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I could fuck up. This next single could be a failure. A recent London concert ended when fans stormed the stage, and New Musical Express , the impulsive British rock tabloid, put Tyler on the cover, wearing a crown, to mock the royal wedding. Burn shit! Fuck school! If Tyler is the cult leader, Earl Sweatshirt remains, even in absentia, the Odd Future member with the most flabbergasting lyrics.

The contrast was instructive.

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Tyler is a clever but effortful rapper, working hard to squeeze jokes and ideas into his lyrics, and harder still to push his lyrics out with his inflamed bronchia. In one typically sturdy and obnoxious couplet, inspired by his disdain for the Los Angeles phenomenon known as jerking a briefly ascendant local dance craze , he seems to be repeating himself, though he is actually changing the meaning by tweaking the words:. At his best, he pushes his lyrics to the brink of gibberish, delighting in the echoing syllables:.

There was something mysterious, and therefore enticing, about this younger, quieter, nimbler rapper who seemed less eager to be known.

Читать онлайн "Quest for Lost Heroes"

By the third verse, the protagonist has revealed himself to be a kidnapper and a rapist. At the dining-room table, Tyler was trying to figure out a design for an Earl Sweatshirt sweatshirt. He pulled up the T-shirt design on his laptop. Ocean, who joined the group around the same time Earl went missing, examined the image. Tyler frowned.

Pablo Picasso’s Idiosyncratic Genius

He attended New Roads, a private school in Santa Monica, where one of his friends, and his first producer, was Solomon Allison, who produces hip-hop under the name Loofy. He and Earl met during a ninth-grade field trip, when Loofy and some friends were beat-boxing and freestyling, and Earl started rapping. A few weeks later, he called Loofy at home, and Loofy held up his Sidekick Slide to the phone, broadcasting beats over the line so that Earl could rap along.

Often, he falls back on quaint expressions of his lyrical superiority:. Listeners could also find traces of Sly on his old blog, slytendencies.

Ralph Ellison Goes Home

In the first entry, from March 6, , the future Earl Sweatshirt reviewed his own career so far:. I sucked ass until about seven months ago, when I hit an epiphany. I rap. Tracks by Sly attracted some attention on MySpace, and soon—sometime in the summer of —he was asked to join Odd Future, which was already building a reputation in Los Angeles and online. In early April, an obsessive fan from Texas, posting on a Kanye West message board, unearthed a vital piece of information: Thebe used to study a Korean martial art called Hwa Rang Do.

Another option was to explore the digital trail generated by the short-lived career of Sly, which leads, eventually, to a long-abandoned Twitter page that has somehow escaped the notice of the Odd Future horde. Ima Swag It Out. In , he was named the poet laureate, and he is a frequent presence at South African literary conferences and festivals. There is a gruesome, hallucinatory catalogue of racially charged horrors and insults, most of them phrased as accusations:.

In the final stanza, the recrimination builds to a furious italicized expression of poetic abnegation:. Something about this image—the poet, awaiting the end of poetry and the start of revolution—captured the imagination of a group of like-minded oral poets in Harlem, who called themselves the Last Poets, in tribute to Kgositsile. Starting in , the Last Poets released a string of fiery spoken-word albums that prefigured the rise of hip-hop. Of course, some people might say that hip-hop betrayed the promise of Kgositsile and the Last Poets, instead of fulfilling it. During the apartheid years, Kgositsile lived in exile and travelled widely.

While visiting Chicago in the nineteen-eighties, he spent time with a poet named Sterling Plumpp, who introduced him to an African-American woman who was active in political circles. By the early nineteen-nineties, Kgositsile was dividing his time between Johannesburg, where his old African National Congress comrades were finally taking power, and Los Angeles, where he shared a house with his wife and had an adjunct teaching appointment in the English Department at U.

