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Cooked in a brick oven, the pizza is custom-made by the slice or, of course, by the pie. Set up like an Atlanta-style pizza joint, Moon River also offers an eclectic selection of wine and beers. Open for lunch and dinner Mon. Dine in or take it with you. Enjoy a casual beach atmosphere in the full-service restaurant, bar and huge oceanview deck. Extensive menu features delicious steaks, fresh seafood and nightly specials.

Also featuring salads, wraps, burgers, seafood baskets and our famous all-youcan-eat wing specials Wed. Take-out available. Open at 11 a. Entertainment nightly and 29 TVs throughout. Starters feature pulled pork cheese fries and soon-to-be-famous wings. The roster includes our famous All-star fish tacos, an impressive Angus burger and Gourmet quarter-pound hot dog. Try out our draft beer lineup of the best domestic and craft selections. Homemade sandwiches, salads and soups are served in a relaxed atmosphere in this charming building in the historic district.

Delicious fresh fish specials and theme nights Pad Thai and curry , plus vegetarian dishes, are also featured. Overlooking the Sunset and the Intracoastal Waterway from our upstairs bar, The Salty Pelican offers oneof-a-kind views, an outdoor atmosphere, and features local, fresh seafood. Open 11 a. The extensive luncheon and dinner menus feature daily specials, fresh Florida seafood, chicken and aged beef.

Cocktails, beer and wine. Casual resort wear. Open at a. The Burger Station offers a grilled portabello mushroom burger, grilled or fried chicken salad and much more. The spot where locals grab a bite and go! Open Mon. Closed Sundays. Dine inside or on the patio of this cozy, renovated shotgun home in historic downtown Fernandina.

Live music elevates your dining experience to a new level. Come for breakfast, stay for dinner! Oceanfront dining at its finest. Award-winning crab cakes, fresh daily seafood specials and homemade desserts. The dining experience is complete with brand-new second-story banquet facilities, bar and verandah. Make Sliders Seaside Grill your place to be for friends and family, entertainment and the best food on the East Coast. Call for your next special event. After the Civil War, Yulee was imprisoned for treason for nine months in Georgia.

At the end of his career, he sold the Florida. Railroad to outside investors. He retired to Washington, D. Around the state, there are markers to Yulee and his railroad legacy. An annual bicycle tour retraces the route from Cedar Key to Fernandina Beach. Augustine restaurant, prosecutors said. And the school is an economical avenue for Northeast Florida students to earn a college degree or technical certification. Students must maintain a 2. Johns counties are eligible. For more information, go to jaguars. Shrapnel was found on the floor and puncture marks were found on a leather chair.

A closet was also damaged. Neighbors reported hearing one gunshot. In a statement released by his office, Corrigan said he would have no comment during the investigation. John M. Cotner, a Fernandina Beach architect, is overseeing the renovation of the depot from stabilizing the walls to chosing the right paint to match the original paint in the depot, built in No More Free Travel for Mayor Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has been accepting donations for travel for two years — but now taxpayers will have to foot the bill, according to a ruling by the Florida Ethics Commission.

Brown was relying on the advice of General Counsel Cindy Laquidara, who believed travel expenses paid by others were gifts to the city, not to Brown. But in March, the Ethics Commission disagreed. The city is reviewing a policy that would allow it to receive donations for travel expenses. Since , Deutsche Bank has created more than 1, jobs here. Marshals Service are investigating the shot fired into U. No one was hurt, but a window and a glass door were shattered by at least one bullet, The Florida Times-Union reported.

The St. Johns River Ferry is running out of money, and officials say it will take another infusion of cash to keep it operating after Oct. City Councilman John Crescimbeni, St. Johns Ferry Commission chairman, told The Florida Times-Union the ferry will need a cash subsidy from the city budget. Mathew Nemeth and other PAL officials. Donna DeLorenzo, executive director of college relations, and Barry Sand, a retired professor in residence teaching TV scriptwriting and television production, were honored May 23 with the Jack Kahl Entrepreneurial Leadership Award, given to those who have done the most to advance the Enactus organization during the academic year.

Enactus is an international nonprofit organization working with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university students. In the wake of a Jacksonville Public Education Fund report that revealed an alarming 50 percent attrition rate among beginning teachers, it pays to listen to educators when they tell us why they stay or why they go. Listening may yield more than insights — it could save billions of dollars.

And when we lose teachers,. JPEF researchers tracked the career moves of more than 2, teachers over the course of 10 years, and surveyed more than current teachers for its attrition study. Only 34 percent of teachers hired since , the report says, remained for five years in the same school at which they began.

Johns counties averages only 51 percent. Third-year teacher Emily Dubas said the principal-teacher relationship is mirrored in the teacher-student relationship.

Home Business for sale, thousands of $$$ in stock, or start a market stall

The year-old biology teacher left Duval County Public Schools in , after a five-year teaching stretch that included two years in Damascus, Syria. His reasons for leaving had little to do with the laundry list of well-publicized teacher complaints: lack of student discipline, lousy pay, too many standardized tests or too much paperwork. Sowell is animated and energetic; only silver-flecked hair at his temples hints at his age.

He delivers his next line with straightfaced, perfect comedic timing. Sowell and other teachers, in describing why they stay, change schools or leave the profession altogether, sum it up in one word: relationships. Share your views on what should be done to improve teacher retention at folioweekly. It all starts from the top and trickles down. While the JPEF study does not cite the financial teacher-surplussing process as a factor in teacher attrition, the practice can disrupt the important relationships.

The camaraderie among teachers and the chance to build connections with students are also what former teacher Jeff Rich loved best. Rich left the school system in after six years as a science teacher at Ed White. There was a lack of respect. Rich began to hate his job and his life. He tried to transfer to a district science job, but the paperwork he needed from the principal was never received.

Finally, after nearly two years under his second principal who is no longer principal at Ed White , Rich resigned, one day shy of vesting as a tenured teacher. Becoming a teacher who stays in the classroom, leads his or her peers and, at the same time, talks policy is not such a well-lit road. We are interested in policy and all those things, and we want to stay in the classroom. These are voices that are seldom heard in the decision-making circles. Superintendent Nikolai Vitti, who has been both a teacher and a principal, described what it is about the teacher-principal relationship that inspires teachers to keep teaching.

He noted that while pay has always been an issue for teachers, most enter the profession with clarity about the compensation. Teachers participating in the JPEF survey ranked the level of teacher autonomy in the classroom, however, higher than school-level administrative support as a factor in their career decisions. Vitti keyed in on changes that may address autonomy concerns. He has already moved to decrease standardized testing, he said, in order to help restore a sense of professional discretion to teachers.

According to an internal DCPS memo, Vitti discontinued the use of eight tests effective November , including some writing assessments in certain grade levels. Ninety-minute collaborative planning sessions, for every teacher every day, were recommended by the outside auditors, ERS, as a result of their examination of district practices under former Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals.

The JPEF report indicates that more time for in-school planning was one of a handful of major incentives that teachers said would keep them teaching. Higher pay, more autonomy, less paperwork and less emphasis on standardized tests also topped the incentivesto-stay list. Sowell, too, applauded the move toward more time for joint planning. Acosta CEO Gary Chartrand has transcended philanthropy to become a political player, and his name has become synonymous with privatization-based education reforms in Florida read the June Folio Weekly story, bit.

With his wife, Nancy, and their adult children, Gary Chartrand created the local Chartrand Foundation in He, among others, is credited with bringing the Teach For America organization to Jacksonville in , and with landing the first KIPP charter school in Florida, which opened in Jacksonville in Charter schools are privately owned, publicly funded organizations, which, in Florida, are exempt from most state and local public school regulations.

Public Education Capital Outlay funds derive from state taxes on cable TV, electricity and landline telephone use. He pointed out that many TFA employees leave teaching immediately after their initial two-year commitment in Duval County. An average of only Asked whether these relatively low retention rates justified multimillion-dollar investments in the program in Jacksonville, Rountree responded in an email. And I have to tell you another problem we have here in the county is yearold vice principals.

