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He manages to save a wolf Timber who becomes his makeshift pet. The pair are rescued by a hermit who cures Snake Eyes of his poisoning and injuries. The Joes are overjoyed to see their comrade alive and with the crystals. However, his canister was booby trapped by Cobra; causing poison gas to flood the air. Device, Part 4: Duel in the Devil's Cauldron". After Covergirl and Timber save the lives of the G. Joe team, the Joes continue to search for a way to stop the Cobra terrorist organization. Both forces begin missions to retrieve the third element, a meteorite buried in a volcano.

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The Joes try to lift the meteorite, but are thwarted by Cobra, led by Destro , who causes the volcano to erupt, ejecting the meteor. But both forces obtain the third element. The Joes have all three elements and want to attack Cobra, but Duke has no recollection of where Cobra Mountain is located. The Joes notice the ring Duke gave to the slave girl was a homing device , and they teleport to Cobra Mountain. The Joes arrive at Cobra headquarters to launch their assault. Cobra Commander , in panic, enlists the help of the Joes to stop the device. After successfully destroying the device, Cobra Commander is arrested and Destro escapes.

Cobra attacks a G. Joe convoy, and steals a high-powered experimental laser. During the battle to protect the laser, both Duke and Snake Eyes are captured by Cobra agents. Once back at Cobra's base, Destro uses the laser to complete his latest weapon When Flint and the other Joes launch an air assault and rescue mission, Destro uses the device, and it's stormy skies ahead for the Joe team. Cobra plans to assault Washington D.

Charlie the Choo-Choo by Beryl Evans

The Joes successfully defend D. Weather patterns all over the world are in havoc; G. Joe and Cobra begin expeditions to recover the shattered device. Cobra and the Joes head for "The Palace of Doom", an alleged cursed Aztec temple, to retrieve the first fragment, the " Ion Corrolator". The Joes retrieve the corrolator, but they lose the fragment to Cobra during an earthquake. In return for his heroism, Storm Shadow allows Spirit to keep the fragment. But Zartan finds the third fragment, and he blackmails the Joes and Cobra that the final fragment will belong to the highest bidder.

Zartan broadcasts an unsecured message to the Joes and Cobra offering to bargain for his particular fragment. Both sides trace his call to an amusement park. Cobra captures Zartan, and now they possess all the pieces of the Weather Dominator, since Storm Shadow sneaked into Joe headquarters and stole their fragment. Duke and company raid the Cobra Command center as Roadblock uses vines to attack Destro.

However, Destro and Zartan manage to escape on a hang-glider. Joe headquarters as phase one of Cobra's "Pyramid of Darkness", a plan for Cobra Commander to deprive the world of electricity. Joe sets up their base of operations on the U. Flagg , on Delta Space Station, Dusty and Mutt warn the team about Cobra's plan to plant cubes at strategic locations in order to create the pyramid of darkness.

Shipwreck and Snake Eyes travel underneath Enterprise City with secret control cubes, while the rest of the Joes plans to stop Destro from activating the first cube at the "Devil's Playground". Tomax is captured by G. Joe, causing his identical twin brother Xamot to plan on rescuing him before Cobra can activate the final cube in the "Sea of Lost Souls".

Shipwreck and Snake Eyes find an ally in a pop singer named "Satin", who helps them escape Cobra's troopers in Enterprise City. Cobra activates the Pyramid of Darkness, leaving the Joes stranded at sea. Alpine and Bazooka ally with Quick Kick , a stuntman and karate expert from Hollywood. Joe regains control of Space Station Delta, and they launch a full-scale assault on Cobra Temple, destroying the control cubes and the Pyramid of Darkness.

Cobra tries to attack a global anti-terrorism conference when they send Zartan to replace an ambassador and blow up the Worldwide Defense Center, but G. Joe captures and places him in the Defense Center's prison.

