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By a suitable choice of the emitting surface, the device according to the invention thus makes it possible advantageously to avoid the wavelengths of the two peaks of water absorption, which are respectively about 2. Such advantageous results are not obtained using the existing conventional devices 15, which emit throughout the infrared wavelength range from 0.

The device according to the invention is further preferably configured so that the energy radiation flux density at the support table is large enough to effectively heat the body, while having no adverse effects for the latter. Le dispositif selon l'invention reste avantageusement aussi confortable d'utilisation que les dispositifs classiques. The device according to the invention advantageously remains also comfortable to use than conventional devices.

Access to the body is not limited, and no risk of hyperthermia are incurred. On se situe ainsi entre les deux pics d'absorption de l'eau. The emitting surface is advantageously chosen so that the radiant energy is emitted in a wavelength spectrum of between 3. It is thus between the two absorption peaks of the water. The effectiveness of the device according to the invention in terms of limiting the dehydration phenomenon could also be partly explained by the fact that such wavelength spectrum is outside of the activation of sweat glands in the spectrum man, which is included in the lower wavelengths m.

Consequently, the body sweating phenomenon would not be stimulated as it can be in conventional devices, resulting in a reduction of the dehydration phenomenon. Such emitting surface is greater than that of infrared transmitters conventionally used in the radiant warmers, to a distance between the table and the equivalent transmitter, and an equivalent global efficiency.

It has the particular advantage of directly distribute heat over the entire surface of the support table. Thus, unlike the devices of the prior art, in the device according to the invention it is not necessary to combine the infrared transmitter to a reflector which diffuses the radiant energy across the table surface. There is therefore less energy loss than in conventional devices. In preferred embodiments in industrial practice, the invention also has the following characteristics, implemented separately or in each of their technically operative combinations. These features take into account the fact that the device according to the invention is intended for human use, and must meet all safety requirements for such use.

It may also comprise, if necessary, an electrical insulation layer disposed between the heater and the emitter plate. The emitter plate is advantageously made of a material having good resistance to high temperatures. The material chosen has further preferably a high coefficient of emissivity, especially greater than 0. In preferred embodiments of the invention, there is a plate of glass-ceramic, which also offers the advantage of good electrical insulation properties, so it is not necessary in this case to include in the transmitter an additional electrically insulating layer between the resistance wire and the plate.

The manufacture of the transmitter according to the invention is thus advantageously simplified.

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The emitter plate is preferably covered, on its inner face to the emitter, a layer of a coating ability of infrared energy absorption. This advantageously prevents infrared energy reflection phenomena within the issuer, and therefore energy loss. At the same savings target in order to obtain a good heating efficiency while consuming minimal energy, the invention advantageously provides that the transmitter comprises, on a rear face opposite to the emitting surface, a layer of thermal insulation which minimizes thermal energy losses of the device.

In preferred embodiments of the invention, the emitter plate further has a filtering capacity of the infrared energy. It is constituted so as to transmit the radiation 6 only in a bandwidth of 3.

Léo, l'autre fils

It thus advantageously reduces the energy consumption required for similar effectiveness warming and limiting dehydration phenomenon. In preferred embodiments of the invention, the heating element is integrated into a mechanical holder consisting of a material having electrical insulating properties, which prevents the different parts of the element to come into contact with each other thus avoiding any risk of short circuit. This material is further selected to have good resistance to high temperatures. The mechanical support consists in particular of ceramic.

The heating element is preferably in the form of a flattened coil of rectangular cross-section with rounded corners. The energy emitted by the heating element is thereby avantgeusement largely directed towards the emitter plate, which minimizes energy losses inside the device and increase its heating efficiency for same electric power supplied. According to an advantageous characteristic of the invention, the transmitter is placed under control of a controller of the illumination power generated by varying its power supply rate over time. The transmitter is preferably supplied at a high power, at least for this type of infrared emitters, in particular approximately equal to Watts.

In preferred embodiments of the invention, the controller comprises means to provide a predetermined temperature of the body to be heated, which act on the control of the power supply to the heating element depending 7 Temperature measurements one at the emitting surface, the other of the surrounding temperature.

The operation of the transmitter is thus preferably regulated automatically, depending on a predetermined temperature which is the one which it is desired to expose the body. According to an advantageous characteristic of the invention, a temperature sensor is disposed within the transmitter, preferably pressed against the surface of the emitter plate, so as to produce an accurate measurement of the temperature at the surface Issuer. This probe is connected to the control and regulation means of the power of the transmitter power.

