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The Slivers began to get much bigger and stronger as a muscular looking sliver arrived on the battlefield. Sliver unknown.


A Nirvana song, released in Commonly misspelt as "Silver" by many so-called Nirvana fans, as true Nirvana fans know, its spelled Sliver, not Silver. The best French rocking hardcore band ever.

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Named after the best Nirvana song ever. Also one of the most mispelt band name on flyers.

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A female individual who is very thin , incredibly annoying and conceited. Like a splinter she gets under your skin and gives you nothing pain. Late night walking down High Street , watching for watchers , James noticed a white Mercedes pulling up slowly sniffing out some sliver. I held the sliver of wood, until the flame scorched my fingers, staring about in bewilderment.

He is thirteen years old, and before he came into the Scouts we called him " Sliver " because he's so skinny. On a chair near by lay a rough knife with the blade open and a sliver of wood yet sticking to the point.

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The sliver from each can is then placed into the corresponding sliver guide, and thus the full width of the machine is occupied. Not good means something is bad or undesirable. No Good When good is used as a noun, no can quantify or modify …. A slender piece cut, split, or broken off; a splinter: slivers of broken glass.

A small narrow piece, portion, or plot: a sliver of land. A continuous strand of loose fiber, such as wool, flax, silk, or cotton, ready to be roved or spun.

SLIVER - Oakland

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References in classic literature? I fed it, shaving by shaving, and sliver by sliver , till at last it was snapping and crackling as it laid hold of the smaller chips and sticks.