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Small musical instruments such as guitars, cellos, violins or violas may only be permitted on board if a seat is reserved and the required fare paid. Foldable wheelchairs and other mobility means for the handicapped are permitted on board free of charge. Bus drivers provide passenger assistance for their baggage but are not obliged to lift baggage.

For health and safety reasons, Terravision does not accept items on board weighing over 32 kilograms or sized over 81 cm. Weight limits do not apply to mobility means for the handicapped. Terravision is not liable for items not suitably packaged, perishable or fragile, or for slight damages to external baggage surfaces for example, scratches, stains, dirt, dents , due to normal wear. Prohibited baggage Terravision is not obliged to carry: firearms, knives or any sharp object, weapons, explosives, chemical substances, drugs or solvents except medications , toxic or contagious substances such as rat poison, infected blood, radioactive material, corrosive substances such as mercury and vehicle batteries and any other item the company deems hazardous, that can cause injury or is unsuited for the type of carriage provided due to weight, shape, fragility or perishability.

The items listed above as prohibited baggage shall be immediately removed if found on board. Terravision reserves the right to refuse baggage on board which, following controls, fail to meet these requirements. All baggage, excluding carry-on baggage, shall be stowed in specific bus compartments. For this reason, the passenger is solely liable for the loss of carry-on baggage. We recommend valuables such as cash, jewellery, ID, electronics and life-saving medications be stored in carry-on baggage. Lost baggage liabilities In the event baggage is lost on a vehicle or at a bus station, it shall be taken into Terravision custody.

The passenger shall be charged a fee for this service including, where possible, shipment of lost baggage. Baggage content shall be examined and, where considered hazardous or perishable, disposed within 48 hours of its finding. Baggage found by other passengers and promptly delivered to vehicle personnel shall also be stored. Baggage loss must be immediately communicated to our personnel and confirmed, with details on all lost items, within 72 hours of the terminated trip by letter sent to Terravision, Via Archimede — Rome — Italy — or by e-mail to customerservices terravision.

Terravision is not liable for any lost or stolen items or baggage. Terravision recommends you insure your baggage against damages pertinent to the transportation contract with specific insurance companies. Terravision responsabilities Carriage Terravision is obliged to carry passengers and their baggage with valid tickets according to the regulations set hereto. The company is also oblige to reduce travel discomforts and inconveniences to a minimum.

The company reserves the right to change them, informing users of the reasons for change as well as any alternative schedules. Terravision may also suspend or cancel trips, providing passengers with due notice. Terravision is not liable for losses, damages or costs incurred by passengers due to service delays or cancellations.

Terravision is not liable to passengers who did not reserve their trip. Death and personal injuyry Terravision shall reimburse damages incurred due to its negligence in the event of passenger death or personal injury. Airline companies Terravision is not liable for the service quality provided by airline companies or for any flight delays or cancellations. Claims Procedure Passengers must personally lodge claims and, if required, provide proof of identification and any related flight documentation. Claims must be lodged at Terravision offices or sent by e-mail to customerservices terravision.

Claims must be lodged within 30 days of the departure date. Purchased tickets must be enclosed with claims. Passenger coupons Features The coupon is: personal, transferable to third parties, valid for six months from date of issue indicated on the coupon. Coupon redemption Should a passenger wish to use a service that costs more than the value of the coupon, he must pay the fare difference.

If the service costs less than the value of the coupon, no monetary change will be given. Passenger behaviour Required behaviour Passengers must correctly and reasonably behave at stations and on board buses, carefully listening to the instructions provided by Terravision personnel. Prohibited behaviour Bad passenger behaviour is prohibited.

Examples of bad behaviour include: threatening Terravision personnel or other service users, storing baggage in a way that creates discomfort to other passengers, blocking emergency exits or the central bus aisle, using radios, noisy games, musical instruments or radio devices that disturb other users. Passengers are not allowed to eat or drink on board. Alcohol or drugs may not be taken on board nor may passengers under the influence of these substances board the bus.

Terravision reserves the right to prevent passengers from boarding the bus or assist them in leaving the bus when, heedless of these instructions, their behaviour is deemed prohibited. However, the company shall monitor the behaviour of all users. Terravision communications Terravision shall provide passengers with information on schedule changes, general communications or trip cancellations via e-mail to the address provided upon trip reservation. E-mail delivery shall be accepted as proof of receipt.

If Terravision was not provided a valid e-mail address, please check the website 24 — 72 hours prior to departure at www. Terravision conditions and rules are, through this notice, referred to as an integral part of the contract. The purpose and length of data processing are strictly related to your site participation.

