have the same fears as a man traveling solo. But the world has proved me wrong. I love this post, thank you. Actually, just anywhere to get over the initial nerves. You are so right, between worrying moms and an overhyped media, one would think you are walking into danger if you decide to travel solo! YES go for it I used a Japanese train pass for 6 weeks of solo travel and did great.

I stayed at airbnb rentals and some hostels. If not NOW then when? Hey Amanda , I am always Afraid to travel alone but after reading your blog i am inspire from you…I planned a trip …if it is successful i will definitely tell you…!! Especially New Delhi has high rape rates and violance against women. However, one still needs to exercise common sense caution. New Delhi is not somehow worse than other major cities with crime. Actually she has a lot of great tips for a first timer, so I recommend having a […]. After graduation, Amanda moved to New Zealand mainly because of Lord of the Rings , which sparked […].

Just 1 question. On your trips, are you sometimes camping in the wild, free, like we in Europe are allowed to do in Scandinavia and Iceland tent, camper, small van. Or are you always sleeping in a hotel or a place where many other people are staying overnight Backpackers etc. This, for me, is NOT freedom while traveling.

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Are there other women on this website traveling like me? You Amanda? Good for you! Like, at all. In fact, I got one on my Facebook page recently, asking why […].

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But I generally travel with friends, because I get quite lonely and I can be kind of shy. Hi Amanda, I see you have traveled to Thailand. I am going to be traveling to Thailand for the first time February I am going the first 3 weeks by myself and my husband will join me the last 2 weeks.

I have been contemplating on if I should do a 2 week guided tour or do it on my own. Do you have any suggestions for doing it solo? Are there groups of people you can meet prior to your trip that might be there the same time? Looking for any suggestions and recommendations. Hey Susan! As far as Southeast Asia goes, Thailand is probably the easiest to tackle on your own because the tourism infrastructure is pretty good.

Intrepid Travel is one of my favorite small group tour companies. Now I re-read my comment of august , the one I posted some months before Charlie Hebdo in Paris, before later the Paris killings and… Brussels bombing on march 22th, Sad, because I know victims of this last attack. And I realised for a long time already and more now, that your own town, country, region you know best, is NOT safer than travelling to forreign countries.

I just could read a small part of her problems she had during that trip, by mail I would like to read more Can someone copy paste it for me? Can someone give me some advice about renting a car I can sleep in to do this roadtrip? And what about Indian summer? But I think a campervan is way too big for me. A big car would be nice.

Thanks for your information. Am I allowed?

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  • No cars, no dogs allowed. Krakau is another very very nice town in Poland, with a lot of culture and history world war II, architecture, an excellent atmosphere, beautiful horse drawn carriages,big jewish heritage…. Why I post this in this topic? Because it was a beautiful trip 14 days , because Poland may be a little bit unknown to forreigners, and….

    There is something about sitting down at a table alone that I find intimidating. I suppose if I did it regularly, I would get used to it. But it definitely does get easier the more you do it. I was so chuffed when I booked it Busabout Flexitrip! Your reassurance was exactly what I needed to hear, so thanks a bunch. You are going to have a great time! Number one on my list was the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. It was the first time I ever crossed the border and I dipped my foot into the Pacific Ocean for the first time on that trip too.

    It was It was an incredible trip. I hiked to Punchbowl Falls, went to Mt. Helens and even camped right next to the ocean for a couple of nights. The next year I took a 3 week solo camping trip to both rims of the Grand Canyon plus Mesa Verde with numerous side trips along the way. I still called her daily more often than not. For the most part I still travel alone.

    I prefer it. I do what I want when I want and how I want. Nothing frustrates me more than women and some men who refuse to try traveling solo. The more you get out and experience the world the more you realize that the world is not that scary as long as you do your research ahead of time. Good for you, Grace! I love to boondock in Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lots, and I actually feel very safe there considering the lighting and knowing there are security cameras.

    Hello Amanda, Thank your for your post and very good article you have shared something important for solo travelling. You can absolutely travel solo in your own country — you should do whatever is comfortable for you! Thank You for this post. It true that still there are lots of problems and troubles that a women has to face in her day to day life. But still there is no one can take an action against it. Every day we come across lots of cases of violence against women. We all say its modern days going, we are advanced, there is no difference between a men and women but this are all just things to say.

