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Lateinische Erstausgabe, EA.

Wilhelm Busch

More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Edition not stated and presumed first edition. Covers bit dust marked. Seller Inventory at More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Gutes Exemplar. Seller Inventory D More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. About this Item: In sermonem Latinum a. Seller Inventory AB. More information about this seller Contact this seller Auflage ohne Angabe. Augsburg, Germany. Verse in lateinischer Sprache. Einband u. Notiz a.

Seller Inventory EB. Wohl 1. Gebundene Ausgabe. Braun und Schneider, ca Braun und Schneider, ca, Halbleinenband, bestossen. Braun und Schneider Braun und Schneider, Editio tertia decima. Mit zahlreichen farbigen Abbildungen. Illustrierte Orig. Octavo; hardcover, quarter-bound in illustrated boards; 56pp.

Rolled; boards quite rubbed and marked, with previous owner's ink inscription to the upper board; corners bumped; mild spotting to the preliminaries; ink inscription to the flyleaf; some colouring-in to the title page; text block edges toned. Lacks dustwrapper. Postage quoted is for a standard format octavo book. Final charges may vary depending on size and weight. Seller Inventory xab. Quelques rousseurs sur les bords de la couverture.

Seller Inventory BB. From: Antiquariat Foertsch Berlin, Germany. Halbgewebeeinband 56 S. Illustrierter Original-Halbleinenband. Entfernter Namenszug auf Vorsatz. Seller Inventory A. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket.


Continue shopping. United Kingdom. Search Within These Results:. Max et Moritz. Facinora puerilia septem dolis fraudibusque peracta ex inventione Guilielmi Busch. Poetae pictorisque in sermonem Latinum conversa a versificatore sereno G. Seller Image. Max et Moritz facinora puerilia septem dolis fraudibusque peracta et inventione Guilielmi Busch poetae pictorisque. In sermonem Latinum conversa a versificatore sereno. Orthorinus cylindrirostris ; Chrysolopus spectabilis ; Phoracantha gigas.

Prionus ; Catadromus lacordairei. Rapid Bay; Scarites silenus ; Anoplognathus viridi-aeneus ; Helaeus gigas ; Ptomaphila lachrymosa ; Mordella ; Although several new species are illustrated, a single one is named, Phoracantha gigas. Sherborn b : gave the date of for this species. A facsimile edition, limited to copies, was published in Sydney, , by A. Reed [BOT]. De coleopteris, quae Oscarus et Alfredus Brehm in Africa legerunt. Typographeo Aulico, Altenburgi. Als Einladungsschrift zu den vom 3. Heinrich Eduard Foss, Director. Several new species are described. De quibusdam coleopteris Italiae novis aut rarioribus tentamen inaugurale quod annuentibus magnifico domino rectore illustrissimo facultatis directore spectabili d.

Zendrini historiae naturalis spec. Archigymnasio Ticinensi publicae disquisitioni submittit. This thesis includes notes on some species of Coleoptera and descriptions of several new species from Italy. Orange insects. A treatise on the injurious and beneficial insects found on the orange trees of Florida. Ashmead Bros. One new beetle species, the coccinellid Hyperaspidius coccidivora pp. Introductio in oryctographiam, et zoologiam Aragoniae. Accedit enumeratio stirpium in eadem regione noviter detectarum. The publisher and place of publication are not indicated.

It contains an annotated list of the animals of Aragon in northeast Spain. The Coleoptera are on pages 96—; the known species are named but those not recognized by the author are described but not named. This work was published in ten livraisons, corresponding to livraisons 47—56 of the entire series started by Dejean and Boisduval, — [ q. I have not been able to find any dates of publication regarding the other livraisons. The title page is dated , the preface 12 November Guignot : researched the dates of publication and indicated that pages 1—64 were distributed in November or early December , pages 65— between April and December , and pages — in At the request of Frank Balfour-Browne, F.

