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To wind up the conference, seven statements were issued with the aim of drawing the Commission's attention to agroforestry in the context of the debate on the future CAP. What is the Commission's position on the EURAF statement that traditional agroforestry systems should be recognised and renewed, and the implementation of innovative agroforestry systems should be promoted? The European Agroforestry Federation EURAF recently held the first scientific conference on agroforestry, which took place in Brussels and was attended by participants from 17 European countries and delegates from North America and Africa.

The seven statements issued at the end of the conference were aimed at raising awareness of agroforestry within the Commission in anticipation of the discussion on the future CAP. What does the Commission think about the EURAF statement that the benefits of agroforestry systems for climate change adaptation and mitigation should be recognised and turned to account in EU climate action policy?

The Commission is aware of the multiple benefits of agroforestry systems. What is the Commission's view on the EURAF statement that agroforestry systems should be made fully eligible under the first pillar of the common agricultural policy? The future rules will need to ensure that direct aids are granted to agricultural land used for an agricultural activity.

When drafting the rules, full consideration will be given to the issue of agroforestry systems. What is the Commission's position on the EURAF statement that a broad agroforestry measure for the establishment of agroforestry systems including hedges should be included in the second pillar of the CAP, to help farmers implement such systems geared to their environment? The Commission agrees with the importance of agro-forestry measure, and has proposed to continue and widen the scope of this particular measure during the next Programming period of Rural Development.

However, the Member States decide whether they include the agro-forestry measure in their Rural Development Programme. The share of funds in relation to the available budget dedicated to this particular measure also depends on each Member State. Therefore, the establishment of agro-forestry systems is covered by the Commission proposal. Consequently, the agro-forestry systems could be supported in a broad and feasible way during the next Programming period.

No entanto, compete aos Estados-Membros decidir se incluem a medida agroflorestal nos respetivos programas de desenvolvimento rural. What is the Commission's position on the EURAF statement attaching importance to a measure to help farmers manage and renew endangered traditional agroforestry systems, to be included in the second pillar of the CAP?

According to the Commission proposal, the support would cover the costs of establishment and an annual premium per hectare to cover the costs of maintenance for a limited period. The Member States, taking account of local pedo-climatic conditions, forestry species and the need to ensure agricultural use of the land, shall determine the maximum number of trees that are grown in combination with agriculture on the same land.

The Member States would be in position of targeting measures to endangered agroforestry systems. The support under this measure is conditional to the respect of the reference level made of mandatory requirements. All the supported actions and commitments must be voluntary and be set beyond such reference level.

What is the Commission's position on the EURAF statement highlighting the possibility of agroforestry systems being implemented throughout Europe, and taking the view that the adoption of measures included in the second pillar of the CAP should be compulsory for all Member States in the next rural development regulation? The Commission proposal for the Rural Development Regulation for the next Programming period is based on impact assessment and it has been in the negotiation phase with the Member States since the year The opinion of the European Parliament is still outstanding.

The European Union does not have a common Forestry Policy. The decision whether the Forestry measures are included in the Rural Development Programmes depends on each Member State. One of the goals of the reform of the common agricultural policy is to better recognise and to further encourage sustainable agriculture. The Commission has, during the discussions on the reform indicated its intentions with regard to the content of these future delegated acts and made it clear that many elements typical of agro-forestry could be recognised as EFAs, such as, up to a limit, trees in line or trees in group.

However, please keep in mind that the Commission will need to ensure that direct aids are granted to agricultural land and not to forests, therefore limitations are proposed as regards the proportion of such features on agricultural land. The EU has always favoured double transformation as a way to obtain preferential origin. Canada has advocated the single transformation rule, as its supply chain is included in the North American Free Trade Agreement and a substantial proportion of the supplies are made in Asia.

Given that Canada intends to qualify for an exception through this agreement, despite not being a least developed country, does it believe that it is fair and acceptable to set a precedent for future agreements that will seriously harm the already weakened EU textile industry? Both sides are now negotiating at all levels with the objective of finalising talks in the first quarter of The Commission has taken diligent note of the positions of the textiles industry which were expressed in the letter to which the Honourable Member refers.

The Commission continues to aim for a balanced and reciprocal overall package on textiles. This derogation will be based on the current level of trade in textiles between the two partners. Due to the reciprocal nature of this derogation, European producers would also be provided with significant new opportunities. Our position is therefore rather offensive than defensive. It is the policy of the Commission to treat each negotiation as a separate case with unique circumstances that need to be taken into account.

Cases of whooping cough, a notifiable disease for which there is a free vaccine in Portugal, included in the National Vaccination Plan , are on the increase in Portugal and in many other countries. Portugal is following the pattern of the other EU countries, where the number of cases has increased. The epidemiology of pertussis has changed over the past two decades, with the highest increase of cases seen among adolescents and adults who represent an important source of pertussis infection to the youngest, most vulnerable infants.

The reasons for this change are not entirely clear. However, the increase in cases of pertussis registered could be linked to better diagnostic methods and a higher awareness of pertussis as an atypical disease in this age group.

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A further explanation could be the previous use of whole-cell pertussis vaccine amongst young children but not amongst older children and adults, with a consequent accumulation of susceptible individuals in these older age groups. Also, the protection against pertussis following vaccination decreases over time. These factors have led several countries to implement strategies recommending booster doses of vaccination in adolescents and adults. The ECDC also considers that pertussis vaccination might be needed also for adults for protection of the youngest infants, especially under six months of age, when the highest rates of hospitalisation and mortality occur.