The Company may use the data you provided for all the purposes tied to your participation, including the possibility of providing you access to all the services offered on the site. The Company reserves the right to also use this data for all the other legal purposes associated with its business. As needed, Terravision has the right to modify this Privacy Policy following sector initiatives or variations concerning laws, IIP or Pertinent Data collection methods and use, services or technologies. These variations are effective as of their publication by the Company on the Site.

By continuing to use the services offered by Terravision after the publication of an updated Privacy Policy version, the user tacitly accepts the Privacy Policy with its changes. Therefore, it is essential that the user periodically rereads the Privacy Policy to keep up with any changes. Should Terravision substantially change IIP and Pertinent Data collection methods and use, single user IIP and Pertinent Data management shall still be subject to the Privacy Policy under which they were collected provided the user was informed and did not object to the change.

Viaggio tra le startup africane: se l'innovazione ridisegna il Continente -

For processing purposes, as illustrated and within the limits of the above, all your data may also be disclosed to third parties, public or private, such as companies that conduct market surveys and statistics, companies that provide marketing, advertising, promotional and sales services. Providing data and consent to the processing, communication and disclosure for the above purposes are mandatory for project participation. Any refusal to provide the required data or relevant processing, communication and disclosure consent shall deny project participation and the possibility of completing activities associated with the project.

Your personal data shall be computer processed, both on and offline, by individuals specifically assigned by the Company such as Company employees, associates or consultants. The Site may contain links that transfer you to other sites. Sites linked to www. Consequently, the Company may not be deemed liable in any way for any violation of your privacy on sites other than www. Furthermore, the Company may not be deemed liable in any way for any direct communication of your personal or sensitive information of any other nature in Site sections dedicated to Forums.

The Company reserves the right to disclose the data you provided to any third party purchasers of the company or its branches. You may exercise your rights, such as accessing, receiving indications on the source of the personal data, on the purposes and methods of processing, on the logic applied in the event electronic tools are employed for processing, on the identification data concerning the data controller and individuals or categories of individuals to whom or which the personal data may be communicated and who or which may get to know said data, the update, rectification, integration, cancellation, transformation and block of illicitly processed data — contacting the data controller at the addresses listed below: The Data controller is Terravision London Finance, contactable via e-mail at: customerservices terravision.

Information and Publicity 1. Information Full details of the times and fares of services are available from appointed booking offices and agents and on the internet at www.


These are subject to variation. Special Holiday timetables may operate on public holidays and passengers are advised to check times with the Company before making travelling arrangements. Buying a ticket and seat reservations 2. A ticket bearing a valid reservation reference provides travel between the points shown on the date s and at the departure time s shown on the ticket.

A reservation entitles a passenger to a seat on the specified journey but not to any specific seat on the coach. Pre-booked passengers must arrive at the departure point for their journey not less than 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time shown on their ticket otherwise their seat reservation will be void and their seats reallocated to other passengers. Ticket holders are not bound or entitled to travel on any particular vehicle, except as set out above.

The Company will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the holders of tickets without pre-booked reservations owing to their not being able to find accommodation on the particular vehicle on which they desire to travel. Passengers with restricted mobility should indicate whether they are wheelchair users when making their booking. Only one wheelchair space is provided inside each coach. Contact details for such passengers should be provided to the Company when booking.

Alterations to tickets Alterations to tickets are only permitted in the event of an error in booking and these must be notified to the Company within 48 hours of making the booking. Tickets may not be altered after the departure date and time. Any alterations are subject to seat availability.

Tickets 5. Your contract with the Company A ticket that has been issued to you is evidence of a contract between you and the Company. If the ticket entitles you to any goods or services from a third party, it is also evidence of a contract between you and that party.

You may not transfer your ticket A ticket may only be used by the person for whom it has been bought. It cannot be resold or passed on to anyone else. Please retain your ticket for inspection at any time whilst on board the coach. Conditions on which tickets are issued Each ticket is issued subject to: these Conditions; any conditions set out in the notices and other publications issued by the Company and the conditions set out in the notices and other publications issued by another party if your ticket enables you to use any of their goods or services or upon whose property your journey may start or terminate.

Child fares apply to passengers less than 16 years of age. One infant aged under 3 years, accompanied by an adult fare-paying passenger, will be carried free of charge. Any additional infants, accompanied by the same adult will be charged at child fares. Validity of Tickets The period during which you can use a ticket The period during which a ticket is valid is as printed on the ticket or stated in the notices and other publications of the Company or as contained in these Conditions of Carriage. The times you can travel and the services you can use Any reduced or discounted fare tickets may be subject to restrictions such as the dates, days, and times when you can use them, and the services on which they can be used.