A further object of the invention is to obtain good homogeneity of application of heat over the entire surface of the body supporting table to be heated. To this end, the invention advantageously provides that the device be configured such that the temperature difference between the corners and the central part of the support table is less than 2. In preferred embodiments of the invention, the transmitter is substantially centered above the support table, and the latter has side walls of a concave curved shape in their central part. This promotes good uniformity of application of heat between the corners and the central part of the table.

A heating device according to the invention for the warming of newborns, is shown in side view in Figure 1. It consists of a supporting table 1 for receiving the newborn to be heated, and an infrared transmitter 2 which is arranged above the support table, and emits infrared radiation in the direction of the latter. The assembly is mounted on a frame 3 provided with wheels 4 allowing its movement. The frame 3 comprises a side arm 4, on which are fixed the support table 1 and an upper arm 5 carrying a box 6 arranged at the base of the support table, and wherein the infrared emitter is arranged 2.

The casing is shown in figure in a partial section along a plane which is longitudinal and parallel thereto to the plane of the figure, to allow viewing of the transmitter 2 which is arranged in its interior. The transmitter 2 is disposed in a cavity 7 arranged inside the housing 6, such that its emitting surface is located in the support table of the upright 1.

The cavity 7 is closed on its underside by a perforated grid 8 which prevents access to the transmitter 2, thus protecting the user from getting burned by contact with the transmitter. On the support table 1 rests a mattress 9, which will be placed the newborn. It is associated with the end walls 10 and side walls 11 which constitute a receiving perimeter to the newborn, and prevent any risk of falling of the latter out of the table.

Medical sources confirmed that 47 Palestinians were shot and injured with live ammunition, while dozens of others suffered from severe tear-gas suffocation. Nasrallah reveals new details about ambush, killing of 12 Israeli commandos Lebanon in and offers hints about a mysterious murder of a militant leader in Syria Amos Harel May 13, PM. Nasrallah spoke on May 2 at a memorial ceremony for Mustafa Badreddine, a senior Hezbollah figure who died under mysterious circumstances three years ago in Syria, and had been involved in the incident.

The article was published on the website of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, a research institute. On the night of September 4, , 16 Shayetet fighters, under the command of Lt. Yossi Korakin, were tasked with laying bombs along the coastal road in Lebanon between Tyre and Sidon.

After landing on the beach, an explosive device was detonated that caused serious casualties and severed the force into two. Korakin and 10 commandos were killed. Those who survived reported they were fired upon after the blast. The survivors and the bodies of their comrades-in-arms were evacuated by helicopter, with great effort, during which an IDF doctor was killed by Lebanese gunfire. The body of one of those killed, Sgt. Itamar Ilya, remained behind and was returned to Israel in a swap with Hezbollah nine months later. La-Lutte-des-classes-ou-l -obsession-de-la-race.

Saudi Arabia has long regarded Bahrain as a de facto protectorate. The Saudis reinforced their dominance over their small island neighbor in when it deployment troops across the King Fahd Causeway to repress protests by the Shiite majority. The troops are still there. The UAE and the kingdom pursue many identical policies but often with different strategies, most notably in regard to the war in Yemen. Only 6 percent said that his policies were too favorable to the Palestinians, while a plurality of 47 percent said the policy struck the right balance.

Within the different Christian denominations, there are different views on the subject. What will the tiny handful of Israelis for whom fighting the occupation is paramount do now? What will they do, the people who will not consent to living in an apartheid state?


The election results left no room for doubt: Israel lacks a critical mass of opponents to the occupation. Loathing for Benjamin Netanyahu, the corruption in government and the Eurovision Song Contest are much higher up on their agenda. And what do these people think could possibly end the occupation anyway?

The minority that refuses to give up on opposing the occupation can throw in the towel now when it comes to trying to win over Israelis. There is no partner in Israel, no buyers. Only a handful of warriors remain, the few and the brave. One can wait for a miracle — or a disaster — or one can shift to the only arena where hope is still possible: overseas. The argument that this is an undemocratic action aimed at bypassing the will of the people obviously sets a new standard of chutzpah.

There, too, there were democratic elections, for whites only, and a majority of the whites had their say and supported apartheid. So what? Did that have anything to do with democracy? Could the international community sit by idly? The occupation is not an internal Israeli matter, and it has nothing to do with democracy. Israeli Jews who control Palestinians using brutal military force are an international matter.

This is exactly why international institutions were established and why foreign policy exists, and this is exactly why there are judges in The Hague. For 52 years, millions of Palestinians were never asked for their opinion, and for that reason there are few issues that require the intervention of the international community more urgently.