The EU will consider an appropriate response, in close consultation with key partners, and in line with UNSC deliberations, including possible additional restrictive measures. The EU will consider, in consultation with its key partners, measures to support Resolution What monitoring is taking place to identify cases in breach of EU consumer protection regulations and subsequently to ensure that such regulations are implemented? National enforcement authorities are primarily responsible for investigating activities of companies active on their domestic market in the light of EU consumer legislation and, if necessary, follow-up with enforcement action.

In a sweep, national enforcement authorities check simultaneously, under the coordination of the Commission, a sample of websites for compliance with consumer law. In a second phase, the national authorities take enforcement action, if appropriate. The five sweeps completed so far have helped to improve compliance in the targeted sectors about websites selling airline tickets, ringtones for mobile phones, electronic goods, tickets for sports and cultural events, and consumer credit.

In a recent statement the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, Patrick Honohan, said that Ireland will need more time to repay the debt. Can the Commission confirm that Ireland has been granted more time to repay its loan to the Troika? Discussions on further adjustments are ongoing. Assunto: Fraude e branqueamento de capitais em jogos em linha. Consumers are exposed to thousands of unregulated gambling websites, which carry significant risks.

Due to its cross-border dimension, individual Member States cannot effectively implement anti-fraud mechanisms. As gambling is an area that falls within the strict competence of the Member States, safeguarding the due limits, as has been widely recognised by the Court of Justice of the European Union and underlined by the Council and Parliament, how does the Commission intend to clarify the legal framework of online gambling?

Will it create a mechanism to ensure full compliance of the law in force in each Member State? The action plan sets out a series of initiatives which are aimed at ensuring compliance of the law in force in each Member State which is primarily a national competence. First, the action plan indicates that the Member States should have regulatory authorities that ensure an effective implementation and compliance of gambling rules. Second, the Commission will enhance the exchange of information and best practices on enforcement measures and explore the benefits and possible limits of responsive enforcement measures, such as payment blocking and disabling access to websites, at EU level.

The Commission has recently set up an expert group on gambling services composed of Member States' competent authorities which are responsible for regulating such services. This expert group will bring about an exchange of experiences and good practices, including on national enforcement policies. What reforms to the state aid framework are needed to ensure that our companies are not at a disadvantage compared with their international competitors? The Commission agrees on the need to reverse the cycle of business relocations and job losses, and that re-establishing industrial competitiveness should be a main driver of recovery and growth in the coming years.

Improving our competitiveness is crucial for the recovery of industry. The proposed industrial policy focuses notably on reversing the trend by improving framework conditions. In particular it is proposed to focus on: investments in innovation, better market conditions, better access to finance and capital, improved human capital and skills. The objective is to foster industrial competitiveness. The purpose of EU state aid control is to prevent distortions of competition in the internal market. The package will contain a series of guidelines for modernising the European social model, basing its approach on the sustainability of budgets for social policies;.

Will the social policy budget sustainability advocated by the Commission entail the possibility of imposing sanctions on countries which do not meet the targets for combating poverty? Simplified and better targeted social policies, to provide adequate and sustainable social protection systems. Some countries have better social outcomes than others despite having similar or lower budgets, demonstrating that there is room for more efficient social policy spending.

Improving people's integration in society and the labour market. Affordable quality childcare and education, prevention of early school leaving, training and job-search assistance, housing support and accessible healthcare are all policy areas with a strong social investment dimension. Ensuring that social protection systems respond to people's needs at critical moments throughout their lives. Preventing and preparing people against risks reduces the need for higher social spending once hardship has occurred.

The communication offers guidance to Member States on how best to use EU financial support, notably from the European Social Fund, to implement the outlined objectives. The Commission will closely monitor the performance of individual Member States' social protection systems through the European Semester and formulate, where necessary, Country Specific Recommendations.

As concerns the possibility of imposing sanctions on countries which do not meet the targets for combating poverty, it should be noted that there are no binding country specific poverty targets to underpin the overall EU target for fighting poverty and social exclusion. Does this initiative entail any reciprocal measures for the third countries concerned? Visa facilitation for legitimate travellers, as proposed in the communication mentioned by the Honourable Member, will not threaten the EU's security or increase risks of irregular migration.

These facilitations aim at shortening, easing and streamlining procedures, but do not affect the issuing conditions: visa applicants must still demonstrate that they fulfil these conditions. Member States' consulates are responsible for verifying this using, for example, the supporting documents submitted by applicants or a personal interview. This practice will continue in the future. The Visa Information System VIS will support the work of consulates to ensure that the application process is not abused. Information stored in the VIS, including biometrics, is systematically checked at the external borders.

The EES will aim to permit the accurate and reliable calculation of authorised stays as well as identification and verification of third-country travellers. The RTP will aim to facilitate border crossings for frequent, pre-vetted and pre-screened third-country travellers at the external border. Reciprocity is an essential element of visa policy. Similarly, when visa facilitation is granted to citizens of a third country, that country must provide at least the same level of visa facilitation to EU citizens.

The digital age has brought with it an unprecedented deluge of data, with information produced by millions of people on blogs and social networks and then distributed through computer servers;. It is crucial to know where, how and with what guarantees for preservation all of these data are stored;. Databases containing classified information, such as State secrets, hold sensitive information;. Some Member States have decided to hand over the management of these databases to private-sector companies;. Given that this situation runs the risk of large corporations — which have the financial power to set up huge data centres — encroaching on the role of States, what measures does the Commission plan in order to defend an ethical approach to holding information?