These restrictions are set out in the notices and other publications of the Company and it is the responsibility of passengers to ensure that they are aware of such. If you travel on a service with a ticket which is not valid on that service because of such a published restriction, you will be required to purchase a full price ticket for the journey made.

If we have reason to suspect the fraudulent use of an e-Ticket, we reserve the right to confiscate or otherwise invalidate it and prevent you from travelling on our services. In such an event we reserve the right to take further proceedings should we see fit. No refund will be made in relation to any e-Ticket confiscated or invalidated under this special condition. Use of Tickets Breaking or ending a journey at intermediate places A break of journey is only allowed for interchange purposes.


In such instances the passenger must travel on the first available connecting service. Failure to comply will result in the passenger having to purchase a full price ticket for the journey made. If you travel further than your ticket allows If you travel to a place beyond the one specified on your ticket, you will be treated as having joined the coach without a valid ticket for that additional part of your journey and a full price ticket will have to be purchased as if it were a separate journey.

Withdrawal of tickets If you fail in a material respect to comply with any condition that governs the use of a ticket, the staff or agents of the Company may withdraw or otherwise invalidate the ticket. Refunds The Company will not refund or replace lost or stolen tickets. New tickets must be purchased for travel.

Please check tickets and change at the time they are issued When you buy a ticket, you should make sure that it is valid for the journey you want to make and that you have received the correct change. If possible, you should tell staff about any apparent errors at that time. If you do not, the Company or agent which sold you the ticket will only consider claims about any errors if you can show to its reasonable satisfaction that an error was made on its part.

In the event that a debit or credit card or other form of payment is rejected, tickets purchased by that transaction will be invalid. Arriving in time to board the coach Passengers who have reserved tickets should arrive at the correct departure point for their coach not less than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The correct departure point is the actual stop or coach station stand from which the coach will depart. Passengers arriving late Where passengers arrive at the departure point later than 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, the Company reserves the right to allow other passengers without reserved tickets to board the coach and there is no guarantee that you will be able to travel at that time.

No responsibility for any loss can be accepted in such circumstances. The Company may at its absolute discretion permit passengers to use a valid ticket up to 24 hours from the pre-booked departure time subject to capacity being available on a subsequent journey but does not guarantee any priority in such circumstances. Such journey must be made in the same direction and between the same two points as the pre-booked ticket.

Make sure you are on the correct coach and that you get off at the right stop You are responsible for making sure that you join the correct coach and that you get off at the right stop. Inspection of tickets You must show and, when required, hand over for inspection and scanning as required, a valid ticket and any accompanying discount card at the request of the staff of the Company or its agent.

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A ticket which registers as having been used for a previous journey will not be accepted for travel and a new ticket must be purchased. In the event of dispute, passengers are advised to purchase a new ticket and submit a refund request as above. If a ticket is defaced, damaged or tampered with it is not valid for travel. The Company reserves the right to refuse to issue a replacement ticket in such circumstances. Lost or mislaid tickets A ticket is your evidence of your right to make a journey and its safekeeping is your responsibility.

When you have to change coaches If it is necessary to change coaches you will be responsible for your transfer between stops and for the transfer of your luggage. Making time for connections Passengers must allow plenty of time for their coach journey to arrive in time to connect with other forms of transport provided by other carriers or before an appointment when travelling to important appointments.

The Company does not accept responsibility for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our control. Comfort breaks Short halts may be made on some routes for refreshments or other reasons. Passengers must return to the coach punctually within the time allowed for these halts. Coaches may have to proceed without a passenger who fails to rejoin the coach at the prescribed time as set out in the timetable or as announced by the driver.

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The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by such an occurrence. More than one person travelling on one ticket Where two or more people are included on the same ticket, the person purchasing the ticket shall be deemed to do so on the basis that he or she acts as agent for both or all the members of the party and accepts these conditions on behalf of each member of the party. The party must remain together, unless otherwise directed by a Company official for example due to capacity on a particular vehicle , or purchase separate tickets if the passengers wish to travel separately, in which case no refund will be given.

Responsabilities of the Company In the event of any failure by the Company to fulfil its obligations due to a circumstance beyond its reasonable control, the passenger shall be entitled to a refund of their ticket price but the Company shall have no additional liability beyond this. Provided that the Company does so within a reasonable time, it shall have no other liability as a result of any delay in performing its obligations.