Griffin, then registrar of the Royal Entomological Society of London, found that pages 1—48 of this work were issued between 1 October and 1 December Balfour-Browne : This corroborates the Bibliographie de la France entry which noticed three feuilles of text 48 pp. At this time, the dates of publication that should be retained are: pp. Boehm et Fils, Montpellier. Aucher-Eloy et Comp ie , Paris. Levrault, Paris. There is no date on the cover of the copy I have seen but Bedel : lxxxvi , who commented on all new species described in these two livraisons, mentioned that it was published in This is corroborated by the entry in the Bibliographie de la France.

A new edition of these two livraisons was issued in [ q. Plassan, Paris. Pages 1—80 constitute a new edition of the version Sherborn and Woodward b : Avec un atlas. Texte [I]. Fortin, Masson et C ie , Paris. It was published in livraisons, each containing a mixture of text and plates for each class. Completed sets of livraisons were subsequently bound into 20 volumes divided into sections. The insect section comprised two volumes, each with two parts text and atlas [ vide infra ]. The Coleoptera are on pages 81— of the first volume, issued in the following livraisons: : pp.

The dates of publication are from Cowan : 55—56 unless otherwise noted. Atlas [I]. The Coleoptera are on plates 15—75 including 22 bis , 39 bis , 40 bis , 44 bis , 53 bis , 66 bis , and 74 bis. The names of the insects depicted on the plates are considered type-species designations as indicated in the title of the work. Plate 15 shows beetle larvae and a pupa of various families. The species depicted on plates 16—75 are listed in Appendix 1.

Supplement to the check list of the Coleoptera of America, north of Mexico. Cassino, Boston. Erster Band. This volume was published in two Lieferungen : 1 : pp. Zweiter Band. This volume was published in two Lieferungen : 3 : pp. Dritter Band. This volume was published in two Lieferungen : 5 : pp. Vierter Band. Reise durch einen Theil Preussens. Gottfried Vollmer, Hamburg und Altona. Storia naturale degli animali invertebrati del Sig.

Schweizer Medienkünstler Marc Lee stellt in Seoul aus

Cavaliere de Lamarck compendiata ed arricchita di note. Annesio Nobili, Pesaro. Catalogue of Hispidae in the collection of the British Museum. Part I. Printed by order of the Trustees, London. Descriptions of new genera and species of Phytophaga. Part 2. Phytophaga part. Hispidae by J. Baly, with an appendix by G. Cassididae by C. Taylor and Francis, London. This section was published in eight parts as follows see Lyal : 88 : pp. Office of Superintendent of Government printing, Calcutta.

The genera insectorum of Linnaeus exemplified by various specimens of English insects drawn from nature. Sewell, London. The text is written in English and French, mostly in parallel columns. Engelmann : , Graesse : and other bibliographers mentioned a second edition, essentially a reissue of the first edition with a change of title page Evenhuis a : 70 , published in n. Published by order of the government of India. Tribe Longicornia. Longicornia by Henry Walter Bates, F. Bruchides by David Sharp, M.

This work was issued in several parts. The dates listed at the bottom of the first page of each sheet are: pp. The collation for the plates is from Lyal : Biologia Centrali-Americana. Part 1. This work was published in several parts. The volume covers the Cicindelidae and Carabidae. The title page is dated — Pectinicornia and Lamellicornia. The volume covers the families Lucanidae pp. It also includes a supplement pp. Geodephaga and Longicornia. List of Coleoptera collected by Mr.

Jameson on the Aruwimi. By the late James S. Jameson, naturalist to the expedition. Edited by Mrs. Porter, London. Simpson, who has paid especial attention to this family. The only new species described by Bates is Tefflus jamesoni Bates, n. Peter Cameron. Eaton, F. Martin Jacoby. Sidney Olliff. David Sharp. John Murray, London. According to Sharp : 61 , the printing was done in but the work was not available for purchase until 2 March By John Whitehead.