It is not only a legitimate sphere of action, it is mandatory — including for Israelis. Contradictory messages are emanating from this arena. There are signs of loss of interest and fatigue over a conflict that refuses to be resolved. Ultranationalism, xenophobia and Islamophobia bolster support for Israeli colonialism. But at the same time, there are reinforcements in the form of new, almost revolutionary voices, that will not accept this. In Europe and in the United States there arose a generation that did not know the Holocaust and was unwilling to accept the occupation. There is today no greater source of hope than the astonishing changes in the U.

Democratic Party and the U. Labour Party. The rise of these parties to power could herald a new international language toward Israel. There are countries where people are only waiting for the signal to join in. The fall of the occupation is likely to be dramatic, not gradual, and the house of cards that seems today to be at the height of its powers, with greater international support than ever before, could collapse in an instant.

The formula is a simple one: the dissolution of the existing formula, according to which it benefits Israel and the Israelis to continue the occupation. As long as it exists — and it does exist — there is no possibility of change. The answer is clear. There are few Israelis who will be willing to sacrifice their quality of life for the settlement of Ofra, which they have never been to and will never go to.

It needs additional Israeli voices. Gideon Levy.

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Like the song says: They promised a dove, an olive branch, they promised peace, spring and blossoms … And once again they got Benjamin Netanyahu. The Zionist leftists tried everything. They promised peace and security, settlements and two states, Mizrahim and Ashkenazim, and nothing worked. Only one choice remained, the doomsday weapon, the wildest wild card of all: to join with the Arabs.

Only thus could they return to power, wrote the pundits. As usual, they want to have their cake and eat it too. A Jewish-Arab partnership as well as a Jewish state. First of all — now you come to us? After all the years of military administration and after the riots of October , the discrimination, exclusion and dispossession just go to Taibeh or Hura , suddenly you remember that we exist?

Oh well, better late than never. But what exactly does the center-left have to offer the Arabs in the state of the Jews? Empty words. What equality, without which there can be no genuine partnership, can exist in a Jewish-democratic state? What brotherhood can prevail in a country whose Law of Return fundamentally discriminates against Arabs?

What is there waiting for them in a country whose discourse is all Jewish and only Jewish? Where nearly all of the land is designated for Jews and many public workplaces are closed to them? There is only one way that Jews and Arabs can really go together: in a democratic, egalitarian state of all its citizens. Is this what anyone on the Zionist left who proposed joining together meant? If so, he cannot be a Zionist.

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This built-in contradiction must be exposed: Zionism and egalitarianism cannot go hand in hand. From the depths of its failures, the center-left suddenly discovered the potential of the Arab vote. It tried the religious and sought out the Mizrahim and ultimately was stuck with the Arabs, the last bastion of non-rightist votes. But the Zionist left has nothing to offer them aside from a few budgetary crumbs.

They will only do so en masse in a country that shakes off its Zionist scaffolding, which may have been necessary once, but is no longer so. They will do so in a state in which an Arab prime minister or defense minister or health minister is a matter of routine, as it should be in any multinational democracy. An equal number of Jews and Palestinians now live under Israeli control between the Jordan River and the sea. This moment of numerical equality, which many not last very long, ought to have been celebrated with a declaration of intent to establish an egalitarian democracy. Instead, nearly 5 million Palestinians live under occupation and another nearly 2 million live under the nation-state law.

This is not what the advocates of joining together mean. They just want keffiyehs at party conventions and votes at the ballot box. For 40 years now, it has lost its way. The solution is admittedly revolutionary and not an easy one to accept, but it is the only one: Detach the Zionist label from the leftist label and switch to what every liberal left in the world is dedicated to.

Offer the obvious: Democracy for all. Les pays. Va comprendre! Nouvelles d'Orient alaingresh. Loutre loutre. It Wants Sanctions Relief. Rezo rezo. Apartheid under the cover of a Jewish state - Haaretz. Dror sinehebdo sinehebdo. Article B. En effet, le. Les normes sont ouvertes, de sorte que le juge peut tenir compte de chaque. Ainsi, M. Est-ce un bien? Est-ce un mal? Ainsi, Monsieur Roderick A. Larry A. Les exemples sont innombrables. Ainsi M.

The Paul Rosenberg ArchivesA Gift of Elaine and Alexandre Rosenberg PaulRosenberg

Il est donc essentiellement question de bonne foi. Tel est le cas de la vente internationale de marchandises. Sous-section 1. Sous-section 2- Les tentatives de codification des principes du droit des contrats.