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Like in fairy tales, their content [the Harry Potter novels] speaks to the unconscious first. The miserable orphan Harry is meant to a fabulous destiny, like Cinderella. Rowling, a guide aimed at young students and their teachers. The title suggests an in-depth and neutral analysis.

Although the reader is reminded twice in footnotes that the studied text is a translation, there is a strong assumption from the title and throughout the study that the book in question is solely J. Magic wands, cauldrons and brooms are mentioned as recurring objects of fairy tales.

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Less magical items are also defined as fantastical. Rather than regular items of the start-of-the-school-year shopping frenzy, books are presented as recurring objects in fantastical and fairy tales ibid. The novel is reduced to its story line. Interestingly, these five chapters are the ones that underwent the most significant change of narrative point of view.


Twenty out of twenty seven omissions and simplifications occur in these five chapters. From Lewis Carroll and J. R Tolkien, J. K Rowling is now carrying the torch of English literature, she ensures the remarkable continuity of this literary tradition which is so British. Rowling appears as the successor of pure fantasy fiction writers.

Harry Potter emerges as a fairy tale only, and so does her life story in the biography provided at the end of the French edition:. She was living in a precarious situation. For six months, she devoted herself to the writing of her book. What followed resembles a fairy tale.

The first agent she sent her manuscript to accepted it straightaway for publication… As soon as it was published, the first volume was a huge success. It took a year for an agent to recognise its potential. Rowling herself denies the rags-to-rich story, claiming the direness of her financial situation was exaggerated by the press. As we saw, the French translator regularly manipulates these themes in order to provide more acceptable and desirable models of behaviours and thoughts to his French readership.

First of all, the international phenomenon that Harry Potter has become was triggered by the initial commercial success of the first book in the English speaking world.

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Such names and figures do not go unnoticed by overseas publishers. Secondly, success does not imply that the character of the original text has been preserved. As we saw, the character of the original text was regularly overlooked in the French translation in favour of the plot, which remained intact. I strongly doubt that French children do not find descriptive details of food and school activities to their taste and if they did, that they would be in a position to voice such preferences.

A text to be consumed by a child needs to reinforce the norms governing the socio-cultural and ideological reality in which this child lives. The opportunities for further research on Harry Potter are endless. Each translation could be analysed independently of each other and in relation to the market and culture for which it was produced. One could obviously look at the cinematographic adaptations and whether the dubbing and subtitles are coherent with the translations of the books.

As the Harry Potter phenomenon has evolved beyond the publishing and cinematographic industries, one could investigate whether manufacturers used translation for Harry Potter toys, games, collectibles, clothes, costumes, food, beverages, toiletries, stationary items and household goods. Such studies would remind us of the interdependent relation between translation, market and society and further our understanding of translation for mass consumption.

In Britain, independent school, private school and public school all mean schools which are self-governing and funded independently of the state. Lana A. Elizabeth E. R Tolkien… J.

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Harry Potter emerges as a fairy tale only, and so does her life story in the biography provided at the end of the French edition: She was living in a precarious situation. Google Scholar. Google Scholar Felix Mendelssohn New York Philharmonic Aram Khatchaturian P. Olivier Messiaen. Antonin Dvorak. Richard Wagner. Robert Casadesus. Richard Wagner Columbia ML 7 inch disc. Franz Josef Haydn. Claude Debussy. Arnold Schoenberg. Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Stokowski. Igor Stravinsky. Robert Schumann. Jean Sibelius.

Heitor Villa-Lobos P. Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Georges Bizet. Brahms, Falla, Raphael, Tchaikovsky. Arnold Schoenberg Ralph Vaughan Williams. Franz Schubert Richard Wagner.

Lou Harrison. Ben Webber. Jacob Avshalomov P. Modest Mussorgsky. Morton Gould. Franz Liszt. Tchaikovsky Modest Mussorgsky Richard Wagner. Tchaikovsky Modest Mussorgsky. Frank Martin Bela Bartok. Dmitri Shostakovich. Carl Orff. A stirring performance with satisfactory sound. Vaughan Williams: Symphony no 9 in E minor.

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The score for large orchestra also includes three saxophones and a flugelhorn. Heitor Villa-Lobos Sergei Prokofiev. Richard Strauss. Ahmed Adnam Saygun Aram Khatchaturian. Ottorino Respighi and baroque Italian composers. Paul Ben-Haim Ernest Bloch. Parsifal : Stokowski "Symphonic Synthesis", augmented. Alexander Scriabin Fikret Amirov. Mot de passe. Se souvenir des informations. Inscription Mot de passe perdu?

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    Contemporary chinese politics : An introduction 2 ed. Dire Strait? China and the People's Liberation Army St. Rapprochement or rivalry? La documentation fran? China's developmental miracle : Origins, transformations, and challenges M. Financial markets and foreign direct investment in greater China M. Guangdong in the twenty-first century: Stagnation or second take-off? China's minorities on the move : Selected case studies M. Hong Kong the super paradox life after return to China St. Retour en haut de la page. Nom d'utilisateur Mot de passe Se souvenir des informations Inscription Mot de passe perdu?

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