With coloured plates and original illustrations. Gurney and Jackson, London. Zweyter Theil. Mit zwey Kupfertafeln. The entire work was issued in two volumes, —, continuously paginated. The Coleoptera are on pages — of the second volume. Mit naturgetreuen Zeichnungen im Text. Creutz, Magdeburg.

Monographie des lamelli-antennes. Landriot, Clermont. Thibaud-Landriot, Clermont-Ferrand. Despite the date on the title page, this work may have been published late or early Rassegna delle specie della famiglia dei Milabridi Bruchidi degli autori viventi in Europa e regioni finitime. Virzi, Palermo. This work was issued, with separate pagination, in Il Naturalista Siciliano 5 [10]: 1—? Catalogo dei coleotteri del Piemonte. Camilla e Bertolero, Torino. This work was also issued in Annali della R.

A few new taxa are described in this work. Avec 34 planches en lithographie hors texte et 44 figures dans le texte. Ersten Bandes zweyte Abtheilung. Mit einer Kupfertafel. Siegfried Leberecht Crusius, Leipzig. Mit Kupfern. The entire work was issued in two Bande , each consisting of two Abtheilungen , — The Coleoptera are on pages — of the second Abtheilung of the first Band. Carl Friedrich Knoch Richter, Leipzig. Erster Theil. Mit drey illuminirten Kupfertafeln. Gaedike and Smetana : and Evenhuis a : 73 listed the publication date of this part as I have found no indication to corroborate this date.

Hagen : 36 , Horn and Schenkling a : 55 , Sherborn a : xxii and Nissen : 36 dated this part Mit illuminirten Kupfertafeln. Evenhuis a : 73 dated this part but the title page on the copy in BHL is dated I have seen an advertisement in the 2 March issue of Intelligenzblatt der Allgemeinen Literatur-Zeitung stating that the book will be presented at the Leipzig Easter Book Fairs, which was held in on 5 May Evenhuis a : 4. Dritter Theil. Dritte und letzte Abtheilung. This entire work was published in three Theilen. The Coleoptera are in the first pp. Two new species, Bostrichus pinastri Bechstein p.

In drey Theilen. Mit xiii fein illuminirten Quartkupfern von J. Sturm gezeichnet und gestochen. Mit vier illuminirten Kupfertafeln. Hennings, Gotha. Vierter Theil. Zweyter Band. Desberger [ q. The Coleoptera are on pages 69—93, — and — One new species of beetle, Bostrichus abietiperda p. Sein Gutsgebiet und das Land im weiteren Umkreise. Bearbeitet von Dr. Alexander Bittner.

Flora des Gebietes. Fauna des Gebietes. Unter Mitwirkung von D r. Becher, D r. Brauer, L. Ganglbauer, Fr. Kohl, C. Koelbel, D r. Latzel, D r. Loew, J. Mann, D r. Mayr, J. Mik und A. Rogenhofer zusammengestellt von D r. Mit 5 Karten, 11 Tafeln und 37 Illustrationen im Texte. The entire work consists of three volumes, — Wolff, Augsburg. This work was published anonymously. It includes the descriptions of 40 new species of beetles pp. The Coleoptera are on pages 89— A second edition was issued in in Frankfurt and Leipzig n.

Hagen : 37 mentioned that a new, improved edition by S. Scholz was published in Breslau, n. Tomus I. Regnum animale. Vandenhoeck, Gottingae. There are no new species in this work Sherborn : xiii. The entire work consists of two volumes Regnum animale and Regnum vegetabile issued in Tome 1er avec planche. This volume was issued in 11 parts, —, as follows: 1 : pp.

The preface is dated November p. On page xxiii, Bedel lists the genera and species described in the volume and gives, for the first time, the type species of his new genus-group taxa as follows: Bembidion subg. Bracteon type: Bracteon littorale Ol. Tome V.