Charlie Chaplin - His Trysting Place HD - YouTube Ultimate collection

Roadblock 's aunt and uncle run a fast food place called Red Rocket owned by Extensive Enterprises , Cobra's business alias. The rocket design hides extremely destructive warheads that Cobra hopes to utilize. Joe goes on a countrywide search for Red Rocket restaurants with Cobra missiles. A military satellite crashes into the South Pacific , causing a race between G.

Joe and Cobra to gain possession of it. A primitive tribe finds it first, claiming it as their god. Cobra uses a cloaking device to make oil tankers disappear so they can detonate them by remote in an effort to take control of the world's fuel supply, unless G. Joe can stop the bombings. In a plan to attack the world's cities with lava, Dr. Shakur, a scientist who invented the Vulcan Machine , is captured by Cobra. Joe must head into Cobra's jungle base, rescue the doctor and stop Cobra from carrying out their mission before these cities literally become "hotspots".

Cobra uses a special weapon called "Hi-Freq" given to them by an evil scientist named Dr. Lucifer, which a mind control device that takes over all animals in the animal kingdom, including Mutt's dog Junkyard. Joe has to stop Cobra's Hi-Freq device and save every animal in the world, especially Junkyard who isn't man's best friend, but Mutt's worst enemy. Several scientists have been captured by Cobra and imprisoned in South America , prompting the Joes to rescue them and go through Cobra's booby-trapped "funhouse".

The Joes discover Cobra's plan to invade the Rocky Mountain Chemical Weapons Arsenal to possess explosive gas, all while under scrutiny from Hector Ramirez, host of the television show Twenty Questions. A top secret nitrogen rocket fuel is stolen from the Joes and is accidentally stored in a greenhouse.

The plants grow immensely, giving Destro a plan to seed the world with mutated fruits and vegetables to crush G. Joe in this gigantic jungle. Cobra creates a weapon called the "Ion Attractor" that can pull down the Aurora Borealis to melt the polar icecaps and flood the world. Joe and a group of scientists must head north to prevent a global disaster. Zartan makes constructs called synthoids , artificial beings or life forms loyal only to Cobra.

Joe's resources and undermine morale. Betrayed by an impostor in their ranks, G. Joe is disbanded by the government. Now fugitives from the military, the Joes must ally with Destro who gives them information on how to defeat Cobra Commander and Zartan to regain their resources. Sharman Divono. The Baroness informs the Joes to locate a Roman coin, a wedding ring, and heart-shaped locket from Cobra Commander, and then bury the items to make the ghosts disappear.

Cobra Commander's personal Firebat with a homing signal was located at a Hollywood studio for a filming of "The G. Joe Story". Cobra hires Zartan and the Dreadnoks to recapture the Firebat before G. Joe can discover it and use the homing device to attack Cobra headquarters. A sleazy political candidate hires Cobra to cause trouble for his opponent Robert Harper during their mayoral campaign race. They keep sending gang members to harass and ruin his campaign.

But G. Joe is sent in to restore law and order. Cobra invents a molecular degenerator to disrupt all U. The Joes must destroy the machine before Cobra can takes over the world with the face of Cobra Commander on every paper money. Cobra captures people with psionic abilities in order to exploit their powers to rule the world and one of them is Airborne 's telekinetic little brother. Cobra steals all the gold bars from Fort Knox and loads it inside a bullet train. Joe plans on stopping the Cobra Bullet before it reaches the coast.

Cobra develops a powerful sound weapon and attacks a Sheik 's oil supply with it in the Middle East. Joe must stop Cobra before they leak oil everywhere. Carla Conway and Gerry Conway. Wild Bill and a few Joes head to a farm in Texas to investigate a dude ranch Cobra captured, near the solar panels in order to control a nearby power station.

A twisted tycoon captures Flint, Lady Jaye, Baroness, and Cobra Commander, who must work together to escape the life size toys that are attacking them. The Baroness spies on the Joes to gain access to the laser guidance system for Cobra Commander. While giving a martial art demonstration, Quick Kick meets Amber, a college student who dreams of being a Joe. The pair soon date and as his girlfriend, Amber gets closer to the Joe's secrets, which causes them to think she is a Cobra spy. Cobra steals a dangerous bacteria which causes a strong bacterium and growth serum to form a living germ monster that consumes everything in its path.