That defines leadership. Creating better data management systems — a goal of. Gelling, But Where? For beginners who want to stay on as teachers, the promise of relative career stability may offer an additional incentive. Jacksonville teacher and writer Chris Guerrieri is concerned about Duval County hiring more Teach for America teachers because many leave the profession after their initial two-year stint. The thought of having to begin again at another school due to budget concerns, however, distresses her.

Parents are upset. They want the younger siblings to be in my class. They also surveyed more than current teachers about their career intentions, to help identify what spurs educators to remain in, or leave, the profession. JPEF found that Duval County loses one out of two new teachers in their first five years of teaching. Only 34 percent of teachers hired since , the report says, remained for five years in the same school at which they began their careers.

Those recommendations include creating recruitment incentives, streamlining paperwork, creating teacher recognition and principal leadership programs and implementing new data management systems for the district. Named the executive chairman of Jacksonville-based grocery products marketing company Acosta in , Chartrand was tapped by Gov. Rick Scott to sit on the Florida Board of Education in Last fall, he was elected chairman of that board. The agency cautions against comparing small and large counties. Smooth, soulful tunes delivered by veteran singer and musician Phil Perry meet the engaging sounds of trumpeter Joey Sommerville pictured at the next Summer Jazz Series show.

July 9, Seawalk Pavilion, Jacksonville Beach, free, jacksonvillebeach. Fans have the chance to win hundreds of dollars in groceries. The days of boy bands taking themselves way too seriously are finally over. July 6 at St. This Canadian all-girl band is as serious about strings — a violin, ukulele and guitar — as it is about taking its indie-pop sound up and down the East Coast.

July 6 at Burro Bar, E. Adams St. July 6 exhibit opens p. Augustine, free, , plumartgallery. Philip Randolph Blvd. At any given time, a half-dozen future Hall of Fame players were on the floor. Up until the last game, it was impossible to figure out which team would win the series. The Heat were pronounced dead and LeBron called a fraud seemingly every day until the end; the Spurs, the underdogs, avoided such castigation.

Will the Heat be an official dynasty, like the Lakers and Celtics of bygone eras? Who really knows? Much changes in the NBA on a yearly basis. Some franchises are closer to that goal than others. In discussing the initiative, Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown was his usual restrained self.

What you will see is a lot of experimentation — coaches trying to figure out what they have on the roster and where the parts fit. Absolutely, yes, my goodness! I believe we should not have to go into Orlando or Miami. We can have a team right here in Jacksonville. Will the city have failed if attendance is less than 10,? Not necessarily. Orlando was in the middle of the attendance pack, an achievement given its record in the post-Dwight Howard era. And local sports fans have been taught by the Jaguars how little the preseason matters. Could pro basketball ever make it in Jacksonville?

Share your views at folioweekly. Do moviegoers crave: A return to the old west? The Wild West glammed-up with crashing trains and visual effects? Heavens no. To be sure, this is an odd fit at an odd time. This sets up a flashback structure that fails to add either perspective or insight, but it does feature a Comanche named Tonto Depp as an old man whose English is worse than it was when he was younger, which makes no sense.

Railroad baron Latham Cole Tom Wilkinson is overseeing the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, and he plans to publicly hang noted killer Butch Cavendish William Fichtner in the town square to celebrate its completion. Throw in a few laughs, and the movie undeniably has its good moments. But — and this is a big but — is there enough in the production design, costumes, action scenes and sheer scale of it all to make it entertaining enough to see? Somehow, yes. Gru Steve Carell is now a loving dad to his three adopted daughters — Margo, Agnes and Edith — and has converted his evil lab into a jam and jelly factory, making him about as undespicable as possible.

His biggest concern is making sure his daughters are happy. And his biggest fear is jumping into the dating pool, since he has never had much luck with women. Gru is offered a chance to get back into the action by becoming a spy for the Anti-Villain League, whose leaders figure it takes a villain to catch a villain. A super criminal has stolen a potion that turns otherwise passive creatures into big, purple monsters that will eat anything in.

The AVL wants Gru to find the villain before he unleashes these monsters on the world. Fortunately, the spy gig is basically just a device to give Gru something to do. Nefario Russell Brand and his army of little yellow minions. The minions really steal the show: They are much more central to the plot than before and have most of the funny moments.

Nefario, unfortunately, is used only to move a couple of plot points; we miss seeing the amusing inventions caused by his hearing problem.

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We also meet newby spy Lucy Kristin Wiig , who first recruits Gru, then becomes his partner and ultimately his romantic interest. If you were lukewarm on the original, then you should pass on the less-inspired sequel. Some others who found themselves in the spy game:. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox. Buddy cop films are a tried-and-true genre: Take two people from different backgrounds and create a situation where they are forced to work together. One is on her own turf McCarthy , while the other is a fish out of water, working in an unfamiliar city.

They have an initial meeting in which they instantly dislike each other on general principle. They upset a lot of people with their reckless abandon, and when they make a mistake, they get thrown off the case but decide to see it through anyway on their own. They get drunk and bond.

But the plot is largely nonsensical and really just serves as a device to make the two leads fight and throw caustic barbs at each other. The lone exception is Dan Bakkedahl, who gives the film a few amusing moments with his portrayal of albino DEA agent Craig. Hollywood seems to think that if you can cast McCarthy. Like Bullock, McCarthy throws herself into this lousy material. Sound familiar? Co-starring Will Smith and his son Jaden. In Telugu. Coppola showcases the distorted reality in which these people live using high key lighting that over-saturates the screen, making the image a bit surreal.

Complications ensue. The plot centers on a character back from the dead: Supercop Luke Hobbs Dwayne Johnson , the foil for a gang of street racers, wants to team up with Dominic, Brian and the rest to catch megacriminal Owen Shaw Luke Evans. In Hindi. After being let go from their jobs — apparently some digital device can replace them — Billy Vaughn and Nick Wilson gain a Google internship, but other new interns can outclick them at every turn. Ironically, Ida has lost her hair due to chemotherapy treating her cancer. Characters spar with words, deceptions, mistaken identity, misinterpretations, a wedding, tragedy and a happy ending.

In return for fame and notoriety, the Four Horsemen must perform public magic acts in which they pull off three spectacular heists, each involving millions of dollars. As a party is in full swing, the apocalypse dawns. The president Jamie Foxx holds his own against the bad guys, too. July RIO The animated movie runs 10 a. July at Carmike Amelia Island, S. Augustine and St. July 7 at The Florida Theatre, E. Forsyth St. July 8 at Cinemark Tinseltown, Southside Blvd.

Augustine, IMAX, worldgolfimax. July 3 at Cinemark Tinseltown, Southside Blvd. On her yearly recruiting trip, she visits an alternative high school run by an old college classmate, John Pressman Paul Rudd , and meets Jeremiah Nat Wolff , a gifted student — could he be the son Portia gave up for adoption years earlier? Located in the heart of the historic district, The Blue Heron Inn is a beautifully restored three-story home offering six elegantly decorated and spacious guest rooms. Enjoy a delicious gourmet breakfast on the front wrap-around porch or curl up in a rocker with your favorite book.

Fresh flowers, spa robes and gourmet coffees enhance your stay. Guests also enjoy complimentary fresh baked cookies, bicycles, beach chairs, and Wi-Fi. Photo: Kurt Hudson. July 10 Freebird Live, N. First St. At a loss? But since then, the band has clawed its way to the top of the three-chord heap with a propulsive, straightforward blend of skate punk, reggae and even Spanish influences. How have you and the new lineup, including two other members who joined in and , powered on? We just got back from a hardcore European tour, where we did 39 shows in 40 days.

So we had a real chance to connect and feel each other out — discover a new excitement. Where did that come from? We just knew that we wanted to play music, and since we all came from different musical inspirations, those influences came about naturally. Did Authority Zero do that between in Arizona? The foundation of this group was always not having any rhyme or reason for what we were doing. Have those struggles only made Authority Zero stronger? Hopefully, that shows people that you can still do this on your own.

The original s antebellum house features sunny en-suite rooms, the majority overlooking a private fountain courtyard. Many have spacious whirlpools and several feature individual private porches. This intimate retreat caters to your every need, whether it be a gourmet breakfast, an individually prepared picnic or afternoon refreshment, or the simple luxury of allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch the world go by slowly on your own porch.