Tabbert: Approaches to the translation of children’s literature

This volume was issued in 16 parts, —, as follows: pp. This volume treats the Cerambycidae and Chrysomelidae. Tome VI. This volume was issued in 20 parts, —, as follows: pp. This volume deals with the Curculionidae Rhynchophora. The dates of publication are those of the issues of the Annales where the corresponding pages were included.

The following volumes were published: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6 bis. Volume 2 on Staphylinoidea was authored by J. Sainte-Claire Deville, — Volume 4 dealing with Scarabaeidae , Buprestidae, and Elateridae , —, was authored by Bedel. The dates listed at the bottom of first page of each sheet are: pp. The last part pp. Exploration scientifique de la Tunisie. Cicindelidae — Staphylinidae. Famille des lathridiens. Storck [vol. Veertiende deel. Loosjes, Te Haarlem. The author names are not listed on the title page. The first six volumes of the series were issued under different titles. Julio A. Entrega I.

Ostwald y Martinez, Buenos Aires. The report of the Commission was published in three parts entregas , — Nebst der Anweisung, sie zu sammeln, zuzubereiten und aufzubewahren. Mit colorirten Abbildungen. Hoffmann, Stuttgart. This work was issued in ten Lieferungen Engelmann : : 1 : pp.

The title page is dated The work comprises a systematic list of the European Coleoptera including a list of non-european genera with number of species pp. Erster Jahrgang. This work was issued in parts. I have seen the following notices: pp. By 21 August Jena Ztg the first Jahrgang was completed. The title page is dated and the Vorrede 5 February A few new species of beetles, such as Dytiscus bistriatus p. Outlines of the natural history of Great Britain and Ireland. Containing a systematic arrangement and concise description of all the animals, vegetables, and fossiles which have hitherto been discovered in these kingdoms.

In three volumes. Comprehending the animal kingdom. Elmsly, London. The beetles are on pages 85— of the first volume. Second and third editions were published in [ q. Synopsis of the natural history of Great-Britain and Ireland. Containing a systematic arrangement and concise description of all the animals, vegetables, and fossils, which have hitherto been discovered in these kingdoms. Corrected and considerably enlarged.

Comprehending the animal and fossil kingdoms. Cadell, London. The Coleoptera are on pages 86— of the first volume. A third edition was published in [GB] with no change in pagination to the first volume of this edition. Tome II. The entire work consists of two volumes issued simultaneously. Two well-known beetle pests are made available in the second volume, Byrrhus taranio p. A preliminary version of the natural history part without Latin names for the taxa appeared in Miguel A. Mit 72 illuminirten Abbildungen auf 6 Tafeln. Vierte verbesserte Auflage. Otto Hendel, Halle.

Five subsequent editions were issued between and The second edition n. No information was found for the original edition. Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs, Weimar. Authorship of these names should be credited to Berthold Evenhuis a : Lehrbuch der Zoologie.

German Stories Read Slowly - Max und Moritz: Der dritte Streich - Wilhelm Busch - Get Germanized -#6

Cenniniana, Firenze. The title page is dated and the preliminaries December De quibusdam coleopteris agri Ticinensis. Dissertatio inauguralis quam annuentibus perillustri d. Bartholomaeo Panizza anatom. Universitate Ticinensi Mense Martii publicae disquisitioni offerebat una cum thesibus defendendis Betta Virginius Tirolensis e Cles.

This thesis treats some of the Coleoptera found in the fields of Pavia. The new species described are: Clivina binotata p. None of these species were recorded by Sherborn in his Index Animalium. Filtsch, Hermannstadt. The work contains a section on the fauna of Transylvania; a list of beetle species pp.

Monographia mylabridum. Percheron : 30 and Engelmann : mentioned another edition, issued in , but according to Sherborn a : xxiv the edition does not exist. Agassiz : listed the publication date of this booklet as Enumeratio insectorum in museo Gust. Gadelianis, [Stockholm]. A number of new family-group names of Coleoptera and several new genus-group names are made available by the inclusion of one or more available specific names under them.