The proposed regulation addresses the issues raised by the Honourably Member as regards the protection of personal data. It will be good for business and citizens by ensuring a level playing field and by reducing administrative burden and compliance costs throughout Europe for businesses, while ensuring a high level of protection for individuals and giving them more control over their data.

Increased transparency of data processing will also help increase consumer trust and untap the potential of the digital market further. The new legal framework will provide for the necessary conditions for the adoption of codes of conduct and standards, also for cloud computing, where stakeholders see a need for certification schemes that verify that the provider has implemented the appropriate IT security standards and safeguards for data transfers.

In Greece, this stability fund has been granted an extension of loan maturities and a deferral of interest payments. The stability fund represents about one third of the value of the Portugal bailout. Is it possible for Portugal, like Greece, to be granted a deadline extension and deferral of interest payments on the bailout component corresponding to the financial stabilisation fund, which represents about one third of the value of the bailout offered to Portugal? The request has been positively received by the Ecofin Council and the European Commission is currently assessing the available options from the perspective of the legal and operational feasibility.

The fragmentation of the eurozone is stark: France and Germany have been able to lower the cost of financing their sovereign debt substantially and even where the shorter maturities of German bonds Bunds are concerned, investors accept negative yields, while Spain, Italy and Ireland are seeing the yield of their bonds increase and the risk of defaulting on their debt rise.

Where are the various mechanisms designed to solve sovereign debt-related problems going so badly wrong that these disparities remain? The Commission shares the Honourable Member's view that fragmentation of the euro-area financial markets is a source of concern. However, a number of indicators improved over the past few months and might help to decrease fragmentation, e. There is a strong commitment to continue with fiscal consolidation and structural reforms within the euro area, as well as to advancing with building the genuine Economic and Monetary Union so that reinforced investor confidence allows the recent improvement in financial markets to become more long-lasting and ultimately being more supportive to the real economy.

The SSM will be fully in place mid It is a precondition for a possible direct recapitalisation of banks by the ESM. Moreover, the Commission has started working on the next critical part of the Banking Union, a Single Resolution Mechanism SRM to resolve banks, and will present a legislative proposal before the summer. Although its exports in totalled a record What type of mechanism could Portugal use together with its EU partners to increase its exports, and which would also help the country to climb out of economic recession?

Notwithstanding the good export performance since , which, according to the latest Commission forecast, is set to be maintained in the coming years, the share of exports in GDP is still relatively small in Portugal compared to countries of a similar size. In the context of the Economic Adjustment Programme, the Portuguese authorities endeavour a rebalancing of the economy towards the tradables sector.

This requires permanent gains in external competitiveness and a reallocation of resources labour, capital and financing to the tradables sector. The Portuguese authorities can act on several levels. Further details can be found in the memorandum of understanding. According to Commission figures, investment in Portugal is now at the level it was in the mids.

And for the financial assistance programme to succeed properly in Portugal, growth — which is supposed to take place as of — is vital. Can the Commission state what can be done at EU level to help private investment in Portugal return to levels that support economic growth and job creation? Does the Commission not believe that, since Portugal has been exemplary in implementing the agreement set out in the memorandum of understanding signed with the Troika , new decisions now have to be weighed up so that the sought-after growth can take place?

The Commission expects this decline to bottom out towards the end of this year as a result of investment picking up in the export sector where companies are start hitting at capacity constraints. A pre-condition for investment to gather pace is that lending conditions applied by banks become less restrictive. Against this background, the Economic Adjustment Programme for Portugal envisages a number of initiatives aimed at easing lending conditions, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs.

On the EU-level Portugal is being helped by the re-channelling of structural funds towards sectors with a high growth potential. For instance, a number of measures have been adopted in the recent reprogramming of the Structural Funds so as to encourage job creation and alleviate financing conditions for SMEs. Additional funds have also been allocated to the programmes aimed at promoting Research and Development and upgrading Human Capital. Such losses cannot be justified, and they frequently go with distortions in the internal market. Therefore, the Commission presented the abovementioned Action Plan which includes 34 actions for the immediate, short term, medium term and long term.

The Commission believes that the implementation of these Recommendations would enable Member States to better tackle the issues described. Assunto: Desemprego em Portugal em outubro de The unemployment rate in Portugal rose to These figures are clearly terrible, revealing the harmful effect of excessive austerity which is not offset by economic growth measures. Does it believe that implementing any financial assistance plans is compatible with unemployment rates of this scale?

The Commission agrees with the Honourable Member that unemployment has reached very worrying levels in Portugal.


The unemployment rate has been rising, having reached Several measures have been adopted to reform the labour market in line with the Economic Adjustment Programme for Portugal with the aim of improving labour market functioning and fostering employment. Additionally, the Portuguese Government started a reform of Public Employment Services with a view to increasing its efficiency and has adopted a number of Active Labour Market Policies aimed at supporting employment creation, strengthening activation and offering more effective training opportunities.

Moreover, a recent reprogramming of the Structural Funds was approved at the end of with the aim of alleviating the adverse effects of the ongoing adjustment process in the Portuguese economy. Its main goals are to tackle youth unemployment and alleviate the financing conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Looking at the countries for which comparable data are available, Portugal was, in the third quarter, the country experiencing the second greatest fall compared with the previous quarter after the Netherlands , and the country experiencing the second greatest fall compared with the previous year after Greece.