He didn't smoke them but can't finish with the packet. He translates legal arguments into English. He wants to join relatives and practice law again. Con la manica di una camicia polverosa, sposta il sudicio dal centro ai bordi delle lenti. Hanno visto la famiglia cadere vittima di crimini di guerra. Potrebbe lavarsi per settimane e non sentirsi mai pulito. Da un portatile preso in prestito ascolta musica pop siriana.

Vorrebbe fare il cuoco. Deve ancora pagare un trafficante ogni settimana per il diritto di inseguire camion verso il fratello in Inghilterra. Si sente ingannato dai trafficanti. Il Sudan era una colonia inglese. Vuole smetterla di guardarsi alle spalle. Quando una tigre ti insegue, fingiti morto. Il braccio ingessato, si rannicchia in una tana di tende improvvisata.

La tigre fallisce nove cacce su dieci. Ne ha fatte cinque, ancora quattro da affrontare. Firas ha tracciato e seguito un'isopleta. Con tre famigliari uccisi dalle forze governative siriane, non sopportava di vedere altre morti o di esserne responsabile. Con la pelle lacerata dal filo spinato, continua a sognare le guglie di Oxford.

Ziad era un rispettabile avvocato di Daara. Ora si agita senza sosta, sudicio e ferito per le recinzioni scavalcate, per le guardie e i cani che ha schivato. Il pacchetto di sigarette crepita mentre se lo passa fra le dita, svuotandolo del suo ultimo ciuffo di tabacco. Le sigarette non le ha fumate, ma non riesce a liberarsi del pacchetto.

Traduce argomentazioni giuridiche in inglese. Vuole raggiungere i parenti e tornare a esercitare. The final footnote to the poem says: "These stories are based on newspaper reports. Names have been changed". This is a quite clear acknowledgement of its sources, just as it was quite evident to us that the language of this poem is close to journalism: many prose-like sentences stating plain facts, arranged in long lines with a good number of run-on-lines.

As in the case of Towsey's Come In , it was necessary to maintain this tone without falling into the temptation of making the text more lyrical than it actually is. It was believed, for instance, that the factual reference to these migrants' age such as "Sayid, 20," would find a satisfactory equivalent in "Sayid, di anni 20,", which is just as newspaper-like. At the same time, Stories from 'The Jungle' is not a simple shift of newspaper reports into a poetical-line structure. Occasionally, images acquire a metaphorical or symbolic valence, and phonetic patterns amplify the message.

In line 2, we thought that the ethical connotation of "sudicio" for "grime" might better convey the tragedy of Abdel's ordeal, besides chiming with surrounding key-words such as "sporco" l. The rhyme between "grime" l. Luckily for our translation, this could help emphasize the link between what these migrants run away from and where they dream of finally landing. England is mentioned at the end of most stanzas, with succinct explanations of the reasons why it became their goal — a particularly trenchant feature of this poem, given the topicality of the Calais Jungle in the British media's debate about refugees.

The same compensation was continued in the following stanza, where "weekly" l. Still in the second stanza, we were faced with the bizarre choice of translating the diminutive "small boat" l. Another significant detail is "looking over his shoulder" l. In Italian, it can be translated as "guardarsi le spalle" or "guardarsi ALle spalle", but the former risks being read too literally, and not metaphorically as the original text requires.

Stanza no. The one noticeable translation choice here is in l. In the closing stanza there is an alliteration on D between "dodging" l. Finally, in the last line a correct translation of "practise law" could have been "fare il legale". However, this revealed itself as a clear example of how a theoretically correct translation can jar with its specific context. That would have implied the insertion of a double meaning that is not present in the source text, so we opted for a less intrusive "esercitare".

She wants to be an astronaut crossing black holes and spiralled galaxies to find extraterrestrial life. Her big sister pushes the wheelchair rattling over a chalky path, kicking up pebbles white as the Milky Way. And now an Alien kneels in a field arm extended to furry probe, communing with the space-buggy girl. She tells the story of her burnt-out planet its skeletal, grey rubble, her scattered iPhone archived family.

Yet Life is an adventure, she believes that starts in a rubber dinghy, waves rolling high in the turbulent cosmos. While her strong-armed sister is Ship's engineer this teenager in spectacles, toothy-grinned sits always at the helm. Determined to be in the landing-party she greets every New-World city, every stranger with a message of peace.