Coleoptera exclusive of the Carabidae. Part II. Edited by Baldwin Spencer. Dulau and Co. This expedition, fitted by William Austin Horn, was set in to investigate the part of Australia between Oodnadatta and Macdonnell Ranges Musgrave : The entire report was published in four parts. The Carabidae of the expedition were treated by Sloane [ q. One new beetle fossil, Buprestites bractoides , is made available by an illustration. Levrault, Strasbourg. The text of this volume and the associated plates were issued in 32 livraisons from to Evenhuis b : although the title page of the text volume is dated — The Coleoptera are on pages 1— and plates 1— Pages 57— were issued in the following livraisons: 56 : pp.

The dates of the Coleoptera plates are as follows: Plate 1 [livr. The collation is from Sherborn and Griffin who had access to a copy with original wrappers. The list of species illustrated on the plates is given in Appendix 5. The entire expedition report was published in seven volumes of text and two volumes of plates 17 , —, issued in 90 livraisons Dickinson et al. A facsimile edition was published by Junk, in Lochem, Graesse : 35 mentioned that a new edition was published in , Paris. Poussielgue, Paris.

There is no title page on this booklet and the author is not listed. Zoologie Atlas. Folio McG. The Zoologie Atlas contains colored plates, published in 28 livraisons between 25 March and 24 February The Coleoptera are depicted on 19 plates numbered 1—19 representing species of which were considered to be new and indicated by Nob[is]. Furthermore a number of new genera were made available from the plates. The dates of publication of these 19 plates, as discussed by Emberson see also Clark and Crosnier unless otherwise noted, are: Plate 1 [livr.

A list of the Coleoptera depicted on the plates is given in Appendix 2. The text was published in [ q. Most of the zoological material of this expedition was collected around the Straits of Magellan, on various southern Pacific Islands, including New Zealand, in Tasmania, along the north coast of Australia and in the Indo-Malaysian archipelago from New Guinea to Singapore Emberson : Description des collections par MM. Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire. The date of listed on the title page of volume 4 probably refers to the completion of the volume.

Collation and dates of publication of each livraison are desired. Overall, the atlases contain plates and four maps. Three of these plates refer to entomology and all of them pertain to Lepidoptera only. The Coleoptera are on pages 25—28 of the crustacea and insects section and the new species described are Mylabris jacquemontii p. These volumes were also issued the same year by the publisher F. Tomo quinto. The entire Historia fisica y politica de Chile of Claude Gay [—] consists of 28 text-volumes and two atlas-volumes, — The Zoologia section forms eight volumes published between and based on the title-page dates.

The text and plates were issued in 87 parts Evenhuis c : Collation and dates of publication for the parts are desired. The Coleoptera are in volumes 4 and 5. There are 32 plates depicting beetles, with scientific names listed at the bottom. Stuardo Ortiz provided a list of all botanical and zoological taxa illustrated on the plates. The remaining pages of volume 5 related to Coleoptera were authored by Solier, [ q.

Zoologie par MM. Hombron et Jacquinot. Gide et J. Baudry, Paris. The entire expedition report was published in 22 volumes and several atlases totaling about plates. The zoology section appeared in three volumes vol. III: ; vol. IV: ; vol. V: and one atlas of colored plates Clark and Crosnier Most of the plates were published before the text see Blanchard, — and the new taxa depicted on them date from the plates.

Part 6. By David Sharp; W. Blandford; and Karl Jordan.

This work was published in several parts, — Herausgegeben von W. Zweiter Teil. The first one was authored by Wilhelm Gottlieb Becker alone. The second one was authored by several persons. There are 25 plates overall. A few new species are also described in the list of species pp. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte. This work was published in two volumes, — The Coleoptera are on pages — of the first volume.

Twelve editions of this work, some of them updated, were issued between and see Kroke : 25— Quer durch Klein-Asien in den Bulghar-Dagh. Eine naturwissenschaftliche Studien-Reise. This work includes a section entitled Coleopterologisches pp. Insecta Caffraria annis — a J.