According to the Eurostat data, several EU States are already clearly in recession:. Does it not consider that, even bearing in mind the aim of there being different levels of financial assistance, this trend could jeopardise the European project? The annual and quarterly national accounts of Member States compiled by Eurostat are a major source of economic information. The fall of euro area GDP in the third quarter of was largely anticipated in the Commission autumn forecast.

GDP growth was negative in a number of countries, implying a GDP decline in the euro area as a whole. However, some signals of stabilisation have appeared recently. The tensions on euro-area financial markets have eased considerably since last summer, and business and consumer confidence indicators in the last three months have increased. There is visible progress in the adjustment of large external imbalances. Current accounts in deficit countries are expected to narrow further as adjustment is increasingly supported by a recovery of competitiveness and shifts of resources towards the production of tradable goods and services.

The contribution to the adjustment of surplus countries is also expected to grow over time. Many ambitious structural reforms have already been adopted, with the beneficial effects expected to gradually become visible over time. It remains important to facilitate this adjustment while at the same time strengthening the foundations of sustainable growth and job creation.

According to Eurostat, Portugal currently has the third highest percentage of people living in poverty of any country in the eurozone. Last year, almost 2. The indicator has fallen compared to In the last three years, it has fallen by 1. Portugal has the third worst indicator in the eurozone, after Spain Does the Commission not consider that such glaring disparities constitute grounds for greater efforts to correct cohesion policy implementation?

The Commission shares the concerns of the Honourable Member. One in four citizens living at risk of poverty or social exclusion is definitely a signal that more efforts must be undertaken to improve the situation. The Commission has been supporting Portugal as a programme-country, by speeding up the release of EU funding, increasing co-financing rates and approving a reprogramming of the National Strategic Reference Framework NSRF that provides additional funds for the fight against poverty.

The Commission Services are also cooperating closely with Portugal's authorities encouraging them to use the existing resources in the current programmes to the best use to fight against youth unemployment, early school leaving and other measures to combat poverty. In view of the future, the Commission proposed last year new rules for Structural Funds and the ESF over the next programming period The ESF should concentrate on the fight against unemployment, in particular among the young, along with improving the quality of education and training and the integration of people at risk of poverty and socially excluded.

Does the Commission consider that such disappointing forecasts, in a country that has proven to be a real driving force for Europe, could cause collateral damage in the form of austerity policies implemented in other countries, having a detrimental effect on the single market? Does the Commission consider that such forecasts should allow for the possibility in the near future of reweighting the plans drawn up for Europe's economies in greatest difficulty?

The release of new economic indicators or data revisions might entail a revision of an economic forecast. This update will not only factor in the assessment of new data releases, but also consider the economic and commercial relationship between all the Member States, including those with Germany, as well as the impact of policy measures in individual countries. Economic developments in Germany affect the economies of other Member States and vice versa.

Despite its intact fundamentals, the German economy does not escape the current slowdown of global economic activity and the prevailing uncertainty in the euro area. The growth prospects of all Member States depend on dealing decisively with the sovereign debt crisis and demonstrating that the Euro is a stable and strong currency whose members are determined and capable of implementing sound economic policies. Comparing the second half of the year, GDP was down 0.

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The Commission is continuously monitoring the Portuguese economy in the context of the Commission services' forecast exercises and the quarterly reviews carried out under the Economic Adjustment Programme for Portugal. Although data for the final quarter of have not yet been published, economic developments in the past year appear to have been in line with the forecast produced by the Commission in spring This holds in particular for exports, which benefitted from improvements in price competitiveness but decelerated in the second semester following the deterioration of the external environment, as well as for domestic demand, which, as projected, was weak due to the effects of fiscal consolidation and the weak labour market.

As a consequence, only minor adjustments to the growth outlook were necessary in the Commission's autumn forecast. The forecast projects that the downward trend of the Portuguese economy will come to a halt in the second half of with the recovery gathering pace in The situation in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is once again very serious.

We have to start working more actively to effectively resolve it. It is common knowledge that the personal relationship between the rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda and Rwandan President Paul Kagame is fairly deep and goes back to the time when they were active together in the Rwandan Patriotic Front. The EU remains concerned about the security and humanitarian situation in eastern Congo and is firmly committed to contribute to sustainable solutions for the Eastern DRC crisis and its regional implications.

The EU decided to postpone all new decisions on additional budget support to Rwanda, while we seek reassurances from Rwanda about its role and its constructive engagement in the search of solutions in the eastern DRC. Wie soll sichergestellt werden, dass sich diese Probleme nicht auf den Linienbusverkehr auswirken? Trade unions are concerned about the prospect of large-scale wage dumping in the bus and coach sector. According to the association, German companies are already using foreign drivers — paid at the wage levels of their home countries — on routes within Germany, and this is expected to increase further as the coach market is opened up.

One major German bus company has already stated that it will get its drivers from the Portuguese labour market. The revision of the Passenger Transport Act, which opened up the coach market, simply ignored key elements such as protecting drivers' pay and social standards. How does the Commission intend to proceed against wage dumping in the bus and coach sector, and what specific actions are planned in this connection?

How does the Commission propose to ensure better protection for bus and coach drivers' pay and social standards? The Commission considers the opening up of the coach market in Germany as a positive development. The free movement of workers gives every citizen the right to move freely to another Member State to work and reside there for that purpose and protects them against discrimination as regards employment, remuneration and other working conditions in comparison to nationals of that Member State.

