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Meanwhile someone leaves traps unattended and out of season in the mountains. Joe begins to investigate, and in typical Box-fashion coincidences happen and pretty soon Nate and Joe are in the middle of brutal action. I liked this book in the series, it was fast paced, ridiculous but On the other side of the Big Horn Mountains Joe's game warden colleague witnesses a drone chasing livestock, while in Arizona a criminal group, the Wolf Pack, interrogates and kills a seemingly random senior citizen.

I liked this book in the series, it was fast paced, ridiculous but not too hair-brained, and Joe's family played only a very little role in this otherwise action packed novel. It still feels to me as if CJ Box lost personal interest in his game warden Joe and is just popping novels out because it's his job, but I am glad that this one found back to his former form. As good as it gets I love How Pickett, his family, friends and story plots. C J Box describes the land so that feel like I'm there.

Hard to wait for the next book. Mar 22, Nicholle rated it it was amazing Shelves: wyoming-west , fic , book-nerd-challenge.

Sometimes these are just a bit off the top of his game, but not this one. May 06, John McKenna rated it it was amazing. It has some of the most spectacular scenery and most magnificent wild game and fish anywhere on earth. Disappear and not be found. But Wyoming also has rules and regulations, as well as law and order, which is where a fictional Wyoming Game Warden named Joe Pickett comes in. Box, Joe Pickett has his hands full. But now, Pickett has a new problem. Someone has been using a large, professional drone equipped with cameras to stampede and kill winter weakened elk and mule deer.

Author C. Box is at the top of his game in this irresistible and chilling thriller! Jul 05, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: pickett , box-c-j. Box, and begins with a female game officer in an area that borders the one managed by Joe experiencing a drone operated by someone unknown who is terrorizing game with it that leads to the death and destruction of several of them, whereupon she consults with Joe to enlist his aid in her investigation.

Joe is offered the services of Nate Romanowski, his lifelong sworn protector of both Joe and his family with a past in special ops and other forms of employment that require his specific skill set, which is at times useful to Joe even when he has an opposition to the extreme methods used by his best friend. Nate, a falconer devises a method to bring down the drone making it possible to locate the owner, and while he succeeds in capturing the drone, the owner is spooked and retreats before his identity is revealed. Although this is a setback, Joe uses information gained to eventually track down the owner, only to learn that he is protected through the witness protection program, and efforts to prosecute are met with threats from the feds, which Joe resents and is resistant to comply with.

Will Joe be able to prosecute the owner of the drone to protect the wildlife in his district in the face of thinly veiled threats by a few FBI agents, and will he be able to locate the killers hired by the cartel to end their efforts to locate and murder their intended targets?

Partners in Crime (TV Mini-Series ) - IMDb

WOLF PACK is one of the better novels in this series, and the action specifically with the ruthless cartel killers is gripping, as they make a challenging opponent for Joe and his associates. Mar 18, Fredrick Danysh rated it really liked it. Someone is using a drone to chase and destroy elk in Wyoming. A murder squad moves into Pickett's district in their hunt for a former cartel officer.

As usual, fast paced action.

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May 28, Art rated it really liked it. Joe Pickett has his old job back and it makes a real difference having him back as the Saddlestring game warden. This is one of the best in the series in a while maybe since he started being a special operative for the governor. Someone is using a drone to chase and harass herds of deer and moose. When Joe and another game warden investigate, they begin hitting stone walls. Names without a history. Cars and addresses that are not registering. Unhelpful federal agents. But they begin to focus on a Joe Pickett has his old job back and it makes a real difference having him back as the Saddlestring game warden.

But they begin to focus on a suspect who turns out to be the father of Joe's daughter's boyfriend. And others -- including a sinister band of assassins called the Wolf Pack -- appear to be focusing on the same man. Fans of this series will love this book. Jan 27, Kirsten rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley.

As a librarian, I have recommended him to many friends and patrons that we have Joe and Nate talks. I was ecstatic to get an advanced copy. I already have shelf prepped and ready and told library patrons that Wolf Pack is coming. Many are rereading the previous books in the series in anticipation. I started reading and I could not stop-- read it all in 1 sitting with water next to me to keep me going.

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I love these characters, feel like family to me, and I like catching up with them. I dream of living there! I want these characters as friends and neighbors- I feel like a part of the community through CJ Box's descriptive words. Marybeth's library patrons who read every book in series, got rest by ILL; and then so grateful they bring in treats jam for her.

I could relate to this!! Talking of killing Nate, she says she can take a falconer- some dude who flies birds around, WHAT could go wrong? I cannot wait to see C. Box again this year on March 15th in St. Mar 14, J. Box at his absolute best. Most readers will finish this compelling novel in one or two sittings. Its plot is intricate, relentless, and up-date; the good guys are nuanced; and the villains come in various forms—some plain evil, others merely contemptible. Dec 09, Linda rated it it was amazing. Being that this is the 19th entry in this series I keep thinking that the next one is not going to be as good as previous ones.

