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Nell'estate , esattamente dieci anni dopo la messa in vendita della prima edizione limitata, Algida introduce i Magnum 5 Kisses, cinque gelati dedicati alla pasticceria francese. Come per i Magnum 5 Sensi, i gelati introdotti rimangono in vendita per tutta l'estate. I 5 Kisses vengono venduti, sempre in tiratura limitata, anche in Australia , da dicembre Il Magnum viene distribuito nel mondo attraverso le aziende locali incluse nel marchio globale Heartbrand.

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. URL consultato il 19 giugno Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Addita Cherubino, che non si muove dal loco. Your arrival threw him into a panic so he hid.

Then he heard everything I was saying to you! SUSANNA Egli era meco quando voi qui giungeste, e mi chiedea d'impegnar la padrona a intercedergli grazia: il vostro arrivo in scompiglio lo pose, ed allor in quel loco si nascose. Dunque ha sentito quello che io ti dicea? He pulls him out of the chair.

Figaro enters, carrying a white veil, followed by peasants, the girls dressed in white, and strewing flowers out of little baskets before the Count. His great heart preserves there, the spotless purity of a more lovely flower. Back me up, my love. FIGARO to the Count My lord, do not disdain this tribute of our affection, well-deserved now that you have abolished a right so hated by all true lovers.

Entrano Figaro con bianca veste in mano, contadini e contadine vestite di bianco che spargono fiori, raccolti in piccoli panieri, davanti al Conte. Or che aboliste un dritto si ingrato a chi ben ama. FIGARO We are the first to benefit from your wisdom: our marriage is already arranged, now it remains for you to bestow upon this woman, chaste by your gift, this white veil, symbol of purity.

But I must keep up the pretence. But I do not deser ve tributes and praise; by abolishing from my estates an unjust right, I but restore to duty and nature their own. ALL Hurray! Ma fingere convien. On such a special day! CORO spargendo il resto dei fiori Giovani liete, fiori spargete davanti al nobile nostro signor. I contadini e le contadine partono. Susanna A wedding-day! Leave at once.

He starts to leave. Susanna and Figaro stop him. Il Conte vuol partire, Susanna e Figaro l'arrestano. The Count and Basilio leave. Cherubino embraces Susanna, who is still confused. How your destiny has changed all at once! Il Conte e Basilio partono. No more will you, etc. Among warriors swearing by Bacchus! Great mustacchios, holding your pack, a gun on your shoulder, a sabre at your side, head held high, frank of feature, wearing a great helmet or a turban, winning honours, but little money, and in place of the fandango a march through the mud.

Over mountains, over valleys, through the snow and burning sun. To the music of trumpets, of shells and cannons, with balls sounding thunder, making your ears ring. Cherubino, on to victory, on to victory in war! They leave, marching like soldiers. Tra guerrieri poffar Bacco! Gran mustacchi, stretto sacco, schioppo in spalla, sciabola al fianco, collo dritto, muso franco, o un gran casco, o un gran turbante, molto onor, poco contante, ed invece del fandango, una marcia per il fango, per montagne, per valloni, colle nevi, e i solleoni, al concerto di tromboni, di bombarde, di cannoni, che le palle in tutti i tuoni all'orecchio fan fischiar.

Cherubino alla vittoria, alla gloria militar! Figaro e Cherubino partono marciando come soldati. Symphony No. Adagio - Allegro II. Andante III. A door at the back leads to the servants' rooms; on one side, a window. The Countess is alone. Give me back my treasure, or at least let me die. Grant, love, etc. Susanna enters. O mi rendi il mio tesoro, o mi lascia almen morir! Porgi, amor, ecc. Entra Susanna. Come, my friend, my lady is getting impatient. After all, what does it amount to? My lord has taken a fancy to my bride; so he wants to reinstate in secrecy the feudal 'droit de seigneur'.

This is both possible and natural. Ma se Figaro t'ama, ei sol porria. Alfin di che si tratta? Al signor Conte piace la sposa mia. Here's the plan: to the Countess I'll see he gets a note from Basilio evealing that you have arranged an assignation with a lover during the ball. Quindi prese il partito di sceglier me corriero, e la Susanna Consigliera segreta d'ambasciata: e perch'ella ostinata ognor rifiuta il diploma d'onor ch'ei le destina, minaccia di protegger Marcellina.

Ecco il progetto. What are you saying! He's such a jealous man - FIGARO So much the better, it makes it easier for us to perplex him, confuse him, ensnare him, upset his plans, make him suspicious, and show him that this "modern" game he would like to play on me, can be played on him; so that while he's chasing shadows and getting nowhere, suddenly, before he's had time to meddle with our plans, the time for the wedding will have come and there'll be no way to the Countess that he can dare to oppose my vows.