The abovementioned acts provide a comprehensive set of rules on the protection of workers especially when moving from their home country in search of employment. The Commission will be closely following any such case brought to its attention in order to secure that the rights of the employees concerned are protected. Asunto: Programas de Desarrollo Rural: medidas transitorias para In the absence of a new programme and support measures, these farmers will have no alternative rural development support scheme to apply for when their existing commitments end in What arrangements will the Commission put in place to ensure that the environmental gains achieved by the previous Rural Development Programmes are maintained, and the income of these farmers safeguarded?

If these schemes are not extended, what impact will this policy gap have on farmers and rural dwellers? At this moment in time, it is difficult to anticipate any possible delays in the adoption of the legal framework for the rural development policy. The Commission is doing its utmost to accelerate adoption of rural development regulation. Delays would create a risk of a late start of the implementation of rural development programmes.

Considerations in particular regarding the measures related to areas which ensure specific environmentally friendly practices or land management in general are taking place in the context of broader discussions with the Member States about the CAP proposals and how to best bridge the two programming periods, and Reimbursements of expenditure incurred by Member States by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development will be possible after the programmes are approved. I have recently been advised of the possible closure of the Animals Asia Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in Chat Dau Valley in Tam Dao National Park, Vietnam, to make way for a commercial development project following the declaration of the land as an area of national defence significance.

This is the only rescue centre in Vietnam dedicated solely to rescuing bears, and houses rescued moon bears. Before their rescue, these bears had been kept in small cages and painfully drained of their bile for the bile trade. The closure of this centre would entail the eviction of the rescued bears. Given that these bears have undergone years of rehabilitation at the Rescue Centre, relocating them would submit them to renewed mental and physical suffering. Animals Asia has been working with the Vietnamese Government to end the practice of bear bile farming in Vietnam since In that regard, what steps will the Commission be taking to ensure that the rescued bears can continue to be rehabilitated at the Animals Asia Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre?

De Nederlandse pers maakte onlangs gewag van de fraudegevoeligheid van sommige biovergisters door het gebruik van steeds meer gevaarlijk afval in deze vergisters. Als consequentie daarvan ontstaan er steeds meer risico's voor de menselijke gezondheid en voor het milieu, speciaal door bodemverontreiniging. Acht de Commissie het aan de hand van deze berichten nodig nadere wetgeving voor te stellen om de ongewenste consequenties van biogasopwekking tegen te gaan?

Acht de Commissie de huidige wetgeving adequaat in verband met de door de jaren heen geuitte kritiek dat het digestaat wordt aangemerkt als dierlijke mest en niet als een heel ander product, wat het eigenlijk is? De Commissie acht aanvullende wetgeving op dit gebied niet noodzakelijk, aangezien het verbod op het mengen van gevaarlijke afvalstoffen door de bevoegde autoriteiten van de lidstaten moet worden afgedwongen. Reports have recently appeared in the Dutch press concerning the susceptibility to fraud of some biogas plants due to the use of increasingly hazardous waste in them.

As a result, more and more risks are arising to human health and the environment, particularly because of soil pollution. In the light of these reports, does the Commission consider it necessary to propose legislation with the aim of combating the undesirable effects of biogas production? Does the Commission consider the existing legislation to be adequate, in view of the criticism which has been expressed over the years that the digestate is classified as manure and not as a completely different product, which it is in reality? The Commission is not aware of cases of usage of hazardous waste in the biogas plants in Netherlands or in other EU Member States.

The Commission does not see a need for additional legislation in this area as the mixing ban should be enforced by the competent autorities of the Member States. Det Forenede Kongeriges samlede nettobidrag til EU-budgettet samt nettobidraget per indbygger. Det synes dog irrelevant at sammenligne Det Forenede Kongeriges eller enhver anden medlemsstats bidrag til og modtagne midler fra EU-budgettet med Norge. Norge bidrager kun til visse specifikke programmer, som landet deltager i.

The same statement by the minister is quoted in The Economist. Exactly the same argument has been presented by a Danish EU expert, but this claim was disputed shortly afterwards by the Danish public service radio station, Danmarks Radio DR. In addition, the Commission is asked to provide precise figures for the following:. The latest version of the financial report can be found under the following link:. Norway only contributes to a few specific programmes in which it participates. The crisis in the car industry is producing victims: both the Opel and the Ford plants are being closed down, Suzuki is withdrawing from the USA, Saab has ceased to exist, and the French car industry is in the deepest crisis which has hit it for decades.

In Europe, at least five or eight plants will become superfluous, which in times of crisis will impose an excessive financial burden on manufacturers. There are a number of structural transformations taking place in the European Union's automotive industry, mainly as a result of the present macroeconomic conditions, most of which are related to structural overcapacity.

These pillars include actions aimed at the promotion of investment in advanced technologies and innovation for clean vehicles; improving market conditions; supporting industry in accessing the global market; and promoting investment in skills and training. For example, the fourth pillar of the CARS Action Plan deals with anticipating adaptation and managing restructuring. It contains actions with a long-term horizon, notably to ensure that the car industry's workforce keeps abreast of the technological changes.

The Commission is now working on the implementation of the policies announced. Since the adoption in of a joint action by the Council on combating trafficking in human beings and the sexual exploitation of children, a large number of initiatives have been mounted with a view to addressing these forms of crime. Does the Commission have information on the state of play with regard to the implementation of the directive in the various Member States and on any difficulties that may have arisen in the process? The European Commission has supported numerous projects on trafficking in human beings under a number of EU financial instruments.

