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So the mayor asked Meve to leave the gold behind.

The Price Of Peace: A Personal Exploration By Johan Norberg

Rayla recommends to Meve to take the gold, as she considers the mayor a coward and believes he wants to fund the Nilfgaardian Army. Take the gold: Meve told the mayor the gold was needed for her small army , which the man disheartenedly agreed to. Leave the gold in Gatberg: Meve decided that the city of Gatberg needed a line of defence, the bribe of the gold. She asked the mayor that if Nilfgaard was losing the war, that the men of the city would take up arms and fight for the cause, which the mayor agrees to.

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Start a Wiki. It starts when you reach the gates of Gatberg. Gaia stands a few paces behind her, as does the majority of warriors who were once Wonkru, expressions clean. No one goes up to her. Bellamy wishes he felt something. He wishes he felt the sorrow. The anger. The betrayal. All he sees is her name. They met the residents of the new planet two weeks upon landing. No one even pretends to move with the two of them, a fierce team.

Clarke does it though, because it needs to be done. He does move close enough to be in earshot, the rest of the Spacekru joining him. Raven catches his eyes and lifts an eyebrow, so he shrugs. He startles a bit, but not from the child, but when he turns his attention to Clarke. Bellamy would give money to have seen the look she gave him. In fact, he can almost feel the relief rolling off her in waves, the twelve-year-old hovering closer to Clarke. That has to count for something. It sent us to die while filling our lungs with cancer. It abandoned us on a hostile planet and left us to figure it out.

I was sent to a hostile world to die and figured it out as I went along. We have an opportunity to start over. Everyone holds their breath as he thinks about it. Clarke takes it without hesitation. Putting her hands up gently between the two, Clarke clears her throat. Bellamy has known Clarke to be absent in many different scenarios, some willingly, some forced. When Russell suggested that Clarke stay with them for a while, Bellamy watched the color drain from her face.

Bellamy turned to face Madi, fully expecting her to argue to the point. He startles at this, waiting for Madi to say something. Her blue eyes pierce him, watery and filled with fire. Redness creeps into her eyes and all he wants is to make it go away. That was not part of the deal.

And I think it would be beneficial to have Clarke in our world, so we can understand each other. You will be able to return home. She turns her attention to Indra at her side, who lifts her eyebrow at the insinuation. Clarke looks to the sky, her hands on her hips. He knows. Bellamy gazes at everyone, waiting for someone to argue, but no one does. One life for many. He gets it. Bellamy stops mid-word at her exclamation.

And for the first time, he wants to ignore it. He goes up to the door, reaching for the door handle before he sees it through the window. Clarke is standing in the middle of the room, her arms wrapped around her chest. One hand is up against her mouth as she cries, crumpling further to the ground until she has to place her free hand to the floor to keep her from laying down. Her forehead touches the ground as she cries, curling upon herself. Without a word, he places his hands on her shoulders.

She weeps and he holds hers, not saying a word. Perhaps all the thoughts he kept locked up would come rushing out. Sometimes when he passes a window, he sees her there, hand over her mouth and silently crying in what she thinks is privacy.

People can cool down, figure out how to deal with this new Clarke. Sometimes he wonders how often she cried by herself. He thinks back of all their time together and he can only think of a few times where she broke down in front of him. She faced the battle of earth with a stony passion, only cracking in quiet moments in between. Now he wonders how many in betweens he missed.

Bellamy spent the entire day building houses at the edge of the property. It was awkward at first, working with Miller. Miller stood next to him, casting glances at him every few minutes. As the days passed, he felt the tension melt from his shoulders.

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He would make a casual joke and then Miller would tell him about his relationship with Jackson. The curt talk turns into casual silence, which morphs back into something resembling normalcy. Bellamy finds himself laughing, Miller hammering to the beat of it. His smile falters. The six years in the bunker were… horrible. A horn rings out in the air, Bellamy and Miller looking up.

By the time they reach the town center, everyone is already there. Someone places a hand on his back and he sees Echo standing next to him, her eyes filled with worry. Bellamy shoves his way through the crowd until he reaches Madi, who steps closer to him. She peers up, her eyes watering. And not naturally. It looks like too many tests on a human before the human broke.

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Abby takes a step back. She got sick and she passed away. Our people was very distraught at her passing. Even though we only had her for a short time, she was beloved quickly. And so they were very opposed to releasing her back.

Cast & Crew

Russell lifts an eyebrow. She was under my care when she passed and was integrating herself in our world. Many of those considered her our people. Madi remains very quiet. She stands in front of everyone, her gaze focused on Russell. There are a few tears that escape does her cheeks, Bellamy resisting the urge to reach out.

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Her words echo in the area, loud and commanding. Bellamy flinches at the noise, reaching toward the team. She wrenches herself out of his grasp. So he stands at a funeral. He stands there, the name carved in stone as if she was never there. But at what cost? Raven stands a few paces away, glaring at the tombstone. Her eyes are dry and hard, as if angry with Clarke for leaving.

The Price of Peace | Film | NZ On Screen

He knew their relationship fractured in the events of earth, Raven standing closer and closer to Echo as everyone faded away. He never said anything about it. He wonders if she died as she lived: alone. Shaking his head, Bellamy scrubs the idea from his mind.