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Try the Hit the Floor Series! This DVD is a great value, giving you two workouts for the price of one! In this set you will receive two separate workout chapters in the menu of one DVD : 1. Hit the Floor 30 minutes is a super abdominal workout done on the floor using gravity to help pull the organs in and up — cinching in the tummy! Hit the Floor includes various leg movements and stretches that slim the thighs, strengthen the lower back and target the entire abdominal area. Previously rated as the 1 Abdominal Workout by Amazon.

Hit the Floor Softer 37 minutes is similar to Hit the Floor, but modified for use with weighted shoes. You do not have to use weighted shoes with this workout. Hit the Floor Softer is a great starting workout to use in preparation for Hit the Floor. Reply Link. Erika White December 5, , pm. Maryz December 5, , pm. Awesome and quick routine for those days when you need something quick and to the point! Holly December 5, , pm. Anastasia December 5, , pm. Love this! Molly Mollysmusingz December 5, , pm.

This looks awesome! I am going to give it a shot on my own! Love the versatility of this — thanks for the idea! Laura December 6, , am. Thanks and happy Friday!! Anne December 6, , pm. Courtney February 16, , pm. Did this workout last week, 3 times through and absolutely loved it! Authenticate this comment using OpenID. Hi and welcome!

1-Minute CORE & ABS Workout (Bodyweight Exercise SIX PACK Routine)

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How is your WatchKit integration going? So when Mike at Wahoo emailed me back in May about 7 minute workout, and how it might integrate with their suite of products, I was intrigued. Fast forward to November and things changed. The timing was right and I was confident it would be in good hands.

Everyone I have dealt with at Wahoo has been amazing. They have big plans for the app: there are already multiple custom workouts, new videos and integration with TICKR X to count repetitions. Dozens of amazing emails, Tweets and messages from people who were in part inspired to start developing apps thanks to these blog posts.

Thank you to everyone that sent feedback or read the posts.

We have so many exciting features coming soon, many of which have been inspired by this experiment like the new Sentiment Dashboard. The excitement of an early stage startup, the highs of adding and serving a new paying customer, talking to customers and building what they want is amazing. I was just looking back at the first point in the first paragraph of part 1 of the experiment. If you liked this story please help spread the word by hitting the recommend button below. You can now get this story as an eBook, get it free! Sign in.

Kate Hudson ab exercise [Video]

Get started. All Stories Visit Our Website. How I got 2. Stuart Hall in Appbot Follow. Hatching An Idea I wanted to build an app in one night, not tell a single person about it and run some experiments on it to see if I could get it to some level of success.

Because what's better than getting fit in your PJs?

There were a couple of key goals for the app: Explaining the 12 exercises I had been digging around in Google, I had no idea what a plank was. Adding a voice prompted timer for when it was time to swap exercises and to tell you and what was up next. Many other ideas and features ran through my head, including: iPad support. Adjustable durations. Randomise exercises.

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Transform :20™ Accessories Bundle

Appbot Follow. Surface bugs, feature requests and more from app reviews. See responses