The focus has been on support and training for the enactment of anti-trafficking legislation, investigation and prosecution, and on support, protection and assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings. The Commission will subsequently submit a report to the European Parliament and the Council, assessing the extent to which the Member States have taken the necessary measures to comply with the directive.

The steel industry provides around jobs and is a crucial economic sector for the European Union. Tagus Tamisa: 1. Czechoslovakia Terra Nova: 1. Newfoundland Texas: 1. Texas Tibete: 1. Titan Torre de Eiffel: 1. Eiffel Tower Turquia: 1. Turkey -dade: 1. European Union Uruguai: 1. Uruguay Utopia: 1. Warsaw Vaticano: 1. Vatican, the Vatican Veneza: 1. Venetia Venezuela: 1. Venezuela Viena: 1. Vietnam Volapuque: 1. Venus 2. Evening Star, Venus X: 1. Abyssinian abiogenesia: 1. April abrir: 1. African 2. African afrikaans: 1. Ainu aipo: 1. Albanian 2. Albanian albatroz: 1.

German 2. German alentar: 1. Alpinist, climber, mountain climber, mountaineer alquemila: 1. Amazon ambicioso: 1. American 2. American 3. Andalusian 2. Andalusian andaluza: 1. Andalusian woman andamento: 1. Anglican 2. Anglican anglicismo: 1. Anglicism 2. Anglo-Saxon anglo: 1.

Angle anguia: 1. Algerian argentino: 1. Argentine, Argentinean 2. Argentine 3. Aryan 2. Aryan arisco: 1. Armenian 2. Armenian arnica: 1. Asian asilar-se: 1. Asian, Asiatic 2. Asian asma: 1. Athenian atentado: 1. Atlantean atlas: 1. Australian 2. The Hague a despeito de: 1. Batavian batel: 1. Bedouin beguina: 1. Belgian 2. Belgian belicoso: 1. White Russian bifsteque: 1. Byzantine bizarro: 1.

Bolshevik 2. Bolshevik boletim: 1. Burgundian borla: 1. Bushman bossa nova: 1. Bohemian bracelete: 1. European, white man brando: 1. Brazilian bravio: 1. Breton breve: 1. British 2. Briton broca: 1. Buddhism budista: 1. Buddhist bufete: 1. Bavarian 2. Bulgarian 2. Canadian 2. Canadian canal: 1.

ABC book cartucho: 1. Catholisism catorze: 1. Catholic 2. Czech checoslovaco: 1. Czechoslovak, Czechoslovakian 2. Czechoslovak, Czechoslovakian chefa: 1. Chilean chilique: 1. Chinaman, Chinese chinela: 1. Chinese 2. Chinaman, Chinese chique: 1. American, US citizen cidra: 1. Korean 2. Korean corisco: 1. Brussels-sprouts couve-de-grelo: 1. Brussels-sprouts couve-flor: 1. Christian criticar: 1. Indian de: 1. Danish 2. Dane dinamite: 1. Don Juan, woman-chaser dom-quixote: 1. Don Quixote dom: 1. Antarctic do qual: 1.

Egyptian eglefim: 1. Egyptian 2. Egyptian eh: 1. Eocene epilepsia: 1. Scottish 2. Scot, Scotsman escola: 1. Slavic 2. Slavic esmagar: 1. Spanish 2. Spaniard espargo: 1. Eskimo esquina: 1. Estonian estontear: 1. Estonian esvanecer: 1. Etrurian, Etruscan 2. Ethiopian et cetera: 1. European 2. Finnish 2. Finn fino: 1. French 2. Frenchman frango: 1. Welsh 2. Angora cat gaveta: 1. Greek 2. Greek grei: 1. Azerbaijani habitar: 1. Indian 2. Hindu 3. Hindu hino: 1. Dutch 2.

Dutchman, Hollander 3. Dutch 4. Dutchman homem: 1. Hungarian 2. Hungarian iate: 1. Indian indicar: 1.

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English 2. Englishman, Sassenach ingrato: 1. Iranian 2. Irish 2. Islam isolado: 1. Israelite isso: 1. Italian 2. Italian iugoslavo: 1. Japanese 2. Japanese jaqueta: 1. Hebrew, Jewish 2. Judaism judeu: 1. Hebrew, Jew 2. Jewish 3. Jew judicioso: 1. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. FAQ Portuguese by antedomenico Version: 1. Contato: vantedome gmail. Espero que este documento te ajude. R1 - Mira com a arma equipada. L1 - Muda a mira para outro inimigo. Star - Abre o menu. Direcional - Movimenta o personagem. Colocando para a esquerda, ele vira para a esquerda do personagem, e assim por diante.

Modos de Jogo [t Mais inimigos.

Inimigos em lugares diferentes. Itens em lugares diferentes. Dois novos itens. Duas metades do Moon Crest que devem ser combinadas. Os inimigos causam mais dano. Inimigos mais fortes. Aparentemente Chris tem uma chance maior de conseguir tal feito do que Jill. Possui modo Multiplayer e Master of Knifing. Itens [t Todo item pode ser examinado. Pode ser combinada com outras ervas. Erva Azul Cura envenenamento. Pode ser combinada com ervas verde e vermelha para recuperar a energia. Firs Aid Spray Recupera totalmente a energia. Itens Importantes [t Music Notes - Utilizadas no piano.

