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Destiny’s Books of Sorrow: The Origins of Oryx and the Ahamkara Dragons

And that which is maximum, seemingly final, in the present universe age may be no more than a real beginning in terms of the ages to come. Some phases of Havona appear to be on the maximum order. This superfinite level antecedently follows finite progression.

It implies the prefinite genesis of finite beginnings and the postfinite significance of all apparent finite endings or destinies. Much of Paradise-Havona appears to be on the transcendental order. This level encompasses that which is of master universe significance and impinges on the destiny level of the completed master universe.

This level implies the projection of experientials upon a supermaster universe field of creative expression. This level connotes the eternity presence of the seven existential Absolutes. It may also involve some degree of associative experiential attainment, but if so, we do not understand how, perhaps through the contact potential of personality. This level is pre-existential and postexperiential. Unqualified unity of infinity is a hypothetical reality before all beginnings and after all destinies.

There are a number of other ways of looking at reality from other-than-mortal perspective and from the standpoint of other universe ages. Thus it should be recognized that the concepts herewith presented are entirely relative, relative in the sense of being conditioned and limited by:. The limitations of mortal language. The limitations of the mortal mind. The limited development of the seven superuniverses. Your ignorance of the six prime purposes of superuniverse development which do not pertain to the mortal ascent to Paradise.

Your inability to grasp even a partial eternity viewpoint. The impossibility of depicting cosmic evolution and destiny in relation to all universe ages, not just in regard to the present age of the evolutionary unfolding of the seven superuniverses. The inability of any creature to grasp what is really meant by pre-existentials or by postexperientials—that which lies before beginnings and after destinies. The central universe underwent no evolutionary change in the Havona age, but in the present epochs of the superuniverse age it is undergoing certain progressive changes induced by co-ordination with the evolutionary superuniverses.

The seven superuniverses, now evolving, will sometime attain the settled status of light and life, will attain the growth limit for the present universe age. But beyond doubt, the next age, the age of the first outer space level, will release the superuniverses from the destiny limitations of the present age. Repletion is continually being superimposed upon completion.

Even experiential Deity is thus expressed in the spirit person of God the Supreme in Havona. But the secondary, evolutionary, time-and-matter-conditioned phases of the finite become cosmically integrated only as a result of growth and attainment. Eventually all secondary or perfecting finites are to attain a level equal to that of primary perfection, but such destiny is subject to a time delay, a constitutive superuniverse qualification which is not genetically found in the central creation. We know of the existence of tertiary finites, but the technique of their integration is as yet unrevealed.

It thus makes it possible for the creature to enter into partnership with the Creator in the evolution of that selfsame creature.

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And during these times of expanding growth the incomplete is correlated with the perfect through the ministry of God the Sevenfold. No matter how remote from Paradise, how deep in space, a material survival personality may take origin, God the Sevenfold will be found there present and engaged in the loving and merciful ministry of truth, beauty, and goodness to such an incomplete, struggling, and evolutionary creature. The divinity aspects of this Deity grouping are at present integrated in the liaison between the Seven Master Spirits and the Conjoint Actor, but they are destined to be eternally unified in the emerging personality of the Supreme Being.

The other phases of the Sevenfold Deity are variously integrated in the present universe age, but all are likewise destined to be unified in the Supreme. The Sevenfold, in all phases, is the source of the relative unity of the functional reality of the present grand universe. The Supreme Being is the deity culmination of grand universe evolution—physical evolution around a spirit nucleus and eventual dominance of the spirit nucleus over the encircling and whirling domains of physical evolution. And all of this takes place in accordance with the mandates of personality: Paradise personality in the highest sense, Creator personality in the universe sense, mortal personality in the human sense, Supreme personality in the culminating or experiential totaling sense.

Energy-matter seemingly evolves in the depths of space and is organized as power by the children of the Infinite Spirit in conjunction with the Creator Sons of God. And all of this is experiential; it is a transaction in time and space involving a wide range of living beings including even Creator divinities and evolutionary creatures. The power mastery of the Creator divinities in the grand universe slowly expands to encompass the evolutionary settling and stabilizing of the time-space creations, and this is the flowering of the experiential power of God the Sevenfold.