Well boy was I wrong again! This series just keeps getting better and to have Joe Pickett back on his home turf and in his old job is perfect for what he finds himself up against this time. Another incredible read and let me leav Being that this is the 19th entry in this series I keep thinking that the next one is not going to be as good as previous ones. Add this one to your list. It is set to be released in March Mar 21, Jay rated it it was amazing. Back on the job after winning a lawsuit against the governor that tried to fire him, Joe Pickett is just going about his duties as a Wyoming Game Warden.

But this being Joe Pickett, trouble is never far away. When fellow Game Warden Katelyn Hamm asks for his help tracking the owner of a drone that caused the death of wildlife in her region, Joe soon discovers that the person is question is the father of his daughter Lucy's boyfriend. But when Joe confronts him with this information, the man is sur Back on the job after winning a lawsuit against the governor that tried to fire him, Joe Pickett is just going about his duties as a Wyoming Game Warden.

But when Joe confronts him with this information, the man is surprisingly unconcerned and unrepentant. The situation takes an immediate turn for the worse when Hamm is confronted by two FBI agents who seem to be answerable to no one. When they try running the same game on Joe, the tables get turned on them because as readers know, it gets western real fast when Joe Pickett is threatened.

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Meanwhile, a quartet of killers for the Sinaloa cartel are in the state and bodies are dropping or disappearing in their wake. Three men and one woman called the Wolf Pack. A deadly team where the woman, Abriella, scares even those she works with. They are looking for someone that their cartel wants dead and won't let anything stop their mission. This puts anyone who they think might have the answers they are looking for in danger. As Joe continues to look into why the man responsible for killing the animals seems untouchable, it soon becomes apparent that Joe and his friends, family and colleagues are all in mortal danger.

On the home front, Lucy is the only child left in the house and she's soon to depart for college. This leaves both Joe and Marybeth with that impending empty-nest feeling. Nate Romanowski is around and his Yarak, Inc. Change is afoot for him and it might be the biggest surprise of the book. However, the running subplots are definitely second fiddle to the main story and the action drenched sequences in the book are superbly detailed.

They get your adrenaline flowing to the point that you feel you are right there with Joe and company as the bullets fly. I have loved almost every single book C.

Partners in Crime

Box has written in this series, but 'Wolf Pack' is definitely one of his best. The story flows smoothly from one chapter, one page to the next. The story goes by so fast, you can't believe that you get so far into the book without realizing it. And yet, the winning part of the writing is that you don't feel as if there's a lack to the plot. Instead, scenes are densely packed with details, but not bogged down. That's a difference that separates the best of writers from the rest of the field. There's plenty of real danger in store for many of the characters in 'Wolf Pack' and Box doesn't skimp on the idea of bloody retribution either.

In fact, the streak of ruthlessness the Box displays as the story races to its shattering conclusion was disturbingly enjoyable. Box is at the top of his game. It's a fast paced run through the dark places in the wilds of Wyoming and I, for one, can't wait to go back for another visit. Mar 14, L Moreno rated it it was amazing. My thoughts on this one are a little scrambled. I love all of the Pickett series but I'm not sure this would be considered my favorite.

Forget the bloodshed, the torture of unlikable characters, etc - I'm not really sure I like where our main beloved characters are heading! I realize they grow older and kids move on to college and people change. But Nate?

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  5. Nate is supposed to continue being our vigilante, violence-solves-everything anti-hero! Too many good people I'll say, Box gave a very delicate nod to the political climate without getting "involved" in the conversation so we can't even say we know where Joe stands on certain topics, and that's okay by me.

    Just like my celebrities, I want my favorite characters to do their job in entertaining, not trying to change my mind on dividing topics by putting together a ridiculous fictitious scenario Law and Order SVU seems to love doing this and I've quit them altogether to demonstrate what COULD happen but never actually does because of certain political choices.

    SVU has gone beyond the realms of absurd to the point of turning what is usually a perpetrator, into a victim of the same crime, then trying to mold our collective viewer conscience into believing this is how it actually happens. I hope none of my favorite authors attempt the same bc I'll be saddened but quick to drop their works like a sack of hot potatoes.

    Mar 19, Shari rated it really liked it. Joe has his job back and the Ten Sleep territory that has always been his, plus his badge number. Rulon, now a practicing attorney has taken Joe's case which was prompted by the vilification that Gov. Allen heaped upon Joe, vilifying Gov.

    Allen in order to reinstate Joe. Not only did Joe survive all this, he and Marybeth got a new state home with more bedrooms and bathrooms, just in time for their youngest daughter to be heading off to college in the near future. They will soon be empty- Joe has his job back and the Ten Sleep territory that has always been his, plus his badge number. They will soon be empty-nesters. There is a wolf pack that includes that black wolf that seems to be a bit of a loner and that has always showed up periodically to check on Joe. There is also a "Sinaloa wolf pack.

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