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My Life Is Not Easy
  1. What is Rhythms of Life?
  2. Rhythms - The Three Relationships of Christian Disciple Making
  3. Rhythms of My Life

Cause You whispered them all to their place. To testify to Your wonder and praise.

What is Rhythms of Life?

Both now and forever. Chorus 2. I live my life to shine Your light. For there's none beside You God. No eye has seen.

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No ear has heard. The depths of Your love. No mind can fathom. The love You deserve.

Rhythms - The Three Relationships of Christian Disciple Making

How great You are. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Writer s : Chris Davenport, Dean Ussher. Tempo: Medium. The call of my heart was loud. I left my studies and established a long term relationship and moved to London. Now I know that I needed to go through much more healing before I could step into holding others.

Driven by a great passion I learned English very quickly and started to work as a personal trainer. It was not until, around, that I hit a crisis. I found myself exhausted on a physical and emotional level, and that overlapped with a deep heartbreak. I was depressed. I questioned literally everything, including the 5Rhythms.

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I needed to slow down. I started working with people with learning disabilities through art and dance therapy and took up Gestalt psychotherapy, as well as oil painting. I took my doubts and deeply personal and existential wonders to the dance from a new angle: the floor. What confronted me was that every ballplayer who had the same positive event occur i. Saturn Trine Sun should have equal performance success. But they did not.

Corona - Rhythm Of The Night

It took hundreds of thousands of observations to first find times when the same events could be isolated. Since there are usually multiple events going on, it was like finding needles in haystacks to align a day period of time when Saturn Trine Sun was the only major event happening in a players chart. This took years, but slowly data sets were developed where I had specific planetary relationships isolated for many ballplayers across years of historical data and evaluate the performance. Though an even amount of Home Runs was expected, it did not materialize. Some investigation took place when the concept of Rulership was added to the performance evaluation.

This addition proved to be a key to evaluating player performance. What was taken into consideration was to see how many planets did the player have in the Zodiac Sign ruled by the natal planet being transited. In our example it was Saturn in the Sky was transiting the Sun in the chart and the Sun rules the Zodiac sign of Leo, we counted the number of planets the player had in Leo.

Rhythms of My Life

In , analysis for 11, players over years of available historical data was completed. I burned up many dot matrix printers that printed up to 10 hours per day for months to get the output needed to review. Meaning, times a Saturn Trine Sun event could be isolated for different players. Then the number of planets in the Sign of Leo were correlated. The number of Home Runs hit during that period of time was the key measure used.


Home Runs stood out. As the table reflects, the more planets a player had in Leo in their natal chart, the more Home Runs on average the players hit. After a couple of more years of doing exhaustive isolated event analysis it became clear that Z was a predominat factor in the performance of baseball players season.