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It's something new under the sun. We should all cultivate such superpowers! I guarantee it. Alphabet Book. Droll, delicate, slightly dis tempered illustrations by Kris Di Giacomo add humor to this alphabetical caper. This literary treat for 4- to 8-year-olds will have children yanking letters out of words for fun in no time. Inspired and instructive silliness. Have You Seen My Trumpet? Cart 0. Books Take Away the A.

The Zhuyin phonetic alphabet and Japanese Kana both derive from Chinese characters. The Santali alphabet of eastern India appears to be based on traditional symbols such as "danger" and "meeting place", as well as pictographs invented by its creator. The names of the Santali letters are related to the sound they represent through the acrophonic principle, as in the original alphabet, but it is the final consonant or vowel of the name that the letter represents: le "swelling" represents e , while en "thresh grain" represents n.

In early medieval Ireland, Ogham consisted of tally marks, and the monumental inscriptions of the Old Persian Empire were written in an essentially alphabetic cuneiform script whose letter forms seem to have been created for the occasion. Changes to a new writing medium sometimes caused a break in graphical form, or make the relationship difficult to trace.

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It is not immediately obvious that the cuneiform Ugaritic alphabet derives from a prototypical Semitic abjad, for example, although this appears to be the case. The shapes of the English Braille and semaphore letters, for example, are derived from the alphabetic order of the Latin alphabet, but not from the graphic forms of the letters themselves. Most modern forms of shorthand are also unrelated to the alphabet, generally transcribing sounds instead of letters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. History of the alphabet. BCE Hieratic 32 c. BCE Demotic 7 c.

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BCE Meroitic 3 c. BCE Proto-Sinaitic 19 c. BCE Ugaritic 15 c. BCE Canaanite-Phoenician alphabet 12 c. BCE Paleo-Hebrew 10 c. BCE Samaritan 6 c. BCE Libyco-Berber 3 c. BCE Tifinagh 3 c. BCE Paleohispanic semi-syllabic 7 c.

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BCE Brahmic family see E. Tibetan 7 c. CE Devanagari 10 c. BCE Pahlavi 3 c. BCE Avestan 4 c. CE Palmyrene 2 c. BCE Syriac 2 c. BCE Nabataean 2 c. BCE Arabic 4 c. BCE Orkhon old Turkic 6 c. CE Old Hungarian c. CE Greek 8 c. BCE Old Italic alphabet 8 c. BCE Elder Futhark 2 c.

12 Books to Read for the Letter "H" | Alphabet Fun | Preschool books, Letter h activities, Books

CE Futhorc 5 c. CE Younger Futhark 8 c. CE Etruscan alphabet 7 c. BCE Latin 7 c. BCE Latin family see E. English alphabet 7 c. CE French alphabet German alphabet Cherokee syllabary; letter forms only c. CE Ogham origin uncertain 4 c. CE Coptic 3 c. CE Gothic 3 c. BCE Ugaritic shape influenced 15 c. BCE Linear A 18 c. BCE Linear B 15 c. BCE Cypro-Minoan syllabary 16 c.

BCE Cypriot syllabary 11 c.

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BCE Chinese Characters 13 c. BCE Chinese family see E. Maya script 3 c. BCE Dongba symbols 10 c. CE syllabic version established in Thaana 18 c. Main article: History of the Greek alphabet. Main article: History of the Latin alphabet.

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Writing systems: A linguistic introduction. Stanford University Press. Biblical Archaeology Review. Retrieved 6 Nov The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Writing Systems. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd. The World's Writing Systems. Oxford University Press. Darnell, F. Dobbs-Allsopp, Marilyn J.

Lundberg, P. Kyle McCarter, and Bruce Zuckermanet, "Two early alphabetic inscriptions from the Wadi el-Hol: new evidence for the origin of the alphabet from the western desert of Egypt. Walker, W. Davies, John Chadwick, John F. Healey, B. Cook, and Larissa Bonfante, Berkeley: University of California Press. April 8, The Semitic abjads really do fit the structure of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic very well, [more] than an alphabet would [ Writing systems. Index of language articles.

How to Pronounce the Letter - h - in words: Speak American English #8

History of writing History of the alphabet Graphemes Scripts in Unicode. The Northwest Semitic abjad. Categories : Alphabets History of writing.