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The Thief on the Cross

He must find a modern Mary without delay. The Jesus Thief takes the reader from society galas to Irish pubs to Harlem churches to Italy in Fascist and current times with all the suspense of a detective novel, the drama of a thriller, and the periodic chills of high adventure.

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It tells of lost family ties and a lost heritage, of a man's search for God and a poor woman's yearning to be special. It tells a touching and unexpected love story, born amid swirling events. Brilliantly conceived, masterfully written, this soaring novel is a triumph.

You will believe every word and haunt bookstores in hope of a sequel. The samples were subjected to radiocarbon tests in labs in Arizona, Oxford, and Zurich. The authenticity of the Shroud became more plausible, but its Pontifical Custodians have not so far rejoiced, having newly removed all patches from the Holy Cloth.

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Unless and until the Church approves new tests, the faithful must rely on results from the previous scientific investigation. The Shroud of Turin Research Project said in its Final Report: "We can conclude for now that the Shroud image is that of a real human form of a scourged, crucified man. It is not the product of an artist. The bloodstains are composed of hemoglobin and also give a positive test for serum albumin.

The image is an ongoing mystery. Two highly regarded scientists associated with universities in Jerusalem and North Carolina studied pollen samples taken from the Shroud and concluded their source was a plant that grows in Israel, Jordan, and Sinai and nowhere else on earth. Wednesday p. Only six times before in the twentieth century had it happened and rarely in the presence of anyone but the priests. The day had, at last, arrived. In awe he waited with Father Bartolo, black marble beneath their feet, a white marble balustrade surrounding them, angels at each end.

Everywhere in this chapel its designer, Guarini, had put statues of angels. The Jesus Thief is a marvelous novel. It explores the possibility that blood from the Shroud of Turin could be used to clone Christ. This subject matter could easily result in sensationalist drivel, but instead Lankford has crafted an exciting and thought-provoking story which examines the feasibility of such an event, as well as its moral and physical implications.

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The characters are well-developed and their motives for taking part in such an extraordinary act are realistically complex and nuanced. The way they each do or don't come to terms with their actions provides a vehicle for Lankford to deal with weighty issues, leaving readers to draw their own theological conclusions. In short, this is a lucid and accomplished novel with an utterly riveting plot that twists and turns to a thrilling conclusion. Media Reviews Redbank. Midwest Book Review A gripping and original novel Booklist Starred Review. This is great stuff!

Heartland Reviews The Jesus Thief is a fascinating thriller Its pace rockets along to a touching conclusion. Robert H. Foote, Cornell cloning science pioneer A spellbinder Lankford explores concepts that are important to all of us -- love, religion, family, ethnic identity, relationships, loyalty -- and shows us true-to-life characters negotiating these common principles in Read More Dave Shields Jilla Lankford's earth-shattering new novel, the extraordinary tale of a man who attempts to clone Christ, doesn't merely deliver on the high expectations created by such a blockbuster idea, it exceeds them in every way.

Lankford handles weighty Read More Write your own review!

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More books by J. Lankford If you liked The Jesus Thief, try these:. The Book of Samson. About this book. More books by this author. In The Book of Samson, David Maine has created an unforgettable portrait of a man who believes he is touched by the hand of Godthen instructed by that God to slaughter his enemies.

Map of Bones. During a service at a cathedral in Cologne, Germany, a band of armed intruders unleash a nightmare of blood and terror, ruthlessly gunning down worshippers and clergy alike. The Thief stole my heart and lifted my spirit.

Impenitent thief - Wikipedia

Masterfully told, this story of a Roman centurion and a Jewish girl explores familiar New Testament passages but plumbs new spiritual depths. A powerful message of faith and hope intersecting at the foot of the cross. You know the feeling you get looking at a mountain sunset, listening to sacred music while James Earl Jones reads the Sermon on the Mount? The Thief captures that emotion in an unforgettable story of desperation and beauty. A compelling story and vivid characters immediately come off the page and into your heart as Stephanie Landsem brings ancient Jerusalem to life in her enthralling second novel, The Thief.

As you run through the streets with the little thief, Mouse, or dip in the Pool of Siloam with the secretive Nissa, a masterful tale full of adventure, heartbreak, and hope unfolds. To read The Thief is to be completely transported to another time and place. Rebecca Kanner, author of Sinners and the Sea.

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Powerful and moving, Landsem grabs hold of the soul and never lets go. As compelling a portrait of mercy as I have ever read.