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  1. Religious Leadership and the Re­-Politicisation of Gender and Sexuality in Cameroon
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In , the colony was invaded by British, Belgian and French troops, which established their respective military administrations; the lion's share fell to the French. In , Kamerun was occupied by British, Belgian and French troops. The British took two stretches of territory along the Nigerian border under military administration; the area, called Cameroons, was for decades treated as an annex to Nigeria.

The lions share of Cameroon was occupied by French troops. France reintegrated the territories ceded to Germany in and took the remainder, as Cameroun Colony, under military administration, in officially granted to France as a League of Nations Mandate. In , the capital of Cameroun was moved from Duala to Yaounde. The French extended the railway system, established more plantations, developed the colony's economy. In the early es, Germans had repurchased some property in British Cameroons; in the es, German interest groups lobbied for the return of Germany's ex-colonies, a matter which was diplomatically discussed during the Appeasement years.

In , in Cameroun the Jeucafra movement was founded, being vehemently opposed to the return of German rule. In , the capital of French Cameroun was moved back from Yaounde to Douala; in again to Yaounde. From to , Cameroun was administrated by governors.

Religious Leadership and the Re­-Politicisation of Gender and Sexuality in Cameroon

However, the political tendency favoured independence over integration. The status of the country was elevated from a colony to an overseas territory, the administration now laid in the hands of a high commissioner. In fact, the countries administration continued to be dominated by whites. In , the UPC Union des populations du Cameroun was founded; dissatisfied with the progress of democratization, it went underground in and took up armed struggle. In , French Equatorial Africa was dissolved. The country's assembly was given legislative powers; the office of prime minister was introduced, to be filled by Camerounians.

Cameroun declared independence in , as did neighbouring British Nigeria. In British Cameroons, a plebiscite was held regarding the areas future The northern part voted for integration into Nigeria , the southern part for reintegration into Cameroun.

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Independence, In , Cameroun became an independent republic, and Ahmadou Ahidjo the country's first president. Government was dominated by the Union Camerounaise, which represented the Northerners; Southerners felt ill-represented and the country soon was in rebellion, which was put down with French military assistance. Ahidjo transferred Cameroun into a One-Party-State.

In , a federal constitution was passed, which was replaced by a unified, centralized state in In the es, oil was found, boosting the economy. Country Profiles. Links, Portals. Accounts of History. Military History.


Economic History. Social History. History of Religion. Regional History. Local History. Historical Data. National Symbols. Online Libraries. Online Journals. General Accounts.

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Specific Topics. Historical Dictionaries. Historical Dictionary. Deutsches Kolonial Lexikon , click Recherche, K, Kamerun; has numerous other articles on the colony; site in German. Specific Periods. Rudin, Germans in the Cameroons, a case study in modern imperialism , IA. Nsotaka, History of the Church in Cameroon.

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  7. History of Regions. Provinces of Cameroon, from www. Colonial Era. Article : British Cameroons , Wikipedia K. Cultural History. Environmental History. Afrotropic Ecoregion, from WWF. Food and Culture a bibliography , by R.

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    Dirks , click on Sub-Saharan Africa. Lists of Statesmen. Lists of Ambassadors. Lists of Consuls. Statistical Data. Responsible Institution. Institut National de la Statistique de Cameroun. Population Figures. Economic Statistics. Annuaire Statistique du Cameroun, vol.

    Le dur combat des homosexuels camerounais et africains

    Comptes economiques : , , Epsilon. Over migrants from Cameroon on Tuesday July 9 staged a protest against Mexican immigration officials accusing them of corruption, local media in Mexico reports. An employment strategy that will facilitate access to descent work and tackle the problems of unemployment and under-employment in Cameroon has been validated in Yaounde.

    The report on the cause of the fire that ravaged at least four production units at the National Oil Refinery, Sonara last month is expected…. Lawyers of the the ten detained Ambazonia separatist leaders have filed a motion for the recussal of the assessors in their case against the Government…. The ten detained leaders of the 'Ambazonia' separatist movement return to the Yaounde Military tribunal today where their case resumes. Today's court session resumes after…. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril has urged officials of the Emergency humanitarian assistance plan meant for victims of the Anglophone….

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    I think the squad is ready to challenge other squads at international level and we will definitely see it at the Worrld Cup. I think the reinforcement of the team with new players will added a new spirit into the team coupled with the fact that more than half of the squad was in Canada in so the girls know themselves fully well.

    I think they will be able to bond well to do better than they did in Canada. Homophobic Africa? Toward A More Nuanced View more. African Studies and Africa. Contre l'homophobie en Afrique more. Publication Date: View on dx. The politicisation of sexuality and rise of homosexual movements in post-colonial Cameroon more. Their connectedness to the international systems in which such causes are categorised is analysed, and it is suggested that this connection operates as both a resource and a constraint.

    The role of the actors illustrates the political tensions at play: these include youth, organised collectively, who publicly reject homosexuality. The article sets out to give a critical analysis of the issues underlying this confrontation by demonstrating that it is also influenced by post-colonial tensions and their repercussions. Une Afrique homophobe? Call for papers Cameroon: the stationary State more. Penser l'Ecole depuis l'Afrique more.

    The Game of the rules. Anthropology , Education , Sociology of Education , and Africa. View on ife. Prisons du monde more. Punishment and Prisons. This article questions the role of the moral and religious actors in the emergence of homosexuality as a political object in Cameroon. It shows 'opposing movements' engaging those two religious actors with same-sex people's organizations. It calls for a contextualized analysis of 'religious homophobia' by taking into account the opposition between the moral actors and the State.