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  1. "savior" in Polish

From here begins a frantic search through eight levels, where you try at any cost to find the Creator of the Universe, "The Great God," with the sole purpose of saving your home.

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But on your way, you very soon discover that you are but an character in an unfinished story, and all the reality around you is only a segment of a colossal game is beginning to collapse. On this idea, that reality is nothing but a fiction, "Savior" creates an experience where the user will be constantly faced with atypical and surprising situations.

"savior" in Polish

Josuhe H. Pagliery , Havana, Cuba Director, art designer and screenwriter of Savior. I have experience as an animator and founded and directed the performance group "Golden Theory Popeye" from I participated in personal and collective exhibitions both in Cuba and the US, as well as Canada, Germany and Spain, among other countries. For several years my work has been focused on video games, although in the past they have been more artistic and experimentation, including "Destroyer" which was presented twelfth Bienal de la Habana. I have always felt a great interest and respect for the video game medium and earnestly want Cuban artist to be part of this global, cultural phenomenon of undeniable importance.

There is no God else beside me, a just God and a Savior ; there is none beside me.


He thanked the little brown bat when it reminded him of his savior. The poor must ever have a champion, a savior , a mediator, or they are ground beneath a relentless heel. The actuality of the sealing ordinance in marriage finds an illustration in the personal teachings of the Savior. Spanish salvador, Italian salvatore , from salvatus , past participle of salvare "to save" see save v.

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In Christian sense, a translation of Greek soter "savior. Nearby words savings and loan association , savings bank , savings bond , savings certificate , savings ratio , savior , saviour , savitskaya , savoie , savoir faire , savoir-faire.