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Rough Edges: The Trailsman # California Carnage

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View my complete profile. Popular Posts This Week. Cestus Calloway leads a gang of bank and stagecoach robbers. To keep in the public's good graces, he throws some of the ill-gotten gains Teleplay by Debra Randisi, Ellen Recknor, Robert Vardeman and others. Series titles reviewed: Trailsman St. Favorite Reads of Best Books of the Year list. But it was a banner year especially in terms of my reading Westerns. In previous years, this underappre Since the Wilderness series was released in audio form, I've been trying to catch with entries I missed, particularly the earlier ones.

Professor Hamilton's class sits paralyzed with horror as he stops in the middle of his lecture on T. Eliot's The Waste Land to be Any fan of crime fiction would do well to check out the short stories of Damon Runyon. One of the most most popular writers of his day, he i Warner is the author of a short story collection Sherry and Duane are about to consummate their love or whatever it is they have together when some poor planning sends Duane out on a jaun Created by author Jon Messmann and published under the pseudonym Jon Sharpe, Messmann wrote most of the first books before his death in With a stable of experienced Western writers fulfilling the duties these days though the name on the cover is still "Jon Sharpe" , the series is well past its th entry at this writing and is still going strong.

Since The Trailsman is an "adult" Western series, these jobs usually involve a comely female who is invariably willing to pay Fargo fringe benefits before he rides off again. Generally, there are between two and six sex scenes in among the fighting and shooting these are traditional Westerns in every other sense , leading some of the more self-important Western readers to call them "Western porn. Readers respond positively to this, a fact supported by the series' success and longevity. Some have even said that the success of series Westerns like The Trailsman keeps the door open for the publication of newer original Westerns.

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  6. In any case, I enjoy them a great deal, though I wasn't sure I was going to when I read my first, in the series, St. Louis Sinners , published in Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Bluff Park Rare Books. That point was October , when most of the Red Army's forces before Moscow had been smashed or encircled, and no reserves were available to defend the capital. All that stood in Hitler's way were a handful of Soviet rifle divisions, tank brigades and hastily assembled militia. According to German accounts, their spearheads were stopped by the mud, but a close examination of German records shows this was not so.

    Instead it is clear that it was the resistance of the Red Army and bad, arrogant planning that halted the Wehrmacht. This is the dramatic story that Jack Radey and Charles Sharp tell in this compelling study of a previously unknown part of the Battle of Moscow. Using archival records from both sides, they reveal how the Soviets inflicted a stunning defeat on a German plan to encircle six Soviet armies the middle of October Book Condition: New. Binding: Hard Cover. Jacket: New. Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Allen Williams Books.

    James, D. Imprint : Chicago, Ivan R. Dee, Edition : 1st Binding : hardcover. Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Abacus Bookshop. Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Chris Hartmann, Bookseller. Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Second Chance Books. Looks new and unread but has a bookstore stamp on the first page. Book Condition: Fine. Binding: Paperback. Bookseller's details and sales conditions: Sagebrush Valley Book Shoppe. Book Condition: Very Good. Book Condition: Good.