Despite missing her mother, she's bold as a first-generation Martian who re-configures the ancient notion of 'home'. Now the night-sky has Two Sisters, sparks in a drifting constellation, their camp-fires pin-pricking our universe. Lei vuole fare l'astronauta per attraversare buchi neri e galassie a spirale alla ricerca di vita extraterrestre. Sua sorella maggiore spinge la sedia a rotelle che sferraglia su un sentiero di gesso e fa schizzare ciottoli bianchi come la Via Lattea. E adesso un Alieno si inginocchia in un campo, il braccio teso come una sonda impellicciata, stabilendo un contatto con la ragazza sulla carrozzina spaziale.

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Lei racconta la storia del suo pianeta in cenere, le macerie scheletriche e grigie, la famiglia dispersa nell'archivio dell'iPhone. Ora il cielo notturno ha Due Sorelle, scintille di una costellazione alla deriva, con fuochi da campo a pungolare il nostro universo. Like Lydia Towsey's Come In , this poem is based on an extended metaphor pervading it from beginning to end. More precisely, we are faced with an inversion of a well-established pattern that describes foreigners as "aliens", based on the bureaucratic term "alien" which does not have a similar outer-space-oriented equivalent in Italian.

Through yet another exercise in upturning one's perspective, the two girls are the human astronauts visiting alien worlds — that is, European countries. One student rightly noticed that this may recall Fredric Brown's classic sci-fi story "Sentry" , where the narrator who kills an alien enemy is finally revealed to be an alien killing a human. The choice of this image is curious: astronauts have long been considered the hero-models of our age, while recent writers and commentators have used a similar definition for those migrants who cross continents and face fatal dangers in search of a better life Gatti In the title, the choice was to shift the verb to initial position in Italian, word order is less strict than in English and thus to confer some end-emphasis to the word "humans" I had in mind the Cold War send-up movie The Russians Are Coming , translated as Arrivano i russi.

In the translation, careful attention was paid to the reproduction of the space-life details composing the dominant metaphor, so that among the usual options we tended to go for specific astronomical or space-related terms equivalent to the original, such as "galassie a spirale" l. The alien approaching the girls in stanza no. Shouldn't we reproduce their unawareness about some details concerning these 'alien worlds'?

In line 10 "burnt-out" was translated with "in cenere" "in ashes" , conveying the image of both an exhausted planet and a war-ravaged country. In order to confer a sort of epic tone to her enterprise, "starts" l. In stanza no. Unfortunately, the double meaning of "landing-party" l. The closing stanza has a lyrical suggestiveness, the poetry of outer space and its immensity. The translation tries to reproduce it through the echo between "sorelle" and "scintille" "Sisters" and "sparks".

Furhermore, there is a double implication in "pin-pricking", which implies "studding" and "goading" European conscience : in Italian, "pungolano" might suggest both. However, it must be said that our collective translation had to stop, because of time constraints, after stanza no. Nottingham: Five Leaves, Bradshaw, Ross. Morning Star. January 14th Bromley, Roger. Paper presented at the workshop A Crisis of Values? University of Keele. Brown, Fredric. Galaxy Science Fiction. February Cavagnoli, Franca.

La voce del testo: L'arte e il mestiere di tradurre. Milan: Feltrinelli, Outro aspecto interessante observado nos textos dos alunos foi a natureza dos erros. Foram, portanto, considerados erros interlinguais. Foram, portanto, considerados erros intralinguais. Acquisition of cognitive skill.

Psychological Review, v. Rules of the mind. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. The effects of implicit and explicit instruction on simple and complex grammatical structures for adult English language. Il verbo. Roma: Carocci. On the necessity of U-shaped learning. Topics in Cognitive Science, v. Come scegliere materiale televisivo autentico. Rivista In. Grammatica italiana modulare. Bologna: Zanichelli. Beyond focus on form. Cognitive perspectives on learning and practicing second language grammar. Focus on form in classroom second language acquisition. Cambridge: CUP.

Implicit and explicit learning. Handbook of second language acquisition. Oxford: Blackwell. Skill acquisition theory. Theories in second language acquisition: An introduction. The definition and measurement of explicit knowledge. Language Learning, n. Implicit and explicit learning, knowledge and instruction. Implicit and explicit knowledge in second language learning, testing and teaching. Toronto: Multilingual Matters. Analysing learner language. Oxford: OUP. HAN, Z. Textual enhancement of input: issues and possibilities.

Applied Linguistics, v. Investigating instructed second language acquisition. Investigations in instructed second language acquisition. Berlim: Mouton de Gruyter. Theoretical and empirical issues in the study of implicit and explicit second language learning: Introduction. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, v.