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  3. Welcome to Patti Polk Rocks - the Rockin Home of Agategrrrl
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Rock Collecting

After meeting Agategrrrl online and swapping rocks for about a year, we decided to visit her in Arizona. It meant we could also attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with her as our guide. Patti introduced us to many wonderful collectors and it was a privilege to see their collections.

  1. Patti Polk Rocks – Agategrrrl.
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We then organised to go on a number of fossicking trips with Agategrrrl during our month long stay. Patti was well organised in her planning, suggesting interesting, out of the way places we had never heard of. It was wonderful being in the field with Patti as her knowledge of collecting agates and jaspers is second to none. She showed us what to look for in the landscape that revealed good agate bearing locations.

We soon had pounds of quality agates and jaspers to ship home to Australia. Patti organised our accommodation at each of the fossicking sites which ranged from bush camping through to comfy, heated hotels. We especially like their Earth science section with rocks, minerals, tools, fossils, and books for smart kids interested in all things geology.

The Mineral Gallery There are hundreds of mineral shops on the Web, but the Mineral Gallery probably has the best selection of minerals for sale for your geology enthusiast. Fulgurites When lightning strikes the ground, sediments are fused together by the energy creating beautiful and unique crystal-like structures.

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  • The Enchanted Rock Garden | Minnesota's Largest Shop for rocks.
  • Die Julirevolution von 1830 und die deutsche Verfassungsbewegung (German Edition).
  • Various mineral dealers sell the melted results as collectibles, you can find them at the link above. Top Stone Rolling Fountains These fountains feature large stone spheres spinning miraculously suspended on water.

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    Uniquely beautiful, these gifts are perfect for the geologist or rock enthusiast who has everything. We love this site. Sphere's To You They call themselves the biggest seller of stone spheres in the world, and we believe them. Their selection is incredible. The Soft Earth Pottery artist, Joan Lederman, uses pedigreed seafloor mud from Woods Hole's oceanographers to make wonderful objects and collectibles. To the world, we may seem a little old-fashioned in how we do business.

    Welcome to Patti Polk Rocks - the Rockin Home of Agategrrrl

    Cross-section of rhodochrosite formation. Azurite with malachite and copper from the Sepon Mine in Laos. Azurite from the Apex mine in Washington County, Utah. Collected in York, PA.

    Rock Collecting:

    Fluorapophyllite with Calcite coating, Russia. Pentagonite from the Wagholi Quarry, Pune, India.

    Rock Collection Display Case

    Orpiment on barite from the La Liberdad mine. Microsite on muscovite. Unusual habitat for the location. Fine minerals and the unusual.