Wahlberg collecta. Carabici, Hydrocanthari, Gyrinii et Staphylinii. Cum Tab. II aen. Wahlberg collecta, amici auxilio suffultus. This work contains Latin descriptions of the Coleoptera collected by Johan August Wahlberg [—] in the region of Kaffraria, in present-day South Africa, during the years — Monographia cassididarum. Tomus primus cum Tab. Tomus secundus cum Tab. Tomus tertius cum Tab.

Tomus quartus. Catalogue of coleopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. Part IX. The Trustees, London. Species novas descripsit. Svenska Vetenskaps Akademien. Andra delen. Persson presented information regarding the voyage and the insect collection. This voyage was the first Swedish circumnavigation expedition, undertaken during the years — under the command of Chistian Adolf Virgin [—].

The entire expedition report was published in three sections, botany, zoology, and physics, in five volumes, — The first official account of the expedition was published in — by C. Tastu, Paris. The expedition report was divided into five sections: Histoire du voyage ; Botanique ; Observations nautiques et de physique ; Philologie ; and Zoologie.

The first one, dealing with Lepidoptera , was published in ; the second one, dealt with here, comprises livraisons 36—38 of the zoology portion Evenhuis a : Twelve plates were issued for the entomology part, including four on Coleoptera pls 6—9. I found no dates of publication for the plates except that Crotch : 32 reported that the first livraison of plates was issued in Since only French vernacular names are provided for the species illustrated on the plates, they are not nomenclaturally significant.

Tome premier. The preface along with the list of works pp. As indicated in the preface p. According to the publisher, the entire work was to consist of three volumes but only the first one was issued. Roret, Paris. Tome second. Observations entomologiques. A facsimile of the Tabula synoptica was published in Gaskin and Lewis Historia naturalis curculionum Sveciae. Cujus partem primam, consent. In audit. XXV Junii, an.

Cujus partem secundam, consent. Norlin, Stockholmiensis. Essai monographique sur la famille des throscides. Deyrolle, Paris. Tome X. Epitome entomologiae Fabricianae sive nomenclator entomologicvs emendatvs sistens Fabriciani systematis cvm Linneano comparationem adiectis characteribvs ordinvm et genervm, speciebvs novis aliorvm entomologorvm, insectorvm habitationibvs nominibvs Germanorvm Francogallorvm Anglorvm. Cvm indicibvs et bibliotheca Fabriciana.

This work was published anonymously but some bibliographers Engelmann : ; Hagen : ; Horn and Schenkling a : 73—74; Evenhuis a : attributed it to Borkhausen; Ersch : credited it to Christian Friedrich Ludwig; Oudemans : to Friedrich Weber. Hilscher, Dresden. The Coleoptera on pages — Nicolai, Berlin. The Coleoptera are on pages 15—33 and — Erste Lieferung. Mit 10 Kupfertafeln. This is the only part published.

The Coleoptera are on pages — and plates 7— Le Blanc-Hardel, Caen. The dates of publication are listed on page i and at the bottom of the first page of the gatherings for the supplement: pp. The preface is dated 14 April Remagni Nicodemo, Viadana. The Coleoptera are on pages 7—32 and 90 Appendice ; many species are commented, some described but none are new to science. The entire work consists of two volumes. Only the first one has parts related to Coleoptera.

The second Theil , issued in , pertains to Lepidoptera. Verzeichniss der, von der Gattung Clerus Fabr. One new species is described, Clerus rufipes p. Systematisch zusammengestellt. Paul Cieslar, Graz. This work is an annotated catalogue of the beetles of Styria in Austria. Hirschwald, Berlin. This work consists of two volumes, the first one issued — Hagen : 82 and the second one — The second volume was issued in eight parts recorded as follows: 1—2 : pp.

