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  3. Ukraine’s Path to Europe: A Long and Winding Road | The German Marshall Fund of the United States

The Ukrainian legislature is currently reviewing a good portion of its legislation, attempting to bring its legal provisions more in line with EU requirements. The Ukrainian government does not subscribe to Western standards of democracy, freedom of speech, and fair elections. Its desire to integrate more closely with Europe arises not out of a sense of shared values, but out of practical interests. This means the possibility remains of another U-turn back to Russia, barring the consolidation of stronger ties with Europe and the derivation of greater economic benefits.

Two possible inflection points loom on the horizon: Russian elections between December and March , and Ukrainian elections in October And there are signs that the government could resort to electoral fraud, to which Ukraine is no stranger. Road illustration. Cartoon paper landscape.

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Cute Flat Landscape with Road Illustration. Mill, fence, road - cartoon illustration. Road infographic design template and marketing icons. Crazy man in the car. Funny illustration.

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Road isometric 3D city. Free Vector Woodland Paths.

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Free Stone Path Vector. Stone Path Vectors. Free Woodland Path Vector Series. Interest in automated vehicles is surging, fueled by visions of computer-directed cars able to independently thread their way through a traffic jam before safely dropping off their otherwise-occupied passengers and finding their own parking place. The potential exists for such vehicles,.

After that initial human intervention, the vehicle cannot only determine t he best mute hut also drive. While the idea of letting a computer do the driving is attractive, there own still many unknowns. Given these unknowns, the reality of how automated vehicles will change the driving experience may not line up with the vision of driverless cars seamlessly weaving their way through traffic—at least not right away.

Their benefits are many, and include safety, efficient, mobility and convenience.


These automated cars carry the potential to reduce or even eliminate human error, taking some of the risk out of driving. More than 34, people die in road traffic accidents every year in the United States and human error is at least a contributing factor in 95 percent of road vehicle accidents, according to statistics from the Federal Highway and National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations. Transferring part of the operations—such as automated lane keeping or automated vehicle following—to computers could lead to fewer accidents.

While most drivers are good at resolving unforeseen situations, such as navigating an unknown street or avoiding a new obstacle, they often struggle with maintaining a smooth, efficient traffic flow or keeping a short distance between vehicles.

Ukraine’s Path to Europe: A Long and Winding Road | The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Computer control can help ens me the vehicle maintains ideal speed and spacing for optimal traffic flow and energy efficiency. Not only can automated vehicles potentially improve traffic safety and efficiency hut, because driving aids compensate for sensory or motoric challenges, they may give individuals physically unable to drive added mobility.