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Thrilling and chilling! Good suspense, imaginative premise. Skriv anmeldelse. Betal med gavekort her. Om Pushed She didn't know how far she'd go--until she was pushed. ARKs anbefalinger. Det finnes ingen vurderinger av dette produktet. Vis forrige. Tips en venn. Nov 20, Abbie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-unlimited. Ignited was a good read. I really liked how Remy and Lucy was so close in the last two books, so it was sad to see them not getting along in the beginning of this one. I loved how the love triangle ended, she defiantly ended up with the right guy!

The pacing in this one was perfect. There was loads of action, but it wasn't rushed, and i wasn't bored once. Overall, A great sequel. Oct 05, Mike rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. So to recap: so far, this series has been okay, but not particularly noteworthy. The world Jackson built was never very interesting to me, and I was beginning to lose interest in the characters as well. I was hoping the character arcs would begin to advance more, and that Jackson could flesh out the world to make it more worldbuilding, while writing a satisfying plot to end the series.

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So does this book live up to any of that? I know that Jackson is a skilled author, from reading If I Lie - can she write another book that interesting? Short answer: No. Not even close. This was easily the worst book in the trilogy, and it was a huge chore to get through.

As it turns out… nope. I had already known it, but this book definitively proves to me that Jackson is not suited to writing fantasy, and that she needs to write another contemporary book before I ever like one of her books again. This series was always a big departure for her, but this book has so little to do with what made me think she has potential as an author that I had trouble remembering that Jackson has written anything good before.

For all my complaints about this novel, Jackson does lay the foundations for a decent finale in the early pages. She establishes high stakes, she gives the characters an emotional investment in the outcome, and she gives them a clear goal to work towards. For a few chapters, I even felt a sense of tension. The only real events that happen seem to move the plot sideways, rather than forward. The reason these characters are here is to expand the worldbuilding, and wrap up all the mysteries. There are allusions to tons of characters who we only barely meet and never get to know or care about, and the backstory to all of the characters gets too convoluted to keep track of.

And why should I try to keep track? There are also plenty of subplots involving other characters, but none of them particularly stood out to me. Remi is still a well-rendered character, and she did get some sort of arc in this book, which is better than what we got in Pushed.

Series by cover

But in the end, I never cared about it very much. I still want to believe that Jackson can write another novel as good as If I Lie if she returns to contemporary. It really is a shame that Jackson let me down this much - I never had high expectations for this series, exactly, but I expected better than this. This review can also be found on my blog. Oct 12, Treena rated it did not like it Shelves: paranormal-urban-fantasy.

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I was right about the stupid love triangle that developed in book2. I didn't like this book mainly because I really don't like love triangles. Jun 17, M. A great conclusion to the series! I love the heroine. She's a character that has a great balance of strong and vulnerable. I find myself frustrated because they either collapse in on themselves or they shrug things off way too easily.

This heroine is someone I feel for and enjoy reading her story. And though she's in a fantasy world, her struggles feel real and endearing. The plot A great conclusion to the series! The plot moved a little slow in the middle of the book. This story focuses on the heroine and her group trying to rescue her dad, but they do spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for things to happen. While mostly this time was filled with great character development which I loved! I loved the ending. The author spent quite a bit of time winding down the story and it really worked in this series.

It gives a great sense of closure without everything being wrapped up in a cute little bow as they all ride off into the sunset. It feels like they've reached a moment of peace and bliss and have been able to assure themselves some peace, but there are still a lot of issues in the air and sadness.

I liked it because it gave time to show the characters dealing with the fallout of the climax, rather than just immediately ending the story. The mythology was a little more convoluted in this book. It introduces a new concept--the Phoenix. It was a little bizarre and I'm not entirely sure it really fits in well with the rest of the story. It felt a little tacked on and unnecessary.

Without picking apart several different examples, I'll just say that it was definitely inconsistent at least from what I could tell. All that aside, I loved the series and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even with the few little issues here and there, I really enjoyed it. Nov 29, Cecilia rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , released , read , series-ended. One of the best ever! Oct 16, juh rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

Mar 31, Lara rated it really liked it. First of - i really really dislike the cover. Looks kinda cheap, doesn't it? Like the story inside is some YA-story. Definitely not. Well ok, maybe a bit. I mean it sucked that Asher was dead for a while They were just hilarious. But you know, Asher was the first one. So while reading the third book i was open for everything because my mind wasn't made up. Authors - tell me, do you feel some wicked pleasure torturing us?!