The title page is dated , the Vorrede August Sherborn a : xxix gave the following publication dates: 1—3 : ; 4—6 : ; 7—8 : The Coleoptera are treated in the second volume pp. At least two new species are described, Meloe reticulatus p. Sherborn a : dated the second species from ; the first one was omitted. Based on this study, both species should be dated I have noticed the following two changes in the spelling of the scientific names between the two publications: Misolampus gondotii p.

Essai monographique et iconographique de la tribu des cossyphides. Cossyphus proprement dit. A history of the fossil insects in the Secondary rocks of England. Accompanied by a particular account of the strata in which they occur, and of the circumstances connected with their preservation. Several new fossil species of beetles, including Carabus elongatus , Coccinella wittsii and Elater vetustus , are named and made available by illustrations.

Westwood should be regarded as the author of the new species illustrated on plates 2—6. Evenhuis a : believed so while Sherborn, in his Index Animalium , credited the new species to Brodie. Manual of the New Zealand Coleoptera. Parts III. Parts V. The text of Part III species number — was first published in The New Zealand Journal of Science 1: —, —, —, —, —, issued in —, of which a reprint 79 pp. The nomenclatural changes noted between the journal —83 and book printings are: Somemus rectus , n. Fauna of the neighbourhood of Burton-on-Trent. By Sir Oswald Mosley, Bart. Together with the fauna and flora of the district surrounding Tutbury and Burton-on-Trent by Edwin Brown.

With an appendix. John Van Voorst, London. The work includes a list of the Coleoptera of the district around Burton-on-Trent in east Staffordshire, England pp. Together with a short and scientific description of the same. White, London. The text is written in French and English. The Coleoptera described in the text are figured on plates 49 : Cerambyx punctatus of Cape of Good Hope, fig. Yeats taken here to be Thomas Pattinson Yeats [ q. The new species should be credited to Yeats. The plates are dated but no names are listed on them.

The civil and natural history of Jamaica. Containing I. An accurate description of that island, its situation, and soil; with a brief account of its former and present state, government, revenues, produce, and trade. An history of the natural productions, including the various sorts of native fossils; perfect and imperfect vegetables; quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, and insects; with their properties and uses in mechanics, diet, and physic. Illustrated with forty-nine copper plates; in which the most curious productions are represented of their natural sizes, and delineated immediately from the objects, by George Dionysius Ehret.

There are now added complete Linnaean indexes, and a large and accurate map of the island. White and Son, London. This is a second edition of a work first published in March Differences between the two editions are noted by Nelson IV e classe. Section des sciences physiques. Tome III.

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Par M. The text for this section of the work was published in eight livraisons: 1—2 : pp. The Coleoptera are on pages — livraisons 3—6 and plates 33— Dates of publication of some of the plates are known see Evenhuis a : and are indicated in Appendix 11 along with the list of species illustrated. The publication dates provided by Evenhuis a : for the fifth and sixth livraisons could not be confirmed. No entries were found in the Bibliographie de la France for the year regarding livraisons of text; all those recorded concerned livraisons of plates.

The scientific expedition to Morea was linked to the French military mission to the Peloponnese from January to July Members of the mission reached Greece by March but by early most of them, exhausted by diseases and deprivation, had returned to France. Nevertheless, a large quantity of botanical and zoological specimens had been collected during these few months. Pillot, Paris. The text of this volume was issued in two livraisons: 1 : pp. The text of this volume was issued in two livraisons: 3 pp. III ]. The text of this volume was issued in two livraisons: 7 : pp. The two livraisons for volume 5 have been recorded by the Bibliographie de la France only in suggesting that the dates on the title pages e.

However the entire volume was noted by Burmeister : in his review of the entomological literature for According to the prospectus Feuilleton du Journal de la Librairie of 9 August , the entire series was to comprise 12 volumes and plates either colored or uncolored issued in 24 livraisons of text and 30 cahiers of plates. Contenant la zoologie. The zoologie section of the Histoire naturelle des Iles Canaries , —, was issued in several livraisons. Lucas pour les arachnides et les myriapodes.