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  3. October 15, 2015

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Program Note | Robin Larsen | Director

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Uncle Vanya previous productions

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Anton Chekhov — , was one of the greatest short story writers in history. The five short. PowerPoint one act play based on a short story by Anton Chekhov, the famous Russian writer. If you have a big monologue, have one student read three sentences and then have the next person pick up the next three sentences, and so on. The task is to identify the principles of realism in the scene. They will have to assume some like the fourth wall but can they see ordinary characters having everyday problems?

Michael Redgrave as Uncle Vanya in Chekhov's Uncle Vanya - 1963

Are the problems relatable? Who are the characters? Does the dialogue sound like normal speech?

October 15, 2015

For example, The Three Sisters takes place in a small town. One of the sisters is a school teacher and another is married to a school teacher. Their lives are not exciting and despite a series of events, the ending leaves us with the impression that life for the three will continue in the same way. This is not a grand, epic, adventure, but an ordinary, real life story.

As the youngest sister Irina puts it:. This handout identifies principles of realism and includes a blank version to hand out to your class. After students read through the scene and identify the realism qualities, discuss the result. How does the scene illuminate realism? What is Chekhov trying to present with this scene? Do they like the scene? Why or why not? Would they like to see more of this play? Do student prefer to see characters like themselves on stage, or do they want to be taken to another world?