He beholds a boy endowed with the fierce decency of Betty Carter, the jazz singer, who had died a few years earlier. But near the end, unexpectedly, comes a ringing admonition—the celebrant has said too much:. Hip-hop has proved to be a less volatile form than liberation poetry, and its general disinclination to be useful—to do something—helps account for both its longevity and its lousy reputation among many of the people who might otherwise be expected to love it.

earlsweatpants's collection | Bandcamp

On a Friday night, at the end of another long and intermittently productive week in Los Angeles, the other members of Odd Future crammed into a rental van to drive to Pomona, where they had booked a concert. The venue, called the Glass House, has a capacity of eight hundred, and the tickets had all disappeared within an hour of the announcement. By the time the group got there, around six, there was a line of fans waiting for the door to open; they were mainly white and Latino, and almost all of them seemed to be younger than twenty-one. A security guard arrived and called a huddle so that he could issue some stern instructions.

It was nearly nine, and Tyler had something important that he had to do soon, but nothing at all that he had to do immediately—a dangerous combination. More top stories.

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The real angel of the north: The abuse of young girls by Rochdale sex gangs is one of the great scandals of Christian doctor who refused to call transgender women 'she' was sacked after saying he wouldn't refer to 'a Iraqi asylum seeker, 22, is jailed for life for raping and murdering girl, 14, with 'exceptional severity' Welcome to Londelona! So, the speedy love was fine by me in this one. Dec 07, Furio rated it it was ok Shelves: gay , gay-erotica , gay-historical , gay-romance. The basic plot and the cast of characters are excellent: we could be reading a perfect story IF the author had taken more time to write it down.

First, it is too short and robs its reader of many expected reading pleasures. Second, editing could be far better: mistakes are all the more noticeable when the language mimics that of yore. Last but not least, writing is very hurried: I had to reread many sentences, whole transitions are lacking and emotional climaxes are not exploited as they could have been.

I really wish the author would revise this potentially good story and make it what it was meant to be. Dec 07, Em rated it liked it Shelves: m-m , dtr , abuse-torture-rape , historical-fiction , pirate , secret-relationship , slave-kidnapped-hostage. I'm a sucker for a swashbuckling pirate, can't resist, and this little book was a lot of fun!

Jun 07, Susana rated it it was ok. But Peter is not only a rakish adventurer, thief and ex-pirate, he is also the Duke of Melfort deceitfully deprived from his title and position. Gussie is decided to help him, no matter what the cost… This is 2. Gussie is decided to help him, no matter what the cost… This is another novel in the Circle of Friends series to which Worth the Price belong. I must recognise it has disappointed me a little. I really enjoyed Worth the Price, and I believe this could have been a great novel as well because it has all the required elements: likeable characters, adventures, sense of humour, hot sex and a HEA.

But it feels rushed.


It could have benefited so much for a bit more of developing in the characters relationship and the events surrounding them. Even the last chapter is a hasty epilogue which would have been more enjoyable if it had taken the time to portrait the interaction between both couples Gussie and Peter and Vernon and Seb. It is a pity because it has potential but did not fulfil. I do not understand why the hurry.

It could have been so much better… Although containing some mild erotic scenes it also manages to combine humour, pathos and love. A tale of the unloved and unwanted; the cruel and the kind. Gussie the Earl of the title has recently come into his inheritance and is working is way across the country to assess his property. On the latest leg of his journey his carriage his held up and released by a handsome man and at the house he meets Grace, a disgruntled female cousin; but all is not as it seems. It is the first time I have read a book y E.

Lyton who has the ability to quickly draw characters that you can engage with. Only 4 stars as I wished for it to be longer Aug 24, kel rated it it was amazing. Oh, this was a funny and sweet little story about surprise inheritances, dashing pirates, scheming, evil uncles, and of course, love. Augustus, "Gussie", is a great character, who innocently and humorously says what's on his mind but it is more than capable of standing down a threat with a brace of pistols if the need arises.

His relationship with the mysterious Peter develops quickly but the connection between them feels believable.