Battery - Usada para ativar elevadores. Broken Shotgun - Utilizada para pegar a Shotgun sem o teto esmagar seu personagem. Chemical - Serve para matar a planta. Existem quatro deles: Star, Wind, Sun e Moon. Emblem - Utilizado para conseguir a chave que da acesso a sala onde esta a cobra Yawn. Existe o de madeira Wood e o de ouro Gold. Substitui a Small Key. Music Notes - Utilizadas no piano para abrir a passagem secreta. Radio - Utilizado para conversar com Brad. Red Book - Abre a porta para enfrentar Plant Serum - Utilizado para salvar Richard. Small Key - Aparecem apenas quando jogar com Chris.

V-Jolt - Utilizado para matar a Plant Comandos: Use - Usa o item. Equip - Equipa ou desequipa armas. Combn - Combina um item com outro. Check - Verifica o item. Utilize o direcional para girar o item e aperte X para examinar. Armas [t Ao atacar um inimigo com ela, ataque de longe. Basta mirar para cima e atirar.

Quebra o galho contra chefes e seu poder de fogo consegue afastar alguns inimigos ao serem atingidos. Bazooka Arma exclusiva de Jill. Perfeita contra qualquer tipo de inimigo. Flame Thrower Arma exclusiva de Chris. Essa arma consegue ser pior do que a faca. Colt Pyton Uma das melhores armas do jogo. Rocket Launcher Simplesmente a melhor arma do jogo. Isso inclui chefes. Salvando o jogo [t Aproveite o momento que eles ficam de costas para a parede de fuga e passe por eles.

Corra sempre. Aranhas Corra. Hunters Sempre que tentar passar por um Hunter, passe pelo seu lado direito. Chimera Assim como os Hunters, passe do lado direito deles. Quando estiverem no teto, evite passar por baixo. Combate com a faca Vou descrever como matar zumbis com a faca.

Cachorros, Hunters e todo o resto devem ser derrubados com outras armas. Lembre-se de enfrentar um zumbi por vez. Ataque uma vez o ar, e veja o alcance da faca. Acostume-se com esse alcance. Segure o direcional para baixo e depois comece a fazer uma curva com o seu personagem para esquerda ou direita enquanto anda de costas. Isso permite escapar rapidamente do alcance do zumbi. Fique com a faca pronta esperando o inimigo chegar perto. Fique com a faca pronta novamente e repita. Detonado [t Podendo ser Orinal Mode ou Arrange Mode. Jill Original Mode [t O grupo escuta um tiro e Jill e Barry seguem para a sala de jantar.

Siga pela porta ao lado. Volte para o hall principal. Verifique duas vezes para pegar dois Clips. Empurre a estante e pegue as Music Notes na prateleira. Use as Music Notes no piano, entre na passagem, pegue o Emblem de ouro e coloque o de madeira no lugar. Volte para a sala de jantar, coloque o Emblem dourado na lareira e pegue a Mansion Key na abertura que apareceu. Volte para o hall principal e entre na porta azul. Destranque a porta com o Lock Pick e entre.

Entre na porta da direita. Espere Barry aparecer e te salvar. Entre na porta da esquerda. Mate o Zumbi com a Beretta e entre na primeira porta da esquerda. Neste corredor com os quadros, acione os interruptores, respondendo yes na seguinte ordem: 1- a new born baby 2- the infant 3- the lively boy 4- young man 5- middle age'd man 6- old man Depois de acionar os quadros nesta ordem, acione o quadro no final do corredor e pegue o Star Crest.

Saia desta sala. Entre na porta ao lado da porta dupla. Mate o Zumbi, pegue a erva e entre na sala de baixo da escada. Salve o jogo e saia da sala. Suba as escadas e mate o Zumbi de frente com a porta a direita de Jill. Entre na porta ao lado. Entre na porta no final do corredor. Entre na porta do lado oposto para chegar na parte de cima da sala de jantar. Siga pela outra porta. Neste corredor, apenas desvie dos Zumbis. Ignore o Zumbi e entre na sala debaixo da escada.

Saia da sala. Depois, fique encostado com a parede ao lado da janela e desvie de outro. Entre pela porta. Mate todos o Zumbi e siga reto para o fundo do corredor, entre na sala da planta. Use o Chemical na bomba e pegue a chave no escudo. Saia da sala e siga pelo outro corredor ao lado da porta. Saia da sala e entre na porta a direita de Jill. Entre na porta e use a Blue Jewel no olho esquerdo do tigre. Pegue o Wind Crest. Pegue Shells na gaveta da mesa e o Clip na estante. Ignore a Broken Shotgum. Volte para a sala de jantar e depois para o hall principal.

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Suba as escadas e entre no corredor em formar de U. Entre na primeira porta a direita. Jill encontra Richard. Lembre-se de levar consigo a chave que pegou na sala de jantar. Responda yes para descartar a chave. Corra para a porta e saia desta sala. Volte para o corredor em forma de U e abra a porta dupla. Pegue o Sun Crest. Leve Clips, Beretta, e os quatro Crests. Siga pelo pequeno corredor de frente com a sala dos quadros e saia pela porta. Ignore do cachorro, e coloque os quatro Crests no painel. Pegue a Crank manivela e saia pela porta dupla.

Quintal Caso precise recuperar a energia, pegue uma erva verde e uma vermelha ao lado direito de Jill. Volte para a sala onde pegou a manivela, combine as ervas e use-as para recuperar a energia. Volte para o quintal. Fique no elevador e mate os cachorros usando a Beretta. Ao entrar, vire para a direita de Jill, pegue a Ink Ribbon em cima da mesa branca e saia da sala.