Elegant Italianate villa. Luxury-class inn with upscale amenities. Large rooms, suites, private cottages, Jacuzzis, fireplaces. Gourmet breakfast, evening social hour. Focusing upon individualized attention with a staff that wants to exceed your expectations, The Pointe offers a complimentary full breakfast, Wi-Fi, beach equipment, a morning newspaper and parking. Room service and concierge assistance are available 24 hours. Custom packages available. Beautiful antebellum Inn with spacious guest rooms boasting the modern amenities guests love while safekeeping the Old World charm.

Romantic working fireplaces, antiques from around the world, private baths, whirlpool tubs, spa robes and fresh flowers are a few of the luxuries you may expect. Enjoy our beautifully landscaped gardens, fountains and our sweeping verandahs. All your worries will drift away. Amelia Island is 13 miles of unspoiled beaches, quaint shops, antique treasures and superb dining in a block historic district less than one hour north of Jacksonville. Augustine has served as a winter home for countless artists, politicians and multimillionaires.

But indie rock fans may be fascinated to know that hyper-literate singer-songwriter Matt Pond spent a good chunk of late and early in the Oldest City, where he fell in love with the bucolic surroundings while recovering from a broken leg and letting a relationship run its natural course. But as Folio Weekly found out, the New Hampshire native is still readjusting to life in the big city, realizing how much he misses Florida and marveling at escaping a recent bicycle accident unscathed.

Are you already working on new songs? Florida is a vital place. Hot, but good. Everybody likes a different one, so you have to pick and choose songs and try to do your best. We might use more electronic elements, or we might rely a little more heavily on guitars. You always want an album to move in a different way than the last one. The problem is trying to write it and then play the thing altogether live. But I love St. A lot different than New York, though.

Maxfield Parrish Art

I was used to that quieter life. I read on your Twitter feed that you recently finished filming a new video. I just broke my leg a couple of years ago, and nearly broke my leg in the video. Luckily nothing happened, though; I was just bloodied. Do you prefer one to the other? Augustine, July 3 at Music Hall, 19 N. Ocean St. Augustine Beach, July 3 at Freebird Live, N. July 3 at Swagsonville, E. Bay St. The free concerts continue through Sept. Bring lounge chairs. Alcohol is prohibited. July 5 at Mojo No.

Johns Ave. July 4 at Dog Star Tavern, 10 N. Second St. July 5 at Jack Rabbits, Hendricks Ave. July 5 at Freebird Live, N. July 5 at Brewsters Megaplex, University Blvd. July 5 at Underbelly, E. July 5 at Music Hall, 19 N. July 5 at Dog Star Tavern, 10 N. Canadian tandem Dzeko and Torres take to the stage July 3 at Pure Nightclub in Southside, delivering a colossal blend of electronic dance music.

July 6 at Dog Star Tavern, 10 N. July 6 at The Standard, Anastasia Blvd. July 6 at Freebird Live, N. July 7 at Jack Rabbits, Hendricks Ave. July 8 at Freebird Live, N. July 8, Burro Bar, E. July 9, Burro Bar, E. July 10 at Freebird Live, N. July 10 at Burro Bar, E. Live Music pm. July 10 at Jack Rabbits, Hendricks Ave. Augustine Beach. Live Music F. Augustine Amphitheatre. July 5. July 7. Live music every Wed. Jazz every Fri. Live music every Mon. DJ Free spins vintage every Fri. Karaoke every Sat. DJ Michael Stumbaugh every Sat. Rotating bands every other Tue.

Billy Bowers 1 p. July 6. Incognito noon, Dune Dogs p. Third St. July 4. Josh Miller Blues Revue p. Eight Stories High p. Working Class Stiff with real vinyl 8 p. Aaron Bing every Fri. Turner London Band p. DJs every Fri. Schnockered p. Buck Smith Project Band p. Front St. Live music every Sun. Lanham p. Live music Wed. DJ Ginsu every Wed. DJ Jade every Thur. Charlie Walker every Sun. Karaoke with Hal 8 p. Irish music every Sun. John Thomas Group Jazz p. Live music every Thur.

Ryan Campbell every Wed. Wes Cobb Thur. Charlie Walker p. July 3. Kelow Mr. Low CD. July 8. Tony Paul Neal July 5. Bret Blackshear July 6. D-Lo Thompson July Matt Still every Thur. Dirty Pete July 7. Uncommon Legends every Wed. Ryan Campbell every Thur. Be Easy every Mon. Jax Funk Project July 5. Doug McRae July Firewater Tent revival July Gypsies Ginger 6 p.

DJ Austin Williams Karaoke 9 p. DJ Papa Sugar 9 p. Neil Dixon p. Dan Evans 7 p. Javier Perez every Thur. Live music every Fri. Split Tone 8 p. Bay Street Band July Neil Dixon July 7. Billy Bowers 7 p. Las Supper, Big Daddy Kane 8 p. Open mic every Tue. Denied Til Death, Evisorax, Panspermia 8 p. Pan, Zulu Wave, Phenomenology July 7.

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July 9. Forsyth, DJ Synsonic spins every Tue. DJ NickFresh every Sat. DJ Randall Karaoke every Mon. Craig Morgan 7 p. DJ Vinn spins Top 40 every Thur. DJ Shotgun every Sat. Steven Flowers 6 p. Bobby Laredo spins every Thur. DJ SwitchGear every Thur. Swimm 9. Old Time Jam 7 p. Buck Smith Project every Mon. Blistur unplugged every Wed. Deck music 5 p. Medicine Bowl July 6. Karaoke every Thur. Top 40 every Mon. Augustine Road, Michael C p. Live music every Sat. Augustine Road, Jazz pm. DJ BG every Tue.

Live music 9 p. Sweet William 8 p. Acoustic circle 2 p. E, Lance Neely July 5. Brenna Vick July 6. Tony Paul Neal July Billy Buchanan July Tony Novelly 6 p. Darren Corlew, Johnny Flood p. Open mic 8 p. Robby Shenk every Sun. DJ Zeke Smith spins Fri. DJ Michael Murphy spins 10 p. Uncle Kenny, Dread White 8 p. Pamela Affronti benefit show 8 p. Live music Fri.

Strumstick p. Adam Lee July Deron Baker 2 p. Vinny Jacobs 2 p. George St. Chelsea Saddler every Sun. The Residents spin every Sat. Elizabeth Roth 11 a. Bret Blackshear 1 p. Aaron Esposito every Thur. Go Get Gone 9 p. Donny Brazile every Tue. Blues Lightning July 5. Three Peace Band July 6. Root of All 9 p. The Mix 9 p. John Winter noon July 7. Jeremy Austin 8 p. Chase Rideman 9 p. Karaoke every Mon. Country every Thur. Reggae Sun. Indie, dance, electro Tue. Matanzas 9 p. Open mic 5 p. Elizabeth Roth 1 p.

Live music 5 p. Jazz 8 p. Doom every Wed. Jazz every Thur. American Top 40 every Fri. Salsa every Sat. Skannotto 8 p. Matt Pond, The Pauses 8 p. Live music 8 p. Doom every Mon. DJ Hal spins Karaoke every Thur. Beer house rock every Wed. Live music Thur. Will Hurley every Fri. Bill Rice every Sat. Bill Rice July 5. Billy Buchanan July 6. Aaron Kyle July Johns Bluff Road S. Karaoke 7 p. Charlie Walker July 4. Wes Cobb July 5. Co-Alition July 6. Open mic every Sun. Live music 10 p. DJ Frazetta every Thur. David Luthra 5 p. DJ Scar spins every Sun. Open mic every Thur.

Deadline is 4 p. Tuesday eight days before publication. July 14 Tapa That, Lomax St. He also advertised the group on Craigslist to attract artists. People slowly began trickling in, and after one year, the group has members and about 30 active artists. There will never be any dues or fees to be a part of it [LACT]. For his first project, he wanted to appeal to the inner child in each artist, so he produced a series of trading cards.

That is the goal of our group, to tap into that. The sponsors offered cards to their customers, and the artists handed out cards, too. The number of artists has grown with each series: The second set had 25 artists, the third has The collective had. There have been five so far, all of which have been hosted by Tapa That. Five artists are featured at each event and are on hand to discuss their work. The artists and the businesses gain attention because of one another.