But - lets be honest - this wasn't one, was it? I mean sure, Remy, Asher and Gabriel were always kinda involved - but one of them was always "passive". I really think Remy made the right decision. He fits way better then the other one! To the plot. I actually expected more. This was supposed to be the final - and for a great final i expect a lot of action, drama and difficulties.

Whereas in this book it was kinda easy for Remy to solve all of her problems more or less I mean sure, there were a lot of deaths not all necessary in my opinion Guess the characters were good enough "loved enough by me" to be still pleased with the book overall. Even though the ending was kinda weak again.. PS: Back to the covers - why are the german ones waaaaaay better then the originals?! Weren't the german ones published first? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I loved this book so so so so so much. It was the most perfect conclusion to the series. A series I started when I was like fourteen maybe? Again, it's such a bittersweet moment to end a series you started that age. To look back and think about how I used to see the characters, the writing, the story.

It's all different now. In the second book, when she started having that bond with Gabe, I honestly cringed. I didn't want to read about anot Holy. I didn't want to read about another love triangle, least of all with Gabe. I forced myself to stay loyal to Asher, even though I could see how caring and sweet Gabe was. And now I just want to punch myself because of it. Gabe is the definition of perfection. And I'm so happy how it turned out even if it was a rather slow burn. I love how the author manages to make one love both brothers and then feel the pain, mourn the loss with Remy.

It saddened me a lot to read through Asher's hurt and I wanted to squeeze him. But in the end, he, too, found happiness.

Series: Sense Thieves

God, Lucy. She was one of my favourite characters in this series, besides the ultra handsome Blackwell brothers but the way she acted when her mother died? Excuse me? I was not happy with that. I couldn't wrap my head around why she acted that way. I mean, I get that she's going through a tough time, but isn't that the time you need someone the most? Preferably your own sister?

I felt for Remy and I truly was upset with Lucy and couldn't get myself to get over how she acted, even after she had apologised. And I think I won't see her as the character she is in the first two novels either when rereading them. That Lucy will burn forever with me and I won't be able to let that go. Saddens me, really. Aug 13, Elisabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: love , first-reads , great , favorites.

LOVED this book! Where to begin!! This has been an enjoyable series! I really loved this book to no end! I enjoyed everything mostly. I love Remy, Gabe is incredible, Asher took a weird turn in this book! Lottie and Lucy were pretty good as well. I've been waiting for this book, and it was everything I was hoping for! Serious spoilers ahead, you have been warned!! Alright, so loved all of the ups and downs of this book. When Remy tried to heal Laura, and absorbed all the injuries and no one knew, it was amazing. I felt so bad for her when she didn't tell anyone and Lucy was angry and hating her.

Plus, Asher was breaking up with her, that was a rough spot for sure!! I didn't get how Asher changed so much in this book, it totally made sense with how much had changed for him, from being kidnapped to being mortal, yet it was surprising. Gabe was awesome in this book, totally loved him.

I was a huge fan of his since book 2, Pushed. He was incredible for sure! I loved how good they were together also. Didn't totally love the whole breakup with Asher, didn't see this one coming at all, big plot twist for me! However, was rooting for Gabe and Remy for sure, just didn't know how that would happen, thought the author did a great job of understanding it all. Asher was a confusing character this book for sure, he wanted Remy yet couldn't figure out how to let her go, it was weird, yet it made sense too.

The whole Phoenix thing was really different, but loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Sad to see the series ending, but enjoyed it so much! I loved this series!!!!!!!! Thanks to Corrine Jackson for such an incredible book! Sep 18, diana rated it liked it. I have stated on my review of the second book that I'm not fond of the love triangle or any love triangle for that matter. I cannot just forget about Asher when there's the hot and brooding Gabe.

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  8. But I think all that just changed. I still find Remy a very admirable character. She's vulnerable yet strong. Although I can't say I'm a big fan of some of the decisions she made, she still made a kickass heroine. I believe that this is the last installment in the series and because of that I expected I have stated on my review of the second book that I'm not fond of the love triangle or any love triangle for that matter.