At his fire station, Barbecue keeps getting phone calls with cryptic messages from a man who calls himself "The Viper" and enlists the rest of the Joes to help him catch this mysterious man. The Baroness uses the song of the Sirens to put the males under her evil spell.

With their comrades under the Baroness' control, Cover Girl, Lady Jaye, and Scarlett are the only ones who can stop her and set their hypnotized friends free. In an attempt to stop a world financial summit, Cobra heads to Japan to cause an artificially created earthquake that will destroy Tokyo unless G.

Joe can stop their plans. Cobra kidnaps family members of several G. Joe members and brainwashes them to obey the Baroness' commands. The Baroness commands the captives to attack the Joes in her attempt to retrieve the explosive crystals that Cobra created. Scarlett and the other Joes set out to find a way to free their families from the Baroness' control. Unfortunately, the Baroness wants possession of the crystals and she would stop at nothing to get what she wants.

While camping, Bazooka sees a Cobra flight pod get "eaten" by a giant sea serpent. In reality, this "sea serpent" is a Cobra submarine planning to steal everything it devours. An endeavor coordinated by the Stephen F. I am conducting this interview with Mr. With us here also is a friend of Mr.

Schnabel, Drew Wise, whose actually a student here at Stephen F. Austin State University and were glad to have him here listening to us. Charles, welcome. We're glad you're here. This is a great thing that we're doing. I think to get this, thoughts down about Charlie, and so we can start getting a good handle on his legacy.

Before we get started, I mean as we get started, tell us something about yourself. Tell us about your background, your education, how you got involved in politics, working for Charlie. And went to work for the then Secretary of the Senate. And my first job with the Senate in , [to even] when Charlie was a member, was to read the messages from the senate to the House. Speaker, I'm directed by the Senate to inform the House that the Senate has passed the following. And I would read that message.

That was my first job. At the end of the next session, the then Lieutenant Governor Ben Ramsey, who was from here in East Texas, said that the Secretary of the Senate was leaving and would I be willing to be the acting Secretary of the Senate until they could find somebody to do the job. Well that lasted for twenty-three years [Schnabel and Sosebee laugh]. And during those years I served with a hundred Senators, coming and going.

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And it was a very interesting job, especially when Charlie Wilson showed up in the Senate. That was I believe, and Charlie was a different Senator. What was different? He came to the Senate with a red vest on under his coat and instead of him coming in through the brass rail and taking his seat he straddle hopped the rail to get his back corner seat. And the Senate kind of looked at this guy, "Who is this? Cause as tall as he was.

Anyway, that was his kind of introduction to the Senate. Charlie was very much a populist and only participated in the debate of things that he could participate in. Charlie was very much stewed on the real things that were happening because the source of power was the then Lieutenant Governor, Ben Barnes, and if you, if you close to Barnes, you're close to what is going on. And During those six years, I got very closely involved with Senator Wilson. If I hired a very attractive person to be on my staff, and he liked that person, then he would transfer her to his staff and that was the original "Charlie's Angels," then later got to be a very famous term, because Charlie was always.

Charlie's Angels, all the group of beautiful women that worked for Charlie in D. The next time you worked directly for him was when you became his Chief of Staff [Administrative Assistant]? So you served from '84 through. So Peyton [Walters] followed you as Chief of Staff. I followed Charles Simpson. While Charlie was a senator. And, Charlie and I developed a personal relationship, to the point that every time he was in trouble, I was the one that was going to get him out of trouble.

And if Charlie is with a staffer and their out and she gets drunk and somebody needed to come get her and take her home, I would get a telephone call. SCHNABEL: I don't know how often is very often [Sosebee laughs] but it would occur from time to time, and then when Charlie would get in trouble, with the law, he didn't have an attorney to get him out of trouble, it was me that was getting him out of trouble and like on one DWI [Driving While Intoxicated] occasion that was very serious.