Mate os Zumbis neste quarto, e pegue o Red Book em cima da cama. Esvazie a banheira e pegue a chave. Prossiga para o fim do corredor, e use a chave, descartando-a. Precisamos formar uma ponte para prosseguir.

Resident Evil: Director's Cut – FAQ

Passe a ponte e entre na porta no final. Vire para a direita de Jill, e corra, dando a volta pele estrutura central e ignorando a porta a direita. Entre na sala ao lado. Pegue a chave, as duas caixas de Shells e ignore os dois Clips. Volte para o corredor com as caixas pegue as ervas e suba a escada. Ignore o banheiro, e verifique a estante no quarto. Pegue o Ink Ribbon na gaveta ao lado da cama e entre pela porta que apareceu. Plant 42 Fique encostado com a parede, mire para cima e atire uma vez.

Pegue a chave na lareira e saia pela porta dupla. Saia da casa de guarda. Dentro desta sala, acenda o abajur e pegue o Doom Book I. Ignore o Magum Rounds e saia da sala. Pegue a erva e entre na porta. Yawn: Segundo Encontro Verifique o piano e a cobra vai aparecer. Hora de mata-la. Assim que tomar controle sobre Jill, atire uma vez e corra para longe. Atire novamente e quando ela chegar perto, corra para o outro canto e atire de novo. Espere Barry voltar e fale com ele.

Pegue a caixa de Shells, desvie do segundo Zumbi e siga para a porta no final do corredor. Entre na porta chegando na cozinha. Suba pelo elevador. Mate o Zumbi e siga pelo corredor de onde ele veio, entrando na porta. Pegue a Battery, e as caixas de Explosive Round. Saia desta sala, volte para o elevador. Ignore o Zumbi e entre na porta dupla. Ignore o Zumbi que aparece e siga pela esquerda de Jill. Entre na porta no final.

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OBS: Ignore a parte central da sala com as estantes. Saia da sala e volte para o elevador. De a volta pela mesa central para desviar dele e entrar pela porta. Suba as escadas e abra a porta. Entre na porta azul no hall principal. Empurre a mesa e entre neste pequeno corredor, ao final dele, pegue o Ink Ribbon. Siga pelo corredor por onde os cachorros pularam pela janela, desta vez, temos aranhas.

Corra e entre na porta no final. Agora, comece a correr por este corredor. Salve o jogo. No corredor, ignore o Hunter e siga para o quintal. Volte para a piscina e use a Crank para enche-la novamente. Cavernas Entre na porta ao lado da escada. Jill encontra Barry. Responda yes para a primeira pergunta e yes para a segunda. Depois que ele sair, siga para a esquerda de Jill e entre pela porta. Barry vai matar um Hunter. Pegue o Spray em cima da estrutura e a caixa de Shells. Siga por este corredor para encontrar Enrico.

Volte para a sala com a escada, sempre desviando dos Hunters. Siga pela porta. Chegue perto da pedra, e corra de volta para a porta. Siga pela parede que a pedra destruiu, desvie do Hunter e entre pela porta. Vire para a esquerda de Jill e entre na porta ao final do corredor. Vire a direita de Jill para encontrar outra pedra e mais um mecanismo para vira-lo.

Tire a pedra do lugar novamente e verifique a abertura ao lado de onde a pedra estava. Entre na porta descoberta com a abertura na parede. Use a Hex. Pegue o Doom Book II no painel da parede e saia desta sala. Coloque-as no painel da fonte, para revelar uma escada com um elevador no final. Saia pela porta. Verifique o computador e coloque a senha: john e pressione enter.

Escolha o andar B2 e digite a senha mole. Selecione o andar B3 e depois desligue o computador. Volte para a escada e entre na porta a esquerda. Siga pelo corredor e entre na primeira porta a direita de Jill. Verifique o painel ao lado do projetor e selecione Yes. Descarte a chave.

Mate qualquer Zumbi que aparecer na frente. Entre na porta a esquerda de Jill. Vamos para mais um puzzle. Empurre a escada, suba e entre pelo duto, respondendo yes. Ande em linha reta, desviando dos Zumbis, e entre na porta. Pegue os itens nessa sala e salve o jogo. Saia da sala e siga pela esquerda de Jill.

Sai da sala e siga pelo elevador no fundo. Pressione o elevador ao lado para aciona-lo. Barry vai aparecer e acompanhar Jill. Tyrant: Primeiro encotro Quando retomar o controle, corra para longe do inimigo, equipe a Bazooka e atire. Depois de acabar com Tyrant, ajude Barry e saia da sala. Entre na porta ao lado da escada. Suba a escada e abra a porta ao lado da escada. Chegando no heliporto, pegue o Flare ao lado do elevador, e use-o imediatamente. Equipe a arma e atire em Tyrant. Fim de jogo. Jill Arrange Mode [t Eles questionam o desaparecimento de Chris e escutam um tiro. Entre na porta ao lado e veja a cena.

Volte para a sala de jantar. Depois que Barry matar o Zumbi, volte para o hall principal. Suba as escadas e siga pela direita. Pegue a Bazooka e verifique a chave. Forest vai levantar ele tornou-se um Zumbi. Neste corredor, prossiga e entre na porta no final, desviando dos cachorros.

Entre na porta a esquerda. Siga pelo corredor e entre na porta dupla no final. Mate os Zumbis aqui e entre na porta ao lado da porta dupla. Mate os Zumbis nesta sala.