July 4 and every first Thur. Davis St. July 12 with performances through Aug. Sixth St. July , Aug. July 3 and every Wed. Laura St. Unaccepted work notifications by July 8 for show running July Aug. July 5 and every first Fri. Classes for ages are held Mon. July 9, 16, 23, 30 and Aug. July and July Aug. Adult ceramics classes also available. July 19 and every third Fri. Registration is requested; , elementsofonelove gmail. Music is distributed during the first few weeks of rehearsals at p. July 9 at St. Augustine Cathedral Basilica, 35 Treasury St. Augustine, free. July 3 and the first Wed.

For an events map, go to downtownjacksonville. July 5 and every Fri. Augustine is held July 5 and the first Fri. July 6 and every Sat. July 6, Riverside Ave. July 13 and the second Sat. July 18 and every third Thur. For a list of participating galleries, call July 27 and every last Sat.

Illustrations and Ornamentation from The Faerie Queene

The permanent collection includes other rare manuscripts. Augustine, , lightnermuseum. Permanent display includes artifacts, displays and photos of everyday life chronicling the history of African Americans in Northeast Florida. July 14 at Tapa That, Lomax St. Augustine, , absoluteamericana. July exhibit to be announced. That with John Smoltz hurt, this could be one of the very worst starting fives in all of baseball. They'll hit, though. Not much. That the front end of their rotation, Francisco Cordero and the potential upgrades coming in the form of Jay Bruce and Joey Votto should push them closer to the.

That this rotation after Jeff Francis looks really shaky if you aren't yet buying what Ubaldo Jimenez and Franklin Morales are selling. Florida is bad but 69 wins is pretty crappy. Dan Uggla and Hanley Ramirez especially Ramirez are really good. After Roy Oswalt , this rotation is just so, so bad. There are indications that Joe Torre may get the right guys on the field, after all. I am buying the " Rickie Weeks is poised to go crazy" story.

That there is injury risk all over the place on this team. I don't necessarily think they miss 93 by much but they're in a good division and I just don't see them getting enough out of Carlos Delgado , Moises Alou or Pedro Martinez to get to Aaron Rowand was really great last year. The young and talented infield will not overcome the old and washed up outfield. The talented bullpen will not overcome the thin rotation. One of the better bets on this list if you ask me.

No pitching at all, no hitting after Albert Pujols and a gimpy Troy Glaus. The non-existent starting pitching depth scares me but there are a bunch of good bats in that lineup and the bullpen is ok. More like wins I think. I guess I think it could go under because I think Brian Roberts might be heading out of town. Josh Beckett is hurt and folks may be placing a little too much stock in too many of Boston's youngsters. Maybe not that much anymore. I will still take the under because their good players are old and they are far too dependent on a few players that should not be regular MLB'ers.

They are a young team coming off a win Pythag year. Travis Hafner should bounce back some, too. No way. I dunno but I kind of like these guys. I think the pitching is good enough especially the bullpen and breakout from either Alex Gordon or Billy Butler could push them north of this figure. That John Lackey and Kelvim Escobar are critical to this team's success. That the Yanks have the depth and resources to overcome problems that may emanate from their Opening Day rotation That the pitching is going to be steady and the lineup decent enough to allow them to hover around.

An average team in nearly every sense. Another great pick. The back end of the rotation is awful, the defense is awful, the offense is awful. That the injury bug looks poised to take them out once again this season. Scott Rolen and BJ Ryan start the year on the shelf.

OK folks, have at it. Who do you like? Where did I mess up? What's the one pick you take with a gun to your head? It's not just another spring training contest though. There are two unusual items about this tilt: 1 the Red Sox will be playing an "in-season" exhibition game and 2 the venue will be none other than the Los Angeles Coliseum. The game will mark the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers in Los Angeles. The Dodgers played their home games at the Coliseum from It was nothing more than a temporary facility for the club that left Brooklyn after the season.

Located across the street from the University of Southern California, the Coliseum has been home to USC football for more than 80 years. The former Cleveland Rams of the NFL relocated to the Coliseum in and stayed there through the season before moving to Anaheim and later to St. The Coliseum was designed as a track and field and football stadium and was never meant to host baseball games. The field was squeezed into the closed end of the Coliseum with home plate located near the tunnel that serves as the runway to the locker rooms for home and visiting teams.

The left field fence was only feet from home plate and a foot high screen was installed to limit the number of home runs. Due to the subsequent elimination of the running track and the expansion of seats, the left field fence will be feet for the Red Sox-Dodgers game on Saturday night. Attendance is expected to exceed ,, which will be the all-time record for any baseball game.

Although the largest regular season attendance at the Coliseum was 78, for the home opener against the San Francisco Giants on April 18, , an exhibition game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees in honor of Roy Campanella drew a still major league record of 93, on May 7, The three World Series games between the Dodgers and White Sox in exceeded 92,, including 92, fans for Game 5, a current MLB record for a non-exhibition game.

In four seasons at the Coliseum, the Dodgers posted a record. Retrosheet's Dave Smith, who went to four games at the Coliseum including his first MLB game , provided me with the following statistical information about the Coliseum:. Permalink Comments 4. Due to a series of unforeseeable circumstances, we are going to break from our Two on Two format and simply go around the room with three of us.

You can find the previous Two on Two's below:. Sully: Well guys, what do we think about the NL Central in I don't see Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Houston or even the consistently competitive St. Louis Cardinals mustering much of a threat to the Cubbies or the Brew Crew. Al: This is the first time in a while that the Cubs go into the season as, legitimately, the favorite to win their division.

And barring massive injuries, a collapse of any kind, or some sort of miracle year by Milwaukee the only other team that's any good in the Central , the Cubs should repeat as division champions. This would be the first time in one hundred years that the Cubs qualify for the postseason in consecutive seasons, if it happens. Marc: My first response after looking up and down the National League Central is that there are going to be some ugly, ugly seasons… especially for St.

Louis, Pittsburgh and Houston. Who is going to start games for Houston and St. They each have one reliable pitcher - Roy Oswalt for the Astros and Adam Wainwright , one season removed from the bullpen, for the Cards. Aside from Albert Pujols and Troy Glaus — if he can stay healthy — who strikes fear in the hearts of opposing pitchers? Pittsburgh is made up of a bunch of fourth and fifth starters and position players who would mostly be role players on championship teams. Sully: The Cubs are the defending division champs and bring back an excellent rotation more or less in tact.

No problems there, right? Al: Cub starting pitching was the best in the division in and one of the better ones in the National League. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be the same this season. Rich Hill has one full season under his belt, Ted Lilly was one of the most consistent starters in baseball last year, and the Cubs are now dealing with a strange commodity, TOO MUCH starting pitching. One of them will not make it and will either go to the bullpen unlikely or be traded probably. Cubs defense has been steadily improving over the last year or so and this year, they will have an outfield with speed and plus arms at all three positions.

Alfonso Soriano had 19 assists last year, the most for a Cub outfielder in more than 50 years. Felix Pie has a terrific arm and range and Kosuke Fukudome comes from Japan with a reputation for having a howitzer he once threw out a runner at first on what should have been a clean single to RF. Marc: Hands down, Chicago has the best and deepest starting rotation in the division… if not the league. Personally, I wouldn't trade either one in a Brian Roberts deal.

Pitching is just too valuable — and delicate. Lieber, Marquis and Dempster are all aging pitchers who are, at best, No. The bullpen for Chicago isn't too shabby either. I have been an advocate of Carmen Pignatiello's for a while and think he can be a solid second lefty out of the pen to make up for the loss of Will Ohman. Kevin Hart has looked good this spring and could be the sleeper pitching prospect to keep an eye on. Sully: Chicago's offense was about dead average last season. Replace Jacque Jones with Fukudome, give the majority of the catching at-bats to Geovany Soto and keep Soriano, Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez healthy all season and they should be a good bit better.