Let me back up and say, I had the District Attorney's wife and the County Attorney's wife on my payroll. So I could communicate and when Charlie got in trouble, then I could communicate. And that last occasion Charlie really was drunk, it really was driven while. This was in Austin and it was just before an election time, and the news had really started picking up on Charlie and so I was able to persuade the charge to be changed from DWI to DWID [Driving While Intoxicated by Drugs], then I convinced the judge that prosecuted Charlie that was medicated with because of a sinus infection and that this was really the problem and so they did change it to DWID and that was just on one occasion when Charlie managed to be in trouble.

I was sort of the one to get him out of trouble. Your experience in Senate is fascinating to me and you were serving during a time of great conflict and tension within the state Democratic Party. The inner fighting going on between the liberals and conservative factions? All that was going on, how did that affect the working of the Senate? See, when I first went to work for the Senate, there were no Republicans. They were-you were either a conservative Democrat of a liberal Democrat.

Then there were twenty-five conservative Democrats and six liberal Democrats and so it was a Democrat-controlled Senate. As Republicans got in and as the times started changing, it you were a conservative Democrat, you really were kind of a Republican. And then the left-wing Democrats. Because when a majority is twenty five to six, that's not enough to divide the Senate.

But when it gets down to pretty close, between conservatives and liberals, and then threw in [O. Yeah, it did cause a break down. Johnson, and a number of other well-known politicians in Texas; he helped raise money for DOT and public awareness of their political views]. He and I were visiting and interviewing about Lyndon Johnson and we were talking about particularly when Johnson in the '54 and '56 state conventions and he and Shivers were kind of vying for who's going to be the most powerful democrat and Fath talks about how because they hated [Texas Governor Allan] Shivers [who, as a Democrat, famously broke with the Democratic Party and threw his support behind Dwight D.

Eisenhower], they, through his organization, the liberal Democrats of Texas threw their support behind Johnson. And when I interviewed Fath, I think he was already in his nineties at that time. But and I remember he leaned forward and he goes, he goes, "And he screwed us. Lyndon screwed us every time. How about Charlie in that situation? Now he would.

How did he fit into that? He didn't run with the extreme liberal end. Charlie stayed pretty close to the middle. He voted for the sales tax. He voted with the conservatives on I think the creation of P. And, I can't remember the other thing, but he never was on an extreme position on just about any issue.

Charlie was Charlie. He wasn't a joiner to get with this click or this coalition of the Senate or another one. And yet, he was with all of them. It was his commanding presence that caused him to be where he was. He was a big supporter of civil rights. He was a big supporter of women's rights. You were there. How about his involvement in Texas E. A Legislation [Equal Rights Amendment]?

He was in involved in that wasn't he? That was '64, '63 and '65; very much so. And was the leader. I don't think he carried the legislation. I'm not sure he was a big advocate. He might have carried some of those deals, but without a doubt, he was a big advocate of the E. He was a huge advocate of civil rights. His district, I mean, this is deep East Texas and civil rights was a very contentious issue amongst many of his constituents without a doubt.

Tell us how was Charlie able, because I think this is one of the most fascinating things about him. Here's a man who was able to be not just a supporter of civil rights, very publically a supporter of civil rights to a large extent. Yet, continued to be elected in this district, which included a lot of people who were not for such legislation. How was he able to do that? Was Charlie Bible Belt? We love him. Who cares?

He's our guy. He don't come to church with us, but he's our guy. We can talk to him. He can come and talk to us. He told them exactly, this is what I stand for, and people, they. How does that make you feel? And if people can be what they are in in politics right now it would be a huge change. SOSEBEE: What do you think, how would Charlie deal, and I know because he, we are saying this like he, he just been passed for a little more than a year and I'm sure you talked with him many times about this even after he left government service.