It encompasses the whole gamut of divinity attainment in time and space from the Adjuster bestowals of the Universal Father to the life bestowals of the Paradise Sons. This is earned power, demonstrated power, experiential power; it stands in contrast to the eternity power, the unfathomable power, the existential power of the Paradise Deities. And this almighty power in turn finds spirit-personality cohesion on the pilot sphere of the outer belt of Havona worlds in union with the spirit personality of the Havona presence of God the Supreme. Thus does experiential Deity culminate the long evolutionary struggle by investing the power product of time and space with the spirit presence and divine personality resident in the central creation.

Since creatures, even mortals, are personality participants in this majestic transaction, so do they certainly attain the capacity to know the Supreme and to perceive the Supreme as true children of such an evolutionary Deity. The existential realities of the seven Absolutes are not perceivable by the technique of experience; only the personality realities of the Father, Son, and Spirit can be grasped by the personality of the finite creature in the prayer-worship attitude.

When ascenders attain the postulated seventh stage of spirit existence, they will therein experience the realization of a new meaning-value of the absoluteness and infinity of the triodities as such is revealed on subabsolute levels in the Supreme Being, who is experiencible.

Baptists: 10 Important Things to Know About The Church Beliefs

But the attainment of these stages of maximum development will probably await the co-ordinate settling of the entire grand universe in light and life. But the appearance of the Almighty Supreme at the termination of the present universe age will signify that the evolutionary finite has attained the first stage of experiential destiny. This happening will certainly lead to the completed function of the first experiential Trinity—the union of the Supreme Creators, the Supreme Being, and the Architects of the Master Universe.

This Trinity is destined to effect the further evolutionary integration of the master creation. But the original Trinity is an eventuality of the exclusive association of absolute Deities; subabsolute beings had nothing to do with this primal association. The subsequently appearing and experiential Trinities embrace the contributions of even creature personalities. Certainly this is true of the Trinity Ultimate, wherein the very presence of the Master Creator Sons among the Supreme Creator members thereof betokens the concomitant presence of actual and bona fide creature experience within this Trinity association.

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Group associations are enabled to anticipate, even to transcend, individual capacities; and this is true even beyond the finite level. In the ages to come, after the seven superuniverses have been settled in light and life, the Corps of the Finality will doubtless be promulgating the purposes of the Paradise Deities as they are dictated by the Trinity Ultimate, and as they are power-personality unified in the Supreme Being. As the I AM, we philosophically postulate his permeation of total infinity, but no creature is able experientially to encompass such a postulate.

As the universes expand, and as gravity and love reach out into time-organizing space, we are able to understand more and more of the First Source and Center. We observe gravity action penetrating the space presence of the Unqualified Absolute, and we detect spirit creatures evolving and expanding within the divinity presence of the Deity Absolute while both cosmic and spirit evolution are by mind and experience unifying on finite deity levels as the Supreme Being and are co-ordinating on transcendental levels as the Trinity Ultimate. In the eternal future this experiential Trinity will, through augmenting unity, further activate the eventuating presence of Ultimate Deity.

The completed eventuation of the Ultimate implies the completion of the master creation and connotes the full emergence of this transcendental Deity. But as the Supreme is now spiritually and personally present in Havona, so also is the Ultimate there present but in the absonite and superpersonal sense. And you have been informed of the existence of the Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate, though you have not been informed of their present whereabouts or function. Transcendence of the finite can lead only to ultimate attainment. God the Ultimate exists in transcendence of time and space but is nonetheless subabsolute notwithstanding inherent capacity for functional association with absolutes.

And the actual emergence of these two experiential Deities lays the foundation for the second experiential Trinity. And this Trinity has theoretical capacity to activate the Absolutes of potentiality—Deity, Universal, and Unqualified.

Theasaurus: Destiny

But the completed formation of this Trinity Absolute could take place only after the completed evolution of the entire master universe, from Havona to the fourth and outermost space level. While this presentation deals primarily with the personal phases of the unification of the cosmos, it is nonetheless true that the impersonal aspects of the universe of universes are likewise destined to undergo unification as is illustrated by the power-personality synthesis now going on in connection with the evolution of the Supreme Being.

The spirit-personal qualities of the Supreme are inseparable from the power prerogatives of the Almighty, and both are complemented by the unknown potential of Supreme mind. Neither can God the Ultimate as a person be considered apart from the other-than-personal aspects of Ultimate Deity. And on the absolute level the Deity and the Unqualified Absolutes are inseparable and indistinguishable in the presence of the Universal Absolute. Rather do they encompass it and correlate it, in a collective sense, with impersonal functions. Trinities are, then, always deity reality but never personality reality.