Al: This is where Cub fans grit their teeth and hope. But will they? Lee's HR power was down last year. Will the two rookies in the lineup -- Pie and Soto -- hit the way they did in Triple-A last year? If they do, the Cub offense will be a powerhouse. If not, they could struggle. Marc: Count me as someone who thinks Fukudome is going to be a poor man's Hideki Matsui … not someone who is going to take a lot of offensive pressure off of Lee and Ramirez. People talk about his. I'm not sold on Soto at catcher; I think his breakout last year was partially due to it being his third go-around with Triple-A Iowa and he also had an unsustainable.

The worst part is that Chicago does not have a fall-back plan in place if Soto bombs… none of the other guys in camp can play regularly behind the dish at the major league level. Chicago just needs to give Pie the shot in centerfield. I think he can handle it… I've seen the guy play and he has some rough edges but the talent is obvious. Sam Fuld is a great fifth outfielder but they're asking for trouble if they think he can play regularly… and I doubt they do.

Maybe they should look into someone like Toronto's Reed Johnson to help out in center on a platoon basis. Al: The Brewers' pitching and defense are the single biggest reason that they finished second in Their bullpen was horrendous; despite Francisco Cordero 's 44 saves, he had several spectacular blown saves, and their setup relief was poor. With Cordero gone, they have to count on Eric Gagne , who's not the Gagne of five years ago. Al is right to point out the problems defensively and in the bullpen, but the starting pitching is solid.

Marc: It's a battle between Cincinnati and Milwaukee for the second best starting rotation in the division. Milwaukee has more experience and a little better depth, but Cincinnati has a higher upside with Homer Bailey , Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez. Last season Milwaukee's pitchers allowed 4. My feeling is that Gallardo and Parra are closer to taking their games to the next step than Bailey and Volquez. The loss of Cordero is going to hurt Milwaukee but I don't think he's going to save 44 games again for anyone.

My instinct is that Gagne's days of domination are over and Derrick Turnbow is not a reliable back-up option. Gagne should be good enough, though, to gut out 30 saves. The Brewers probably have 10 or 12 guys in camp who could legitimately start the year in the bullpen; that's nice depth as long as some of those guys don't get lost on waiver claims or to free agency at the end of the spring… but none of them are difference-makers.

Al: The Brewers can hit. And hit, and hit, and hit. They have excellent young hitters up and down their lineup, capped by Braun, who drove in 97 runs in only games in , and Prince Fielder , who became the youngest player ever to hit 50 HR in a season. And that's not even counting guys like J.

Hardy and Corey Hart , who became solid regulars. Milwaukee finished fifth in runs in ; they could be even higher-ranking this year. Sully: I would say that Jason Kendall might hurt this Brewer lineup but how far is there to fall off of Johnny Estrada's effort? A big key for the Brew Crew will be Rickie Weeks , who quietly put together a. If he can fulfill his promise and put together a big year, Milwaukee will push Chicago for the division.

Marc: Milwaukee's offence generated the most runs per game in the Central Division last year 4. Fielder and Braun will probably regress a bit offensively but I expect others to pick up the slack. Hart… the boy may be poised to break out of the box. I also think Hall will rebound offensively now that he is back in the infield. Count me as one of the few that thinks Weeks will not break out and that he is going to be a classic underachiever. It's just a feeling I've had since he was drafted second overall in In more than 1, at-bats he's hitting under.

I'd love to be proven wrong. I have mixed feelings on Hardy… I think his overall offensive breakout was for real, but I don't think the power surge was Sully: St. Louis is a team that just does nothing for me. They have become a mediocrity laden, uninspiring bunch. Wake me up when Colby Rasmus gets to town. This began last year with the acquisition of Joel Pineiro , who admittedly didn't do too badly , 3. Now, they've added Matt Clement and Kyle Lohse to this motley collection of starting pitchers. Jason Isringhausen is still a pretty good closer at age 35, but how many games will he even get a save opportunity?

If Albert Pujols is out for any length of time in , the Cardinals' defense will be less than mediocre to say nothing of their offense. Marc: Let me sum up St. Louis' pitching potential in one word: Painful. The club's No. Sure Adam Wainwright has potential and, now, some financial security but he's not the guy I'd want to be pinning my hopes on — not yet anyway.

Braden Looper is another guy thrust into a starting role in and struck out 4. And he could be your No. Both Pineiro and Todd Wellemeyer played better for St. Louis in than anyone could reasonably have hoped. I doubt he finally figured out how to throw strikes at the age of Free agent holdout Lohse finally settled on St. Louis and he's going to make things a little less ugly, but he's just a league average pitcher. Who knows what, if anything, St. Louis will get from injured right-handers Chris Carpenter and Clement, as well as southpaw Mark Mulder.

Carpenter probably won't pitch this year and the other two have only an outside chance of being effective after missing so much time due to injuries. Louis' bullpen is in a little better shape than the starting rotation but that's not saying much. Sully: Is Cesar Izturis enough to get this offense where it needs to be?

Al: Very funny, Sully. I repeat what I said above: if Pujols is out for any length of time in , the Cardinals' offense will be less than mediocre. In fact, I might even call it an "expansion team offense" without Pujols. If St. Louis starts out badly -- and I expect them to -- and Pujols' elbow is still bothering him by, say, Memorial Day, I'd expect him to bite the bullet, go under the knife, and be ready for I'd be shocked, though, if Glaus makes it through the season I've watched him hobble pretty badly the past two seasons.

And St. Louis fans really need to be concerned about Pujols' injuries You never know but he is such an important figure on the team; everything revolves around Albert. Rick Ankiel is a dark horse but seems to have serious confidence issues and is prone to significant slumps. Skip Schumaker and Joe Mather are fourth outfielders. Louis was lucky to get Ryan Ludwick 's one good season but he'll probably go back to having trouble hitting.

Marc: As far as pitching goes, Roy Oswalt is great… a true No. The Astros best pitching prospect Felipe Paulino probably could have helped out at some point this season but he has a pinched nerve and will be out for while… He thinks as much as three months. And he's going to need more minor league seasoning after that, so you can write him off for In the bullpen, former Arizona teammates Jose Valverde and Oscar Villarreal have been reunited after separate trades this winter.

Valverde is coming off an awesome season but he has always been inconsistent. And he's walked almost four batters per nine innings in his major league career. Villarreal is an OK set-up guy but is better left to the six or seventh inning. Geoff Geary was a nice pick-up but he allowed hits in innings in his career with Philadelphia and things are not going to get any easier pitching in Houston. Al: Roy Oswalt. That's about all you can say about the Houston pitching staff.

And Oswalt's human now, not the game winner he was in and Sure, the Astros got a good closer in Valverde -- but just as with St. Louis, how many games is he going to get the opportunity to save? Woody Williams is probably the 2 starter on this staff. That's frightening. Sully: There's a lot to like about this offense. They are pretty much covered with very good hitters at the corner outfield spots, the corner infield spots and shortstop.

If Manager Cecil Cooper does the right thing and gets J. Towles the majority of the time behind the plate, that will help as well. I have concerns about Michael Bourn and for the life of me don't understand the Kaz Matsui acquisition. It's a nice mix of power, speed, contact and defence. I am a supporter of Bourn and think he'll steal 50 bases this season in Houston and be an effective hitter — at least league average for a centerfielder. He's shown some improvements with his patience at the plate in spring training… hopefully it's not just a tease. From all reports Miguel Tejada has looked terrible this spring, at the plate and in the field.

With his name also having been mentioned in the Mitchell Report, I think it could be an ugly, ugly season for him and I wouldn't expect that much of an offensive contribution… maybe some homers but a low average. For every Tejada, there's a Brad Ausmus. For every Lee, there's a Matsui. For every Pence, there's a Ty Wigginton.

The Astros were 13th in the NL in runs scored in They won't be last this year, but they'll be close. Sully: Cincinatti's an interesting team with a stud hitter in Adam Dunn and one of the very best starting pitchers in the game in Aaron Harang. They also boast a number of enticing youngsters. Let's start on the run prevention side. Marc, you have touched on them already but let's talk about the Reds a bit more. He's not a bad manager but I can't stress enough how wrong he is for this team.