FIGARO Wait, you go and tell the Count at once that you'll meet him this evening in the garden; young Cherubino, who, on my instructions has still not left, we will send dressed as a woman in your place. He goes out. Where is the song? Hush, somebody's coming. It is he! Enter Cherubino. Come in, come in, fine officer! Don't call me by that dreaded name! You great hypocrite! Come on, sing the song you gave me this morning to my lady. Ma per qual causa mai da me stessa ei non venne? Entra Cherubino. Via, presto, la canzone che stamane a me deste, a Madama cantate.

No more chat. Susanna plays the refrain on her guitar. What I experience I'll describe for you; it's new to me. I don't understand it. I feel an emotion full of desire, that is now pleasure, and now suffering. I freeze, then I feel my soul burning up, and in a moment I'm freezing again. I seek a blessing outside myself, from whom I know not, or what it is. Susanna fa il ritornello sulla chitarra. Gelo, e poi sento l'alma avvampar, e in un momento torno a gelar. Sospiro e gemo senza voler, palpitate and tremble without knowing it.

I find no peace night or day, and yet I enjoy languishing so. You who know what love is, etc. What a lovely voice; I didn't know you could sing so well. Take off your cloak. She helps him off with his cloak. I'll shut the door. Voi, che sapete, ecc. Siam d'eguale statura Gli cava il manto. She does so. But how shall we dress his hair? Susanna leaves; Cherubino approaches the Countess and, taking them from his breast-pocket, shows her his commission papers; the Countess takes them from him, opens them and notices that the seal is lacking. What are these papers? She returns the commission.

Chiude la porta. Ma come poi acconciargli i capelli? Gliela rende. What eagerness! Here's the cap. Gently, now turn around again.

Don Giovanni

Bravo, that's just fine. Now turn your face around, ha! Don't make such eyes at me; keep looking straight on ahead. Madame is not there. Pull this collar a bit higher, keep your eyes down lower, your hands across your chest, we'll see how you walk when you're on your feet. Look at the little colt, look how handsome he is!

What a crafty expression, what an outfit, what a figure! If women fall in love with him, they have their reasons why. Ecco la cuffia. Miserabili noi, se il Conte viene. Che furba guardatura, che vezzo, che figura! Push the sleeves up above his elbows so that the dress fits better. E questo sangue? His arm is whiter than mine! Go to my closet and fetch a piece of the court-plaster that's on my dressing-table.

Susanna leaves. As for the ribbon, I would really be loth to part with that colour. Susanna leaves through the door at the back, taking Cherubino's cloak with her. Qualche ragazza. Susanna parte. In quanto al nastro. Per il colore. Tenete: E da legargli il braccio? This is better. Well, d'you know, I never knew that! How unfortunate! What can I not die! She dries his eyes with her handkerchief. A knock is heard at the door. Forse vicino all'ultimo momento.

Gli asciuga gli occhi col fazzoletto. Si sente picchiare alla porta. Who knocks on my door? Oh God! He'll kill me. Dressed like this! A note received, his terrible jealousy! He slips into the closet and shuts the door, the Countess takes the closet key. Chi picchia alla mia porta?

Uggeri il Danese nella letteratura romatizesca degl' Italiani - Persée

In questo stato, un ricevuto foglio. Cherubino entra nel gabinetto, chiude la porta; la Contessa prende la chiave. She runs to open the door to the Count. It used never to be your habit to lock yourself into your room! Look at this piece of paper. It's Figaro's note. Cherubino knocks over a table and chair in the closet; they fall with a crash.

Something fell over in the closet. Corre ad aprire al Conte. Cherubino fa cadere un tavolino e una sedia, in gabinetto, con molto strepito. Why then are you so worried? Come out, I order you. Where has the page gone? She's in there trying on her new gown for the wedding. Let's see what happens. Un abito da sposa provando ella si sta. A disaster, a scandal, an uproar, will certainly result! Ho there! Would you openly question the honour of a lady? I'm in the wrong; without noise, without creating a scandal among our people, I can myself fetch the necessary tools. You wait here; but so that my suspicions may be proved to be completely groundless, I shall lock all the doors first.

He locks the door at the back which is that leading to the servants' quarters. Porreste a repentaglio d'una dama l'onore? Posso senza rumore, senza scandalo alcun di nostra gente andar io stesso a prender l'occorrente: attendete pur qui Chiude a chiave la porta che conduce alle stanze delle cameriere. Madama, eccovi il braccio. They go out. Susanna comes out of her hiding place. Come out, now, come out, come on out of there. What a disaster!

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What will happen next? Wait, for pity's sake! To save her I would leap into flames! I embrace you for her!