The personality aspects of a trinity are inherent in its individual members, and as individual persons they are not that trinity. Only as a collective are they trinity; that is trinity. But always is trinity inclusive of all encompassed deity; trinity is deity unity. Only the deified can become trinity; all other associations are triunities or triodities. We therefore encounter considerable difficulty in attempting to conceive of a total expression of the limitless possibilities of the three Absolutes or even in attempting to visualize the experiential personalization of God the Absolute on the now impersonal level of the Deity Absolute.

But our concepts regarding the full function of this second experiential Trinity seem to imply something beyond even the wide-spreading master universe. The integration and association of ever-enlarging segments of reality will approach absoluteness of status proportional to the inclusion of all reality within the segments thus associated.

We do not know how an absolute function can achieve total expression on a qualified, limited, or otherwise restricted basis. Hence we must assume that any such totality function will be unconditioned in potential. And it would also appear that the unconditioned would also be unlimited, at least from a qualitative standpoint, though we are not so sure regarding quantitative relationships.

Destiny Lore - Oryx: The Books of Sorrow Part 1 - Pact of the Deep

Though experiential in genesis and constitution, it definitely impinges upon the existential Absolutes of potentiality. This would appear to be a reasonable conclusion with respect to the Universal Absolute, if not the Unqualified Absolute; at least we know that the Universal Absolute is not only static and potential but also associative in the total Deity sense of those words. But in regard to the conceivable values of divinity and personality, these conjectured happenings imply the personalization of the Deity Absolute and the appearance of those superpersonal values and those ultrapersonal meanings inherent in the personality completion of God the Absolute—the third and last of the experiential Deities.

And it is inconceivable that quantitative infinity could ever be completely realized in finality. Always there must remain unexplored possibilities in the three potential Absolutes which no quantity of experiential development could ever exhaust. Eternity itself, though absolute, is not more than absolute. Any experiential destiny can be at least partially comprehended by experiencing creatures; but a destiny which impinges on infinite existentials is hardly comprehensible.

Finality destiny is an existential-experiential attainment which appears to involve the Deity Absolute. But the Deity Absolute stands in eternity relationship with the Unqualified Absolute by virtue of the Universal Absolute. And these three Absolutes, experiential in possibility, are actually existential and more, being limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and measureless—truly infinite. The actualization of the Deity Absolute as an attainable absolute God may be practically impossible of realization; nevertheless, such a finality fruition remains a theoretical possibility.

The involvement of the Unqualified Absolute in some inconceivable cosmos-infinite may be measurelessly remote in the futurity of endless eternity, but such a hypothesis is nonetheless valid. Mortals, morontians, spirits, finaliters, Transcendentalers, and others, together with the universes themselves and all other phases of reality, certainly do have a potentially final destiny that is absolute in value; but we doubt that any being or universe will ever completely attain all of the aspects of such a destiny.

No matter how much of God you may attain, there will always remain much more of him, the existence of which you will not even suspect. And that the best way to find out how is to ask the Mormons, whose beliefs place them at the centre of the search for human genes.

Ecclesiastes 6:10

How may the Welsh be related to the people of Papua New Guinea, and, why, because of mutations, should nobody who buys this book marry its author? It deals with issues of fate, of life and of death. To some, science threatens human autonomy. If everything is in the genes, what is left for free will? If man is but a glorified ape, where is the soul? Indeed, if society is just a mechanism for ensuring that genes are transmitted, what room is there for good and evil? He asks these questions in a novel way and, sometimes, gives the answers.

It was based on the Reith Lectures he gave in Professor Jones was born in Wales, educated in Scotland and lives in London. On balance, he prefers snails to humans. Read more Read less. Special offers and product promotions Also check our best rated Biography reviews. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Steve Jones. Richard Dawkins. The Language of the Genes. The Disappearing Spoon Sam Kean. Matt Ridley. Y: The Descent of Men. Professor Steve Jones. Customers who bought this item also bought. See all free Kindle reading apps. Tell the Publisher! Synopsis This work is about human origins. Blood has always tied families and nations together.

From the author of 'The Language of the Genes' "Good science for thinking people.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 7 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase. Not exactly the book for me, as I am not too interested in the religious aspects However, some interesting cultural and social situations mentioned are nicely tied in with genetics, so that makes it worthwhile.

One person found this helpful. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. It arrived on time, safely, well wrapped and kept me awake for nights because it was so interesting.