    I believe that this is the last installment in the series and because of that I expected a lot more drama and action. Sad to say, I didn't feel like there was more. It felt dragging and I was bored halfway through the book. It was a good thing the romance more than made up for it.

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

    Speaking of romance. I'm not sure what part of the book I changed my mind on the whole love triangle debacle but I'm so happy the idea of Gabe and Remy being together doesn't suck the life out of me anymore. Seriously, I was hurt for Asher at the beginning. I literally wanted to cry for him.

    But after everything that happened I can totally see why Remy chose what- or rather who- she did. And why not? They fit perfectly together. Although I enjoyed the book a lot it felt like it lacked that certain "spark" I feel whenever I read a book hence the three-star rating. Ignited is a perfect end to the series. I received an earc via Netgalley to read and review. Jan 10, Corinne rated it it was amazing. Coming out on my 7th year anniversary with my husband. Nevertheless, this series is one of the best series I've ever read apart from the other series which I've read.

    I loved Remy from the beginning of the series. Her strength and the determination as well as the pain that she endured ached my heart. No shit. My heart did crinched every time I read about those. And this Coming out on my 7th year anniversary with my husband. And this last book did not make my heart ease at any point.

    There was the heart-racing action and damn those tears. But Gabe. Why are so sweet and understanding. Definitely 5 stars!!! Sep 25, Melissa Neufer rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

    Touched (Sense Thieves Series #1) by Corrine Jackson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

    The whole series was enjoyable and I didn't want to put it down when I had to. The book had me drawn in the entire time and I think I read the whole second half of the book in one shot because I could stay up late and wanted to know what happened next. Gabe is just GAH!

    Love him! Freakin' love! Corrine Jackson did a fantastic job and made a wonderful series! I haven't been this excited about a book in a LONG time and it was much needed! Thank you Corrine Jackson! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! Jan 14, purplecalligraphy rated it liked it. I really liked how the characters faced their adversaries. I know how adversaries changes the state of a person, but why does Remy have to change her perspective of Gabe and Asher?

    I mean things are going well with Asher and they love each other in the beginning; is this a way of saying that Remy doesn't really love Asher that much that she has to replace him? Why does she need to change sides? They were already perfect! This is why I hate love triangle. I always root for the one who gets discard I really liked how the characters faced their adversaries.

    I always root for the one who gets discarded. It's all ruined!!! Sep 09, Dani ZoomBook rated it it was amazing. This was an awesome book. I finished it in a day. I could not put it down. I loved how Remy and Lucy grew up. I loved this series. Normally the second and third book do are not as good as the first, but with this series it just got better. May 10, Sabrina Teixeira rated it it was ok. Spoilers Alert!

    Cooking with Corrine: Blue Box or Bust

    I'm so annoyed with this book! This was a great series but this ending did not sit well with me. I couldn't believe how the love triangle was handled. I thought it super negate the romance plot from the other two book. Nov 24, Samm rated it it was amazing. Overall 4. How he pulled away from her and only wanted to protect her was sweet but it wasnt great. She becomes the Phoenix and that was awesome. Oh Boy did this book make me happy!! I'll give it the biggest compliment I can manage. This book series right here, is one I will never forget and I most definitely will be reading it again.

    Loved It! Sep 13, Elenaleigh added it. Alright I'll admit I liked it. All twilight moments aside. Nov 10, Heather Holman rated it it was amazing. Holy crap, Corrine Jackson did it again. Spectacular book! Jul 12, Kerri rated it really liked it. Emotional roller coaster alert! My heart was broken and then my stomach was in my throat. This final book answered all the questions.

    Love it Awesome ending to the series. I think this might be better all in one novel but hey I totally recommend if you start from the beginning. Jul 03, norcalgal rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-fantasy. Wow - I mean seriously, WOW! I cannot recall reading a trilogy where every book in the series was a standout.

    Usually, one or two of the three disappoints. This was not the case with the Sense Thieves series — at all. I have to admit being skeptical to the idea of Healers and Protectors and how the latter have lost some of their five senses and have to kill a Healer in order to regain them. But, in the hands of Corrine Jackson, it was beyond interesting.