Leon “disarmingly open-hearted” in Minnesota Opera ‘La Traviata”

So be it! He jumps out of the window. Pria di nuocerle. Abbraccio te per lei! Salta per la finestra. Cherubino jumps; Susanna cries out, sits down for a moment and then runs to the window. O just see how the little devil runs! He's a mile away already. But there's no time to lose; let's go into the closet. When that bully returns, I'll be waiting for him. She goes into the closet and closes the door behind her.

Enter the Countess with the Count who is carrying tools for opening the door: he carefully examines every door in the room. The Count throws the hammer and pliers down on a chair. Do you think me capable of besmirching my honour?

Learn Italian phrases: Arguing with the neighbours

I'm going to see who is in that closet. Cherubino salta fuori; Susanna mette un alto grido, siede un momento, poi va al balcone. O guarda il demonietto! Ma non perdiamci invano. Entriam nel gabinetto: venga poi lo smargiasso, io qui l'aspetto. Susanna entra nel gabinetto e si chiude dietro la porta. Rientrano la Contessa ed il Conte con l'occorrente per aprire la porta: al suo arrivo esamina tutte le porte.

Il Conte getta il martello e la tenaglia sopra una sedia. Mi credete capace di mancare al dover? Tell me - I'll kill him.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Majesto

Hasn't he gone? This is the reason for my doubts, this is the intrigue, the plot the note warned me about. Ah, non ho cor. If you're coming out, low-born brat, you wretch, don't be slow about it. Nudo il petto! Give me the key! Get right out of my sight. You are unfaithful and impious, and you're trying to humiliate me! Qua la chiave! Voi sapete Va lontan dagli occhi miei, un'infida, un'empia sei, e mi cerchi d'infamar! He shall die and be no longer the source of my troubles.

Blind jealousy, what excesses you bring about! The Count unsheathes his sword and opens the dressing-room door. Susanna comes out. What is this amazement? Take your sword and kill the page, that low-born page you see before you. La cieca gelosia, qual eccesso gli fa far! Il Conte snuda il ferro ed apre la porta del gabinetto. Il brando prendete, il paggio uccidete, quel paggio malnato vedetelo qua. I feel my head spinning! Susanna was in there! They don't know what happened! He goes into the dressing-room. I cannot breathe.

La testa girando mi va! Entra nel gabinetto. Appena lo credo; se a torto v'offesi I beg your pardon, but playing such jokes is cruel, after all. I'm unfaithful and impious, and trying to humiliate you. Son l'empia, l'infida ch'ognora v'inganna. My lady! I am now no more than the miserable object of your desertion, whom you delight in driving to despair. Cruel, cruel man! This soul cannot bear to suffer such wrong. Ma il misero oggetto del vostro abbandono che avete diletto di far disperar. Crudele, crudele! If I could Who would believe again in woman's anger? I was wrong and I repent!

Figaro enters. Hear the trumpets, and listen to the pipes. Entra Figaro. Do you know, my good Figaro, who wrote this letter? He shows him a letter. Tira fuori il foglio. Antonio comes rushing in, holding a pot of crushed carnations. Who did it? Quanto tardi a comparir! Entra frettolosamente Antonio, con un vaso di garofani schiacciati. Signor, signor! Chi'l fece? Chi fu? From the balcony that looks out on the garden I've seen a thousand things thrown down, but just now, what could be worse? I saw a man, my lord, thrown out! What is that drunkard doing here?

You're tipsy from break of day. Tu sei cotto dal sorger del di. Making such a fuss for threepence! Since the fact can't be kept quiet, it was I who jumped from there! A genius! Voi stesso? Che ingegno! When you jumped you weren't like that. Let's wind up this nonsense! Finiam questo ballo! When I heard an unusual noise I thought of the letter Antonio leaves.

Antonio parte. The page's commission! The commission! It's the commission that the boy gave me a while ago. La patente del paggio! La patente! Poor man, he knows less than I do, etc. Marcellina, Bartolo and Basilio enter. I'm beginning to feel better. Poverino ne sa men di me, ecc. Entrano in fretta Marcellina, Bartolo e Basilio. I am here to render judgment. Io son qui per giudicar. We will read the contract and proceed in due order.

Lo vedremo, il contratto leggeremo, tutto in ordin deve andar. Che bel caso! Andante con moto III. An anonymous letter, the maid shut in the closet, my lady in a state of confusion, a man who leaps from the balcony into the garden, another one who says that it was him; I don't know what to think. Could it perhaps be one of my servants? Such people are habitually presumptuous. But the Countess - ah, there one cannot doubt without offence! She has too much self-respect, and respect for my honour too.

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