There isn't a starting pitcher in the central that I like more than Harang. He is a workhorse who knows how to get batters out and survives being a flyball pitcher in Cincinnati. Interestingly, half of the flyballs put into the air against Harang are hit to centerfield — the deepest part of the park. For me, Bronson Arroyo is an OK second fiddle. Ideally, he's a No. I also think Cincinnati is going to rue the day they gave Josh Hamilton away for Volquez… he's just so darn inconsistent. He's turning 25 this year and hasn't proven anything. Cueto… I don't know what to expect from him this year.

He's looked good in the spring and could be ready sooner than I — or anyone, really — anticipated. Early I said I wasn't a fan of the Cordero signing, but he is the best closer in the division — at least until Marmol establishes himself. David Weathers has been good but he's 38 now and shouldn't be relied on as a set-up guy. But the other guys behind him are going to give up a lot of runs. Al: It's hard to prevent runs when your ballpark is a launching pad. Harang tries really hard, and was one of the best pitchers in the NL last year.

That's not likely to change under the "aggressive" management style of Dusty Baker. Cincinnati defense could be good -- or it could be injured much of the year, which it was in the second half of Sully: This is an offense, where, if each player played his very best for one season together, it would be remarkable. There is nobody bad per se at any position but injuries loom large and questions surround players like Jeff Keppinger , Brandon Phillips and Edwin Encarnacion.

These guys might be very good. They might not be. Al: Prediction: Adam Dunn, who has never walked fewer than times in a season in a full year in his career, will draw 80 or fewer in , as Dusty Baker's managing style has him up there being hackalicious. I'll also be interested in seeing what Corey Patterson, who was either helped or hurt by Baker with the Cubs depending on what story you're believing this week , does as the starting CF in Cincinnati.

The Reds finished 7th in the NL in runs scored in They will rank lower in They ranked 6th in the NL in walks in Marc: I like Cincinnati's offence, but I'd like it better if they'd trust starting jobs to Joey Votto and Jay Bruce … and I don't think that is going to happen in April. Phillips is good… but his numbers are probably going to slip from last year's.

Encarnacion should be better this year, which will pick up the slack. If you take out April and June, he had a very nice season and more consistency will come with age and experience. An outfield of Ken Griffey , Dunn and Bruce ed note: Bruce has since been sent down will generate a lot of runs, and I like Corey Patterson as the fourth outfielder — but not the starter in center. Yeah, Dunn scrapes. He has also averaged runs scored and runs driven in over the last four years. Griffey is a nice complimentary player in the outfield, but he is definitely no longer a star, even if he remains healthy.

Al: The Pirates have a surprisingly good young pitching staff. Though they were nearly last in the NL in in ERA, between Tom Gorzelanny , Ian Snell and Paul Maholm , they've got three pitchers 26 and under two left-handed who could have breakout years this year. If Zach Duke ever recovers his promise, and if whatever remains of the carcass of Matt Morris can produce, the Pirates could move rapidly up the pitching food chain.

Defensively, Jack Wilson 's pretty good. Um, yeah. That's the ticket. Jack Wilson. Marc: The Pirates actually have a better starting rotation than Houston and St. Snell is a nice No. He's only 26 so he should continue to get better. The Pirates lack a No. I am worried about Duke though. He's only 25 but he's regressed the last three years. If they can use him as the No. Morris is a placeholder who has been league average or below for the past four seasons.

I was a huge fan of his when he first came up but he's done. Maholm is another guy who should be a No. But he doesn't turn 25 until mid-season and he's a former No. This rotation is going to give up a lot of runs, but they should also provide innings. The staff allowed the third most runs per game in the league last year 5. Louis are worse. Pittsburgh also has youth on its side. Sully: Matt Capps is tremendous and we all know Damaso Marte sports a live arm but really that's about it in the Bucco bullpen. What about the bats? Marc: Adam LaRoche was pressing last year when he came to Pittsburgh and I think he'll have a big year.

He hit. I also think Jason Bay will rebound and those two will form a nice one-two punch. Freddy Sanchez is a nice guy at the top of the order but I wish he'd take a few more walks and improve that on-base percentage… it's very reliant on his batting average. Regardless of who the Pirates throw out in center — Chris Duffy , Nate McLouth , or Nyjer Morgan — they're going to end up with basically the same output.

Steven Pearce is a sleeper for this club. If he can handle the outfield, I think he could have a pretty nice offensive season. He held his own last year and showed an ability to hit the ball without trying too hard to hit a homer every time up. Al: The Pirates scored one more run than the Astros in This is likely why the Pirates lost 94 games last year. Still, I think that someone LaRoche sounds about right, Marc will break out and have a big year in Sully: Now I would love to hear some surprises coming out of the Central in I say the Cards end the year at least 20 games under. They're bad.

In both of his managing jobs, he took a loss team and turned them around by more than 20 wins, making the playoffs with the Cubs and missing by only one game with the Giants and winning games in doing so. If the Reds suddenly start playing well under Baker, they could be a surprise team. Marc: The major surprise could be that Pittsburgh is better off than Houston and St. Houston has zero depth and no pitching. Louis has little depth and no pitching.

Pittsburgh has some starting pitching — although they won't wow you — and I think their offence is going to be more consistent game-in and game-out than Houston and St. Louis… although the Pirates lack an impact hitter. Sully: How about awards candidates? Fukudome could well take ROY as well. Al: The Cubs have two ROY players -- Soto and Fukudome, who is eligible even though he's 30, since this is his first year in the majors.

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Bruce will spend the summer in lovely Louisville. Perhaps this is the year that Zambrano will have that ONE big year that all Cub fans have been hoping for and he'll be a Cy Young candidate. One sleeper from an up-and-coming team who might surprise is Gorzelanny. And I like Gallardo a lot -- the Brewers have a keeper there.

He may be a couple years away from Cy Young contention, though. Marc: I'll pick Towles in Houston because he's a good hitter playing in a hitter's park, he plays a premium position and his biggest threat to playing time is Ausmus. If the Cubs are really good this year, people will take notice. Zambrano gets a lot of attention, but what about Harang in Cincinnati… He's a horse two straight years of plus innings. Sully: I like the same order as you guys but I will flip Milwaukee and Chicago.

Weeks goes nuts this season. Thanks, Al, for contributing. It was fun. To dumb down a complicated process: Clubs who have used up the three and sometimes four option years on players must pass said players through waivers in order to assign them to the minor leagues. Johnson has shown snippets of offensive outbursts, but consistency has eluded him.

They are both hulking sluggers who were drafted by Texas and have shown flashes of potential in the minors. In fact, they were both low round picks Hafner 31st round and Botts 46th round who signed as draft-and-follows out of community colleges. They also both faced roadblocks for playing time at the Major League level and were allowed to languish in the minors: Hafner was 27 before he played his first full season in the majors and Botts will turn 28 in July.

In his last two full minor league seasons, Hafner posted lines of. The Rangers also have a glut of outfielders that could cause a trickle down effect on the designated hitter spot. Moving from catcher to first base has not helped Huber, as he now faces roster competition from former No. The Detroit Tigers appear to have an offensive juggernaut. The starting rotation is solid… and possibly the deepest one-through-five in the American League Central. The bullpen, on the other hand, is a mess. Closer Todd Jones will turn 40 in April and is nowhere near overpowering or a sure thing.

Set-up options Joel Zumaya and Fernando Rodney are dealing with injuries. Matt Mantei aborted a brief comeback attempt after an injury. Zach Miner probably has a spot in the bullpen. So too does Jason Grilli , although both are also out of options. Beyond that, it is a crapshoot. Five players who are out of options are battling with a group of others who have minor league options remaining, including Jordan Tata who broke a knuckle on his pitching hand last week after punching a wall and Virgil Vasquez , who was just optioned out.

But with Detroit gunning for the World Series this year, the club will no doubt take the seven best relievers north to begin the season. Hard-throwing Denny Bautista has always had promise but he also has a growing list of teams that have given up on him due to his lack of control. Yorman Bazardo has looked good — both in spring training and winter ball. Francisco Cruceta falls into the Bautista category but he was also very impressive in winter ball.

However, he has been delayed this spring with visa issues in the Dominican Republic and should get left behind in extended spring training to begin the season. Non-roster Aquilino Lopez has continued his annual trend of looking amazing in spring training. Unfortunately he always follows that up with being pedestrian during the season.

