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It not only colonized the neighbouring islands, and founded the city of Aegina, by which it was ultimately outstripped in wealth and power, but also took part with the people of Argos and Troezen in their settlements in the south of Asia Minor. But the real menace to the Latin kingdom lay in northern Syria; and here a power was eventually destined to rise, which outstripped the kings of Jerusalem in the race for Cairo, and then - with the northern and southern boundaries of Jerusalem in its control - was able to crush the kingdom as it were between the two arms of a vice.

It became a place of some importance in Roman days, especially as a port, and entirely outstripped its mother city. St Anthony became a city in , and Minneapolis, which then had only 2 inhabitants, soon outstripped its neighbour after the Civil War, and received a city charter in Version 6, released in , outstripped its top competitor — VMware Fusion — in terms of both features and performance.

outstripped - Wiktionary

German newspaper Bild reports today that demand for Portuguese Water Dogs have outstripped supply. Unfortunately, the AMA guessed wrong on the displacements and four-strokes have now far outstripped the two-strokes they were trying to match.

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Demand for single-family rental housing is outstripping the available supply of homes, according to a report to be released Tuesday by real-estate firm CoreLogic. The long closed facilities will be demolished because the upkeep has outstripped the property's worth.

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Average cost of production outstripped the price at which milk was sold in the second quarter of and in many other months since improvement in after the significant losses experienced in If you fit into the category of people whose goals outstrip their willingness to take risks -- and FinaMetrica's research suggests that's a lot of us -- your choices are simple, though not easy.

During its early years, World War II outstripped US supply capability, creating huge procurement and consumer shortages across the nation. Strip-till outstripped both no-till and conventional tillage in a two-year comparison of corn tillage methods by the University of Minnesota.

In related news, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou recently told reporters that demand for the iPhone was outstripping supplies.

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This method is still proving to be powerful Gustafson as the needs still outstrip the capacities of computers. Hence it can be seen that the method outstrips standard photometric distance determination techniques. In retrospect, this becomes a vivid indication of how natural language has both an important real-world role, and quickly outstrips our computational reach. Open 24 hours, it attracted its own set of entrepreneurs. Aaron Butler moved into a rehabbed condo on Chapin Street in July I never bought anything [in the store] except the occasional six-pack or Diet Coke.

They had occasional yuppie goods at discount prices and the worst fried chicken ever. It was and still is heralded as a community-owned business. Inside, it maintained 58 washers and dryers. Cheery cutout soap bubbles were pinned to the walls. It was no community garden full of collard greens, but residents hyped the project and what it stood for, despite some disagreement about that last point. Stanley Brown, who has lived in Columbia Heights since , had an inside look at what a laundromat could do for a community. He frequented the facility; his wife worked there as one of the managers. The laundromat had what few laundromats had: street cred.

But Brown concedes that some dealers did not respect the unwritten rules. On a few occasions, they would do a little business out of the Big Wash bathroom. But I just happen to know.

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Mostly, Chapin residents talk about the loitering and the drug deals. Belmont residents talk about the hanging out, the convenience of a hour bodega, the fried chicken.

Belmont insists the fried chicken was damn good. When you imply that the chicken might actually be far from damn good, Belmont looks at you like you are crazy. In the middle of a heated battle over single sales about four years ago, Spalding sat on a grand jury, weighing in on testimony for several different cases.

KPMG Report: US Blockchain Investment in 2018 to Date has Outstripped 2017’s Total

One of them involved Shop Express. The case alleged a fencing operation inside the store. Law enforcement authorities, Spalding says, presented evidence that stolen goods from area burglaries and smash-and-grabs were being sold there. This just gave me extra energy to attack the voluntary agreement. Spalding says he and his fellow jurors agreed there was enough evidence against the fencing operation to go forward with a trial.