    Our thinking is the same. A women is always a women for a men. She can never be equal to home. I love the feeling when I first traveled alone,it is very adventures and super exciting. I also love doing solo travelling and all of those reasons you wrote are absolutely true! Hi, Thanks for sharing this. I normally just find one place I like and make friends with the staff. Eating alone has been a challenge for me on my solo travels, too! Well, doing homework is what make things easy. I still remember the time when I went to Barcelona without knowing much about the place.

    Who is taking all those pictures of you when you are a solo traveler? And how they turn out so well?? Loving your posts! It depends! Sometimes I get another person to take them even when traveling solo, I often meet up with people on my travels. Other times I set up my camera on a tripod or rock and use a timer or my phone to snap the photos myself. Skip to content. Some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! Read the full disclosure policy here.

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    Just being smart and trusting your gut really can keep you safe in most any situation! Corinne 4 years ago. Jaimee 4 years ago. I hope India treats you well! Pam Winholtz 4 years ago. Monika 4 years ago. Natalie 4 years ago. Gina Isaacs 3 years ago. Amanda 3 years ago. Ellen 4 years ago. Inka 4 years ago. Priya 4 years ago. Juliann 4 years ago. Katie The World on my Necklace 4 years ago. So true — it all comes down to common sense in the end and taking the same precautions you would at home, plus maybe a few more dependant on where you are travelling too — a little research goes a long way Reply.

    Leah 4 years ago. Rebecca Hall Bex 4 years ago. I am always being spoken to by old ladies on the bus…who usually want to know where I get my lovely clothes from and struggle with the concept of ebay ;0 Reply. Awww now I have visions of adorable old Greek ladies! Kelly The Wandering Blonde 4 years ago. Valen-Travelscamming 4 years ago. Laura 4 years ago. Definitely, Laura! Anita 4 years ago. Carol Jean 2 years ago. Amanda 2 years ago.

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    • Sia Sharma 4 years ago. Good luck, Sia! Embrace the alone-ness! Fini 4 years ago. Kevin 2 years ago. She started to dance when she was just four years old, and loved it. As her parents, we loved to see her grace and poise. But her prosthetic leg was still stuck at an immovable right angle. She was able to go on demi-pointe with her left foot, but not with her right leg. This did not matter while she was so young that no one judged her. On the day she looked immaculate, in blue leotard, tights and a swirly blue ballet skirt, her hair in a tight bun.

      As she disappeared to be marked, like all the other girls, I sat with the other parents outside the examining hall, hoping all had gone well. When the results came through, we were appalled to discover that Pollyanna had apparently been marked down because of her disability. She only received a pass, while the other girls received merits or distinctions.

      She is unable to fully bend the knee, she has no mobility in the ankle and cannot put her weight on that leg. Therefore she is unable to fully demi-plie, point her toe or rise up onto demi-pointe and also finds travelling steps such as running, skipping and galloping very difficult. Despite her disability Pollyanna loves to dance and wanted to be able to take her exam with the other children in the class.

      Our disappointment was crushing. As her parents, we were unwilling to let Pollyanna continue in a discipline which marked her down simply because of the way she is. So Pollyanna stopped going to ballet.

      Please Step Over Here: The Perils Of Traveling As A Trans Woman

      She is now successfully taking part in Riding for the Disabled. Pollyanna takes part in Riding for the Disabled, supported by her father, Christopher Hope. But surely this was wrong? ISTD warned gravely that it risked losing its ability to examine students if it made too many allowances for little girls like Pollyanna. It was an impressive wall of official justification; but at the end of the day it did nothing to help a little girl with one leg who simply wanted to do ballet and be judged to the best of her ability. I dug a little deeper.

      And that was just for one of the four examining boards.

      Perils of Polly: Adventures of an Independent Traveler | eBay

      The total for all four examining boards could run into the thousands of disabled children. To do so risks not only prejudicing the results of those candidates for whom adjustments are not made; but also, I would argue, devaluing the achievements of the candidate for whom they are made. I was furious. And at this point I decided to alert Government ministers to what was going on. Nick Gibb, an Education minister. Nick Gibb, an Education minister, went a step further. He wrote to the ISTD to protest.