Lefties Bobby Seay and Tim Byrdak have an obvious advantage because southpaws are always in demand. Teammate Shin-Soo Choo has been able to do nothing but watch as the Indians have brought in average veteran outfielder after average veteran outfielder David Dellucci , Trot Nixon , non-roster Jason Tyner , trapping the former Mariner prospect in Triple-A.

Athletic, speedy outfielder Reggie Abercrombie was unable to secure regular playing time in Florida so his chances this year in Houston are not great. He needs to make more contact, strikeout less and play to his strengths. After Atlanta acquired slugger Mark Teixeira from Texas last year, former top prospect Scott Thorman was probably contemplating packing his bags.

Consistency has eluded Thorman at the major league level and there may not be a roster spot for him this season. At least he no longer faces the threat of losing at-bats to a year-old. A fresh start in the DH-friendly American League may do wonders for his career. It seems like a lifetime ago that Merkin Valdez was a hard-throwing, top starting pitching prospect with the Atlanta Braves, but fast forward past a name change, Tommy John surgery and a trade to San Francisco and Valdez is hanging onto his man roster spot for dear life.

He severely sprained his ankle and could miss a significant chunk of spring training — but at least early rumors that he had broken it were dispelled. Even after hitting. One thing is for sure: The St. Louis outfield will not strike fear in many opponents. That leaves a collection of minor league veterans battling for roles. Ludwick has some power but, during his previous MLB stints, he has never shown the ability to post a decent average or on-base percentage. With the exit of Barry Bonds in San Francisco, there are some enormous holes in the outfield - even with the team snicker relying on Randy Winn and Dave Roberts to make an impact.

Davis and Lewis can play all three outfield spots and have speed. Both were also very raw when they were drafted, which is how they ran out of options but remain promising and unproven. Ideally, the Giants should purge Winn and Roberts because Davis and Lewis can likely at least match the offensive and defensive output from the veterans at a much smaller cost. Four players battling for roster spots — and playing time at second base — in Colorado are out of options.

Second baseman Jayson Nix has had one OK offensive season in four years. Second baseman Marcus Giles is a non-roster player trying to prove he still has something to offer. Between Marc's Young Guns series , the Ground Ball-Strikeout work Rich has been doing and the kickass start to the Two on Two series we have had, Baseball Analysts has been turning out quite a bit of work over the last few weeks.

It's a good time to have a look outward, and check out some of the good work and notable items taking place at other baseball haunts around the web. His is one of the very finest baseball sites around, combining three of the most valuable characteristics of a true blog. He aggregates much of the best content from around the web, chips in with astute commentary and analysis of his own and even compiles the invaluable Day by Day database.

If you enjoy his site, you might consider a modest donation. It's a really nice read, and even includes an old baseball card of Munson. The A's, however, won't provide any real discount for Harden, even though he has been hurt much of the past three years. They probably would ask for right-hander Ian Kennedy, for starters, and perhaps pitchers Alan Horne and Jeff Marquez as well. Sort of sounds like a pending stalemate to me. On the one hand the Yankees have every right to ask for a discount to his overall abilities due to the injury risk they would be assuming.

On the other, the A's might as well benefit from Harden's excellent pitching when he can be out there if they cannot get something worthwhile in return. Said Rich: A bullpen headed by Todd Jones and Fernando Rodney and bereft of Joel Zumaya's services for most of the first half is a weakness that can't be ignored. Well add Rodney to the "bereft" list. After categorizing starting pitchers by strikeout and groundball rates yesterday, I wanted to devote today's article to relievers. The graph below includes strikeout and groundball data for every reliever in the majors defined for this exercise as those with 30 or more innings who started less than one-third of the time.

While the groundball rates were virtually the same, the average strikeout rate among relievers was 2. Graph courtesy of David Appelman, FanGraphs. As with the starters, it is always fun to look at the outliers. Starting at the upper end of the graph, Cla Meredith had the highest percentage of groundballs among all pitchers.

The submariner was actually a member of the northeast quadrant last year but his strikeout rate dipped a bit from Let's drill down and take a closer look at each of the quadrants. Saito and Broxton are , forming perhaps the top bullpen tandem in the majors. Over the past two seasons, these two righthanders have struck out nearly one-third of all batters faced. If the Dodgers starters can pitch seven innings, Saito and Broxton are a good bet to get the final six outs. Brett Myers has been converted from a closer back to his customary role as a starting pitcher and, in fact, is scheduled to be the Phillies Opening Day starter.

Bell was one of the biggest success stories of Were there any signs that the now year-old was on the verge of making such a leap forward? Well, Bell's stats In addition to Bell, Rafael Perez and Mariano Rivera were the only other relievers who qualified for the club. Burnett was the lone starter meeting both hurdles. Mike Wuertz , who possesses one of the nastiest sliders in the game, ranked in the top ten in the NE quadrant for the second year in a row.

If the year-old righthander can improve his control, he could break out and become an elite reliever. Papelbon had the highest strikeout rate in baseball last season. Although his groundball rate fell from Billy Wagner , on the other hand, saw his GB rate plummet from Be forewarned: age may finally be catching up to the hard-throwing lefty. With an ERA of 3. He started with a big bang last season by tossing 14 scoreless innings before getting rocked in May and June 6. Whether hitters have caught up to the year-old Padre and his unique delivery remains to be seen.

Manuel Corpas , who went from relative unknown to Colorado's closer in the second half last season, was within a whisker of being in the NE quadrant for the second consecutive season. He recorded 18 of his 19 saves in the final three months while fashioning an ERA of 1. Other than Trevor Hoffman and Brandon Lyon , the SW quadrant is nothing more than a bunch of non-descript middle relievers. If these pitchers were stocks, I would "short" all of them, including Hoffman and Lyon. Hoffman, who enters the season as the all-time leader in saves with , had the lowest strikeout rate of his career last year while getting knocked around for a 4.

Lyon's K rate is dangerously low, especially for a closer. His effectiveness was due to a fantastic home run rate 2 HR in 74 IP , but I would be surprised if he is able to repeat that success this year. Permalink Comments 6.

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It is no secret that the best outcome for a pitcher is a strikeout. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that statement of fact. That's the way it has always been and that's the way it will always be. Except for the rare missed third strike, a strikeout always produces an out and no chance for runners to advance bases other than a stolen base. Among batted ball types, we know that infield flies are the least harmful, followed by groundballs, outfield flies, and line drives. In fact, thanks to researchers like Dave Studeman of The Hardball Times , we can even place a value on the run impact of each event.

Although groundballs generate more hits and errors than flyballs, their run impact is lower because the hits are usually limited to singles and an occasional double down the first or third base line, whereas balls in the air that turn into hits more often become doubles, triples, or home runs. Not only is the run impact from a groundball lower than an outfield fly or line drive but groundball pitchers give up fewer line drives and flyballs. Conversely, pitchers who don't induce as many groundballs allow more line drives and flyballs.

One of the basic truths of maintaining a low home run rate is to keep batted balls on the ground. It is also important to note that home run rates tend to fluctuate more than groundball rates because park effects and randomness play a huge role when it comes to the outcome of long flyballs, especially among pitchers. Based on the above information, it follows that just as pitchers with high strikeout rates would generally fare better than those with low rates, pitchers with high groundball rates would normally fare better than those with low rates all else being equal.

Furthermore, it also suggests that pitchers who combine higher strikeout and groundball rates will outperform those with lower rates. With the foregoing in mind, in January , I introduced the idea of categorizing starters and relievers by strikeout and groundball rates. Due to the popularity of this series, I have decided to categorize pitchers based on the data.

Like last year, I have greatly benefited from the help of David Appelman of FanGraphs in creating graphs that plot strikeout and groundball rates separately for starters and relievers featured in part two on Tuesday. By placing pitchers in quadrants, one can easily ascertain those with above-average strikeout and groundball rates referred herein as the northeast quadrant , above-average strikeout and below-average groundball rates southeast quadrant , above-average groundball and below-average strikeout rates northwest quadrant , and below-average groundball and strikeout rates southwest quadrant.