What was his thoughts on this new partisanship, this divide that's going on in the country in the congress? And so he rode it the best way he could. Very close to Tip O'Neal. But Charlie liked to say, you know, here's Tip O'Neal that's giving the president unstirred hell in the newspaper and they're golfing buddies on Sunday afternoons. And see, this impacted Charlie. But it impacted Charlie. I can be what I am, but I can still communicate with these guys. And that's a tremendous blessing to be able to have the frame of mind, to be in bitter opposition, but to not let it become a personal animosity.

Charlie didn't hate anybody. And you know he had a whole bunch of girlfriends. And he never left a woman scorned. Now look at. I mean its Charlie Wilson to have eight or nine girlfriends in a rotation and they all knew it, and if he ever dropped one, he never left one scorned. And had he left one scorned it might have been very uncomfortable.

Give you an example. Sweetums [Annelise Ilschenko] was, you know, the rotations all had nicknames, Firecracker, Cupcake, Jailbreak, Snowflake. Sweetums was the one that was Miss World, that, that he was going to marry. And a very unfortunate thing happened that we probably don't need to go into the details about that, but there was a time when a real split came between Charlie and Sweetums.

And Charlie worried about Sweetums a little bit because Sweetums knew a lot of inside stuff that Charlie was doing and. I'm going to say maybe questionable stuff. And see, Sweetums had gone with him to Pakistan on a bunch of trips. She was the one that was going to get on the plane and they wouldn't let her on because she, the president said, well take my plane; that story, that I think is pretty well known. But when they split, there was a bit of an unfortunate split. And so Sweetums came close to being a woman scorned.

Charlie the Choo-Choo

And so Charlie got her a job with an international shipping corporation. And called the guy. Well, Sweetums went to work for them, and it really, it really wasn't a job. It was just a place to go to work. And she called me and she was just bored to death. And, she was going to get Charlie to find her something else, and I said, "Now Sweetums, wait, just wait a little while longer. Sri Lanka was begging for some jeeps and five ton trucks.

And, and so I had some dealing with. Blankets, sleeping bags, a whole bunch of stuff that was surplus property agency, well I discovered that there's a lot of five ton trucks and jeeps in the Philippines and they wanted them in Sri Lanka. Well guess whose shipping line, shipped all of those trucks from the Philippines to Sri Lanka? And who got credit for making the whole deal. It was Sweetums. It was Sweetuns. So now she's got status with this company. And so he was not going to leave a woman scorned.

A workman walked through the studio and said to the stylist, 'Who's that? Looks like the young Bryan Ferry. The 'buzz' - that elusive thing which involves people talking about people talking about you - is with him. And he seems to have a good team again, centred on Enthoven, an ebullient Old Harrovian who refers to his client as 'the old boy'. They regard Ferry with admiration - two of them use the word 'genius', but don't want their names published - but they also seem capable of saying no. The single went into the chart last Sunday at No There follows a promotional blitz. Then Japan, Australia, America.

Two, three months maybe. He can make an interviewer feel like the dentist, but not this time. He even sounds eager when asked about touring, which can give him agonies. Yes, he'll tour; and he thinks he may do some shows that are all other people's songs. And then he'll return to Horoscope. For now, he has the air of a man who has emerged from a tunnel. He thinks about this for a moment.

Bryan Ferry has recorded about 50 songs by other writers, from the Beatles and the Stones to Kern and Harbach. Here is a Top 10, up to but not including this latest album. A supper-club smoocher to which he brings a reggae beat and a bruised melancholy. Over the top, but so are the words. This shows how it might be: no less affecting for being thoroughly mannered. Best reason for buying The Ultimate Collection. The video captured Ferry in a moustache and Jerry Hall in a tiger-skin dress.

She was so busy going ow-ow-ow- owwwwww], she failed to listen to the words. Ferry: 'I never look down on a song. The purists muttered about opportunism, and the way Ferry sang 'I was feeling insecure'; the punters got out their lighters, and made it his only No 1 hit. A shining soft-shoe shuffle. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

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In the Penthouse of the Ivory Tower

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