Looking at the outliers in the graph is one of the most interesting aspects of this study. Is there anybody who wouldn't take the outliers in the northeast quadrant over the outliers in the southwest quadrant? Lowe 3. Let's take a closer look at the results. Pitchers in the northwest quadrant are listed in the order of GB rates. There are a number of outstanding arms in the group above. Lowe graduated from the northwest quadrant The righthanded sinkerballer had the best groundball and line drive Amazingly, he also had the highest home run rate as a percentage of flyballs The biggest surprises in the northeast quadrant for me were Mark Hendrickson and Edwin Jackson.

However, both had K and GB rates that were close to the league average. As such, I wouldn't classify either as a special pitcher. If anything, I would think of Jackson more along the lines of Daniel Cabrera , another power arm, than not. Both are blessed — or cursed as it may be — with that "p" word, as in potential. Kazmir just missed the northeast quadrant although he had K and GB rates that were almost identical to Peavy, who just so happened to win the Triple Crown of pitching by leading the NL in ERA, wins, and strikeouts.

Despite being an extreme flyball pitcher, Young has benefited by pitching his home games at Petco Park, which tied with Busch Stadium for the second-lowest HR rate in the majors in behind only RFK Stadium. There are also several hurlers who are still serviceable but have seen better days, such as Greg Maddux , Matt Morris , Andy Pettitte , and Kevin Millwood , as well as enigmas like Dontrelle Willis.

As a whole, they rank behind those in the NE quadrant and ahead of those in the SW quadrant. Opposite of the pitchers in the SE quadrant, the NW inhabitants succeed by inducing grounders and keeping the ball in the park, whereas their counterparts thrive on strikeouts. Repeating what I said last year, "this is the quadrant that you want to avoid. It is inhabited by some of the worst starters in the game.

If you fail to miss bats and don't keep the ball on the ground when it is put into play, you are going to run into trouble. However, all of these types of pitchers live on the edge with very little margin for error. When it comes to evaluating pitchers, I would rather know their strikeout and groundball rates than their ERA.

Throw in walk rates and you have almost everything you need to know about a pitcher. Focusing on these components gives one a much more comprehensive understanding of a pitcher's upside and downside than looking at a single metric such as ERA. I've been looking at the run values of different pitch locations for the last couple of weeks and today I wanted to examine the frequency that pitches are thrown to a particular location. The frequency a pitch is thrown plays a huge part in it's effectiveness, and I believe the frequency it is thrown to a certain location is a further refinement on looking at just regular frequency.

I found some interesting regarding the success against fastballs in certain areas last week and thought that maybe looking at the frequency could help clarify some of those findings. In order to examine the locational frequencies I created density plots that show how often a pitch is thrown in a certain area. The dots on the plot are individual pitches and are colored based on the local frequency. The color scale follows the standard convention of a density plot, with "hotter" colors representing areas where events are more frequent. Another thing to keep in mind when looking at these graphs is that the scales are relative for each situation.

This isn't ideal, because you can't easily compare frequencies across situations, but it works fine for each situational graph individually. The four graphs below show the frequency that fastballs, changeups, sliders and curveballs are thrown in that situation. Again, you can't directly compare the scales from graph to graph, but you can get a good idea of where the different types of pitches are thrown. One thing that was somewhat interesting, especially after looking at these graphs , was the frequency that pitchers worked inside to RHH.

This is pretty neat. The locations are pretty much what we would expect, with more pitches being thrown out of the zone and at the corners than before. There is a ton more to learn from these graphs and similar pictures, however, I'm not going to be the person who does the majority of that discovering, at least not online. Sure the pay is low and the hours are long, but for a 23 year old baseball fiend, there's no cooler feeling than going to work at the ballpark everyday.

Working in professional baseball is what I want to do. Writing for for Baseball Analysts has been a fantastic experience and I'm going to miss it, but I'm moving on and couldn't be happier with what the future holds. To quote The Boss , "good luck goodbye" and thanks. I can't imagine that many readers of this site do not have at least some form of addiction to Baseball Reference , a veritable data goldmine for any baseball junkie.

I know I sure do. Recently I have taken to coming up with some point of interest, and really digging in to see if any trends or incremental insights can be gleaned. Even if they cannot, it can be fascinating to present data in an organized format to see how teams differ with regard to their approaches and abilities. I am not sure that there are conclusions to be drawn from any of this, but it sure looks interesting.

What stuck out most for me were the Oakland Athletics, and what seems to be evidence of an organizational approach to hitting. We have long-known that the A's favor a patient style at the plate. A casual search looking at past articles related to Oakland's philosophical beliefs on how to approach an at-bat will yield a lot of words like "patience" and "selectivity" and "taking a walk".

It may just be semantics and not reflective of meaningful differences between the two clubs but being a Red Sox fan and living in Boston, when Theo Epstein speaks of an organizational approach, he will use a term like "strike zone management" or "pitch recognition". Oakland seems to believe that taking more pitches is an end to itself, while Boston might think that so long as you can recognize effectively a ball and a strike, aggressiveness is not necessarily a bad thing. It's hard to say who is right based solely on the data above or if there is any right way at all.

Oakland did not put one ball in play on a count in Of their recorded plate appearances with three balls and no strikes, Oakland walked all times. Equally interesting, they led the American League with a 1. There does appear to be a downside to this approach, however. Only Texas found themselves in more counts than Oakland in If your mandate is to take pitches, you can find yourself in a quick hole. When the count was last year, Oakland hit.

After they hit. I am not sure that there are meaningful conclusions to be drawn with respect to whether or not there is an optimal hitting strategy; on or otherwise. But mining the data gets you closer to answers, and Lord knows there is more than enough data out there.

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  6. Apropos of nothing and with a hat tip to Defensive Indifference , check out this curve ball Clayton Kershaw threw to Sean Casey on Sunday. Apparently he was sitting all game, too. We're bringing out the big guns for the American League Central. We hope you enjoyed the AL West and NL West previews and trust you will find today's roundtable discussion with two of our favorite writers informative and entertaining. Often referred to as a "Bill James disciple" resulting from his time working for the so-called godfather of sabermetrics, Rob ascended to his current position of influence by championing a constant message and winning over a legion of loyal readers.

    Joe Posnanski , a columnist for the Kansas City Star and author of The Soul of Baseball: A Road Trip Through Buck O'Neil's America , stands out among his peers in that he uses his mainstream platform to advance analytical metrics that in too many circles are still considered to be the stuff of propeller-heads and Mom's basement dwellers. Posnanski's appealing writing style and broad audience make him a critical voice in furthering the understanding of fundamental tenets of what constitutes winning and losing baseball. Poz as he is often called was named best sports columnist in America by the Associated Press Sports Editors in April of You can also enjoy his "curiously long posts" and Pozterisks at his fun-to-read blog.

    Go grab a cup of coffee. Heck, get two. You can sip both of them slowly and finish about the same time as our discussion. Sully: What sticks out for me when I stand back and look at the AL Central is just how quickly this division got top-heavy. It's become a two-team show between Cleveland and Detroit as both Chicago and Minnesota have taken significant strides backwards from just a couple of years ago.

    Rich: Cleveland may have been the second-best team in all of baseball last year. The team that was one win away from the AL pennant and perhaps the World Series championship is basically one and the same in and would be favored to win the AL Central if not for the aggressive moves this winter on the part of Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski, who has added Miguel Cabrera, Edgar Renteria, and Dontrelle Willis to a solid nucleus that went to the World Series in It's no secret, this is a two-team race between the Indians and Tigers with Minnesota, Chicago, and Kansas City playing for third place.

    Joe: Well, obviously, I'm excited about seeing just what the Detroit Tigers lineup will do. You could put those seven in any order you like — Brian Bannister says he had nightmares all winter. Sully: Bold call, Joe. Playing at Comerica and with some age and injury risk mixed in with all of that promise, I think they will be a whale of an offense but will come up well short of 1, runs. So I guess you see Detroit running away with this thing, Joe? Joe: Not necessarily; I still think the Indians will make this a race.

    That Tigers rotation has holes, and their bullpen is shaky — if the Indians get the big years out of C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona I think this thing could be fun. Sully: OK, let's start with the defending Central champions.